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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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so i made a new forum if ya'll wanna check it out :P

12/11/2009 #91

I can't join. Too many characters. :( BUT I checked it out and it looks cool.

12/11/2009 #92
Katelyn Renee


12/11/2009 #93
Katelyn Renee

god where is everyone? it's been two days and no one has been on. bleh! i feel so alone!

*the song Lonly, plays in background*

12/13/2009 #94

Sorry! I can't get on the internet at home anymore. :(

12/14/2009 #95
R. Lauden
What?! How come??? This saddens me greatly.
12/14/2009 #96

I dunno. The school won't allow it or something. It's stupid. I have to wait until I get my laptop. :(

12/14/2009 #97
Katelyn Renee

i feel bad for justin. haha

12/14/2009 #98

Yeeaahh, I'm kind of mean to my characters. I enjoy it. :) *Insert evil demonic laugh here*

12/14/2009 #99
R. Lauden

Uh oh. Revenge on who??

12/14/2009 #100

I left out some of the background on purpose. Tehee. Justin has a bone to pick with Justin. OMG, last night I had a dream about Mongrel. It was awesome. xD

Mongrel became a movie and we went to the premiere. It was really really awesome.

12/15/2009 #101
R. Lauden

YAY! This makes me happy. Mongrel as a movie. By the way, in the rewrite I am giving Logan babies... MWahaah.

12/15/2009 #102

YES!!!! I love it! Yay for babies! :)

12/15/2009 #103
R. Lauden
Yes, but they aren't with Aria. And! Everyone is going to think they are Shae's. Twins. Yay!
12/15/2009 #104

Lol. Uh oh. Drama, drama, drama. :) I like.

Soooo, last night I was playing boxing on my Wii, and I got really into it. The last time I did that it hurt to walk. But this time I only played for thirty minutes. And my body still aches. :/ Lol.

12/15/2009 #105

I'm writing a short story with Duncan and his ex love. :)

12/15/2009 #106


12/15/2009 #107

Hey, Katie, December is coming up. *NUDGE NUDGE*

You know what that means, riiiight?

12/15/2009 #108
Katelyn Renee

teehee. i'ma take a wild guess...your birthday taylor? lol. i'm so right huh? haha.

hey rylee, full moon + aria. *hint hint* teehee.

12/15/2009 #109

hmmmm...christma? your b day is in Feb so.....i think that's it

12/15/2009 #110


Lol, no not my birthday. I wish, though. February 22nd is the day of my birth.... :/ "Sucks to you asthmar!" Lolz. Poor Piggy.

I'm talking about December in Mauderville. xD That's when Unity finds out the truth.


12/15/2009 #111

Are the puppies really puppies? o.O

12/15/2009 #112
Katelyn Renee


12/15/2009 #113

oh haha lol about preggo?? and yes pupps are real

12/15/2009 #114
Katelyn Renee

OH! neverminds. i see

12/15/2009 #115
Katelyn Renee

WHAT! someone's preggo?!

12/15/2009 #116

Duncan got Unity pregnant. xD SCORE!!

12/15/2009 #117
Katelyn Renee

rofl! sweet

12/15/2009 #118
R. Lauden

What is up, (role) players?!

12/16/2009 #119
R. Lauden

Taylor, should I make the description for the tracker or did you want to?

12/16/2009 #120
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