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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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"No," Eliza said. She opened her mouth to finish her sentence, but she couldn't speak. She was melting under his gaze, her guard was down. His eyes were drawing her in, his voice, his warmth. Everything about him was pulling her closer. Eliza blinked, and the spell was gone. "Take the bed," she whispered, not realizing that she was leaning closer to him.

3/16/2010 #91
Katelyn Renee

Reese made an annoying, obnoxious noise that sounded a game show buzzer. "Where are your balls at, Man? Veronica lop 'em off or something?" He joked, laughing though the bitch's name send an unpleasant ripple through his system. He hadn't known Logan for very long, but he wanted to see the man happy. Eliza made him happy.

3/16/2010 #92
Raewyn Pierce

Logan leaned forward and clutched her fingers. His free hand sifting through her hair, stirring her scent. His gaze dropped to her lips, tracing the gentle curve. "We could share it." He whispered, mouth hovering close to hers.

3/16/2010 #93

Eliza's eye fell closed. "Okay," she whispered, melting against him. She was completely lost in the warmth of his touch. She leaned her head back slightly, relaxing. All of the stress in her muscles and bones seemed to disappear.

3/16/2010 #94
Raewyn Pierce

His lips skimmed the corner of her mouth. "Come on." He bent down, scooping her into his arms and carrying her to the bed. He laid her down gently and climbed ontop of her. One of the springs popped, the whole bed squealing under their weight..

3/16/2010 #95

Eliza squeaked when Logan picked her up, her eyes popping open. When he laid her down and climbed on top of her she froze. "What are you doing?" She asked in a quiet voice, staring up at him with wide eyes. The warmth of his body on hers caused her skin to tingle and her stomach to knot.

3/16/2010 #96
Raewyn Pierce

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked, staring down at her. He wanted to continue. He wanted to feel her, to touch her. The fantasies raced through his head. He breathed in deep, trying to calm himself. If she wanted him to stop, he would.

3/16/2010 #97

She almost said no. "I...I thought we were just going to bed." Eliza's face turned red. Why would she even consider saying yes? She stared at the wall the bed was pressed against. She couldn't look at him now. She was too embarrassed, realizing she should have been more clear with her words.

3/16/2010 #98
Raewyn Pierce

"Why? I'm wide awake." He noticed her hesitation and seized the oportunity. He lowered his lips to her neck, planting a soft kiss against the column of her throat. He fought to restrain himself. The last thing he wanted was to scare her. He hugged his arm around the small of her back. His knuckles grazed across her cheekbone.

3/16/2010 #99

Eliza's eyes fluttered and her breath hitched. She opened her eyes when Logan held her and caressed her cheek. "I'm tired," she whispered, staring at him. A pleasant chill crawled up her spine when he touched her. "I have to change." Eliza averted her eyes to her bag sitting on the ground.

3/16/2010 #100
Raewyn Pierce

"Just tell me to stop." He nuzzled her neck, fanning it with his warm breath. He pressed his knee between her legs, wanting so badly to spread them apart. He refrained, though it was almost impossible. Instead, he trailed his warm kisses along the slope of her neck. His fingers combed through her hair, cradling her head gently. She was so fragile, so different from all the other women. So different from Aria. He craved her, unlike he had ever craved another woman.

3/16/2010 #101

Eliza gasped, letting the moment sink in. She knew it couldn't last, even if his touch made her tremble. She didn't want it to end, but it just wasn't appropriate. They barely knew each other. How much did she really know him, if she knew him at all? "Stop," she said in a weak voice.

3/16/2010 #102
Raewyn Pierce

Logan sucked in a breath through his gritted teeth, rolling off and collapsing beside her. The springs sqealed, hurting his sensative ears. He hated letting her go. He hated not touching her. She filled his chest with warmth, made his body scream for more. He cared for her, on some strange and powerful level. Yet, he hardly knew her. He wished he could tell her, but that would only drive her away. He kept it to himself.

3/16/2010 #103

Eliza's face fell. She could tell it was hard for him to stop. She knew he wanted her, but she was so afraid. Dismissing the thoughts temporarily, Eliza sat up and climbed over Logan. She blushed when she realized she was straddling him and hurried away from the bed, almost tripping in the process. Eliza grabbed her bag stepping behind the curtain covering the tub. She slipped off her shoes and skirt. The curtain reached the top of her ankles, exposing her bare feet. Her shirt landed on the pile of clothes, along with her panties. Eliza pulled her soft cotton nightgown from her bag and dressed. She gathered her dirty clothes, stuffing them into a plastic bag.

Eliza came out from behind the curtain, setting her bags of clothes in the chair. The nightgown reached two inches past her knees. Eliza picked up her brush from her bag, sitting on the floor with her legs curled under her. She didn't speak or make eye contact with Logan. Instead she closed her eyes and took deep breaths as she brushed the tangles from her hair. She began to hum a soft melody, the slightest smile hovering over her lips.

3/16/2010 #104
Raewyn Pierce

"What are you doing?" Logan asked, after a moment of watching her through his glowing eyes. He propped himself up against the metal heaboard with a stiff pillow. "You can sit on the bed, you know?"

