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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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He gave her the deposit and started filling out the deposit.

12/9/2009 #61

"Thank you, sir." Once he was finished the secretary took the papers and deposit, filing them away for Duncan.

12/9/2009 #62

Derik grinned, ''Uh the keys?" he asked, leaning against the counter.

12/9/2009 #63

"Right." She nodded and handed him a large envelope that held the keys. They were old and rusted, but still did the job.

12/9/2009 #64

Derik grinned, grabbing the envelope, ''thanks,'' he said, walking out and hopping on the bike and riding away.

*Derik to Main Street*

12/9/2009 #65

-Sunday Morning-

*Duncan from Main Street*

As Duncan sat at his desk his ears picked up the sound of a painful howl. He tensed. It was familiar, but he couldn't quite place it. He wasn't too worried because the howl was not feminine. He turned back to his work with a shrug. Moments later a grey streak passed his peripheral vision. Duncan tensed, his head snapping up. Could it be....? No. He shook the thoughts away from his head and continued with his work.

12/14/2009 #66

Duncan grumbled as he checked his watch. "Lunch break," he growled at his secretary as he stood from the chair. He walked out of the office.

*Duncan to Main Street*

12/17/2009 #67

*Duncan from Main Street*

Melody was dressed in a gray pencil skirt and ruffled violet blouse with long sleeves. Her three inch pumps clicked against the hardwood floor as she maneuvered around the office. She added another file to the stack on Duncan's desk just as he walked into the room, grumbling as usual and brushing off snowflakes.

"Hello, Duncan," Melody greeted, glaring at him. Duncan didn't bother to make eye contact as he hung up his coat and removed his gloves. He grunted in response, as per usual, and took a seat at his desk. He groaned at the pile of files and papers on his desk.

"I got my....a woman knocked up." Surprised, Melody's jaw dropped open and her eyebrows flew up. He looked up at her, scowled, and turned on his computer while he grumbled to himself. Melody decided to get back to work and Duncan began assorting the files on his desk, grumbling under his breath the entire time.

1/31/2010 #68

Duncan abandoned his work for the time being. "I'm going to get my bike," he called over his shoulder at Melody who was typing away on her computer. She nodded in acknowledgement, but Duncan was already in his jacket and out the door.

2/4/2010 #69

*Duncan entering*

Time Skip....

Duncan gathered his things and filed away his work. The choice was clear in his mind. It had been bothering him all day, but he had finally caved. Duncan didn't want his child growing up in a broken family. He waved goodbye to Melody, who had started closing up, and left the building with shaking hands.

*Duncan to Main Street*

2/8/2010 #70
Katelyn Renee

[[Jellie Entering with Raewyn]]

Jellie carried Ellie into the agency, towing the stroller along. He rolled it up to an empty seat, releasing the handle so he could help Ellie into the chair. "You okay?" He asked quickly, running a set of shaky fingers through her hair so he could get a better look into her violet eyes. The eyes that Jesse loved so much and longed to wake up to every morning for the rest of his life. "Anything broken?" He whispered, his voice filled with concern.

3/3/2010 #71
R. Lauden
"No, no, no." She shook her head, trying to sound convincing. Though, her entire body ached. "Give me Raewyn." She told him, reaching for the newborn with outstretched fingertips. Their daughter continued to cry, the tragic sounds bolting from her tiny lungs.
3/3/2010 #72
Katelyn Renee

Jesse nodded, standing up and moving to the stoller. He flinched with Raewyn's cries, the noise hurting his sensitive ears. "Shh, shh, hey now baby girl. Stop that. Shh, shh." He cooed, lifting the infant into his arms and carried her to Ellie.

3/3/2010 #73
R. Lauden
Ellie took Raewyn in her arms, adjusting the pink cap on her head. She brushed her fingers across Raewyn's flushed cheeks, which were stained with fresh tears. "Hey there, princess." She stared down at the newborn, stroking her face and trying to transfer warmth. Raewyn ceased her balling, but continued to whine softly. "She must be hungry."
3/4/2010 #74
Katelyn Renee

Jesse nodded simply, shifting his gaze back to the door they had just entered. "Must be." He muttered, looking back at his girls. Jesse knelt down beside Ellie again, looking at her with worry in his dark eyes. "You sure you're alright? That was a nasty fall out there." Jesse questioned, brushing his thumb across her jaw, turning her face up so she'd look at him.

