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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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*Eliza from Dining Area*

Eliza hurried out the door, throwing her cloak over her shoulders.

*Eliza to Main Street*

1/11/2010 #151
R. Lauden

[[Aria to Main Floor.]]

Aria stepped into the hallway, her entire body numb. Pulling the door shut, she stood their for a long moment. The pain swelled in her chest, making it hard to swallow--hard to breathe. She pressed her hand against her mouth, trying to hold back a wrenching sob. She could barely stand it. Her entire world was collapse. Slinging the canvas across the hall, she slid against the wall and pulled her knees into her chest.

She buried her head and cried, shaking with the internal agony.

1/11/2010 #152
R. Lauden

Aria heard the piercing scream come from the room. She bolted to her feet, coiling her fingers around the knob. Her first instinct was to make sure that he was alright, but her hand refused to turn the knob. No. She would not. He had made his decision. Even though it tore her insides to shred, she would live with it. Reaching down, she grabbed her duffel bag and descended the stairs.

The distance between them was agonizing, but she ordered her feet to keep moving. She shoved through the front door and met the morning.

[[Aria to Main Street.]]

1/11/2010 #153
Katelyn Renee

Reese looked up into the hall, eyeing the crying Arianna. He resisted the urge to run to her. She wouldn't even know he was there. Reese signed turning his back to her. He groaned when she suddenly ran through him after the pained screamed cleared the air. He frowned, glancing back to the door. He recognized the scream as Justin's.

1/11/2010 #154

*Justin from peach room*

With his hand clutching his chest Justin slowly made his way down the hall, stopping every once in awhile to let the shudders of pain take over. He would go on his way once the tremors had stopped. Justin staggered down the stairs, gripping the railing for support. He threw open the door as Hootie gave him a worried look. He didn't even notice as the cold morning air nipped at his bare flesh.

*Justin to Main Street*

1/11/2010 #155
Katelyn Renee

Reese almost gasped when he saw Justin's struggling form. He looked...pained. Reese figured it had something to do with the crying Arianna. He bolted up the stairs towards the Navy room, hoping that they were finished. That would be so awkward if he were to walk in on them, but he didn't care. Shep was the only one who could see him now, or at least the only one he actually wanted to talk to. He knew she could help Justin...that is if she wanted to.

[[Reese to Navy Room. P.S. I'm not going to move him into the room until you respond in there Taylor. :) ]]

1/12/2010 . Edited 1/12/2010 #156

*Shep from Navy Room*

Shep hurried down the stairs, almost tripping over her feet. Justin wouldn't hurt Aria. He couldn't. Shep had seen the emotion in his eyes when he looked at her. Surely Justin wouldn't go to such an extremity. Shep shook her head, but as she reached the door her hand hesitated on the doorknob. Hootie looked over the rim of her glasses, watching her closely. She'd seen many strange things in her lifetime. Yet Hootie was still curious about the happenings in this town. Shep gripped the doorknob, frozen. She wasn't sure if she could do it.

1/13/2010 #157
Katelyn Renee

[[Reese from Navy Room]]

Reese rushed down the hall trying to keep his pace with Shep. "Look, I don't know where they went or why the hell they were so upset...but--" He looked at her hand, then to her face, his eyes sparking with curiosity. "What's wrong? Come on we got to go..." He heard the snarls from the street, and stuck half his body out. His eye's widened at the wolves, slowly making the rest of the way out.

[[Reese to Main Street. Asher from Navy Room]]

Asher pulled the door closed behind him, scanning the hallway quickly. "Shep?" He called out, almost literally jumping down the stairs when he saw her standing by the door. "Shep...what'd I do? Why are acting like this?"

1/13/2010 . Edited 1/13/2010 #158

Shep looked at Asher with a broken face. Her hand twisted around the door knob and she rushed out the door, leaving it wide open behind her.

*Shep to Main Street*

1/13/2010 #159
Katelyn Renee

Asher scowled, pushing his eyebrows together. What the hell? "Shep!" Asher shouted, confusion and anger clearing on his face, storming out after her. He didn't bother shutting the door.

[[Asher to Main Street]]

1/13/2010 #160

*Justin entering* Justin walked through the open door, ignoring Hootie's curious eyes. Instead he started up the stairs, waiting for Arianna. He was still in his wolf form deciding it was best not to phase in front of Aria. Not just yet.

1/14/2010 #161
R. Lauden

[[Aria Entering]]

Aria followed after the wolf, trying to ignore the looks from the old woman behind the desk. She shifted the weight of her duffel bag over her good shoulder. It turned out, she might be extending her stay in Mauderville. At least for a little while. She couldn't bear to leave now. She could not leave Justin. Her heart held a part of him. It was as if they had been fused together.

Her fingers wrapped around the banister and she followed him up the stairs, cradling her injured arm.

[[Aria to Peach Room. Again, you can post first in the peach room. Hope you don't mind. (:]]

1/14/2010 #162

*Justin and Aria entering*

Justin walked with Aria down the stairs. He smirked Amusement lurked in his eyes. He was returning to his old self, the man he was before Anna. "Yeah, it's a first date. Not a very good one though. The next one will be proper. I promise." He took her hand in his, giving a soft squeeze.

1/19/2010 #163
R. Lauden

"And what constitutes a proper date?" She quirked an eyebrow at him, twining her fingers with his. She followed him out the front door, hoping that the others had cleared her husband from the street. A dull pang detonated through her chest, hidden beneath the love she felt for Justin. Logan was becoming an after thought.

