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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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:D thank you, im not going to start posting till later because im going to bed in like an hour maybe sooner but i will post when i get back on :)

6/17/2010 #61

Awesome, can't wait!

6/17/2010 #62
Katelyn Renee

Full Name: Sheriff Danial Moore

Age: 32

Birthday Month: November

Species: Human

Family/Children: The sheriff is divorced with a daughter he never sees. His ex-wife couldn't handle the long hours and determination he put into her work and eventually, she'd had enough.

Clothing Style: Danial is almost always wearing his uniform, with the traditional brown shirt and star shaped bag pinned over his left side shirt pocket. He always has his gun on him, loaded with silver bullets. (Think of a Sheriff from a movie with a small town. I'm not really sure of who to explain it. BAhah)

Occupation: Town Sheriff

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Danial is average height and is in rather good shape, though isn't as fit as he use to be. He has dark hair which is graying slightly on the sides, making him appear older then he really is. He has green eyes and a pale complexion. He has subtle wrinkles on his face, mostly around his eyes.

Personality: Danial is very determinded and passionate about his work. He will do anything to protect his town and the people that live in it. He rearly takes the day off, but when he does, he's usually found in the bar. He always enjoys a good drink.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): Danial has a tattoo of his daughters name written in black cursive on the underside of his right arm, but not many people know about it. He has a gun shot wound to his knee and a stab wound in his back from previous encounters.

Powers/Abilities: He's a very good shot and knows how to use just about any gun. He enjoys weapons and making his own ammunition.

Weaknesses: His daughter and innocent people getting hurt. Good alcohol, he can never pass up a good drink.

Possessions: Danial always carries a gun on his waist line and has a shot gun in his truck and under his desk at the office.

Biography: Danial grew up in Mauderville and knows almost everyone in town. He's friendly to everyone, execpt when they misbehave and then he's strictly business whether or not you're a friend.

[[How's that? :D]]

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Full Name: Kathy Higgins

Age: 37

Birthday Month: August 1st, 1972

Species: Human

Family/Children: Danny and Phoebe Higgins.

Clothing Style: Jeans and t-shirts, with a pair of old white sneakers.

Occupation: Secretary at the Police Department.

Description: Five foot six. 205 pounds. Brown eyes and hair. Half hispanic half white. Angular face with straight nose, large eyes.

Personality: Boring character, smacks gum and drinks sweet tea. She doesn't really care what species/race you are. Spends her time working from 4 am to 6 pm. Any other time she is at home with her kids.

Defining Features: None

Powers/Abilities: None

Weaknesses: Family, anything that can kill a human

Possessions: House, Ford Explorer, cell phone.

Biography: Kathy divorced her husband at age 30. They were married for 12 years. She moved to Mauderville six years ago (2004) with her two children: Danny and Phoebe Higgins.


Full Name: Danny Higgins

Age: 17

Birthday Month: January 14th, 1993

Species: Human

Family/Children: Kathy Higgins (mother) and Phoebe Higgins (younger sister)

Clothing Style: low-riding jeans, tight t-shirts and button downs, beanie (I think), medium length chocolate brown hair.

Occupation: None

Description: Six feet tall. Tan skin. Medium length chocolate brown hair. Buff, athletic body. Narrow waist. Stubble.

Personality: Flirty. Athletic. Very protective of his little sister. Loves a good time. Can come across as a jerk (usually is to the ladies), but is a good guy deep down. Hates the supernatural.

Defining Features: None

Powers/Abilities: Fast runner.

Weaknesses: Girls, his little sister, anything that can kill humans.

Possessions: iphone, , laptop, Camaro SS red w/ white stripe ( )

Biography: After the divorce of his parents Danny focused more on sports. His father died in 2004.

SCHOOL FORM - Name: Danny Higgins

Age: 17

Species: Human

Grade Level: Junior


Full Name: Phoebe Higgins


Age: 14

Birthday: May 20th, 1995

Species: Human

Family/Children: Kathy Higgins (mother) and Danny Higgins (older brother)

Clothing Style: jeans/skirts, tight/low cut dressy shirts, converse

Occupation: None

Description: Looks more like her mother. Father's bright blue eyes. Usually wears a lot of eyeliner and mascara. Full pink lips, toned body.

Personality: Loves to live life on the edge, very curious, obsessed with the supernatural. She's generally a nice person, but tends to get others in trouble.

