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Hello all the newish old people!!

@Dark:Yup! that's the idea (for the story) Yuuki is a total b***h!!

come to think of it I haven't talked to Saya in a while she went to Comilla,I think she;s back though...maybe she;s coming over today.. last result do you mean the last web page or the last one in one page...I'm cofused..@.@

Why what did Sierra do this time? And you should know better Arif ish ze quite type...

12/31/2009 . Edited 12/31/2009 #61

lol...Saya and me are from the same desh! XDD u and tahsin r from the same desh rn't u?

last 1 in the page

I told u....she's spreading word about my mule account :0 oh well....watever

Its the Night of New years eve and I'm sitting at home eating nuts while everyone's a party....Talk about depressing -.-

12/31/2009 #62

Not really My mom's from Tangail that makes me part Tangaila so Tangail isnt actually my desh xD After 9pm people wont be allowed in the streets or allowed to party so technically it's a bummer for everyone .

amader desher prime minister ta akta shoitan! How could she do that in new years eve!! -.- Ami oke due chokhe dekte pare na!! Well..we had a grill party in the day (in our roof).....but still I wanna party hard in the night!! T.T

I cant believe it's a bluemoon new year! :o

Let Sierra do what she wants to .....

12/31/2009 . Edited 12/31/2009 #63
disused account

hi everyone.

12/31/2009 #64

Hello and Happy New year! :D

12/31/2009 #65
disused account

Its a new decade

12/31/2009 #66

yeah..Omg I was just taking about that with one of my friends xD It's also a blue moon new year!

12/31/2009 . Edited 12/31/2009 #67

You're lucky you even had a mom wouldn't take us to my cuzin's place but guess where we went??? THE LIBRARY!!! thats right!!! And my dad got a movie but my mom wouldn't let me watch it.....I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AR shekh hasina arekta bal....w** is her problem??? There isn't even any music!!! Does she like ruining other people's lives by not letting them interact with friends just because SHE , being a total b***, has no actual friends??????????


12/31/2009 #68
disused account

*Hugs* We'll ring in the new year with ya :)

Can you post in Romance?

12/31/2009 #69

Aw..*Group hugs* Once school opens I'll be sure 2 give yah a real hug buddy.:D Cheer up I had worst TRUST me on this one.

12/31/2009 #70
disused account

so...yeah.. bad at small talk.

12/31/2009 #71

Hola all~ :)

12/31/2009 #72

@ Music hey there! :D @Lee : Yeah...rite..

Any-who so what did you guys do to celebrate new Year?

12/31/2009 #73

Konichiwa everyone!!! XDD

@Lee- Sorry, cant....browser gets stuck whenever I go there or to the Fantasy one....ill have it fixed by saturday =)

12/31/2009 #74
disused account

Rats I like those two :)

12/31/2009 #75

@Tera- Thanks! =D Thats y ur my bestie =D Ill always LOVE ryoma fur introducing us XDD

12/31/2009 #76

@Dark: aw..thank you! Yay they just did the count down now!!

12/31/2009 #77

if i turn on the TV my mom will murder me O.O lol

Make an evil character!!!! My evilness needs an outlet until i can go bak to stalking at school XD

12/31/2009 #78

Evil character?! :D -rubs hands together with evil grin-

-goes to application topic-

12/31/2009 #79
disused account

Lee=evil mahahaha

12/31/2009 #80

O.o I would love to but my evilness is only centered around sadisticness not the evil WORLD DOMONATION kinda way xP

12/31/2009 #81
Darkmaiden201 can be a spy with Amee!! D ....something like Byakuya of the Dreams in Final Act....just being evil for the fun of turturing XD

12/31/2009 #82
disused account

Jacob is in the park Music

12/31/2009 #83

Okaii! I g2g now!! See yah!

12/31/2009 #84

He is? Damona's in the forest 'cause I thought that was were they were gonna meet! XD

Bye Tera!

12/31/2009 . Edited 12/31/2009 #85
disused account

Opps I'll fix ;)

12/31/2009 #86


Shoot, I've gotta bolt soon...D:

12/31/2009 #87

Leaving now guys...Bye and Hapy new year!!

12/31/2009 #88

Bye Maiden!

I gotta bolt now, guys... :( I'll be on later! Bye!

12/31/2009 #89


12/31/2009 #90
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