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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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When Logan left the crying got worse. Eliza felt a heavy weight in her chest. She couldn't explain it and she couldn't get the tears to stop. She washed her hair and body, the tears slowing as time passed. She stepped out of the tub, wrapping a fluffy towel around her thinframe. SHe dried off, dressing in her dirty clothes. Her bag was with Gaia, but she didn't have time to change. She had to get to work.

2/15/2010 #61

*Eliza to Main Street*

2/15/2010 #62

*Logan and Eliza from Main Street*

Logan parked the car and Eliza stared out the window. She sat in silence for a moment. Eliza looked back at Logan. "Are you coming in?"

3/15/2010 #63
R. Lauden

"You want me too?" He glanced over at Eliza, suprised she would want anything to do with him after the incident that morning. Yanking up on the emergency brake, he didn't wait for her to answer. He was afraid she would change her mind. Instead, he shoved open the car door and rounded the car to open her door.

3/15/2010 #64

Eliza smiled and stepped out of the car when Logan opened her door. She looked up at him, her fingertips skimmed his wrist as she grabbed his forearm. "I want you to stay for dinner." She tried her best to ignore the odd sensation creeping under her skin, but Eliza knew there was something between them. Not only could she feel it, she could see it. She just didn't know how it was possible.

[I'm going to pretend she aleady had a talk with Hank. They were supposed to talk about the living arrangements. There's a small room connected to the kitchen that leads down to a basement. I forgot to put that in here.]

3/15/2010 #65
R. Lauden

Her touch ignited a familiar sensation in his chest. It was warm and uncomfortable, but he refused to pull away. He forced a difficult swallow and nodded without saying a word. Eliza had some strange power over him. He knew better than to think it was magic. No, it was something else. It was something more powerful, more ancient. He followed her towards the cabin.

3/15/2010 #66

As Eliza came up the stairs Hank came onto the porch, clutching a rifle at his side and a hot cup of coffee in the other. Eliza nodded at Hank, but his eyes were trained on Logan. The old man sat in his chair, the rifle over his lap. He was bundle up in his coat and toboggan. Eliza chuckled at Hank, pulling open the screen door. She set her things down on the coffee table and looked around the small living room, shaking her head. The place was a mess.

3/15/2010 #67
R. Lauden

Logan glared at the old man, not appreciating the sight of the rifle lying across his lap. He followed Eliza into the living room, letting the screen door slap shut behind him. "I don't think that old man likes me." He mumbled in a low voice, counting on the geezer to be hard of hearing.

3/15/2010 #68
Katelyn Renee

"Who doesn't not like you." Reese remarked, snorting at his weak attempt at a joke.

3/15/2010 #69

Eliza slipped the sweatshirt over her head and set it on the couch. "You remind him of his son," she informed him, walking to the kitchen. She pulled out a few pots and pans and went over to the fridge. There was mostly meat in the fridge, but she found a few vegetables. Eliza got two steaks and some vegetables, laying them on the cutting board.

3/15/2010 #70
R. Lauden

"Shut up, Reese." Logan growled through gritted teeth, not bother to reprimand him internally. He followed Eliza into the kitchen, watching her shuffle through the fridge and turn up two steaks. His mouth began to water instantly. "You need help with anything?" He asked, though it was just and excuse to be close to her. Besides, he wanted to be as far from the rifle as possible.

3/15/2010 #71

Eliza glanced over her shoulder. "Can you cook?" Eliza turned back to washing the vegetables, a small smile on her face.

3/15/2010 #72
R. Lauden

"I can wash." He moved towards her, rolling up his sleeves. The closer they came to touching, the faster his heart raced in his chest. It took every bit of control not to pin her up against the counter. The sight of the man with the rifle flashed through his mind. He forced a smile, trying to conceal his painful desire to take her in his arms.

3/15/2010 #73
Katelyn Renee

Reese laughed at Logan's response, feeling more and more like his old self. Although, he still felt...strange. The effects of Derick's mental attack still lingered in the back of his mind, which Reese tried to ignore completely. "Do I sense a little something between you and the witch?" Reese observed with what would have been a smirk, if he could smirk. He knew Logan cared about Eliza. They had discussed it earlier that morning. He was just trying to get under the wolfs skin. Have a little fun.

3/15/2010 #74

Eliza sucked in a breath when he came near. She could feel his warmth even though they weren't touching. Eliza handed the vegetables to Logan, suddenly avoiding eye contact. She occupied herself with the steak and tried her best not to think of the man beside her.

3/15/2010 #75
R. Lauden

"Whether you sense something or not, it hardly matters. Eliza thinks of me as a charity case and nothing more. You heard her earlier, she just wants to help me." Logan made sure to send that particular message through his mental channels, grabbing a red pepper and running it under the warm water. He scrubbed it clean with his fingers. He wanted to say something, anything to Eliza. But, he was at a loss of words.

3/15/2010 #76
Katelyn Renee

"Is that really what you think?" Reese shot back. "Oh my god..." He laughed out in disbelief. "It is!" If he were alive, he would have been rolling with laughter. "Dude, she is clearly gaga over you." He said after regaining his composure. "She's just....I don't know. Confused. You never know until you just, try again." He tried to reassure Logan, hoping the man would believe his words. Reese doubted he would. Hell, he barely believe what he was saying.

3/15/2010 #77

Eliza gathered the vegetables from Logan and put them in the pot, cooking the meal.

*Time Skip to 9 PM*

Eliza put two steaks on a plate, covering them with cooked mushrooms. She added a side of broccoli and carrots, then filled her own plate with vegetables. She poured a glass of water and looked over her shoulder. "Whiskey, wine, tea, or water?"