[[Aria and Justin to Main Street]]

1/19/2010 #164

*Jaria entering*

Justin chuckled, leading Aria up the stairs. "Baby, you have no idea," he muttered. He didn't want to waste any time. Justin opened the door and picked up Aria, crossing over the threshold. He kicked the door shut with his foot, grinning down at her.

*Jaria to Peach Room*

[Do you want to post first?]

1/25/2010 #165

*Simarah from main street*

Simarah walked into the building, her gaze roaming the room. Her hair was in a messy ponytail, completed with a large black bow. She had on a knee length poofy black skirt, black ballet flats, and a black and dark green striped button down sweater.

She pushed up her black, thick rimmed glasses up and walked to the front desk, her eyes automaticly casting downward, ''uh, I would like a room if there is one,'' she said quietly, barely above a whisper. She clutched the colorful canvas bag tighter, as if it could rid of the shyness.

1/25/2010 #166

Hootie quirked an eyebrow at the young woman. "Sure," she said. Hootie handed her a golden key. "You can have the blue room. Enjoy your stay and let me know if you need anything," she told Simarah.

1/25/2010 #167

Simarah took the key and smiled a little, ''thank you,'' she said quietly, going to her room.

*Simarah to Inn: Blue Room*

1/25/2010 #168

*Eliza entering*

Eliza sighed in relief when she closed the door behind her, happy to feel the warmth of the Inn. She smiled at Hootie and waved. Hootie returned the gesture. Eliza pulled her key from the pocket of her skirt as she went up the stairs and to her room. Her door closed softly behind her.

*Eliza to Gold Room*

1/25/2010 #169

*Simarah from blue room*

Simarah walked in, holding her canvas. She smiled friendily but shyly at the receptionist, deciding to walk aroubf town.

*Simarah to Mina street*

1/31/2010 #170

*Eliza from Gold Room and to Main Street*

1/31/2010 #171

*Jaria from Peach Room*

Justin was quiet as he walked by her side, thinking up a plan for the proper date. He wanted the night to be perfect. Justin nodded a greeting at Hootie as he and Aria left the Inn for breakfast.

*Jaria to Main Street*

[[I'm just going to move them through Main street and to the coffee house so we can start up there tomorrow.]]

2/1/2010 #172
R. Lauden

[[Ellie, Jord, and Pax Entering]]

Ellie wandered into the lobby, an artsy tunic hanging loosley off her frame. She tried wearing baggy clothes to conceal the bump, but it had gotten to the point where she could no longer hide. She pulled her jacket a little closer, though it hardly helped. She had grown accustomed to the dirty looks. It came with being pregnant and looking like a teenager. "Hi." She smiled at the older woman behind the desk.

[[Jordy and Paxy Entering]]

Paxton led Jordan into the warmth of the inn, his fingers tangled with hers. He shifted the weight of one of the bags. It was not the physical weight that bothered him, it was the weight on his concience. They had stolen thousands of dollars, conned a couple banks into thinking Paxton was a masked lunatic and willing to shoot anyone who got in his way--even a seventeen-year-old girl.

Jordan still had the scar, which bothered Paxton more than anything else. Ellie should have done a better job at healing her, but the pregnancy seemed to put a cap on her healing powers. They had money. That was all that mattered. It was one of the most important necessities when disapearing and starting over. Especially with Ellie tagging along. The price of baby food, diapers, and toys would add up.

They were all in it together. All three of them. Vampire. Harpy. Mortal.

2/4/2010 #173

Hootie looked at the young girl, noticing her round belly. She smiled. This baby would be the first one in nine years. "How can I help you?" she asked, putting her book down on the desk.

2/4/2010 #174
Katelyn Renee

Jordan pulled herself closer to Paxton, gripping his hand tightly. Her teeth still chattered a little, her nose and ear pink from the cold. She noticed Paxton's shifting, and looked up at him. "I can take one of those." She offered, eyeing the many bags he held.

2/4/2010 . Edited 2/4/2010 #175
R. Lauden

"Do you have two rooms avaliable, by any chance?" Ellie fashioned a smile, propping her elbows on the desk.

Paxton stood back. He let Ellie do the talking, she had a way with people. "I got it." Paxton assured her, hooking an arm around her waist and planting a kiss on her head.

2/4/2010 #176

"The Bird Room and the Gold Room," Hootie said, handing Ellie the keys. Her eyes flickered to the young woman's belly. "If you don't mind me asking, when are you due?"

2/4/2010 #177
Katelyn Renee

Jordan shrugged a little, expecting that to be Paxton's answer. The heat from the Inn had already began to warm her, the feeling coming back to her ears and nose along with the color.

2/4/2010 #178
R. Lauden

Ellie blushed a little at the question, averting her violet eyes for only a moment. She lifted them back to the old woman and smiled. She subconsiously stroked the baby bump. She had fought the pregnancy for so long, but finally decided to accept it. She had two of her best friends to help her, that was better than anything she could have asked for. The father was out of the picture, for good. "This month." She admitted, really the baby could decide to be born any day.

Paxton waited for Ellie, knowing she would need help ascending the stairs. "You going to help Ellie?" He asked Jordan, moving foward and taking a set of keys. He nodded at the woman behind the counter. Standing in the lobby with thousands of stolen dollars made him a bit uncomfortable.

2/4/2010 #179

Hootie beamed at Ellie. "Well, congrats! I was sixteen when I had my first one. You'll be just fine, honey." Hootie gave the girl a reassuring smile.

2/4/2010 #180
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