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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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"Just go to sleep," he said softly. He stared at the ceiling, trying not to imagine her laying in bed with her husband. Had she loved him once? Did this really count as cheating? If so he wondered if she had done it before, cheated. Justin thought he was cursed, only able to love women who were already taken. It was a painful thought. He enjoyed the way she felt against him and he dreaded letting her go. He prayed it wouldn't be as hard as he imagined. Once he confronted her about the ring, he would leave.

Having not slept the past night and the previous battle, Justin became comfortable in the bed. He closed his eyes while he fought the temptation of sleep. He wanted to stay awake, watch Arianna, but his body was tired. He had forgotten about the wound in his thigh. Slowly his jeans stained with blood, leaking from the wrapping.

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R. Lauden

Aria watched his eyelids fight sleep and finally succumb. She sighed, rolling over and pressing her back against his strong chest. Pulling his arm tighter around her waist, she weaved her fingers with his. As she tuned into the sound of his breathing, she managed to lose grip on harsh reality that surrounded her.

[[I am heading to lunch. I'll be back in an hour or so.}}

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R. Lauden

[[Back :D]]

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[Woo! My laptop has 30% left and I forgot my charger at home. Pooh. Do you want to start up with Mary and Regan again?!? :D Oh and since there was a time skip I'm just going to have Justin wake up.]

Justin tightened his arms around something warm, mumbling in his sleep. He slowly began to wake up, coming back to reality. Arianna was sleeping in his arms, her face peaceful. The bruise on her face had swelled even more. Anger bubble in his chest as he remembered what happened to her. No matter what she had done wrong Arianna didn't deserve that. He pressed his lips against her hair in a soft kiss before pulling himself away from her.

1/8/2010 #34
R. Lauden

As Justin climbed out of bed, the entire bed shuddered. Aria's jade eyes fluttered open, taking in the sight of him. "Where are you going?" She asked, reaching out to grab his arm. The thought of being alone frightened her. Without him lying beside her, the cold threatened to chill her to the core. Her body ached even more than ealier. Pain throbbed between her legs, both mental and physical.

[[Gah. Let's resurrect Mary and Regan when I get home. I am being secretive enough as it is with one window open.]]

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[Lol. That's fine. I won't be home long though. Maybe an hour or two. I'm going out tonight. ;D]

Justin frowned. "Aren't you hungry?" he asked. Of course, he hadn't been leaving to get food. He was planning on taking his car and leaving the town. She would be better off that way.

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R. Lauden

Aria detected a hint of deceit in his voice. She swallowed the lump of emotion building in her throat. Paden always hated how she sensed wheneve he lied. Logan hated it even more. She opened her mouth to speak, but reconsidered her words. Sitting up in bed, she pulled the blankets over her legs. "You're lying." She finally accused him, not bothering to dress up the accusation. "Did I do something wrong?" She asked, her eyes watering up.

She did not blame him for wanting to leave. She was a wreck. She had been almost all day. If he wanted to leave, she would understand. She just refused to be lied to. He owed her the truth.

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Despite the pang in his heart when her eyes welled up with tears Justin grew angry. H jumped up from the bed, running his hands over his face and through his hair. He growled, a scowl becoming permanent on his features. He stopped pacing and whipped around to face her. He grabbed the ring from his pocket, holding it close to her face, "What the hell is this?" he snarled, his face becoming red.

1/8/2010 #38
R. Lauden

Upon seeing the ring pinched between her fingers, emotion overcame her. Tears leaked from her eyes, more than they had all day. Her body shook. "He's dead, so I guess it really doesn't matter." Bolting from the bed, she attempted to snatch the ring back. Images of Paden played through her mind. Even though they were forbidden to be together, he had given her the token as a promise that if things were different she would have been his.

She had never worn it before, only held it in her hand.

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[That is so sad. *cries*]

Justin's anger fled and his face fell. He let the ring slip from his fingers. By the look on Arianna'sface he could tell she still loved him. She always would. Just like he would always love Anna. He looked away from her, unable to watch her cry. He lied. Arianna lied, or withheld the truth. It was all the same. "Sorry," he grumbled. He couldn't understand what she was going through. Anna wasn't dead, and he was thankful for that. She would never she the man she loved again. He wondered what it was like and hoped he wouldn't have to experience something like that anytime soon.

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R. Lauden

[[HAha. I thought so too. I am grinning like an idiot at my computer screen. I think this may set off a red flag.]]

