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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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*Shep Entering Mauderville*

Shep growled, her paws padding through the rain as she ran. Her eyes spotted the snappy car. It didn't take her long to reach it. Apparently he had stopped for a drink. She pushed through the doors, frustrated.

*Shep to Old Bones Saloon*

12/8/2009 #31
Katelyn Renee

[[Asher for Catfish Carl's]]

Asher stepped out into the storm, covering his face with an arm. He continued down the sidewalk, the rain soaking him through and through. A flash of lightning bolted across the sky, followed by booming thunder. Asher flinched, dashing through the nearest door. He hatted thunderstorms.

[[Asher to Old Bones Saloon]]

12/8/2009 . Edited 8/22/2012 #32

*Duncan from Nightingale Forest Cottage*

Duncan sped down the slick street, the rain pelting his skin. He didn't mind it too much, just annoying. He noticed that the Saloon was busier than normal. His eyes didn't miss the flashy Lamborghini either. Once he reached the Inn he parked his bike behind the Inn, leaving it under the car port.

*Duncan to Mauderville Inn*

12/9/2009 #33
*derik from realstate agency*Derik sped down the street on his bike, he passed by Duncan and smirked to himself. He looked at the Lamborghini and pulled into the Saloon, curiousity getting the best of him.*Derik to Old Bones Salloon*
12/9/2009 #34
Katelyn Renee

[[Veronica From Real Estate Agency]]

Ronnie stepped out of the building, moving to her car holding her head high once again. She unlocked her car, pulling open the door and slid in.

[[Reese Entering]]

Reese appeared in the back seat of her car, leaning forward. ''Get a big enough house?'' He whispered in her ear.

Ronnie jumped, unaware of his sudden appearance in the backseat. ''God damnit! Don't do that to me!'' She turned around to glare at him.

Reese chuckled, leaning back into the seat. ''Sorry.'' He said half-heartedly, rolling his eyes.

12/9/2009 #35
Katelyn Renee

Veronica started the car, pulling back into the street towards her new home.

[[Veronica and Reese to Humble House]]

12/9/2009 #36
R. Lauden

[[Aria from Old Bones]]

Aria staggered outside, listening to the rain pound the asphalt. She adjusted the collar of her jacket, starting down the street towards the inn. She hoped it was the right direction, anyway. Her mind was focused on putting one step in front of the other. She teetered down the sidewalk, the rain soaking her through and through.

She was not even thinking about the painful hangover. She would worry about that in the morning.

12/9/2009 #37

*Justin and Shep from Old Bones Saloon*

Shep darted out of the saloon, running to catch up with the woman. Justin jogged after her. Shep trotted beside the woman and tugged on her jeans to get her attention. She yelped loudly. It felt like she had made a friend other than Justin, a first for Shep.

12/9/2009 #38
R. Lauden

Aria felt the pressure on her pant leg. She turned around, catching sight of the man from the bar. She rolled her eyes, her eyes falling to the dog. "I have to get back to the inn." She told him, scratching the dog's head.

12/9/2009 #39

[xD Shep's a girl.]

Shep whined and nudged her hand. Justin walked beside her now. "I'm on my way to the Inn. Let me give you a ride." Shep nudged the woman's legs, encouraging her to get in the car.

12/9/2009 #40
R. Lauden

[[I know that, but Aria is clueless and rather drunked... Haha.]]

Aria felt the dog nudging her. She huffed, her eyes combing over the stranger. She was not in the habit with taking rides from strangers. Logan would probably throw a fit, but Logan was nowhere around. "Fine." She grumbled, starting to shiver. The cloudiness was growing thicker across her vision. In a sober state, she would have refused. Of course, she was wet and cold. Walking to the inn seemed stupid.

12/9/2009 #41

[Ooh, right. Lol.]

Justin grinned and walked back to the orange car, pressing a button to open both doors. Shep jumped over the passenger seat, resting in the back. Justin shook his head at the dog, slipping into his seat. He closed his door, started the car, and turned the heater on low.

12/9/2009 #42
R. Lauden

Aria climbed into the handsome car, hugging herself against the cold. The stream of hot air hit her in the face, warming her up. She glanced over at him. She had no intention of trusting him, but a ride back to the inn would be nice. She pulled the door shut, sinking deeper into the cushion. "Thanks." She mumbled, slurring slightly.

12/9/2009 #43
Katelyn Renee

[[Reese from Humble House. P.S. Reese is a ghost. No one can see him except Mediums/Psychics. Teehee]]

Reese strolled down the sidewalk, unaffected by the rain. It past right threw him. He looked up at the passing pubs, eyeing an attractive girl stepping into an evenly attractive car. Reese signed wishing he could talk to someone other then Ronnie. He rolled his eyes at the thought of the ungrateful bitch.