3/16/2010 #105

Eliza paused, opening her eyes and setting the brush aside. She smiled at Logan and got off the ground. "I know," she said, walking toward the bed. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and leaned over the lantern. "Do you mind if I turn out the light?" Eliza asked, facing him, the flames casting a glow over her face. "Or are you afraid of the dark?"

3/16/2010 #106
Raewyn Pierce

"There are only a few things I'm afraid of and the dark is not one of them." He readjusted the pillow and settled onto the mattress. The bedframe squealed. If they planned on sharing the bed for another night, he would need to buy a more comfortable set-up. Of course, that may have been wishful thinking. He could mess everything up. The thought of losing her was about to make that list. He was afraid of doing something wrong. If he pushed Eliza away, he wouldn't know what to do with himself.

3/16/2010 #107

Eliza turned down the lantern and flicked off the light. When she reached the bed she tripped over her feet, falling on Logan's torso. She instantly scrambled to her side of the bed, feeling her face growing hot. She pulled the blanket over her thin body and put her back to Logan, snuggling into her pillow. His large body took up most of the bed and Eliza was pressed between him and the wall. Curious, Eliza turned on her side to face Logan, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dark. "What are you afraid of?"

3/16/2010 #108
Raewyn Pierce

He turned onto his side to face her, tracing her pretty features. His vision was sharpened in the dark, the shapes and lines more vivid. "What am I afraid of?" He paused for a moment. "Silver, cedar ash, corn pollen, juniper berries, water, and..." He cut himself off before the words left his mouth. They would only scare her, maybe heven drive her away. "Thunderstorms."

3/16/2010 #109

Eliza laughed, holding her stomach. "You must be allergic to some of those things, I'm guessing. Why thunderstorms?" She knew there was more, something he wasn't telling her. Eliza also knew that she wasn't going to push him. If he wanted to tell her, he'd talk. If not, she would let time time pass. Maybe it was too personal, drawing up dreadful memories from the past. That was the last thing Eliza wanted for him.

3/16/2010 #110
Raewyn Pierce

"Thunderstorms are loud and bright. They just mess up my senses." He admited, reaching out and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. He wanted to pull her tiny body against his, hold her in his arms as they slept.

3/16/2010 #111

"I guess that makes sense." Eliza felt his hand and tensed. She liked the way her skin tingled when he brushed against her. Wolves really could see well in the dark. Eliza closed her eyes and turned over her stomach. The pillow muffled her yawn as she settled into the old bed. "Good night, Logan," she whispered, her mind already drifting.

3/16/2010 #112
Raewyn Pierce

"Goodnight, Eliza." He smiled at her, though he doubted she would notice. He shifted onto his back, staring up at the ceiling and tracing the cracks and imperfections. He would have a hard time relaxing, especially with her sleeping so close. All he could think about was touching her.

3/16/2010 . Edited 3/16/2010 #113

Eliza turned over on her back, the vision causing her to break out in a cold sweat.

"Don't touch her!" The voice was so familiar, so... "Eliza!" Logan. Something seized Eliza by the throat. She struggled to breathe. She heard someone load a gun, the pull of a trigger. She could feel the air splitting when the bullet sped through it. Eliza watched as Logan fell to the ground, blood pooling around his body.

Eliza lurched forward with a loud gasp, the tears already brimming over. "Logan?" Eliza's hands found his chest, sliding up his neck to cup his face.

3/17/2010 #114
Raewyn Pierce

Logan's eyes flashed open when Eliza cried his name. He felt her warm hands pressed against his face, saw the fear written over her features. "Eliza, what is it?" He asked, noticing the wet trail glistening over her cheeks. "Talk to me." He pulled her fragile body against his, trying to pass on some sense of reasurance. He could tell that something had frightened her, a bad dream or nightmare perhaps. "You're shaking."

3/17/2010 #115

Eliza clutched his shirt and buried herself against him. She closed her eyes and the image filled her mind again. Logan. The blood. The cold, dirty hands around her throat. "I had a terrible dream," she whimpered, pulling herself closer to him. Eliza didn't know if it was a nightmare or a vision, she couldn't tell. "You died," she whispered, a sob shaking her body.

3/17/2010 #116
Raewyn Pierce
Logan hugged her tight, not ever wanting to let go. Her scent embraced him, strong and intoxicating. He needed Eliza. He needed to feel her skin pressed against his, feel her hot breath on his face. A familiar pressure began building below his waist, even though he knew it was horrible timing. He needed to comfort her, hold her. When she finally spoke, he frowned at her words. "Dead? It was just a bad dream. I'm right here. I'm alive."
3/18/2010 #117
Katelyn Renee

[[Lol. I loved your post. It made me smile. Haha]]

3/18/2010 #118

For now, she thought. Eliza decided she wouldn't share her fear with him. It was better that he didn't know. "I know. It was just so real. I'm sorry," she mumbled. Eliza wiped the tears from her face. She let her head rest on his shoulder while she still clung to him. "Don't leave," she pleaded in a soft voice, her lips brushing his warm skin.

3/21/2010 #119
R. Lauden

Logan smoothed back her hair, clutching her against him. "Eliza." He whispered her name, hooking his finger under her chin and tilting her face to meet his. "I won't leave until you want me to" He assured her, lowering his lips to meet hers. He wanted to pass on reassurance, let her know that everything would be okay. He wanted to let her know how much he cared about her, but words would never express his feelings. He needed to show her.

3/21/2010 #120
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