Aria grabbed the ring, clutching it in her palm. Sinking onto the mattress, her eyes fell to the floor. "Don't apologize. It's my fault he's dead, not yours." She inhaled a shaky breath. Having the ring safe in her hand made the pain easier to deal with. It would never truly fade, just like all the memories of him would stay real in her mind.

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[Lol. You are just terrible! Hahaha.]

He gave her a wary glance. "You say that like it's literally true," he said as he sat down beside her. Of course Justin hadn't killed him, but it couldn't be her fault. He didn't see how someone like her could even cause something like that. Putting the man she loved in danger didn't make any sense. Or maybe she had just been selfish like he had years ago. "How did it happen?"

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R. Lauden
Aria heaved a sigh, lifting her eyes to him. "We mated, but I was--am married to his brother." She clutched the ring a little tighter. "When the resigning alpha of their pack found out, he wanted me executed which is the custom. But, Paden--" His name caught in her throat. She took a deep breath to clear the sadness from her voice. "He took my place and I ran..." Her head dropped lower, her chin brushing her collar bone. Her messy blonde draped over her face. "I don't love Logan and he doesn't love me, but they still took Paden away from us."
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Justin put his hand over her, taking a moment to think about it. "Why did you marry this Logan guy in the first place?" If she loved Paden it didn't make any sense. He took a deep breath, remembering Anna. She had loved her husband once, but he had become too involved in being Alpha, refusing to pay attention to her. So Anna had turned to Justin. That was something he could understand.

1/8/2010 #44
R. Lauden

"I was eighteen, I was stupid, and the pack had somehow convinced me that I didn't have a choice." She wiped away another swell of tears. Her eyes were red, her cheeks stained with the remnants of grief. A part of her wanted to lay in bed and never wake up. That might ease the pain. She could dream about Paden and finally be with him. Staying awake--alive--she risked being dragged back to Borden Grove and living a life dictated by the pack. All she ever wanted was a normal and carefree life. Being part werewolf made her life a living hell.

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"You always have a choice," he whispered in a cold tone. That couldn't have been fair to Paden. He wondered if she had slept with the brother, Logan. A small part of him hated her, which only made increased his self-hatred. She had been young and afraid. He shouldn't blame it all on her, but he did. Paden's death wasn't her fault. She could have fought, chosen to stop the affair. Or she could have run away. She could have been strong.

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R. Lauden

Aria allowed for the words to sink in. They were cruel and difficult to hear, but they were true. The choice had been hers. She could have put up more of a fight. She could have seized every opportunity to escape Broden Grove. She could have said no at the alter and faced her fear of the pack. No, she had been right when she told him it was her fault. Turning her back to him, she crawled onto the mattress and pulled a pillow into her chest.

A sob rocked her injured body as she hugged it a little closer.

"Just leave." She told him. She had the sneaking suspicion that he wanted to go. Now, he had his excuse. He could leave her to face her own misery.

1/8/2010 #47

He glared at her back. "Are you asking me or telling me?" He was furious now. He stood from the bed, pacing back and forth. She was weak, and he hated that. If he wanted a chance with her at all, she would need to be strong. Wherever he went trouble followed.

1/8/2010 #48
R. Lauden

"Telling you!" She shouted, sitting up violently. For the first time that day, she could feel herself flush with anger. "You have no idea what I've been through, what I've lost. You say I had a choice, but how would you know? How would you know anything about me?" She growled at him through the tears.

1/8/2010 #49

[Ooohhh, now she's done it!]

His body shook with anger. He launched himself forward, picking her up by the top of her arm and crushing her body to his. "I know. I know exactly how it fucking feels. That man you loved, I was him once!" Justin shouted. His heart began to crumble in his chest, the familiar pain resurfacing. "You destroyed him," he growled. "You had a choice! You could have stayed with him!" He shook her with a violent force. Old tears brimmed his eyes, daring to spill over. The pain was almost too much to bare. He wasn't sure how much longer he could take it. "I know," he said in a broken voice. He no longer saw Arianna. She was replaced by the vision of Anna, piercing green eyes and all. His entire body ached for the woman he would never hold again.

1/8/2010 #50
R. Lauden

Aria cried, feeling the violence and desperation in the way he lifted her. She swallowed hard past the knot in her throat. "I loved him more than life. I never expected him to take my place. And then--" The words seized in her throat. "And then I saw him bloody and broken on the ground. That should have been me." She cried. "I loved him." She repeated herself. They were the same words she lived by everyday, what drove her from one day to the next.

Paden had died so that she could live. He would never understand that a life without him was hardly worth living at all.

