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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Echo looked at him warily and hesitanltly did so, holding Poet tightly, who was trying to get at Asher.

3/21/2010 #601
Katelyn Renee

Asher heard the anger and hate in Paxton's voice. He heard the pain and suffering he had caused the young vampire all those years ago. He nodded, understanding his mistake. "I know, Paxton. And..." Asher swallowed, wrestling with his words. "...I shouldn't have. It was a mistake. But I'm not the same guy any more." A smirked spread over his lips. "Or, I'd like to think I've change." He chuckled a laugh, though there was little humor in their situation.

3/21/2010 #602

"I'm only going to move you two, so there's no one to go after." Once they were in the shade, he put a hand on them both and they sank into the shadow.

[[Andrew, Echo, and Poet to Inn Lobby]]

3/21/2010 . Edited 3/21/2010 #603

(um crap idk)

3/21/2010 #604
R. Lauden

Paxton glared at him, watching the smile break across his lips. "A changed vampire? Right..." He jabbed him in the ribs with his left fist, hearing the crack of bone. It may have been a little hypocritical, but he refused to believe Asher could change. He was a monster, more of a monster than Paxton could ever imagine.

3/21/2010 #605

(How bout the inn lobby, since that's the only other place he knows?)

3/21/2010 #606


3/21/2010 #607
Katelyn Renee

Asher yelled out when his bones snapped, quickly turning it into a pained laughter. "Is that so hard to believe?" He grumbled out, his voice cracking a little with pain. "Huh? Mr. Laurent? If I remember correctly, you were a cold-hearted animal, killing anything and everything with a pulse." He recalled the girl he had run into a few weeks ago and he laughed, finally remember what she had smelt like. "You fell in love...yes? Well so have I? If you can change...why can't I?"

3/21/2010 #608
R. Lauden

An image of Jordan sliced through the angry haze, Paxton pressed his lips into a grim line. He needed to find her, needed to see her. Asher and him would have centuries to settle their differences. His time with Jordan was limited. She was mortal, fragile. "Asher, this is not over." Paxton snarled, scraping himself off the ground. He brushed the snow off his jeans and stalked back towards his car.

3/21/2010 #609
Katelyn Renee

" goodbye hug?" Asher smirked, sitting up slightly, an arm wrapped around his chest protectively. "Paxton..." He said, groaning as he pushed himself up, standing slowly. "Not even a wave?" He chuckled, watching the young vampire storm off for his car.

3/21/2010 #610
R. Lauden

"Fuck off, Asher!" Paxton whipped around, jabbing his finger at his maker. "That smug attitude is going to be the end of you one day." He warned, turning back towards his car and dropping int the driver seat. He needed to get to Jordan. He needed to find her.

3/21/2010 #611
Katelyn Renee

Asher chuckled, ignoring the pain it caused him. He lifted his hand, giving Paxton a single wave goodbye before making his way over to his car, digging around in his pockets again. He pulled out a set of keys and unlocked the mustang quickly, yanking the door open. Asher suck into the drivers seat, groaning. "Son of a bitch..." He grumbled, pulling his door closed.

He pulled down the visor mirror and looked at his reflection, flowing. "Son of a bitch!" Asher growled, looking at his beaten and blood covered face. "Fuck..." He gripped his nose in both hands and gave a good twist, a defining crack filling the cab of the car. Blood dripped form his nostrils.

3/21/2010 #612
R. Lauden

Paxton pulled into a parking spot in front of the inn, rather than leave his car idling in the middle of the street. He switched off the engine and stepped out of the car, ignoring Asher still parked a little ways down the road. He locked the doors and pocketed his keys, heading for the inn. It was the last place where Jordan had been, he hoped they would be able to lead him to her.

