Mauderville RPG
A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Main street runs through middle of Mauderville. Through Main Street you can access any of the community or residential lot. Once you go past the Mauderville Mansion it seems as if you are in a ghost town If you drive far enough down Main Street, the opposite way of Nightingale Forest and the Mauderville Inn, you will hit a dead end. There you can either take Dun Road or go into the Underground Tunnel which has been blocked off for fifty years. Corn fields reach the horizon past the dead end of Main Street. Most people tend to make a U-turn.

11/12/2009 . Edited 2/19/2010 #1

*Duncan and Unity From Real Estate Agency*

Duncan drove quietly, not even glancing at Unity. He reached the long, winding gravel road that most people would miss. It was so narrow that the tree baranches brushed against the already scratched up honda.

*Duncan and Unity to Nightingale Forest Cottage*

11/12/2009 #2

*Duncan from Nightingale Forest Cottage*

Duncan sped down the stress, the roads were empty. He parked in his assigned parking spot, his pager buzzing yet again. Duncan hurried into the Real Estate Office, grumbling up a storm.

*Duncan to Real Estate Agency*

11/12/2009 . Edited 11/13/2009 #3

*Matilda and Unity from Nightingale Forest Cottage*

She drove onto Main street, ''So where is this catfish shin-dig?" She asked the fairy.

11/13/2009 #4

"Carl's Catfish," Matilda corrected Unity, holding up her index finger as if to prove a point. Her lilac wings flickered from their slumber, lifting her to the dashboard. She pointed across the street to the red neon sign. "There it is!" Matilda exclaimed.

11/13/2009 #5

She smiled, pulling into the parking lot, she turned off her truck, it wheezed and sputtered before actually turning off. She got out and left her door open for Matilda to fly out.

11/13/2009 #6

Matilda grinned, letting her wings carry her out of the truck. With her pixie dust, Matilda opened the door to Carl's Catfish.

*Matilda and Unity to Carl's Catfish*

(Do you want to control Carl the elf?)

11/14/2009 #7
forever my sweet

[from Real Estate Agency]

Melody fished her car keys from her purse fumbling with them. She stuffed some of the papers into the side of her over sized purse and got into her red porsche closing the door. She sat there for a few minutes reading over the papers on the house.

11/16/2009 #8
forever my sweet

Melody started her car and pulled out, country music playing softly in the background. She drove around looking at the map and found the boutique.

[to shoppers boutique]

11/16/2009 #9
forever my sweet

Melody drove down the street from the botique and spotted the Inn off the side of the road.

[to the Inn]

11/17/2009 #10

[from town hall]

Annabella was so happy to find her Aunt, she was just hoping she'd have some freedom with her life, and she knew Chesly felt the same as well.

11/18/2009 #11

[to Nightingale Forest Cottage]

11/18/2009 #12

I ment [Aunt Fran's Bakery]

Annabella was feeling a little daring today, and was curious about Carl's Catfish. She decided to drop Chesly off with her Aunt Fran.

11/18/2009 #13

*Duncan from Real Estate Agency*

Duncan sped down the street on his Harley. He sported a leather jacket and his jet black helmet. He made a sharp turn into Nightingale Forest, almost rolling over the motorcycle.

*Duncan to Nightingale Forest*

11/21/2009 #14
forever my sweet

[[from the Inn]]

Melody pulled onto the street looking around for something to do until it was time for her to go to work. She spotted a restraunt on the side of the road and pulled in.

[[to Carl's Catfish]]

11/30/2009 #15

[[Unity from Carl's Catfish]]

Unity pulled out of the parking lot onto the street. She read the signs on the side of the road and smailed when one said 'park' She loved going to parks so she decided to check it out.

[[Unity to Nightingale Park]]

11/30/2009 #16

[[Unity from Nightingale park]]

Unity pulled back onto the Main street. She drove for a few minutes, singing to the music on the radio. ''Take you for a ride on my big green, oop here we go,'' she said pulling to the side of the street. The area looked vacant enough so she stepped onto the road. She looked around the area, seeing no cars she stripped from her cloths and walked into the forest in the forest. She walked 20 yards before she let herself go. She closed her eyes, her image shifting and rearranging itself. White hair sprouted from her skin, her hands shifting into paws, her face stretched into a muzzle. Her fore paws landed on the ground with a soft thud. She shook out her fur, feeling a...relief.

Lifting her nose to the air, she took a whiff, the smell of deer hit her nose and she stalked it.

11/30/2009 #17
forever my sweet

[[Melody from Carl's Catfish]]

Melody sighed and drove around looking for something to do. She pulled into a parking lot and ket the car on. She sat listing to music until she figured out what she wanted to do.

12/2/2009 #18
R. Lauden

[[Arianna Entering]]

Arianna drove the Mercedes Benz through the small town of Mauderville. She was reminded of Borden Grove. It was quaint and still, the perfect place to disapear. She slowed down in front of the Muderville Inn, parking in front of the handsome building. She flicked off the radio and let the engine run for a few minutes. She needed this, she needed the escape. Paden was still fresh in her mind. The thought of him brought tears to her eyes. She wiped them away, cutting the engine and grabbing her duffell bag from the back seat.