3/4/2010 #75
R. Lauden
"Just a little shaken up." She produced a soft smile, relishing in the warmth of his touch. "I should probably find some privacy." She moved to get out of the chair, but her entire body protested. Gritting her teeth, she tried to shield the pain for Jesse.
3/4/2010 #76
Katelyn Renee

Jesse scowled as Ellie tired to get up, watching the pain seep over her face. He growled under his breath, the sound vibrating slightly in his chest. He hated to see Ellie in so much pain, any pain for that matter. Jesse wished that he could just take it away. Prayed that it was him, instead of her.

Jesse stood up slowly, his hands balled at his sides to conceal their violent shaking. "You're more then a little shaken up, Ellie." He argued, his voice stern and full of authority. "I'm taking you back to Bonnie..." He decided, the hesitated, realizing that Raewyn's cheeks were still rosy from their last trip outside. "...Better yet, I'm bringing Bonnie to you." Jesse leaned down, planting a kiss on top of her head, her dark hair a messy heap.

Not waiting for her to debate, he pulled away and made his way towards the door. Jesse wrapped his fingers around the handle in a tight grip, looking back at her for a quick second, not wanting to leave her side. Jesse sucked in a breath, yanking the door open and stepping into the bitter weather.

[[Jesse to Main Street]]

3/4/2010 #77
Katelyn Renee

[[Jesse Entering]]

A nasty breeze followed Jesse into the lobby, blowing the papers around on the receptionist desk. He paid no attention, moving towards Ellie and Raewyn, wrapping them in his arms. Jesse hadn't realized it yet, but his knuckles were split open, his boots smeared with Derricks blood.

Jesse pulled them into a gentle embrace, not wanting to smash his baby girl. "I love you so much, Ellie." He whispered, for about the hundredth time. Jesse kissed her cheek, mumbling the words into her ear.

3/5/2010 #78
R. Lauden
When Jesse came back through the doors, Ellie noticed his dishevelled hair and the mud on his jeans. "What happened?" She asked as he wrapped his arms around her. "Jesse?" She tried again, concern brimming in her voice. She stroked his cheek, waiting for him to start talking. Glancing over his shoulder, she expected Bonnie but there was no one.
3/6/2010 #79
Katelyn Renee

Jesse didn't respond to Ellie's question, pulling away from her slightly. He didn't make eye contact with Ellie, instead staring down at Raewyn's identical pair of violet eyes. When Ellie's fingers brushed across his cheek, he closed his eyes, her touch warming him.

Letting out a breath of air, Jesse looked up at her finally. "Nothing, El." He whispered after clearing his throat a little. Jesse gaze Raewyn his finger, hoping to stop the tiny baby's fidgeting. She gripped it eagerly, squeezing it in her tiny hand before pulling it to her mouth to nibble on. Jesse hadn't really noticed. "I just..." He looked over his shoulder towards the door with a frown. "...took care of something." Jesse growled out, his voice low and fierce.

3/6/2010 #80
R. Lauden
Ellie suspected he meant to scene in the street. She decided not to press him. "Shall we buy our house then?" She asked, nodding to the bag of money sitting on the ground beside her.
3/7/2010 #81
Katelyn Renee

Melody gasped slightly when her papers flew up by the sudden gust of wind, slapping them back down with her hands. She looked up at the couple for the first time, giving the male a nasty look for disturbing her work.

Jesse simply nodded, scooping up the bag of money. "Come on." He mumbled, offering his hand to her. He had forgotten about her injuries and why he had left in the first place. "Let's buy our house." He said, offering her the warmest smile he could muster up.