[[Paxton to Inn]]

3/21/2010 #613
R. Lauden

[[Paxton Entering]]

Paxton stepped out into the cold morning, glancing around and spotting the car across the street. Asher sat in the driver's seat, checking his wounds in the mirror. He tucked the crude, wooden stake in the rim of his pants. Images of Jordan flickered through his mind, like an old reel of film. The first time they met, the first time they kissed, the first time that she told him she loved him. His eyes began to water. He blinked away unbidden tears of blood.

Fueled by rage, Paxton moved across the street in a blur of movement. His fingers coiled around the latch and he yanked the door open. It squealed on the hinges. "You killed Jordan!" He snarled, the accusation rumbling from his throat with a swell of emotion. He grabbed Asher by the collar, ripping him out of the car and shoving him hard against the car. His face was already bloody from their previous brawl, but that hardly bothered Paxton. He proceeded to drive his fist into his maker's face, over and over again.

He punched him until his knuckles were split and bleeding. "You killed her!" He shouted, pulling the stake from the rim of his pants and driving it into Asher with all his strength.

3/21/2010 #614
Katelyn Renee

Asher had no time to react to Paxton, the boy was faster then he had expected. He could barely make out what Paxton was saying, his head throbbing too much to make anything out. When it finally stopped, Asher blinked up at Paxton though swollen eyes. He opened his mouth to say something but didn't have time. He saw Paxton's movements at the last minute, his eyes going wide. "NO!" He shouted, putting his hands up but it was too late. The wood pierced through his chest and he heaved a breath, glancing down at the stake.

Hurt and shock filled Asher's expression, his eyes sad. He slide down the side of his car, his fingers wrapped around the wooden stake. Asher coughed, blood spraying from his mouth. "I didn't kill her..." He mumbled in a low voice. "...I didn't fucking kill her!" Asher said, gaining the force he wanted. "Goddamn it, Paxton, where'd you learn to aim..." He grumbled, glaring down at the stake, the wooden tip missing his heart by inches.

3/21/2010 #615
R. Lauden

"You didn't kill her?" Paxton stared in disbelief, the red anger draining from his face. He swallowed the knots forming in his throat. "Where is she?" He demanded, needing to find her. He needed to hold her, know that she was safe.

3/21/2010 #616
Katelyn Renee

Asher stared at Paxton as if he had grown an extra head. "...You really think I'm going to tell you after you accused me, beat me and stake me." He snorted a laugh, only resulting in a whimper of pain. "It doesn't work like that Paxton..." He grumbled, grabbing the stake in a firm grip. "Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck...." Asher cursed, readying himself to yank it out but he hesitated and chickened out. "...Damn it."

3/21/2010 #617

*Shep from Clinic*

Shep walked down the street and froze when she saw him. "Asher!" She rushed to his side, kneeling by him on the ground. She couldn't touch him, couldn't help him. The tears brimmed her eyes and she felt them trailing down her cheek. Shep glared at the vampire in front of them. She stood, her voice was ice cold when she spoke. "Did he do this?"

3/21/2010 #618
R. Lauden

"Yeah? Is that so?" Paxton snarled, seizing hold of the stake and yanking it out of Asher. He held it tight in his grip, eyeing the bloody tip. "Now, would you like to tell me where Jordan is?" He knelt down to be eye level with his maker. "Because, this time I won't miss." He warned, his eyes dark and full of hate. He had killed a lot of humans, a lot of innocent humans. Asher was neither innocent nor human, kiling him would be easy.

3/21/2010 #619
Katelyn Renee

Asher smiled a little when he heard Shep's voice but that happiness was quickly ripped away with the wooden stake. He groaned but kept his jaw tight, keeping his pained scream inside. He stared at Paxton, could see the hatred and just how serious Paxton was. "Yes." He grumbled, answering both Shep and Paxton's question. "Clinic." He growled, his hands pressing firmly against his wound.

3/21/2010 #620
R. Lauden

"Thanks." Paxton smirked. "This makes us even, Dad." He straightened, tossing the stake out of reach and moving towards the clinic. He remembered passing it on his way into town, wondering if Ellie had given birth to Raewyn. She must have, it had been weeks past her due date. Paxton imagined the little girl, though Jesse would probably never let him near her. He had almost forgotten about the wolf being back in the picture.