12/9/2009 #44

He backed out of the parking space and sped down the street. His eyes scanned her body, once again lingering on her chest. His eyes darted back to the road. "My pleasure." Soon after he pulled into the Inn's drive and found a parking spot. He shut off the car and turned to the woman. His hand rested on her knee. "Before you jet out of my car, what's your name?"

12/9/2009 #45
R. Lauden

His hand sent waves of heat through her leg. She glanced up at him, her jade eyes peering out from thick lashes. "Arianna Lark--Preston." She corrected herself, reaching for the doorknob. She would need to get back in the habit of using her maiden name. Even though the seperation with Logan was not official, the couple hundred miles made it count.

12/9/2009 #46

He noticed how she almost said a different name. Justin decided not to push it. it was getting late anyways. He got out of the car and waited for Shep, shutting his door behind her. He walked in the rain up to the Inn, leaving Arianna Preston to fend for herself. Shep looked over her shoulder, watching Arianna as she followed Justin.

*Justin and Shep to Mauderville Inn*

12/9/2009 #47
R. Lauden

Aria frowned after him, shoving open her car door and heading for the inn. The lights were lit, making the building warm and inviting. She coiled her fingers around the knob and shoved inside.

[[Aria to Mauderville Inn]]

12/9/2009 #48
Katelyn Renee

Reese continued walking down the sidewalk, and when he looked up he noticed several people walking into a building deciding to follow them. His body faded away.

[[Reese to Mauderville Inn]]

12/9/2009 #49

*Duncan from Mauderville Inn*

Duncan put on his helmet, charging up his Harley. He backed out of his parking spot and drove down the road. Once he reached the agency he parked his bike behind the building.

*Duncan to Real Estate Agency*

12/11/2009 #50

*Unity from nightingale forest cottage*

Unity drove down the street, her truck roaring. She let out a long sigh and saw her building, a grin spreading across her face. She pulled into the parking lot.

*Unity to companion animal care clinic*

12/11/2009 #51
Katelyn Renee

[[Asher from Old Bones]]

Asher stepped out into the sunlight, squinting his eyes. He raised an arm, trying to block the annoying light as he stumbled down the sidewalk, clearly drunk. Asher pulled his sunglasses over his hazel eyes, stuffing his hands in his pockets feeling a small carton of cigarettes. He smirked, pulling one out. Ash pushed it between his lips, flicking the lighter several times before finally taking a puff.

12/11/2009 #52

*Justin from Mauderville Inn*

The grey wolf passed the vampire with a snarl. He pushed his legs further. The pain in his chest was overwhelming. It caused him to let his inner wolf take over. The more evil, more animalistic side of him was forcing him to leave this godforsaken town. He couldn't be in it another minute. In the back of his mind he knew he would be back. It was in this small town that he sought his revenge.

*Justin exiting Mauderville*

12/14/2009 #53
Katelyn Renee

Asher stumbled along the sidewalk, before stopping dead in his tracks as a grey wolf past by. He rolled his eyes, flicking his cigarette to the ground. Asher stuffed his hand in his jacket pocket, making his way to his hotel room. Ash stumbled over his own feet as he pushed threw the doors of the Inn.

[[Asher to Mauderville Inn]]

12/14/2009 #54
R. Lauden

[[Full MOON, eh? Aria should see Reese.]]

Aria walked out onto the main street, hugging the jacket tighter around her frame. She could feel her inner beast clawing at the surface of her humanity. She dreaded the thought of a full moon. She needed to get away from humans, somewhere secluded. She remembered passing a forest on her way into town. She would head there before the sunset.

12/16/2009 #55
Katelyn Renee

[[Reese from Inn]]

Reese passed threw the door, and moved down the sidewalk. He moved right threw Arianna as if she wasn't there, that tingling feeling coming over him again. He tried to brush it off, like it was nothing. He didn't bother to turn and face her, knowing it wouldn't matter.

12/16/2009 #56

[[unity from companion animal care clinic]]

Unity drove quickly down the street until she reached her destination.

[[Unity to caretakers clinic]]

12/17/2009 #57

*Duncan from Real Estate Agency*

Carl's Catfish was just across the street from the Agency. Duncan left his bike and jogged across the street until he reached the pavement. He kept his head down. his hair becoming damp with the misty rain. His stomach growled and so did he. He jerked open the door to the catfish place.

*Duncan to Carl's Catfish*

12/17/2009 #58
Katelyn Renee

[[Veronica from Humble House]]

Ronnie stepped outside, greeted by the light drizzle of ran. She squealed slightly, running fro her car. Once inside, she started the bug and drove off into town. Veronica looked out the passenger side widow, noticing Reese walking down the street. She frowned, rolling her eyes.

12/20/2009 #59
R. Lauden

Aria trailed down the street, passing by the quaint shops. The town reminded her somewhat of Borden Grove, but without the unpleasant company. She pulled her jacket tighter around her slim frame and continued down the sidewalk,

12/21/2009 #60
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