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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Well Taylor, the creator of this forum, hasn't been on, I've read your character and I'm sure she'll like it so go ahead and start. Taylor of you disagree you can yel at me Fiday :P

2/3/2010 #391

ok thanks...

2/3/2010 #392

Nah It's cool. :)

2/3/2010 #393

Thanks Taylor :P

2/3/2010 #394

Mhmm. So tonight in RPG time Duncan and Unity should go find out the baby's gender, even if we already know it. Haha. It's going to be the first time Duncan's seen the baby. :D

2/3/2010 #395

You posted in Carl's Catifh Jocelyn....Hahaha. It's okay.

2/3/2010 #396
R. Lauden
Oh! My B. Posting from my phone gets a bit confusing. I was woNdering why I never got an email alert from the coffeehouse. Haha.
2/3/2010 #397

Haha. I fixed it... :D

2/3/2010 #398

Katie are you on?

2/3/2010 #399
R. Lauden

Katie? 'Ello? You still on?

2/3/2010 #400

Eh...I fell asleep -_-

2/4/2010 #401
Katelyn Renee

Okay Rylee. You can make first post on Main Street with Jordy, Pax and Ellie. I have to stay after school today but I will be on after. So yeah. I'll reply then. Lol.

2/4/2010 #402

i like this forum cause every body is almost on sometime through the day, especially sense i got school and it gets boring.

i was thinking about using my character in a story, but one with out all the modern stuff, any one got any ideas, i would love them

2/4/2010 #403

So taylor and Rylee, here are the two available pups, they are border collie boxer shepherd mixes, even though the page says jack russel. male and female.

2/4/2010 #404
R. Lauden


2/4/2010 #405
R. Lauden

Hold on a sec, aren't those the same dog? Haha.

2/4/2010 #406
Katelyn Renee

Okay so I have a question. When we move in Jordy, Paxton, and Ellie will it be like six months later or whatever. b/c Rylee said something about a time skip. Lol. So would that mean Jordan and Paxton have been together for six months. Hehe. That makes me happy. Lol. Oh, the reason why I say six months is b/c Taylor said that with the wolf pregnancies, they only last about six months and Rylee said she wanted Ellie to be almost due. Correct? HAha. I'm still at school, but like I said before, I'll reply when I get home. I'm just taking a chance right now posting. Lol. You know what's awesome. We get pizza for staying after. Boosha! HAha. Awesome right. xD

2/4/2010 #407

no they're not.

2/4/2010 #408
R. Lauden

I like these ONES! They could be Jaria's next puppy.... Mwahaha.

2/4/2010 #409

okay yeah they are, new puppies



2/4/2010 #410
R. Lauden

HAhahahhaa. I can see it now.

Aria: "Justin, take Peaches for a walk."

Justin: "No."

Aria: "Justin, PLEASE!"

Justin: Death glare, grabs leash.

Aria: "Don't forget his SWEATER!"

(Sweater reads, I love my daddy. HAHAHaha)

2/4/2010 #411

Ew. Pizza. Well....about that time skip. I still haven't work it out yet, but I'll try. If they want a house Paxton will have to buy/rent it because he's the vamp.

2/4/2010 #412


2/4/2010 #413
Katelyn Renee

Yo! HAha

2/4/2010 #414
R. Lauden


2/4/2010 #415

Wow, two at once. XD

2/4/2010 #416

Also, I had a question about species.

2/4/2010 #417
R. Lauden

That would be Taylor's call. She is the admin. :)

2/4/2010 #418

She still here?

2/4/2010 #419
R. Lauden

There is that possibility. She is working on homework and posting at the same time, so she might respond in a bit.

2/4/2010 #420
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