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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Miss Flora sits at an oak desk in the main lobby of the Town Center. She's a plump elf that looks to be in her forties, with fake honey glazed hair and sparkling green eyes. She's three foot five, and always wears boots to try to increase her height. Miss Flora is a bit too cheerful, always wearing her too-large grin. She tucks her hair behind her ears to show off their points. Unlike other elves, Miss Flora adores fairies.

Miss Flora bounces in her seat, a chipper smile on your face. "Registration Form? Of course, my deary!" She quickly pops out her chair like a rabbit ans hands you the form. "I hope you enjoy Mauderville!" she practically squeals.

"But beware old Dun Road, no one comes out of there alive. Even vampires disappear down that road. Careful now!" Miss Flora smiles as you hand her the filled out form.

"Welcome to Mauderville!" Miss Flora screeches, bouncing in her chair as you leave the building and head over to the Real Estate Agency.

Full Name:


Birthday Month:



Clothing Style:


Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features):


Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings):





(If under age eighteen please fill out a school form for your child.)




Grade Level:

11/11/2009 . Edited 2/9/2010 #1

Full Name: Duncan Wilder

Duncan with his soon-to-be child... ( )

Age: 27

Birthday: October 24th, 1982

Species: Werewolf

Family/Children: Unity, fiance, expecting their first child. Younger brother Justin Wilder.

Clothing Style: Plain black polo always tucking into his khaki pants. He always wears black. Sometimes you will find him wearing a tight pair of dark washed jeans. He usually wears black tennis shoes.

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

Description: 6'2". Turquoise blue eyes, red-tinted lips, and angular face. Very fit body. Thick muscles and a narrow waist. Shaggy brown hair down to his shoulders, usually wears it in a neat ponytail. He's almost always wearing his silver aviators. Fairly handsome.

wolf form-

Personality: Kind of grumpy, he gets annoyed easily. He has very little patience. His days are long, his nights short.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): His left ear holds a diamond stud. Down his entire spine is a tattoo in his tribe's language.

Powers/Abilities: He is a lot faster than normal humans and has enhanced strengths.

Weaknesses: Silver, Full Moon.

Possessions: Motorcycle, pager, 2004 Cadillac SRX

Biography: Duncan doesn't like to talk about his past. He fell in love once, but she betrayed him by joining another pack and marrying their Alpha. Duncan decided he couldn't deal with the pressure of his pack and ran away. He's lived in Mauderville for five years now.

UPDATE: In Mauderville he meets Unity Wilda, another rogue wolf. He sells her a cottage in Nightingale Forest. Two days after they met he got her pregnant. They are engaged to be married.

11/12/2009 . Edited 6/25/2010 #2

Full Name: Unity Wilder

Age: 25

Species: werewolf

Clothing Style: tight, easy to undress.

Occupation: veterinarian

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): she is 5'7', 132 ibs, long, straight golden hair with bleach blond streaks that give it a shining affect. Very blue eyes. when she is a wolf she is pure white which is rare in the werewolf species.

Personality: shy at first, vicious if angry. short tempered. She is stubborn. she is very nice if you get to know her.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): she has a tattoo of a paw print behind her ear

Powers/Abilities: can change into a wolf anytime she chooses. stronger, faster, and has higher senses than humans but has to change at a full moon

Weaknesses: silver, full moon, she hates raw meat

Possessions: cell, car keys, .45 caliber glock (hand gun)

Biography: she distanced her self from her pack, wanting to be free from it and wondered around.

update: In Mauderville, she bought a house from Duncan Wilder, where he got her pregnant. She is engaged to Duncan now.

11/12/2009 . Edited 2/19/2010 #3


11/12/2009 #4

**Remember to acknowledge that you have read the rules. Thank you!

11/12/2009 #5
R. Lauden


Lovers, Aria & Justin:

Full Name: Arianna Love Preston (Aria)

Birthday: October, 31 1985

Age: 24

Species: Werewolf

Clothing Style: Aria has never been a picky dresser. She will wear whatever she wants, regardless of what other people think. She would rather shop at salvation army than a fancy boutique, despite the inheritance from her family.