Defining Features: Nose piercing, ears pierced twice and cartilage

Powers/Abilities: Decent athlete.

Weaknesses: Curiosity, family, older boys

Possessions: Gold heart locket her father gave her. She never takes it off. Cell phone, ipod, and diary.

Biography: Before the death of her father in 2004, Phoebe was a Daddy's girl. Now she spends most of her time exploring haunted houses, doing homework, and flirting with her brother's friends.

(If under age eighteen please fill out a school form for your child.)

SCHOOL FORM - Name: Phoebe Higgins

Age: 14

Species: Human

Grade Level: Freshman

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ALL Approved!

6/19/2010 #65
R. Lauden

[Temporary Character]

Name: Xaden Sinclair

Age: 22 (549)

Species: Vampire

Style: Xaden dresses in the finest fashions. His favorite designer is Giorgio Armani, but he will sometimes wear Dolce and Gabbana.

Abilities: Inhuman strength, senses, and speed. Xaden has the ability to glamour humans, but he hardly ever needs it. His charm is enough to make any girl melt.

Description: Xaden has light brown hair, a shade darker than his older brother. He keeps it wild, long enough to style with molding glue. His eyes are hazel with traces of twilight-blue around the iris. Much like his brother, his features are strong and handsome. He has an expressive brow, high cheekbones, and lips that curve like cupid's bow. He is shorter than his brother, standing about six foot. He has a tattoo on his chest depicting the final battle between demons and angels. He also has a golden lip ring and his naval pierced.

Weaknesses: Silver. Stake to the heart.... Thunderstorms.

Bio: Xaden is half brother to Xekiel Sinclair. He was born in Scotland in 1460, the first son to William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness and Marjory Sutherland. His father never cared much for him, always doting on the elder brothers. He grew sick around his twenty second birthday, developing a fever and hives. He was on his deathbed, when Xekiel came to visit. Xekiel was distraught to find his younger brother so ill and decided to turn him into a vampire.

Xekiel abandoned him to go chasing after a woman. Xaden took off on his own, travelling the world with nothing to stop him. He eventually ended up in the states, arriving in plymouth with the first of the settlers. He wandered for a while, watching the new world rise up around him. He settled on Roanoke Island in 1585 with a vampire coven known as the Croatoan. They were a visious group, who fed off of the colonists that tried to settle there.

Whenever food grew sparse, he headed for the mainland. He wandered around somemore and settled in the rising city of New York, where he reconnected with his long lost brother. They invented a coven, which Paxton Laurent became a part of.

He appears younger than he actually is, mostly because he was sick as a boy and never recieved proper nutrients.

6/19/2010 #66


6/19/2010 #67

Wow, Xaden and Violet have the same last name.

6/19/2010 #68

Sinclair is a popular name. I love it.

6/19/2010 #69

Full Name: Klurr

Age: Looks to be late teens, no one really knows

Birthday Month: N/A

Species: Engkanto

Family/Children: Other Engkantos

Clothing Style: none

Occupation: None

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Glowing yellow eyes, tall, thin bodies. Nearly seven feet tall.

Personality: Feed on the flesh and organs of any species. Prefers children because their souls are pure.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): Glowing yellow eyes, tall, thin bodies

Powers/Abilities: Alluring. Attacks on full moon

Weaknesses: Sunlight, fire

Possessions: None

Biography: N/A

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/20/2010 #70
R. Lauden

Full Name: Paxton Laurent (Pax)

Physical Age (Actual Age): 18 (22)

Birthday: September

Species (Human, Vampire, Werewolf, etc.): Vampire

Eye Color: Jade

Hair Color: Platinum

Hair Style: His hair is two inches long, skewed and styled with molding wax.

Physical Build: Athletic. Lean.

Facial Features: Pax has sharp and handsome features. His nose is chiseled and straight. His cheekbones are lightly flushed. His skin is milky pale. His eyes are stunning.

Defining Features (Tattoos, piercings, scars, deformities, etc.): A tattoo of a coi fish on his neck.

Personality: Despite being young, Paxton is known to have a vicious reputation. Many of the old vampires know his name. Though, after spending some time at Newborn Academy and meeting Jordan, he has gone soft. He tries his best to be better for her.

Abilities: Fast. Strong. Hightened Senses. Fast Healing.

Weaknesses (Silver, garlic, kryptonite, chocolate, sweet compliments etc.): Silver.

