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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Logan's words warmed her. Eliza trembled when his lips touched hers, and this time she didn't resist him. She moved to where her legs straddled him, her nightgown rising to expose her thighs. Her hands ran up his chest and neck, feeling his muscles. "I don't want you to leave," she murmured, blushing. She melted against him, kissing his lips eagerly, her skin heating up.

3/21/2010 #121
R. Lauden

Logan trembled with excitement, his hands settling on her thighs and sliding towards the crease of her hips. He stopped before venturing beneath the nightgown, waiting for her approval. The way her lips demanded against his, he knew she wanted him. And he wanted to taste her. He wanted to taste her so bad. He pried her mouth open with his tongue, exploring with a desperate need. He wanted to explore every inch of her with his tongue. Every inch.

3/21/2010 #122

Eliza's skin tingled wherever he touched her. She moaned into his mouth, pressing her breasts against his chest. Her fingers tangled in his short hair, tugging on his roots. Her tongue flickered over his, fighting for dominance. Every part of her was on fire. She didn't understand what had come over her, but she didn't want to fight it. Eliza needed him.

3/21/2010 #123
R. Lauden

Logan could smell her arousal, like a sweet perfume to his inner beast. His hands snuck up the nightgown, gripping her waist and turning her over onto the mattress. He settled between her legs, pressing his hips into hers and making her aware of his erection. His fingers sifted through her hair. He kissed the corner of her mouth, sliding his lips along her jawline, he nibbled at her earlobe. "Just tell me to stop." His hand slid along the inside of her thigh, his fingertips dipping into her wetness. He let out a rigid breath as his touch teased the sensative folds of her opening. "I want you so bad." He admitted in a pained voice, bringing the moistened fingers to his lips and tasting her.

3/21/2010 #124

Eliza's eyes popped open when she felt his eager member pressed against her. Heat pooled between her thighs. She hummed with pleasure as he teased her ear, goosebumpsrising on her skin. She clung to the pillow, moaning loudly when his fingers touched her sex. "Logan," she whimpered, her thighs falling open. A blush crept up her neck, heating her face. She was embarrassed, but she didn't want him to stop. Eliza watched him with hooded eyes, her breasts rising and falling with each heavy breath.

3/21/2010 #125
R. Lauden

"You are so perfect." He told her, leaving a trail of kisses across her neck and collarbone. Her taste still lingered on his tongue, sweet and intoxicating. His fingers worked to unfasten his jeans and he kicked them off the side of the bed, losing them in the dark basement. With his boxers still on, his length pressed against her core. He hands massaged her breasts through the fabric of her nightgown. He was exercising every ounce of control, otherwise he would have already had her bent over and gripping the headboard while he pounded into her from behind. No, Eliza was better than that.

3/21/2010 #126
Katelyn Renee

"Hey now, I don't mean to interrupt, but I'm still in here too." Reese complained, not wanting to be a part of this. "I know I told you to make your move an all but I didn't mean this...especially with me in your head still." He grumbled. "Dude, don't make me do it...I'll do it..." He said, threatening to fill Logan's head with inappropriate thoughts and images.

3/21/2010 #127

"I'm not perfect," she whispered. Eliza gasped when she felt his eager member pressing against her. Her spine shivered when his hands massaged her breasts, heat coiling in her stomach and moaning in pleasure. She pulled Logan's face up to hers and kissed him, rolling her tongue over his.

3/26/2010 #128
R. Lauden
Don't you dare cock block me, Reesy Piece. I will make you regret it. Logan growled in his head. Even the presence of the ghost threatened to turn him off. But when Eliza kissed him, he forgot about Reese again. He ground his hips into hers, feeling the need flare up inside him. He needed Eliza. "Take off your night gown." He pleaded in her ear with a humid breath, his hands already sneaking up the fabric and sliding across her warm skin.
3/26/2010 #129

Eliza hesitated. She wanted to be with him, needed to feel him. Remembering her vision, Eliza averted her eyes. She felt as if their time together was limited. Reaching up, Eliza slid her night gown over her head, throwing it to the side. Immediately she covered her breasts, her face turning a bright shade of red.

3/26/2010 #130
Katelyn Renee

[[BAhahaha!! Logan. :) ]]

3/26/2010 #131
R. Lauden
"Eliza." Logan bit back a smirk, watching her cover her breasts. "I want to see you." He trailed his tounge across her collarbone, leaving a trail of kisses between he breasts. He reached between their bodies, tugging off his boxers and pressing his tip against her core. He could feel her wetness, hot against his length. It drove him wild. He battled the urge to thrust inside her, knowing he needed to take it slow. She was so fragile and delicate. He was afraid of breaking her, in more ways than one.
3/26/2010 #132

Eliza let her arms fall to her side, closing her eyes when he kissed her skin. She trembled as the tip of him teased her, so close. She wasn't sure what to do and afraid that she might not be good at it. She reached up, her hands rubbing over his chest and coming to rest on his shoulders. "I don't know what to do," she whispered, finally meeting his eyes.