Occupation: Unemployed

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Aria stands at five foot seven, she is skinny and toned. Her ex-husband had often teased her about being anorexic, but the truth is she could eat a whole cow and never gain a pound. (She tried it once in werewolf form.) Her hair is the color of honeysuckle, with amber lowlights. Her skin is sunbronzed and soft. She has delicate features, high cheekbones and full lips. She has a button nose with a gold hoop in the nostril. Her eyes are the color of jade, bright and sparkling beneath long lashes.

Personality: Aria is never afraid to speak her mind. She is impulsive and spontaneous. She always thinks the worst of people, a bad habit she learned from her father. She is a flirt, but also a heartbreaker.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): She has a nose piercing and the tattoo of a heart on her forearm with script that reads heartbreaker. (It is a real heart... like the kind in your chest...), her naval is peirced, and she has the tattoo of an orchid across the full length of her stomach

Powers/Abilities: Aria has the ability to push thoughts on weaker minds, though she has never been very good at it. She is strong and fast.

Weaknesses: Silver, Full Moon

Possessions: A duffel with her belongings. A few changes of clothes, a .50 desert eagle with silver tipped bullets, an extra box of ammunition, her laptop, a sleeping bag, and a bundle of cash.

Biography: Arianna discovered her true nature a few weeks before her eighteenth birthday. Around that same time, she was forcibly engaged to Logan Larkin. She never really loved him, but they were forced to mate and form an allegience between the powerful packs. She fell in love with his brother, Paden.

When the pack discovered their secret love affair, they had him killed. Arianna fled the night after, refusing to spend another day in Borden Grove. Logan is the only one who knows of her whereabouts, seeing as how their minds are connected. He refuses to give her up, because he understands the grief that they are both feeling.

Update: Rather than just passing through Mauderville, Aria met Justin Wilder. He was an arrogant, womanizing prick with a bad attitude.

Her father employed a tracker to find her and bring her home. Unfortunately, the tracker had plans of his own. When she tried to escape, Kallum dragged her into the Dun Forest. Justin showed up and resued her, killing Kallum. After that, the pair ended up falling in love and becoming mates. The rest is history.

12/2/2009 . Edited 2/16/2010 #6


12/2/2009 #7
Katelyn Renee

Full Name: Asher Groves

Age: 21 (269)

Species: Vampire

Clothing Style: Average; jeans, button ups w/ undershirts [[He usually has the sleeves rolled up just under his elbow and the front open revealing an undershirt]], work boots, etc.

Occupation: Unemployed

Description: Height - 6'5'' Weight - About 175 lbs., Eyes - Hazel, Hair - Black/Messy, Race - Caucasian Other - Asher is very muscular

Personality: Respectful to his elders, He is a sweet guy once you get threw his hard shell, He likes company even though he doesn't show it

Defining Features: Scar across his right shoulder from a werewolf attack [[He slept with the wolfs pup sister...get the picture. teehee]]

Powers/Abilities: Heighten senses [[hearing, sight, taste, ect.]], Super-stronger, Super-speed, glamour [[mind control]]

Weaknesses: Any kind of wood, silver weakens him, werewolf’s, elders, sunlight [[at first it burns like maybe a bad sunburn, but after a while it'll start feeling like he's on fire, making him weaker until it kills him.]]

Possessions: Cell phone, Pilot Shades [[ Journal [[He uses it to keep track of days and the women her seduces.]], a photograph of Abigail

Biography: Asher doesn't remember his human life due to the years of living undead. The only thing he does recall from his past life is Abigail [[ the girl of his dreams. Ash remembers bits and pieces of her in his dreams, when he does have them. Mauderville was where he had first met Abigail almost three hundred years ago. He decided to return, hoping to find more answers.

Car -

12/2/2009 . Edited 12/3/2009 #8


12/3/2009 #9
Katelyn Renee

Full Name: Matthew Reese [[Reese]]

Age: 18 (Would be 21)

Birthday: November 7th, 1989

Death: April 15th, 2007

Species: Spirit

Clothing Style: Reese is wearing a white dress shirt, black suit pants and converse sneakers which is the outfit he died in. His shirt is blood stained, and the top button is undone. He has a class ring on his right hand ring finger.

Occupation: N/A

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Reese stands at six foot three, with a good body build. His skin was suntanned, but now it's pale and transparent. His hair is a tangle mess of dark brown, and his eyes are a deep sapphire blue. Centered in the back of his head is a bullet hole that exits threw his forehead in a small hole with a little bit of blood trickling out.