It would not take long for the cops to track down the stolen car. Her father probably had them hunting state, turning up every small town in search of the vehicle. Really, he could care less about the car. He had a whole fleet of expensive cars. He was more concerned with bringing her back to Borden Grove. He wanted to return her to Logan's bed, where she belonged. She swallowed the emotion in her throat, shoving open the door and stepping outside.

"Hey." She called to a nearby elf, gaining their attention. "You just won a new car." She tossed them the keys, strolling towards the entrance. She refused to look back. Borden Grove was behind her. It was time to start over.

[[Arianna to Mauderville Inn]]

12/2/2009 . Edited 12/2/2009 #19

*Matilda from Carl's Catfish*

Matilda buzzed about the street. Rain droplets pelted her tiny body when she flew out from under the awning. She struggled across the street where Tombo Filner held open the door to the boutique.

*Matilda to Shopper's Boutique*

12/3/2009 #20
Katelyn Renee


[[Asher Entering Town]]

Asher drove down the main street of Mauderville, noticing the little town hadn't changed much over the last three hundred years. He held an arm out the open window, the rain drizzling slightly against his skin. The cold air didn't bother Ash, he actually appreciated it. It gave him an excuse for his cold skin. He flipped up his aviators onto of his head, glancing down at his cassette player. Asher reached down and began steering with his knee, pulling out the Metallica cassette, placing in Van Halen.

With Asher's aviators back over his face, he continued threw the small town. He slowed at the at sight of the Mauderville Inn. He would need a place to sleep after the hours of driving. Asher pulled into the parking lot, finding a spot away from other drivers. He didn't like people around his vehicle. Ash didn't trust them. He grabbed his leather jacket from the passanger seat, stepping out into the rain. Asher threaded his arms threw the sleeves, placing the keys along with his hands, in the pockets.

[[Asher to Motel]]

12/4/2009 #21
Katelyn Renee

[[Asher from Inn]]

Asher walked down the path, stepping onto the sidewalk. Moving past the parking lot, he glanced at his beloved car deciding to walk. Asher stuffed his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket, strolling down the sidewalk of the Main Street.

12/6/2009 #22
Katelyn Renee

Ash continued down the walkway, the sent of catfish catching his attention. He stopped in front of the attractive restruant, hunger suddenly coming over him. Asher pulled the door open, stepping inside the building.

[[Asher to Catfish Carl's]]

12/6/2009 #23
Katelyn Renee

[[Veronica Entering]]

Ronnie drove into the small town, grimacing at how poor it looked. ''God this place is so gross.'' She commented, looking around.

[[Reese Entering]]

Reese rolled his eyes, appearing in the passenger seat. ''You are so judgemental, Ronnie.'' He said, looking out the window.

''You're still here?'' Veronica frowned, glancing at her dead boyfriend. ''I thought you left.''

''Nope. You can't get rid of me that easy, Veronica.'' Reese smirked at her.

Veronica huffed with aggravation. ''You are so annoying Matthew!''

Reese chuckled with satisfaction. He would annoy her for the rest of her pathetic spoiled life for killing him.

12/6/2009 #24

[Katelyn, I love your character couple. Haha, they're so amusing.]

*Duncan from Nightingale Forest*

He cranked up his speed, zooming down the street. He was successful as he rounded a sharp corner, kicking up gravel as he made his way to Unity's cottage.

*Duncan to Nightingale Forest Cottage*

12/7/2009 #25
Katelyn Renee

[[haha. thank you.]]

12/7/2009 #26
Katelyn Renee

Veronica pulled over in front of a building that read Real Estate Agency, trying her best to ignore Reese. She snatcher her bag like purse from the passenger side floor, pulling up to shoulder. ''Hopefully they'll have a decent home in this crap hole.'' Ronnie mumbled, slamming her car door shut.

Reese rolled his eyes again, fazing threw his door. He walked around the car, and stood next to her. Ronnie glared at him, or well more threw his that actually at him considering you can see right threw him. ''Ladies first.'' He smirked stepping up to the door. Ronnie walked threw him as if he wasn't even there, pulling open the door.

[[Veronica to Real Estate Agency]]

God she's such a bitch. Reese thought, chuckling. He followed behind her, fazing threw the door.

[[Reese to Real Estate Agency]]

12/7/2009 #27
*Unity entering*Unity drove down the street until she saw her driveway and pulled in.*Unity to Nightingale forest cottage*
12/7/2009 #28
R. Lauden

[[Aria from Mauderville Inn: Main Floor]]

Aria walked outside. The driving rain stung her face, the cool evening biting into her bones. She trembled slightly. The farther she ventured down the sidewalk, the more the rain soaked her through and through. Her clothes clung to her thin frame, her denched hair stuck to her face. She began to shiver, hugging herself against the ugly ripples.

She noticed a dimly lit building called Old Bones Saloon and shoved inside, out of the torrential storm. They would probably have something a bit stronger than beer.

[[Aria to Old Bones Salloon]]

12/8/2009 #29

*Justin Entering*

Justin sped through the gates to Mauderville, smiling to himself. Rock music blazed through the speakers at top volume. His eye caught sight of a Saloon and he couldn't resist. He jammed his vibrant orange Lamborghini in a parking spot and headed for the bar, ready to drink himself in oblivion. His brother could wait a day or two.

*Justin to Old Bones Saloon*

12/8/2009 #30
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