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An academy with EVERYTHING!Werewolves,vampires,witches,wizards,man eating plants,mythical creatures and of course an evil villain.The principal is a ghost who will detect every wrongdoing.So join now!You won't be disappointed!
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lol amar o banglai kotha bolte bhalo lage xD

OMG! So many people have their birthday this month! =O On the 1st of January it's Afra's B'day,on the 3rd it's Ricky's,on the 4th it;s my uncle (fufa) and my neighbor (the creepy pigeon lady),on the 17th it's my aunt (khala)'s b'day,then on the 19th my mom's and now your mom!?

I;m practically gonna go broke if i have to buy so many presents (- Ricky in the present list,Not gonna get the brat any thing xP)

wow your mom watching animes thats....thats.....weird....O.O.O.O

Arif couldn't disguise himself,he's tooo much of a wimp xDD

OH btw...I was gonna tell you something but my glitch of a brother made me forget...

I'll tell you when a remember!

12/30/2009 #31
disused account
12/30/2009 #32

Hello there! So did you decide on your character yet?

12/30/2009 #33
disused account

I have a cupple in mind :)

12/30/2009 #34

well then feel freem to post em'! :D

12/30/2009 #35
disused account

So how old are you guys? And how long you on for?

12/30/2009 #36
iRawrTera that are you talking about the RP or Real life??

12/30/2009 #37
disused account

Real life :)

So what the different kinds of classes again?

12/30/2009 #38

15! :D what about you?

I've joined fiction press last month XD

the classes are Humanity, Wizardry, Ettiquette and Predatory

12/30/2009 . Edited 12/30/2009 #39

@Tera- Great minds think alike XDD

lol....good gonna make my mom something and if that duznt work out Im just gonna tell my dad to buy something....XDD why waste my money? XD

wait, wich year was your mom born in?

wierd is an understatement XD O.O

lol...true XDD

remember yet? XD

@Lee- I'm 15 but me and Tera are in the same class

12/30/2009 . Edited 12/30/2009 #40
disused account

I'm 18 so i'm the old man of the group eh?

I posted in Romance

12/30/2009 #41

@ Dark:No i can't seem to remember!! D': Ricky is gonna PAY!! It was something important!!

I gotta go now!! It's 12am and I'm sleepeh! xD

@ Lee:Oldy Baldy!!

12/30/2009 . Edited 12/30/2009 #42

@Tera- kk Bye gonna go now too...g'night!

12/30/2009 #43
disused account

Bye y'all.

12/30/2009 #44

Hey!!! Oldy baldy's my line!!! And its reserved for Criz XDD

Btw Write in the Fantasy RP Teraaaa!!!!

O.O you were was obvious O.O

Aaaand...i beta-fyed the Vampire Knight stowy =D

12/30/2009 #45

;D Thanx lub!

I cant find a way to do a grand entrance in Fantasy RP help moi!!

annnnd what did ya think about the story? :D

12/30/2009 #46
disused account

Hi peeps :)

12/30/2009 #47

No problem meri behen 0.0 XD

Hmmm....I dunno....just join Ascention or Angellis...come in and give an mind is all hibijibi rite now =P

Wuuuv the story!!! It was awesome!! I almost cried T.T wait, what does Hikarii mean by "the girl who broke both of our hearts" ? Is it that when Zero fell in love with Yuuki and Hikarii's heart broke and when Yuuki went with Kaname, she broke Zero's heart?

12/30/2009 #48
disused account

I posted in romace :)

12/30/2009 #49

replying....then leaving...loads of work to do

@Tera- Arif bhaya kotha bole na T.T

Tahsin akta kotha die amar vacationer fun noshto kore dise T.T At least theres only 3 days left till school opens....Then we can go back to stalking XD Say hi to Saya for me...I miss her and her screeches

12/30/2009 #50

I finally back! soo glad its winter breakk. Theres a lot of new people(: I think I might make an evil person.... but im not really good at making evil people so someone is going to have me out to which fantasy life I should cause problems with.

12/30/2009 #51

@smile-Yup! Im thinking of making an evil character as well...."Take over the world!!!" Typical motto XDD


Go to the last search looks like that script we wrote for that Cinderella play. OH.MY.GOD. O.O.O.O

12/30/2009 #52

hahahaahah yup. I guess thats all the evil characters want to do. ooooohhhh! I have an idea! Does any of your characters want an evil twin brother or sister?

12/30/2009 #53



Hey all! New faces...old faces....what's been going on around here? :)

12/30/2009 #54

@smile- evil twin'd be great! Hmm...I've got Amme lying around eating dustbunnies...yup...okay she is officially the evil character =P A spy maybe XD

@Music- Finally!! XDD Nothing much...just introduced 4 more characters =D

12/30/2009 #55

haha a spy would be pretty cool. Who should be the good twin?

12/30/2009 #56

So sorry I've been gone!!! D: I got busy and, well, things slip from my mind...but then I got your PM! :D

I'm glad to be back~ I think I'll start from scratch with a new character...jus' keeping though, the last name.

12/30/2009 #57

@smile- You can make the good twin since Amee's originally evil....both of them could be like complete enemies at school XD

@music- no problem =D

12/30/2009 #58

okay I will make sure I get to that soon!

12/30/2009 #59

okay....feel free to talk to anyone else on the forum =)

12/30/2009 #60
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