As he approached the clinic, he quickened his pace. No longer did he just need to see Jordan. He needed to hold her. He needed to know that she was alright, alive and well.

[[Paxton to Clinic]]

3/21/2010 #621
Katelyn Renee

Asher couldn't help but laugh at that, regretting it almost instantly. He groaned, his face scrunching up with discomfort. Asher watched as Paxton left him there, and he smirked. "I'll see you around, Pax!" He called out after him, ignoring his discomforted. Slowly, Asher pushed himself up to a sit, using the car as support. Blood poured from his wound, staining his nice shirt. "Son of a..." He grumbled, leaning against the car. Asher closed his eyes, huffing.

3/21/2010 . Edited 3/22/2010 #622

Shep followed Paxton with her eyes, wishing she could do something. Turning back to Asher she frowned. "Asher, you just went to the clinic. Can't you stay out of trouble for one day?"

3/24/2010 #623
Katelyn Renee

Asher smirked, peeking his eyes open. "I try..." He chuckled, causing a sudden shock of pain to jolt though his system and he winced. "...but no matter where I go, it always seems to find me." Asher smirked again, shifting away from his car. "If you haven't noticed, Kriss, everyone in this town just loves me." His tone was full of sarcasm as he rolled his eyes, shuffling to his feet. He groaned through gritted teeth, forcing himself up to a stance. Asher leaned against the car for support, his hand pressed against his slowly healing wound.

3/24/2010 #624

Shep longed to reach out and touch him, to help him. "Well maybe if you weren't such an ass people would like you."

3/24/2010 #625
Katelyn Renee

Asher snorted, his trademark smirk tugging on his lips. "Yeah well, at least you love me Kissy." He chuckled, doing his best to hid his discomfort.

[[Weak post. Sorry. Haha]]

3/25/2010 #626

*Poet and Echo from Main Floor*

Poet brushed Echo's hand off and inhaled the fresh winter air, her fangs appearing in slight thirst. Echo kept a watchful eye on her sister, making sure she didn't do anything stupid. She also sniffed the air, gathering her surroundings. She noticed the vampire from before was still there and directed Poet in the opposite direction.

3/25/2010 #627

[Well, mine have been weak for a long time. haha]

Shep rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. "I love you, Asher, but I'm dying. You're gonna have to clean up your act."

3/26/2010 #628
Katelyn Renee

[[Herm...Veronica is still on Main Street... *evil grin* What crazy thing will she do next? MUWHahah!! :) ]]

Asher frowned, the reality of Shep dying made his heart ache. "You're not going to die." He snarled in a sharp, threatening tone, though his eyes were sad, knowing that one way or another, Shep would die. Whether it be now or fifty years from now, she would pass on, leaving him heartbroken and alone for the rest of eternity. "I won't let you." Asher repeated, stepping away from the car, gritting his teeth.

3/26/2010 #629

[Oh gosh, she should get eaten by an engkanto. I don't like her. :( If Asher dies, him and Shep could be together for awhile... but I don't want him to die. Even without Shep I love Asher. Hahaha. By the way, I have fallen in love with Supernatural. I watched the episode last night. D: Freaky.]

His words stung. "Asher," she said in quiet voice. "You're going to have to accept that even if I do wake up from whatever the hell this is, that I am not going to live forever. If I had known I was going to fall in love with you and this would happen then I never would have offered myself up that night." She longed to wrap her arms around him, feel his cool skin against hers. She wanted him to feel her. She wanted everything to go back to the way it was a few weeks ago. Shep walked by his side, keeping a close eye on him. "I'm sorry."

Shep glanced away from him, unable to face the sadness in his eyes. It was too much. She stopped mid-step, her eyes focusing on Veronica. "Get out of the street, now! Go to the inn." Shep was panicked, afraid that Veronica might do something crazy.

3/26/2010 #630
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