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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Katelyn Renee

Asher snorted a laugh, pushing himself up from the cushions. He wanted to have some fun, and he had a feeling that the shape shifter would provide it. Asher followed behind her, moving to the Dining Area.

[[Asher to Dining Area]]

12/30/2009 #91
Katelyn Renee

[[Asher from Dining Area]]

Asher snorted at Shep's comment. "Thanks." He glanced around. "Lead the way."

[[Hey does he need an invite before he can enter? Haha.]]

1/1/2010 #92

[Nah, it's just a hotel room anyway.]

Shep started up the stairs and mumbled to herself, "you should have gotten me drunk first." Once she reached the right door she turned the handle and entered the room. She looked over her shoulder. "You coming in?"

*Shep to Nature Room*

1/1/2010 #93
Katelyn Renee

Asher moved up the stairs, and down the hall Shep had, stopping in front of the door. He looked over the frame, before taking a weary step inside. Asher smirked, going the rest of the way in.

[[Asher to Nature Room]]

1/1/2010 #94
Katelyn Renee

[[You can post first this time. Teehee. :] ]]

1/1/2010 #95
Katelyn Renee

[[Asher from Nature Room]]

Asher pulled the door close behind him as he stumbled into the hallway. Shep's blood still played with his senses, clouding his mind. His body quivered, wanting more. Asher held back the urges, making his way down the hall in only his boxers. He stumbled down the staircase, nearly falling but kept a good grip on the railing which was the only thing keeping him up. Ash stepped into the Main Floor, looking up at the old woman behind the counter. What Asher hadn't realized was that both his hands and face were covered with Shep's blood.

1/3/2010 #96

A dead, cold look occupied Hootie's face as she stepped from behind the counter with a gun in hand. Her lips had molded into a grim line. "I don't know what exactly you done boy, but you better get outta here and keep away. I've got silver bullets here. Don't make me use them," she growled out. Hootie aimed her gun at his chest and stepped closer.

1/3/2010 #97
Katelyn Renee

Asher didn't move, not fazed by her threat. "Go ahead." He snarled. "If it'll stop this...this...craving." Asher said stepping closer to the woman, he held his hands to his sides in tight fists. "Do it!" He pleated, his voice desperate.

1/3/2010 #98

Hootie narrowed her eyes at the vampire. "Get the hell outta my Inn, ya drama queen! Get outta here!"

1/3/2010 #99
Katelyn Renee

Asher snorted, shaking his head. "Fine." He snarled, flashing towards the entrance, and outside into the moonlight.

[[Asher to Main Street]]

1/3/2010 #100

Hootie let out a relieved sigh. She hadn't wanted to shoot the vampire, but if things came down to it she wouldn't hesitate. Hootie returned to her desk, calm and collected, her usual smile on her lips.

1/3/2010 #101

*Shep from Nature Room*

She hurried down the stairs, almost tripping on her own feet as she went. Once she reached the bottom her eye caught sight of Hootie, glaring at her from behind the desk. Shep knew exactly what was going through her head. "It's not what it looks like. I had my reasons," Shep confessed, in reference to the bite mark on her neck.

Hootie didn't say anything. Instead she looked at the door with somber eyes and then at the gun in Shep's hand. "What you gonna do with that thing?" Shep shrugged and walked into the street.

*Shep to Main Street*

1/4/2010 #102
Katelyn Renee

[[Reese Entering]]

Reese passed through the door, and looked over his shoulder and around the room. Like usual, no one other then Hootie was there. He smirked at the old woman, all though she did look a little stressed out. Reese frowned slightly, but pushed his concern away as Shep entered into the small lobby.

1/7/2010 #103

*Shep from Main Street*

She walked into the front room of the Inn. Hootie looked up at her, her brow furrowed. "Are you alright?" she asked Shep. Shep's face became grim. She nodded. "I did what I had to do. Everyone's okay. For now, anyway." Hootie seemed somewhat satisfied and her shoulders sagged with relief. Shep swallowed and started up the stairs. "Come on, Reese," Shep said before entering the Nature Room.

*Shep to Nature Room*

[I'll make first post.]

1/7/2010 #104
Katelyn Renee

Reese followed behind Shep, glancing at Hootie for a second. He wondered if her wound had something to do with whatever her and Hootie just talked about. Reese forced a smile as he walked through the door.

[[Reese to Nature Room]]

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/7/2010 #105

*Justin and Aria entering*

He cradled Aria in his arms while she wept. Hootie's head snapped up at the sound of her tears. She opened her mouth to speak, but the look in Justin's eyes silenced her. He walked silently up the stairs. Somehow he managed to open the door while still holding Aria.

