CODE Academy: An RP
An academy with EVERYTHING!Werewolves,vampires,witches,wizards,man eating plants,mythical creatures and of course an evil villain.The principal is a ghost who will detect every wrongdoing.So join now!You won't be disappointed!
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Chat on!

11/5/2009 #1

Hmmmm.....It's hard for people to come across these forums sometimes...perhaps if they are invited to join?

11/7/2009 #2

Yup...I told one of my friends to join already...and also I'll post the link in my story, so hopefully we'll be getting some more members =]

11/8/2009 #3

That'll be nice~ :)

11/8/2009 #4

Hello everyone! Sorry I couldn't post earlier Serena! My bad

any-who for sum reason the ' admin request' thingy isn't working I tried for it to work

Can you re-send it to me in here in a pm?

12/24/2009 #5
disused account

So what is this about?

12/27/2009 #6

Read the rules.

12/28/2009 #7
disused account

I read your rules. I'm still confused as to what the plot of the rp is, what this school is for that's not clear. I think that's why have so few members. Just tell us, why are characters are here and all that in the rules.

12/28/2009 #8

@Lee- There isn't any plot if you look at it from one point. Just a school for any being. If someone makes an evil character, maybe there will be a plot/storyline but right now thw canvas is blank.

@Tera-How come every one's online at 10 at night? Tora ki ghumash na? By the way if you call Tahsin can you tell her to stop telling people I deleted her account on purpose!!! She told mua to do it!! . Anyways is Anika still obsessed with Arif?

12/28/2009 #9
disused account

Ok I'll just ride the wave. And maybe my evil muse can help. :) Speaking for me, I'm on at yoyr 10pm cuz I'm on the other side of this thing we call Earth.

12/28/2009 #10

@Dark: lol I was online till 12pm O.o reading random fics xD. Na ghum ashena .Muffin luv 3 Oh and you might wanna post a summary for the RP (The original story that Thasin wrote in short version maybe?)

@Lee :Well the RP is pretty much new and it was inactive for a long time (Due to our Exams) but since were starting again things will be back on track pretty soon =)

12/28/2009 #11
disused account

sounds good. Where do we put char info? And exams suck indeed.

12/28/2009 #12

Exams are meant to torture students!!

Oh just go to the Applications and Enrollment Forum to put the char info

12/28/2009 #13

I couldn't agree more....about the exams thing I mean

@Tera: No wonder you wake up at 12 noon XDD Maybe later....too lazy right now. XD Could you resend me that pic of Daniel that u sent me in gaia? Its about the Fantasy story.....And give me some ideas for Bloodline!!! I have no idea on what to write in the next chappie!!! Btw I'm putting Sonali miss in my story.....its gonna be a masterpiece!!! Her flirting with the Regulars XDDD For some reason I miss school T.T

@Lee: I was talking to Tera about the 10 at night thing.....everyone was on in facebook at 10 so thats what I asked her about. :S :3

12/29/2009 #14

Yay For frizzy and her flirting with the students!! xDDD. Uh...sure but I'm not giving you Edgar and Ichijou's pic! sorry i didn't answer your last question.Yeah Anika is still obsessed over him!I know I kinda miss school too cuz I don't get to see Tahsin with her crazy perverted -ness and you (duh) and the fact that it is totally boooring at home! T.T

12/29/2009 #15

Lol...Tahsin (Sierra) 's gonna confess her crush when she sees Fuji actually giving Frizzy bby some bel XDD (of course that was part of his plan XDD) Yeah, I miss you guys I miss stalking Arif!!! and Taqbir!!! (partly) The poor guy's status was like this on fb- "Plz kill me :(" What does his dad do 2 him?? Bechara =(

Okay here's my list of b***!!