Personality: He's the guy every girl wants, or at least that how it was when he was alive. He's well mannered, and kind. But he'll turn right around and knock some jerk to the ground to defend his friends. Reese is very loyal to his family, and his closest friends.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): Noise and right ear stub.

Powers/Abilities: Reese has the ability to pass threw other objects when he pleases, such as walls or doors. He can throw certain objects, but only if he concentrates hard enough. The heavier the object, the harder it is. Reese is also able to communicate with a person while they are sleeping. Whenever Reese enters into a room, it gets chilly. The angrier he gets the colder it gets.

Weaknesses: Iron, Salt

Possessions: N/A

Biography: Reese was murdered by his girlfriend Veronica, when he went over to her house one day unexpectedly to take her to the prom. She had told him no, the day before but he wouldn't listen. Ronnie had invited him inside from her fathers order, and while his back was turned Veronica shot him in the back of the head. So now Reese follows her around, trying to figure out why she killed him.

12/4/2009 . Edited 2/12/2010 #10
Katelyn Renee

Full Name: Veronica McFarland [[Ronnie]]

Age: 21

Species: Human/Medium

Clothing Style: Ronnie typically wears the name expensive brand clothing and always has something expensive inside her handbag. Veronica is usually in high heels.

Occupation: Veronica hasn't worked a day in her life. Her father pays for everything.

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Ronnie stands at five foot nine with her heels, but is only a measly five foot four. Her frame is thin, and curvy with skin that is spotless and nicely bronzed from sunlight. Her hair is long and dark, going just below her shoulders. She has plump full lips, a straight attractive nose, and gorgeous chestnut eyes.

Personality: Ronnie is a spoild bitch and she knows it. She believes she is higher then everyone else, and will walk all over you. Veronica will throw a tantrum until she gets what she wants.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): Veronica has a lip piecing on her bottom lip.

Powers/Abilities: Veronica is a medium, so she can see spirits and communicate with them. Which can be rather annoying because she can't tune them out. During a full moon her powers are at there most, allowing her to enter between lives. The bad thing is, when she enters into the ghost realm her body is vulnerable and can be possessed by another spirit, which will leave her stranded in the realm.

Weaknesses: Ronnie is human, so she is vulnerable to anything.

Possessions: Ronnie carries her giant handbag with her everywhere. In it she carries her Iphone, a relatively thick wad of money, credit cards, make-up and more. She keeps a gun in the glove department of her car.

Biography: Veronica grew up in a wealthy family, but what most people don't know is that they got rich from hunting the supernatural. She may act ditsy at times but that's only a cover. Ronnie is actually well knowledge, and knows hand-to-hand combat as well as how to use a gun.

Veronica's father had mistaken Reese for a shape shifter, and ordered Ronnie to kill him. The night of the prom when Reese came over, even though Ronnie told him not too for his own sake, she had shot and killed him showing her loyalty to her family. Her father sent her to Mauderville, hearing about all the supernatural activity going on down there in the little town.

Car -

12/4/2009 . Edited 2/12/2010 #11

Approved, approved, and approved!

12/5/2009 #12

Full Name: Derik Marcus

Age: 24

Species: human/psychic

Clothing Style: leather jacket, loose jeans

Occupation: mechanic

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): he is 6'5'', 224 ibs, black eyes and black, shaggy hair. He is italian and is broad, muscular

Personality: Seems to be friendly, though inside he is cold. He has no respect for other beings.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): he has a scar going in a jagged line down his face from a switch blade. has a sleeve tattoos of fire and skulls

Powers/Abilities: Can see a person's history, knows what they are, and see the dead

Weaknesses: he has bone cancer stage three and is touchy about it.

Possessions: 650R Ninja Crotch Rocket Black. specialized berretta

Biography: He has always been an isolated person. He may seem normal on the outside but his ''gift'' made him self concious. He has cancer and soon to die, one day, he came across a young woman and instantly, he knew she could save him.

12/8/2009 . Edited 2/15/2010 #13

Approved! This will be interesting!

12/8/2009 #14

i added his picture


12/8/2009 #15

Cute :)

12/8/2009 #16

Full Name: Justin Wilder

Age: 24

Birthday: September 13th, 1985

Species: Werewolf

Clothing Style: Tight black pants and a leather jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. Black work boots.