*Justin and Aria to Peach Room*

1/7/2010 #106

*Justin from Peach Room*

Justin shut the door behind him and walked down the hall until he reached his room.

*Justin to Nature Room*

1/7/2010 #107

*Justin entering*

Justin took deep breaths as he paced the hallway. He couldn't go to Arianna while he was angry. It would only frighten her. So he thought about how much pain she was going through and put away his other problems for a later time. Adjusting the strap of his duffel bag he walked into the room.

*Justin to Peach Room*

1/7/2010 #108

*Justin from Peach Room*

As soon as he left he realized his mistake. He had left her. She was broken. But she wasn't his responsibility. She didn't belong to him, so why the hell did he care so much? Justin paced the hallway, rubbing his temples and grumbling to himself in a low voice.

1/9/2010 #109

*Shep from Nature Room*

She closed the door behind Reese. She was quiet as she walked down the hallway, a small smile on her face. When Justin crossed her line of sight she stopped. "Justin, what's wrong?" He voice was filled with concern.

He turned his confused eyes to Shep's. He shook his head and blinked. "Nothing. You hungry?"

"I was just heading downstairs." He cocked an eyebrow at her, his eyes roaming her form. "In that?" Shep shrugged and glanced at Reese. "I guess I'm a strange girl."

Justin headed down the stairs. "You have no idea," he mumbled to himself.

1/9/2010 #110
Katelyn Renee

[[Reese Entering]]

Reese stepped into the hallway, and smirked at how Shep insisted on leaving the door open for him. "You know you don't have to do that. I can pass right through them." He said to her, before looking up at Justin. Reese crossed his arms over his chest as he looked over Justin, and smirked at Shep slightly. "You think he got to Arianna in time?" Reese asked softly, noting how stressed Justin looked.

1/9/2010 #111

Shep stared at Arianna's door. "I hope so," she said in a quiet voice. She turned to Reese. "I know I don't have to, but I want to." With another wary glance at Arianna's door she followed Justin.

*Shep and Justin to Dining Area*

1/9/2010 #112
Katelyn Renee

[[Reese to Dining Area]]

1/9/2010 #113

*Eliza entering*

Eliza closed the door behind her as a shiver fled down her spine. She sneezed and looked up at the old woman sitting behind the front desk. Eliza gave a polite smile. "Hello, I'm Elizabeth, Eliza, Tanner. It's a pleasure to meet you. May I ask if you have any rooms available?" Hootie grinned at the young woman. "Sure I do." She handed her the key and Eliza's smile widened. "The Gold Room is yours. You're welcome to dinner in the dining area. Right over there," Hootie said and pointed her in the right direction. Eliza removed her cloak and hung it over her arm. "Thank you," she said with a nod. She headed to the dining room and Hootie picked her book up, smiling to herself.

*Eliza to dining area*

1/9/2010 #114
Katelyn Renee

[[Asher Entering]]

Asher stopped just outside the door, waiting for it to close before he moved. Water dripped from his clothes and hair, as he made his way to the stairs. He paid no attention to Hootie, or the other costumers in the dining area. He just wanted to sleep.

1/9/2010 #115
Katelyn Renee

Asher turned the knob on his room door, but it would budge. "Damn it, come on." He grumbled shoving at it, and again it didn't open. "Shit." Ash finally gave up, and stalked back down the stairs, moving straight to Hootie. "Hey, uh...Hootie right? Do you have an extra set of keys for the Navy Room?" He asked her, hoping she did.

1/9/2010 . Edited 1/9/2010 #116

Hootie blinked and then narrowed her eyes. "I've only got one set per room." She buried her head back in the book, a disgruntled look on her face.

1/9/2010 #117
Katelyn Renee

Asher frowned, not liking the tone she had with him. "Thanks for nothing." He snapped, stalking away from the desk. Ash couldn't understand why everyone was giving him so much crap. He hasn't done anything wrong. Asher took a calming deep breath, his eyes darting towards the Dining Area.

1/9/2010 #118

*Shep and Justin entering*

Shep stopped dead in her tracks, keeping her eyes on the ground. She could see Asher from her peripheral vision. An overwhelming urge to run into his arms was cast over her. She bit her bottom lip, unable to decide if she should go up the stairs or stay and talk with him. Justin stepped beside her, his fists shaking. She rubbed away the tension collecting at her temples.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Justin growled.

1/9/2010 #119
Katelyn Renee

Asher smiled slightly when Shep stepped out of the Dining area. "Hey Shep, I nev--" He was cut off by Justin, causing Asher to frown. "It's none of your fucking business!" He spat, narrowing his eyes.

[[Reese from Dining Hall]]

Reese suddenly appeared on the other side of Shep. He glanced down at her, and pressed his lips together forming a tight line.

1/9/2010 #120
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