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Happy New Year everyone!

1/1/2010 #91
disused account

Happy New Year!

1/1/2010 #92

Happy new year!! :DD *wishes again* XD

1/1/2010 #93
disused account


1/1/2010 #94

So watch did you guys do in the festivities?

1/1/2010 #95
disused account

Had dinner with my parents and watched the ball drop in New York City

1/1/2010 #96

Had dinner with my family, then after that hung out with my friends to watch the ball drop in New York City. How about you iRawr?

1/1/2010 #97

Had dinner with my family,watched the fireworks and then stayed online since there was a curfew in the capital after 9pm =.= due to lats years new year incidents

1/2/2010 #98

a curfew! on new years? that stinks!

1/2/2010 #99

you betcha! Thats why Dark and I were stuck in our houses -.-

Last year some people(men) got drunk and Offensive and all, so they decided to give a curfew this year!

1/2/2010 #100

oohh. that sucks. is the curfew for everyone? i didnt know you and dark live in the same area! thats so odd. wait, are guys actually friends in real life or just on the fictionpress?

1/2/2010 #101

The Curfew is for everyone who lives in the Capital and the main urban areas

.Dark and I are besties in real life we don't live in the same area but we do go in the same school,same class! :D

1/2/2010 #102

thats cool! none of my friends as an account on here.

you got me really confused with the capital and the mall urban areas....? what part of the world are guys fromm?

1/2/2010 #103

We're from Asia,Bangladesh to be more specific (it's a small free country beside India)

1/2/2010 #104

holy crap! thats pretty far away from me. what time is it there?

1/3/2010 #105

2:44 pm What about your place? Which part of America are you from?

1/3/2010 #106

california. 12:10 am. have you ever been to america?

1/3/2010 #107

Nope! my cousins live there.I'm more in touch with Europe than America!(mostly cuz I'm a Swedish Citizen xD)

1/3/2010 #108

really! me to, well technically im not a citizen but, im half swedish and my mom's whole family lives up there. so I go up there every summer.

1/3/2010 #109

Oh Thats soo cool!! Can you speack Swedish?Or do you understand it?

which part of Sweden are they from? Sweden in summer is awesome but in winter it's really depressing and cold.

1/3/2010 . Edited 1/3/2010 #110

I know a little bit of swedish. I can understand it better then speak it. How about you?

They live in Aseda, I think its about 5 hours away from Stockholm. When I was little I use to go in winter, but I was to little to rememeber how it was. but i have heard is really depressing and cold!

are you a citizen in Sweden cause of family or something?

1/3/2010 #111

I can speak And understand Swedish (though..the speaking isnt that fluent XP)

My Dad lived in Sweden for about 15years to study there and then he came back married my mom and then went back to Sweden where both my brother and I were born and then we moved back here when i was like 2yrs old! :D

1/3/2010 #112

your so luckky! I want to live in Sweden so much! i love it there. I might go to school there for year, but I am still deciding if I really want to or not. Do you go up there a lot?

1/3/2010 #113

yeah we go there once a year! ALOT of my cousins and uncles live there so we visit them often.

Trust me Sweden during late-autumn is soooooo depressing people practically go in depression during that time beside I like it here in Asia.There is like 9 months of winter there in Sweden! O.o

1/3/2010 #114

haha there is no winter in California, or well the part of California I live in. I was able to wear shorts and a shirt today! It defiantly does not feel like winter right now. It would be nice if snowed! does it snow were you live?

1/3/2010 #115
iRawrTera doesn't snow here would be awesome if it did we'd get a snow day! :P

lol shorts in winter!? that has got to be fun.It doesn't snow here but it's pretty cold.

1/3/2010 #116

yeah, most of my friends love how you can pretty much were shorts year around. But I think it gets kinda boring. It would be nice if could rain once in a while here!

1/3/2010 #117

yeah..I guess it would be boring to stay in the same weather all year around.Bangladesh has six seasons!:DSo we get different kinds of climate though Summer is scorching hot!

1/3/2010 #118

six seasons? holy crap! yeah, tell me about it. summer here gets unbearable sometimes!

1/3/2010 #119

Well there are three main seasons in Bangladesh Summer,Rainy and winter but in basic there are six seasons

Grisma (Summer),Barsha (Rainy),Sharat (Autumn),Hemanta (Late Autumn),Sheet (Winter) and Boshonto (Spring)

1/3/2010 #120
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