Renegade Circus RPG
Charles sought to create a society where the bearded lady and the strongest man could live without ridicule. He created the Renegade Circus, a community where everyone is a little stranger than normal. Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth. RPG
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Katelyn Renee

The straw crunched under Alexis's feet as she weaved threw the empty trailers hoping to find the perfect one. She came to a small mobile that looked halfway decent, with little rust. There was one down a few mobiles that had even less rust but it was already taken. She huffed, I guess this'll do.

Alexis opened the door, finding an ugly salmon colored carpet with weird patterns, and walls that weren't any better with their forest and lime green stripped walls. Who designed this?She thought, setting her bag on the small table. She made her way to the back of the trailer, which only got smaller, towards the bed. Alexis pushed down on it with a hand, hearing the springs screech. She huffed, sitting down on the bed with caution. What did I get myself mixed up in?

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Katelyn Renee

Alexis rose from the squeaky mattress, deciding it was time to explore. She'd unpack later. Alexis opened the screen door, leaving her home to be.

[To Mobile Row]

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Katelyn Renee

[[From Mobile Row]]

The door bust open, just before Alexis shouted ''Damnit!'' from outside, and ran in a few seconds later. Alexis rummaged threw all the closets, draws and cabinets finding nothing. She huffed, and looked down. Alexis smiled opening the oven door, finding a hidden stash of vodka. That, and the washing machine, were always the hiding places her grandfather used. Alexis sprinted out of her mobile home, holding the bottle by its neck, grabbing the fire extinguisher next to the door just in case.

[[Alexis to Mobile Row]]

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Di Stefano

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remote control

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