3/26/2010 #133
R. Lauden
"Just tell me if I hurt you." He whispered, easing himself between her warm folds. He stared down at her, watching her expression. He wanted her first time to be perfect, though it was hard to restrain himself. She was so tight and moist around his erection. He sucked in a deep breath, lowering his mouth around her breast and teasing her nipple with his tongue.
3/26/2010 #134

Her thighs clenched around Logan's waist. Her nails dug into his shoulder, cutting his skin. She bit her lip, whimpering. It hurt more than Eliza had anticipated. "It hurts," she said in a small voice. His teasing tongue dulled the ache between her legs, but the pain was still there. A soft moan came from her lips. Her hands loosened from his shoulders.

3/26/2010 #135
Katelyn Renee

Reese tried to think of something else, anything other then what was happening. It was bad enough that he had to share a body with Logan, but having to share the same feelings and thoughts. He was bound to go mad by the end of the night. "Damn it, Logan..." He cursed, his voice trembling as he tried to resist the emotions filling his head. Logan's emotions. "I'm sorry." Reese mumbled, concentrating on anything and everything that would ruin the moment.

3/26/2010 #136
R. Lauden

Logan paused when she spoke, still tucked inside her warm vault. He had never felt so connected to anyone, almost like their energy was flowing together. It made his body weak, made him feel lightheaded and vulnerable. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked, though he wanted to continue. He wanted to feel more of the euphoric sensation that was chanelling between their tangled bodies.

When Reese spoke up again, he cringed. Don't you dare. He warned, but his head started filling with nasty images. Reese, please. He begged, though it was too late. He started kissing Eliza, his fingers knotting in her hair. He needed to hold on, needed to feel them becoming one.

3/26/2010 . Edited 3/26/2010 #137
Katelyn Renee

[[Hahahah. Poor Logan. XD]]

3/26/2010 #138
Katelyn Renee

Reese heard Logan begging, asking him to stop. But he couldn't. Reese didn't want to do this to Logan, but what other choice did he have. Sure he told the guy to make his move but this wasn't exactly what he meant. The last thing Reese wanted was to have feelings towards Eliza. She was his friend, and only his friend. Nothing else and he was bound to keep it that way. "I'm sorry, Logan." Reese muttered in a strained voice, hating what had to be done.

3/26/2010 #139

Eliza teased his tongue with hers. "No, don't stop." She could feel it. The connection, the bond. It made her stomach coil with heat, her heart pound in her chest. Touching Logan, feeling his muscles beneath her hands. He made her feel more than she ever had for anyone. She could feel their souls intertwining. She was losing herself in him, coming completely undone. Eliza needed him.

She pulled away from his lips, looking up at him. A soft smile covered her lips. Her thumb stroked his cheek. "Make love to me," she whispered.

3/31/2010 #140
R. Lauden
Logan gritted his teeth and breathed through his nose. He moved inside her again, but he could feel the resistance building up in his mind. Reese was ruining everything. He had never wanted the spirit out of his head more. "Christ." He gasped against her neck, blinked for a long moment. He breathedin the sent of her. "I can't." He pulled out, his tip still pressed to her core. "I want to so bad, you know I want to." He reached down, his hand passing over her inner thigh. His fingers dipped into her wettness. "I can still make it feel good for you." He assured her, staring down into her eyes.
3/31/2010 #141

[All I have to say is uh oh, Eliza is NOT happy. He just took her virginity and it lasted all of thirty seconds.]

Eliza's face fell when he stopped. She stared at the ceiling and clamped her thighs shut when his fingers slipped inside of her. It was hard to fight him, but he hadn't been fair. She wanted him to keep going. "Stop."

3/31/2010 #142
R. Lauden
"No, no, no, no. Eliza, please. I want this to be perfect for you." Logan urged, the finality of her words dropping like the sharpened head of an axe. "Eliza, you deserve so much better." He rolled off of her, staring up at the ceiling. "Reese is filling my head with dead puppies and overweight women." He grumbled, feeling the discomfort in his shriveling member. "I will make this up to you, I promise." He glanced at her, hoping to see some hint of forgiveness. Before he could even think about making it up to her, he needed to get rid of Reese.
3/31/2010 #143

Eliza tensed. "Reese?" Her embarrassment was a shade of bright red covering her cheeks. Eliza pulled the blanket around her naked body, sitting up and scooting away from Logan. Not only had she let herself be seen by Logan, but Reese as well. Eliza shuffled off the bed and winced when she tried to walk. The ache between her legs was only a terrible reminder. Eliza fought the urge to cry and collapse to the floor. There was an anchor on her heart, pulling her down with a heavy weight. She stood by the bed, clutching the blanket to her chest, her back turned to Logan. She didn't know what to say to him, or to Reese.