Occupation: None

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Sun-kissed tan skin, shaggy brown hair reaching around his chin. 6'1". Large pale blue eyes. Strong facial features, buff body build. More handsome than his older brother, slightly rougher looking as well. In his wolf form Justin is gray.

Personality: Cocky, easy-going. Loves to tease people, especially women. He's a ladies man and knows how to entertain. Egotistical-ish. Slight problem with anger.

Defining Features: Tiny scar slashing across his bottom lip. A large scar across his shoulder blades and down his back from a challenge. He has his tongue pierced and a tattoo of a large black question mark on the right part of his collar bone. He makes sure that it is always visible.

Powers/Abilities: Enhanced senses, speed, and strength. Has a high tolerance for pain.

Weaknesses: Silver. Full moon. Women. Raw meat. Beer and whiskey.

Possessions: Orange Lamborghini Diablo, gold watch, iphone,

Biography: Justin fell in love with an Alpha's mate (Anna) and had an affair with her when he was nineteen. She discovered she was pregnant and was forced to get an abortion because of pack laws. The Alpha challenged him and Justin lost, resulting in his scars. He ran away from the pack out of humiliation and was never seen again. He's been tracking his older brother, Duncan, over the years and has finally decided to make contact with him. His reason is to make Duncan go back to their pack and become Alpha so Justin does not have to.

UPDATE: Justin got distracted by Arianna Preston, and his plans changed. He fell madly in love with her, unable to resist the mating. They bought a house together, mated, and recently discovered that Aria is pregnant.

12/8/2009 . Edited 6/26/2010 #17

Obviously approved.

12/8/2009 #18

Full Name: Shep (Krystalie Davis)

Age: 16

Birthday: July

Species: Shape Shifter

Clothing Style: Loose and baggy. Sweat pants and t-shirts.

Occupation: None

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): 5'9". Round face with short, bleach blond hair reaching an inch past her chin. Dull brown eyes and light pink lips. Slender yet built body. She is almost always in her shifter form as an American White Shepherd.

Personality: Quiet and sassy. She doesn't like people.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): None

Powers/Abilities: She has heightened senses and strength.

Weaknesses: Silver.

Possessions: Clothes on her back.

Biography: When her adoptive parents discovered her true nature they abandoned Shep. She was only thirteen. One night roaming in the woods she came across a distraught wolf only to find out he was half human. Since that night she has stuck with Justin as his canine companion. He has never seen her in human form. She has convinced him that she's a dog.

UPDATE: Justin finally saw Shep in her human form and felt betrayed when she willingly fed herself to a vampire. They had a fight and never spoke again. The vampire, Asher, and Shep ended up falling in love. One day Shep was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Asher and Justin were fighting and Shep was accidentally thrown down the stairs of the Mauderville Inn. Ever since then her body has been in the Clinic in a comatose state. Now she is a ghost with mixed feelings for her close ghost friend Reese and her vampire lover.

12/8/2009 . Edited 6/19/2010 #19


12/9/2009 #20
R. Lauden

[[Hrrmm... I don't know when or if I will use him, but I figured I would get him approved.]]

Full Name: Logan James Larkin

Age: 25

Species: Werewolf

Clothing Style: Designer

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Logan has wavy, shoulder length hair. He pulls it back in a ponytail, but strands will oftentimes dangle in his sapphire eyes. He has a square jaw, a subtle dimple on his chin, and high cheekbones. His lips are generally curved into an arrogant smirk. He stands about six foot three, with a muscular frame.

Personality: Logan knows when to be serious, but he can be perceived as a jerk. He has always been a flirt, though married life has calmed him down a bit. He does a nice job at concealing his emotions, though they will tear him apart inside.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): Logan has claw marks across his back, resulting from a fight with Aria. He also has tribal markings across his left arm and half of his torso.

Powers/Abilities: Super strength and speed. He has regenerative capabilities, though not as accelerated as a vampire. Heightened hearing and smelling.

Weaknesses: Silver, chocolate, his wife-Aria

Possessions: Hunting knife with a silver blade, .44 magnum, 2 nine millimeters, a wedding picture of Aria.