1/8/2010 #51

"Damn right it should have been you!" His fingers unwrapped from around her, dropping her back on the bed. He turned away from Arianna, shame creeping over him. She was hurt. She had almost been killed. He let his forehead rest against the wall, closing his eyes and taking deep breaths. "You should always fight for what you love," he said tightly. The pain coursed through his chest, leaving behind a burning path. His jaw clenched and his hands became fists at his sides.

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R. Lauden
Aria plopped down on the bed, causing the bed to squeak. She watched him brace against the wall, saw his fists clench at his sides. She opened her mouth to speak, but clenched her lips together instead. There was nothing she could say.
1/9/2010 #53

The decision became clear in his mind. Slowly, Justin turned around to face her. His gaze was cold, his face grim. He didn't speak. He only stared at Arianna, remembering the pain Anna had left behind. If he cared at all he would stay. He had to stay and comfort Arianna. After all, he had saved her and she still needed him to mend to wounds. He couldn't face her, but he could try.

Justin focused on his breathing, the silence between them thickening. He had made up his mind. Completely blocking his heart and mind Justin walked out the door, closing it softly behind him.

*Justin to Main Floor*

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R. Lauden
Aria sat stunned on the edge of the bed. At first she was hurt, but then the hurt turned into anger. Throwing the pillow across the room, it struck the television with a thump. She let out feral growl and slammed her fists down on the mattress. She twist around and buried her face in the mattress, a sob catching in her throat. Reaching down, she pulled the blanket over her head and sobbed.
1/9/2010 #55

Justin walked into the dark room. The door squeaked as he closed it. Arianna was under the blankets. He took of his black boots and socks, setting them at the foot of the bed. He kept the rest of his clothes on, knowing she wouldn't be in the mood. For once, neither was he. The day had been far too exhausting. He walked across the room, settling himself on her side of the bed. He placed his hand on her side. "Arianna..." he said softly. All he wanted was warmth. Someone to hold. Company. Admiration, if that was at all possible. He needed it. He needed Arianna.

1/10/2010 #56
R. Lauden

Aria curled under the blanket, cradling her knees to her chest. When she heard the door squeak open, she let out a sob. She did not have the energy for round two. The emotional pain threatened to split her from the inside out. Her body shook. Feeling the bed sag beneath his weight, she bit her lip and stifled another cry. He spoke her name in a soft voice, managing to melt away her anger.

Sitting foward, she pulled back the blanket. Her hair was wild and crazy, her eyes swollen, and her face stained with salty tears. She stared at him for a moment in the darkness, her jade eyes glinting with a yellow hue. "You're an asshole." She told him, though her actions betrayed her accusation.

Sliding onto his lap, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face against his chest.

1/10/2010 #57

Although her hair was a mess and her eyes puffy he found her beautiful. Justin wrapped his arms around her thin waist, crushing her against him. He pressed his nose gainst her disshelved hair and breathed in her scent. He could never forget her now. "I know. God, Arianna, I'm so sorry," he said in a tight voice. He closed his eyes, taking her in. Nothing else existed for him. Even Anna had finally disappeared from his thoughts. "I'm so sorry," he repeated. Perhaps he was holding her too tight, but he felt the need to be close to her. His nose brushed against the delicate column of her neck. He'd never felt so vulnerable before. All he wanted to do was hold her, feel her soft skin. For once he didn't feel like a forgotten scrap of meat.

1/10/2010 #58
R. Lauden

Aria felt his warm arms close around her, filling her with a familiar comfort. Justin made everything alright, in a way that only her mate had ever been able to. Lifting her eyes to look at him, she managed a weak smile. It took him a lot to apologize. She knew how hard-headed he could be.

Hooking her wrists together behind his neck, she pressed her chest to his. Their hearts beat in tune with one another. Swallowing the knots tightening in her throat, she pressed her lips to his cheek. "Thank you." She whispered, interupting the sound of their mingled breathing.

1/10/2010 #59

Justin's heart soared in his chest. He could still feel the warmth of her lips on his cheek. With her chest pressed close to his he could feel their hearts dancing together in a rhythmic pattern, as if their souls knew each other. In a way they did. He ran his fingers through her messy hair, smiling as he came across the tangles."I should be thanking you," he told her honestly. Justin picked her up and lifted himself from the bed. He placed Arianna under the covers and joined her. "You must be tired." His thumb traced over her cheekbone and around her lips. Knowing she wouldn't want to go that far he pulled his hand away and wrapped her up in his arms instead.

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