3/31/2010 #144
R. Lauden
Logan detected the horror in her voice when she muttered the spirit's name. He realized that she have forgotten that the two if them were a packaged deal. Sitting forward, he swung his legs over the side of the bed. "Eliza, I need to be with you." He mumbled, waiting for her to speak. If she wanted him to leave, he would. Though walking away from her would be the hardest thing he ever had to do. After the few blissful moments they shared, he knew he could never imagine his life without her again. He had no way of explaining that to her. The last thing he wanted was to scare her away. She was already humiliated and angry at him. He needed to get rid of Reese, no matter what the cost.
3/31/2010 #145
Katelyn Renee

Reese could sense just how upset Logan was, how much the man wanted him gone. "Logan, I--" He fumbled with his words, slightly hurt with how much Logan hated his presence. "I'm sorry. I just-- I know how much you wanted this. How much you want Eliza but I just--" Reese wasn't sure exactly how he felt. "Eliza's my friend." He decided, his voice a whisper. "And what you feel, I feel. I can't-- I won't fall for her about her, Logan. Does that make sense?" Reese tried to explain, giving Logan a hint as to how he felt and that he was already in love with someone else.

[[Teehee. Can you guess who?! *wiggles eyebrows*]]

3/31/2010 #146

Eliza was silent for a long time. She heard Logan's voice, but she wasn't listening. She was brewing. She should have known he wasn't the type of man to be the slightest bit chivalrous. Her father had been right. Eliza was too naive to face the world. Still, Logan was right about one thing. She did deserve better than he was giving her. Eliza faced him with hesitation, keeping her eyes on his. "How dare you." Her voice came out as a trembling whisper. "How dare you humiliate me. I saved you. I was kind to you. I at least thought that you would have the decency to give me my privacy."

Eliza stopped for a moment, gathering her breath. Her eyes flashed with anger. "And Reese. I'm ashamed of you, both of you," she spat. Unable to look at Logan, afraid that she might break and forgive him, Eliza gathered her bag and disappeared behind the curtain.

3/31/2010 #147
R. Lauden

Logan felt his heart shatter when she spoke to him. "I never meant to hurt you." He choked the words out, grabbing his jeans and pulling them on one leg at a time. "I'll leave." He swallowed the emotion building in his throat. His eyes started to burn as he slipped into his sneakers and grabbed his sweatshirt. He loved her, but he wanted her to be happy. As he moved up the rickety old staircase, it felt like he was abandoning a part of himself.

He unlocked the door and shoved it open, walking into the kitchen and inhaling a deep breath. His eyes began tearing up. It was the worst feeling. Worse than when Aria left him. Worse than when his brother died. It was dehibilitating. "You want control, Reese?" He baited the spirt. "Fuck it. I give up." He snarled, withdrawing from the forfront of his mind. His body collapsed to the ground with a thump.

3/31/2010 #148
Katelyn Renee

Eliza's words hit a nerve, guilt washing over Reese. He wanted to apologize to her and to Logan, but he knew it wouldn't matter. Logan was too angry and heartbroken to listen and it wasn't like Eliza could hear him anyway. Not that she would listen. She was just as stubborn as Logan. "I'm sorry, Logan. I-- I didn't know this would happen." He whispered, his voice filled with emotion. "Logan?" Reese could feel the man's head swirling with grief, hear the thoughts swimming around in his mind. "Logan, it'll be okay. I'll fix this." He said in a confident voice, although doubt lingered around in his head. "I'll fix what I broke."

Reese felt horrible for doing what he did. He should have just sucked it up and let them have their moment. Whether he was uncomfortable with it or not. When Logan finally spoke up, Reese didn't answer. Though when Logan collasped to the ground, Reese was forced into control.

His eyes shot open, though his vision was fuzzy and he bolted up to a sit. "Damn it, Logan." Reese cursed, pushing himself up. He blinked and rubbed his eyes, not use to the way everything seemed so defined and heightened in the dark. He felt weird controlling Logan's body again.

3/31/2010 #149

As Eliza slipped on a clean set of clothes she heard a thud upstairs. Visions swarmed her mind. She hadn't heard a gunshot, but maybe fate had stepped in. Anxious and worried she ran up the stairs barefoot. When she reached the kitchen her hand flew to her heart and she leaned against the door frame. "God, Logan, I thought you were dead." Staring at him for a moment, she remembered what he had done and averted her eyes.

3/31/2010 #150
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