Biography (Include how your character ended up at Bloodwell Academy.): Paxton was in a band called August Waits. Before the band was signed by a major record label, he was ambushed and changed by Asher Groves. Asher left him to fend for himself. He developed a strong desire for blood and threw away his humanity. He killed people by the dozens, terrorizing Chicago by night.

Eventually, he discovered a well known coven in the area. Xaden and Xekiel Sinclair were in charge and quickly ushered him under their guidance, teaching him to embrace his ture nature to the fullest. After the coven attacked a nightclub and killed almost twenty-three people, they drew attention from a nearby crew of hunters.

They caught Paxton and forced him to attend Newborn Academy, threatening to kill him if he could not control his bloodlust. While at the academy, he met Jordan. He began to reconnect with his long lost humanity.

When the academy threatened to sever their relationship, he made the decision to leave Newborn. Him and Jordan left with their pregnant friend Ellestial (Ellie) and headed off for the town of Mauderville.

6/20/2010 #71

Already approved.

6/20/2010 #72
Ben In Fiction

Full Name: Jeb Collins

Age: 19

Birthday Month: July

Species: Wizard

Clothing Style: He dresses modern. Ripped jeans, white v-neck.


Description:( 6'0", 170 lbs, completely black eyes, and black short hair.

Personality: He keeps to himself, but loves to use his magic in his day to day life. At night, he goes out looking for a challenge. And for trouble.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): He has a scar on the tips of all his fingers (it was a spell he'd done years ago which gave him the ability to do magic without needing to speak words.) And he has a tattoo on his back (it's a yellow and black symbol that allows his to control his magic without it controlling him).

Powers/Abilities: Magic, and everything that comes with it.

Weaknesses: Hot chicks, and witches. Or beings immune to his magic.

Possessions: His spell journal.

6/21/2010 #73
Ben In Fiction

Sorry, I didn't have time to write the bio earlier. Jeb works at several places. With his abuse of magic, he can practically take any job and get the work done without breaking a sweat. This allows him to be at several places at once, so to speak. The only trick is that he can't reveal his magic to his employers. For example, he takes jobs delivering newspapers and mail (which gets done instantly at his command), or repairing home appliances and electronics. Jeb was raised by his father until the age of 15, and when his father was killed in a car accident, he tried in vain to pull off a resurrection spell. It failed, and so he resorted to doing a spell that made his forget he ever had a dad in the first place. Now he doesn't seem to have any real goals.

6/21/2010 #74
R. Lauden
We have kind of been having issues with the rule page, but I think one of the rules is that characters can't be too powerful. I am sure Taylor can speak to that more. She is the moderator and should be on later. In any case, welcome to Mauderville. Once you hear from Taylor, you should be all set.
6/21/2010 #75
Ben In Fiction

gotcha. I can give him more weaknesses or something.

6/21/2010 #76

Ben, you're approved. Just make sure Jeb doesn't get out of hand with his powers. If we run into any problems on the way I will let you know.

Also, right now we have this thing going on. An attack on the town. You can join in if you like. It is called an Engkanto. There's a topic called Everyone, please read. There you'll find what you need, I hope. I have more rules for species and stuff, but you can always tweak your character later.

So, here's the plan: the Engkanto (Klurr) will attack: Paxton, Xaden's bike, Justin & Aria, Duncan & Unity, and Raewyn. It goes after pure should and blood, mostly children and babies. Since Unity and Aria are pregnant they are also targets. Paxton and Xaden's bik just get in the way. Unless R. Lauden decided she didn't want Paxton to get attacked. Anyway. at sunrise, the Engkanto will run back to the woods.

There will also be another attack on the next full moon, but we'll get to that when the time comes.

Any questions?

6/21/2010 #77

Oh, and Ben, this forum is rated M. Lots of sex. If you're uncomfortable with it or whatever, please just look away. :D Just warning you.

6/21/2010 #78
Ben In Fiction

Nope, sex is all good by me. Do the characters get assigned a living place?

6/21/2010 #79

There should be some vacant homes. You can check that out at the Real Estate Agency. There's a listing. Or Jeb can stay at the Mauderville Inn.

6/21/2010 #80
Ben In Fiction

the inn sounds good for him.

6/21/2010 #81

Full Name: Farah Caspan Vladimir

Age: looks 23 but is around 300 years old

Birthday Month: unknown

Species: Phoenix

Family/Children: none

Clothing Style: tank tops and dance pants with flats or tennis shoes.