Biography: After the death of his brother, Logan witnessed a change in his wife--Aria. It was almost as if her will to live had been taken away. He tried comforting her throughout the grieving process, though she never really recovered. He came home early from a hunt one night to surprise her with wine and her favorite movie, but she was packing a duffel. She claimed she needed to get out of Borden Grove.

He hated to see her leave, but he understood. Paden had been her mate. Logan had been nothing more than her forced husband. The pack caught on quickly. They sent trackers to return her to BG. Logan wanted to protect her, so he set off after her--hoping to beat the trackers.

Car: Saleen S7

12/14/2009 . Edited 12/14/2009 #21

Approved :)

12/15/2009 #22
Katelyn Renee

i likes logan. teehee.

12/15/2009 #23


12/16/2009 #24
William McKinney

Full Name: Jacob Desh

Age: 24

Species: werewolf

Clothing Style: Doesn't care much what it is he wear since he often has to shed it when he changes anyways. His one constant is his black leather jacket that he is always wearing

Occupation: Tracker/ Assassin

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): he's 6' 6'', 220lbs. he's got gree neyes and black hair, and black fur when he shifts. He's caucasian. he's well muscled, from a long career of hunting and killing supernatrual creatures of all kinds.

Personality: he's fairly cold and calculating, only opening up when he actually trust someone.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): He's got scars on his arms and back, as well as a celtic cross tattoo on his back

Powers/Abilities: Werewolf transformation, regeneration

Weaknesses: Silver, really heavy smells

Possessions: Colt .45, a collection of diffrent sized knives, keys for his Buell street racing motorcycle bike

Biography: Hunting has been in Desh's family for years, and his father taught him the same things his father taught him and so on as far back as the Desh Family line goes. he'll take almost any contract, and doesn't really have a problem with gender or species. The one place he wil lalways draw the line is children, no matter how muc hmoney you offer he won't kill a kid. He recently arrived looking for a chance to take some high profile contracts.

1/4/2010 #25

Approved! :D

1/4/2010 #26
William McKinney

Thank you! :)

1/4/2010 #27

Of course! Just be sure to read the rules and you can start out in Main Street. :)

1/4/2010 #28


Full Name: Elizabeth (Eliza) Turner

Age: 19

Birthday: May 2nd, 1990

Species: Human (Witch)

Clothing Style: Long, flowing skirts and dresses. "Hippie-style" clothing. She wears brown and gold bangle bracelets at the tops of her arms, a mood ring, and her Goddess's earth ring. She always wears brown gladiator sandals.

Occupation: Waitress (?)

Description: Eliza stands at five foot five with long legs and a thin but healthy body. She has medium length curls that flow loosely against her shoulders. Her hair is a soft brown. She has amber eyes, thin lashes and brows. Her lips are tinted with purple. She has pale skin with freckles sprinkled over her nose, cheeks, and shoulders. She has a heart-shaped face with high defined cheekbones and soft, curvy features. She does not wear make up. Some consider her plain, others consider her beautiful.

Personality: She's very earthy and she is a vegetarian. She lives for her goddess. Eliza treats her body like a temple. She spends her time meditating when she doesn't work. Eliza is usually polite and somewhat charming without meaning to be. She is not easily angered and is very tolerant of all beings. Her aura is peaceful.

Defining Features: None

Powers/Abilities: Can perform powerful spells and potions. Can see spirits, both good and evil. She can sense power.

Weaknesses: Death and Demons, necromancy, black magic.

Possessions: Book of Shadows, potion ingredients, tarot cards, Family Wicca Locket, spirit board. Russian Trotter horse named Gaia.

Biography: Elizabeth comes from a long line of witches, most of them powerful. Each of them married another witch, never marrying a different species. She has an older brother, Abram (23), and three younger sisters (Zoe, Melinda, Deirdre). In her family, a witch comes into power when she hits puberty. Eliza decided to leave her home, finding her sisters too much to deal with, and settle in a place where she could focus solely on her goddess. Since her bloodline began her family has served under the Earth Goddess, Cybele. There are many other goddesses, but each one must choose a family to serve them. Cybele chose the Turner's. Eliza stumbled across Mauderville, and as she stepped through the gates, she instantly fell in love with it.

1/9/2010 . Edited 6/25/2010 #29


1/9/2010 #30
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