Sakuno,Shohannah,Sakuya,Kikyou and Bella XDD

OMg the're playing the song outside my bedroom!! That 1 in the add- "Gubbare nache komor dulaiya" O.O S-C-A-R-Y

12/29/2009 . Edited 12/29/2009 #16

That has got to be an accurate collection of list of b***s

O.o that song is really REALLY weird!! but for some vague reason start humming it O.O D:"

Oh And Sierra could never do it.Never has never will! She told me that like a million time but has she done it NOOOO!

oh well...Oi! How are you in contact with Taqbir?? O.o

12/29/2009 #17

uh-huh XD

lol XD

you do know that by Fuji i mean Syuusuke and not Arif? XD anyway...i guess not exactly confess....get all jealous like the time she did wen she heard that Mahir was talking to me (aka Sara) so much XDD

Seriously Taqbir would never add that I mean NEVER!! I'm talking about Arif....who's else's Dad would torture him so much (except for my mom) His dad was like, "Computer-e ak ghonta thakba, dui ghonta ta nie chinta korba....pora hobe na.." Thats why the poor guy cant come on 2 frequently...tsk tsk

12/29/2009 #18
disused account

Morning all!

12/29/2009 #19

It was night when you replied Lee....maybe a simple hi would've been better XD

And apply if ya wanna chat!!! XDD

@Tera-Did you watch the eps of Bleach?? I am oficially in love with the mod soul XDD (even though he's in a teddy XD) Cone is awesumm!! Meri jan itni sundar he!! Why am I talking in hindi? Because I have had 2 much sugar and they kept playing Hindi songs at my neighbour's place all night!!! THE HORROR!!

12/29/2009 #20

Gud luck! My mom has officially lost it! She is doing her homeopathy experiments on me!O.o (although i have to say they wotk pretty good)

tsk tsk tsk poor Arif.O.o When you said Fuji I thought you meant Arif. xD

I know Bleach is brother got interested in it and Final Act! O.o


@Lee: Hello! Your morning is our night! XD Oh and morning for me is 12pm xDD

12/29/2009 #21
disused account

Well it was morning for me so :P :)

I can tell we all from other parts of the world cuz I have no clue what too are talking about lol

12/29/2009 #22

lol Well as for me and Serena we're from Bangladesh (a small free country beside India) Though..I'm half Swedish ^^';

and as for what we we're talking about we were speaking in Bangla(our mother language)and Hindi.

were are you from?

12/29/2009 #23
disused account

That explains it then. My best friend was born in India, although he pretty much is an American now. I'm from the United States, Wisconsin to exact. :)

12/29/2009 #24

OH my cousin used to live there but then she moved to Canada.

Any who you should post in a character! it would be interesting to have another RP-er and if you any confusion regarding anything feel free to ask! :D

12/29/2009 #25
disused account

Is there like a Character bio topic?

12/29/2009 . Edited 12/29/2009 #26

yeah The application and enrollment forum! I sent you the link in the previous post.Just go there and fill in the skeleton.

12/29/2009 #27
disused account

Thanks and what kind of and age group is the school? Might help me make a char eassier

12/29/2009 #28

well since it an RP based on Fantasy the age group varies you can be 1-infinite but please note it you cannot be immortal!

12/29/2009 #29

-gasp-!! koto boro shahosh amake chara tomra kotha bolteso!!! HOW DARE YOU!?!?!?!? (for some reason bideshider shamne amar banglae kotha bolte ottonto moja lage) O.O The Bedouraness is getting to me. O.O

Lol...good luck with your Mom's mom bought a book on it and tried it on me when i was in 2nd

Can you believe my mom's birthday is on the 27th??? of january!!! thats 3 days b4 the report card!!! must think of something good to give to soften her up cuz im probably getting 96 in math.....NOOO!!! =.=

no no no...over here, fuji is fuji and arif is arif....since he's not here to see what we're talkin about....unless Lee is Arif in disguise!!! O.O LOL

Even my mom watches bleach sometimes!!! She knows Rukia and Ichigo!!!!!!!!!!!! MY MOM WATCHES ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WOMAN WHO DESPISES ALL FORMS OF ANIMATION!!!!!!! THE WORLD OS ENDING =.= NO DOUBt about it -.-

O.o wait even if we were talking in English, Lee still wouldn't know what we were talking about since he has no idea who is Ichigo, ARif, Taqbir or my mom O.O unless...(see theory above XD)

You know, I am at peace after naming you moderator. You can do all the work and ill just chill XDD I can see why Tobias never had to do anything with you around XDD jk!

Yeshhh!! I know I keep adding sub's 2 talk about XDD The same thing happened with criz and in the end we had to count all the things we talked about and reply to them LOL

12/29/2009 . Edited 12/29/2009 #30
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