3/16/2010 #78
R. Lauden

Logan smiled, leaning against the edge of the counter and watching her add the finishing touches to the meal. "I can get it." He moved across the kitchen and grabbed a tumbler from the cabinent. He rinsed it in the sink, dropped in a few ice cubes from the tray in the freezer, and added a splash of whiskey. There was nothing better than sipping whiskey with his steak.

3/16/2010 #79

Eliza placed the plates on the table and took a seat. She knew Hank had already eaten dinner from the leftover spaghetti in the fridge and the dirty dishes near the sink. She watched Logan from her peripheral vision, staring at her plate.

3/16/2010 #80
R. Lauden

Logan joined her at the table, sinking int the seat across from her. "This looks amazing." He admitted, taking a sip of whiskey. It had been a very long time since he had a home-cooked meal. Both him and Aria were horrible in the kitchen. Whenever they did manage to pull something together, they never made enough for two. It was just the way their relationship worked.

The steak made his mouth water. He reached for a steak, which was cooked just enough. The blood still collected over the bottom of the plate, just the way he liked it.

3/16/2010 #81

Eliza sat back in her chair, finished with her small meal. She scrunched her nose at the uncooked meat. "I don't understand how you could eat something like that," she said, watching the blood drip from the steak. As she watched him an image filled her mind. It wasn't a vision, those were always unclear. This was vivid, colorful, a fantasy of sorts. She imagined her life ten years from now, Logan sitting across from her at the table. They weren't speaking, but it was a comfortable silence. It was silly to think like that, as if Eliza had a chance to be with him. These strange feelings were ones she couldn't act on. She had to keep them to herself.

3/16/2010 #82
R. Lauden

Logan used the last piece of steak to soak up the blood on his plate. He shoveled it into his mouth and set his silverware aside. "I think you would need to be a wolf to really understand." He took a sip of his whiskey. The cubes clanked together in the bottom of the glass. "Thanks for dinner. That was amazing." He smiled at her from across the table. The eighteen-year-old in his head had tried to convince him to make a move, but after that morning in the bathroom, he was afraid of scaring her again.

3/16/2010 #83

"You're welcome," she said. Eliza rose from the chair and collected the dirty dishes, setting them on the counter. She was too tired to clean up. All she wanted to do was crawl into a warm bed.

The front door opened and Hank entered. He set down his rifle and bolted the front door. He closed the shutters to the window and locked every latch. Grabbing his gun, he sauntered into the kitchen. He passed a glare to Logan, but his eyes softened when he saw Eliza. "The house is all locked up. Like I said, you're welcome to the basement. There's a small bathroom down there with a tub. Make yourself at home." Eliza smiled at Hank and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Thank you," she whispered in his ear, pulling away. The old man blushed, grunted, and locked himself in the bedroom with his shotgun.

Eliza chuckled and picked up the small lantern from the table, heading over to the door that lead to the basement. Before she opened the door she looked back at Logan. "Are you coming?"

3/16/2010 #84
Raewyn Pierce

"Uh--" It wasn't often that Logan found himself lost for words. Snatching up his up his glass of whiskey, he followed her towards the door without uttering a word. He felt nervous, though couldn't explain where it came from. It wasn't normal for him to be nervous around a woman. Something was different about Eliza. He felt like something was at stake. If he messed up again, he could lose her.

3/16/2010 #85

[I recognized the pen name. Haha]

Eliza smiled, blushing. She didn't know why, but the man made her blush over the most ridiculous things. Eliza went down the dark stairway, staying close to Logan. She wasn't sure if werewolves could see in the dark or not. "Lock the door," Eliza called over her shoulder. The stairs creaked with every step. The lantern gave the basement an eerie glow, but Eliza wasn't afraid. The aura of the house was peaceful, comforting. A place of history. She set the lantern on the bedside table and looked around.

She saw the curtain half drawn in front of the tub. It wasn't really a bathroom at all, but it would do.

3/16/2010 #86
Raewyn Pierce

Logan pulled the door shut behind him. He stared at the doorknob for a long moment, finally reaching out to flick the lock. He had a hard enough time being alone with Eliza. Being alone with her behind a locked door, that would be the ultimate test of his control. He took the steps one at a time, taking the last sip of his whiskey and crunching down on one of the ice cubes.

He took in the sight of the basement, his eyes moving from the chair to the bed. The light in the basement was dim. He reached up to remove the sunglasses, blinking until the scene came better into focus. "I'll take the recliner." He offered, knowing she would probably object to sharing the bed. Not to mention, it was her bed. He stepped out of his sneakers and moved towards the recliner. He tried not to think about the locked door.

3/16/2010 #87

Eliza stepped in front of him, sending him a glare. "No. You will take the bed. You're too big for that chair." Eliza huffed. The closeness of their bodies bubbled up a strange feeling in Eliza's stomach. It wasn't unpleasant. It was quite the opposite. She struggled to keep her composure in front of Logan, but she managed.

3/16/2010 #88
Katelyn Renee

"Told ya, Dude. She wants you." Reese interrupted, breaking his silence. "Make your move, Man." He advised with a small chuckle.

3/16/2010 #89
Raewyn Pierce

Logan filled his lungs with a deep breath, her pleasant scent filling his nostrils. He looked down, his fingers skimming hers. He wanted to pull her into his arms, even if it meant just holding her. "I'll sleep on the couch upstairs, but I'm not taking your bed."

3/16/2010 #90
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