3/10/2010 #82
R. Lauden
Ellie cradled Raweyn to her chest. The newborn had settled down after being fed and warming up. She wrapped her in a blanket and moved towards the desk with Jesse. "We need something big enough for all of us. There should be close to $300,000 dollars in that bag." She mumbled, her voice quieting when the woman looked up at them.
3/12/2010 #83
Katelyn Renee

Jesse looked down at Ellie in surprise, not expecting to hear he was carrying so much money in the little bag. Never in his life, not even once, had he been in reach of so much money. He wanted to ask why her parents would send so much money for Raewyn, but he stopped himself. Jesse was just happy that after this, Raewyn would have a roof over her head and parents how loved her more then anything, which was more then he ever had growing up.

As they approached the desk, he caught sight of the glaring woman. Jesse cleared his throat, giving Melody a nervous smile. He wasn't sure of why she was glaring or what he had even done to earn her hateful stares. "Uh, we'd like to buy a house." He started, unsure of how to do this exactly.

3/12/2010 #84
R. Lauden

*$286,945.99 Later....*

Ellie had nestled Raewyn back into the stroller. She stood holding the bag of money, staring down into the contents. Only a few stacks of cash remained. They had around $14,000 to get them started. Had they chosen to buy the house unfurnished, they may have been better off. $14,000 was not a lot to build a life on and they would need a car eventually. The whole ordeal was kind of scary. She was only eighteen years old and growing up too quickly.

"Ready to go home?"

She smiled up at Jesse, shoving their recently developed money issues to the back of her mind. They had a house, a place to call home. That was the first step in the right direction. 3/12/2010 #85
Katelyn Renee

Home, Jesse repeated in his mind, liking the sound of it. He grinned down at Ellie, his sour mood fading away to the back of his mind. "Yes. Let's go home." He said, smiling more as the words left his lips. Jesse figured it would seem strange to have a place to call home, a family to come back too. But it wasn't. He was kind of surprised at how normal things seemed, at how everything was just falling into place as if it were meant to be.

Jesse nodded a thanks to Melody before turning back to Ellie. "Let's go home." He said for the second time, eager to find their new and first home together. Jesse gripped Ellie's hand, tangling his fingers with hers, not wanting to let her go.

3/12/2010 #86
R. Lauden
Ellie hovered over the stroller, checking to make sure that Raewyn was all snuggled in. She draped one of the spare blankets over the front, hoping to sheild out some of the strong wind gusts. Securing it into place, she glanced up at Jesse. "You wanna push the stroller? My back hurts a little from that fall." She admitted, though it hurt a lot more than a little. Every step made her want to curl up into a ball and cry.
3/13/2010 #87
Katelyn Renee

Jesse was reminded of her nasty fall earlier, frowning slightly, though for only a second. Guilt washed over him, remembering that he was suppose to have gone to get Bonnie. He cleared his throat, shifting his gaze to the door. "Sure thing, Love." Jesse nodded, releasing her hand to grip the stroller and started to push it.

[[Jellie and Raewyn to Main Street]]

3/13/2010 #88

*Sadie entering*

Melody was closing up just as Sadie entered the building. Sadie sat down at the chair in front of Melody's desk, her cherry lips forming a smile. "Excuse me," Melody said "We're closed." Sadie released a throaty chuckle, sitting back in her seat. She pushed up the expensive dark sunglasses perched on her nose. "I don't really give a damn, dear. You're on my time now." Melody snorted, but sat down at her desk. "Now, listen. I don't want to sleep in my car, netiher do I want some raunchy hotel. I want a furnished home. My friend told me of a little place down here called Rose...something."

"The Rose Bungalow?" Melody offered. Sadie dismissed the woman with a wave of her hand. "Yeah, whatever." Sadie pulled a wad of cash from her handbag and slapped it on the table. Melody's eyes widened as she counted the cash and handed Sadie the papers. Sadie snatched a pen off the desk and scribbled her name on the dotted line. Melody handed Sadie a key and filed away the papers. "Thanks dear," Sadie called over her shoulder, the key to her new home in hand.

*Sadie to Main Street*

3/16/2010 #89
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