Occupation: dancer

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): 5'7, blazing red hair with full lips and large red eyes. She is toned with sexy curves and a tanned body. She is busty and isn't afraid to use that to her advantage. She has tiny scars on her face and arms.

Personality: she's flirty and knows how to put her looks into action. She loves a good fight and won't put one down. She is a woman of one night stands and doesn't do well with commitment.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): she has tiny scars on her face and arms and a tattoo on her side of a phoenix

Powers/Abilities: she can control and create fire, heat things up, she can have a half form which is pure black eyes, fangs, and beautiful red wings that have a ten foot wing span. She turns into a large red bird that can burst into fled and is almost dragon like and is very beautiful. If she dies, her body ignites and she is reborn from her ashes into a naked woman with no memory except who she is and what she is. Her blood is dangerously addictimg to vampires and if they drink from her, they'll be coming back for a next hit.

Weaknesses: hot guys, too much water will kill her, nice cars

Possessions: her spiral and iPod

Biography: farah was produced from a strong family and only one sibling can remain so when she was a teen, she killed her sister to live, thus getting her scars. She then roamed the world to find a good time and adventure.

6/23/2010 . Edited by fictionalxbliss, 6/23/2010 #82

Approved. Now, this should be interesting.

6/23/2010 #83
Lol I think so
6/23/2010 #84
R. Lauden

I know so. Poor Xaden. The only woman to ever turn him down.

6/23/2010 #85
This is going to be fun
6/23/2010 #86

Full Name: Sydney Abigail Jackson

Age: 19

Birthday Month: March 12

Species: Shapeshifter

Family/Children: Daughter - Mackenzie Anna Jackson - born december 1 -

Clothing Style: Casual, Skinny jeans, boots, baggy tops.

Occupation: unemployed for the moment

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): shes 5'7, she has dark saphirre blue eyes that brighten when shes about to shift, she used to be blonde but she dyed it a dark auburn red. She hass it curly most of the time. She has all the right curves.

Personality: She firey and wild. Sometimes unpredictable but when shes with her daughter shes calm and easy to talk to.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): she has a scar on her back from when she was in a fight with a werewolf.

Powers/Abilities: her senses are heightened and shes stronger and faster than the average human.

Weaknesses: silver

Possessions: her silver audi r8 spyder, her phone

Biography: Sydney had a fling with a married werewolf just before she turned 19 and became pregnant she ran away when she found out knowing that she would have been killed if she stayed. She never told the him she was pregnant. Shes been going from one place to another for over a year now and has now moved to Mauderville where her friend Casey lives. Casey had rang her and told her where she was going to be moving if she ever needed a place to stay and shes taking Casey up on the offer.

6/24/2010 #87


6/24/2010 #88
R. Lauden

Full Name: Jacobi Savage

Age: 24

Birthday Month: June

Species: Human, Firestarter

Family/Children: NA

Clothing Style: Jacobi is content in jeans and a t-shirt. He wears sandals during all seasons of the year.

Occupation: Small Business Owner

Description: Jacobi has chestnut hair frosted with platinum highlights. He usually wears it messy. His eyes are reddish brown, harboring an unearthly blaze. His body is toned and athletic. His complexion is naturally bronzed.

Personality: Jacobi has a mysterious demeaner. He keeps quiet about his past.

Defining Features: He has the tattoo of a dragon on his arm, a tattoo that reads Bite Me on the trailing V of his torso, and ancient writing on his chest.

Powers/Abilites: Jacobi can channel fire.

Weaknesses: He is human.

Posessions: A dozen silver stakes, a .50 Desert Eagle, a .22 pistol, a gallon of holy water, and a silver cross. (Which he keeps in the back room of Old Bones.)

Bio: Jacobi grew up in Newport, RI. His family owns a mansion on the breakers. He is an only child. His parents have always dissaproved of him. When he turned eighteen, he left home with a backback. He explored North America, picking up jobs wherever he could. At age nineteen, he ended up in Mauderville.

In the year he lived in Mauderville, he learned a lot about the supernatural. More than he ever cared to know. There was a girl involved, but he hardly ever talks about her. It brings him too much grief. After a string of tragic events, he decided to leave Mauderville. But after news of the most recent deaths, he has returned with a new mission in mind.

6/24/2010 . Edited 6/24/2010 #89


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