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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Katelyn Renee

[[ :D This makes me happy. I LOVE Supernatural. Teehee. :) Oh, I know. That episode was CRAZY! Poor Bobby. :( I wanted to give him a hug. XD They should have made John and Jess come back. That would have been great. Haha.]]

Asher knew her words were the truth, but that didn't mean he wanted to believe them. He just shook his head, his face scrunched with frustration. When she apologized, Asher froze. "You have nothing to be sorry about." He growled, his eyes searching for just a glimpse of the woman he loved. It frustrated him that he could see her or hold her in his arms. He opened his mouth to say more, but Shep's panicked voice cut him off. "What is it?" He questioned, glancing around quickly, a hand pressed protectively over his still bleeding wound.

He caught sight of the woman moving towards him, her facial expression full of anger and hate. Asher instictively took a step back before forcing himself to be still and stand his ground. He watched her carfully as she reached into her hoodie pocket.

"Vampire, yes?" Veronica questioned, stopping in front of Asher. As far as she could tell, he was a vampire. She looked over him quickly, noting just how broken and beaten he looked. Asher quirked an eyebrow, unsure of how to answer. "Look, there's not point in lying to me. I already know what you are and how to kill you, and I am going to kill you." She said in a rush, watching as Asher stiffed in front of her. Asher snorted a laugh, but before he could reply Ronnie cut in again. "Unless you and your girlfriend here can find someone for me." Veronica nodded towards the ghosts standing next to him.

3/26/2010 #631

*Sable entering*

Sable walked down the street, her hair had gotten longer. She hummed to herself quietly. Poet smelled a wolf and crinkled her nose but then noticed she was pregnant, ''ooh can I feel your baby bump?" She asked, peppy as ever. Echo grumbled, ''Poet you don't ask strangers to feel their stomach's,'' especially wolves, she thought quietly to herself. Sable laughed lightly, watching the two vampires warily, ''um...sure.''

3/27/2010 #632

Sheps eyes widened. She didn't ask why or how Veronica could see her. "Who are you looking for?"

3/27/2010 #633
Katelyn Renee

Asher gave Veronica a curious look, surprised that she could see Shep. He opened his mouth to say something but snapped it shut, remembering just how panicked Shep had been a moment ago. She had obviously freaked out over something, his guess was that Veronica was the reason. He narrowed his eyes suddenly, looking the girl over. "I don't have time for this." He growled, moving to walk around the girl.

Veronica stepped in his way, pulling out a silver dagger. "Ah-aha, I will kill you." She threatened, point the blade at him, though didn't touch him. Asher nearly jumped back, trying to avoid the dagger. He glared at the knife, shifting his gaze between it and Veronica. Ronnie smirked before glancing over at Shep. "His names Logan. Werewolf. I want him back. Unfortunately, I can't find him." She turned back to Asher, a crazed grin spread across her face. "That's where your vampire boyfriend comes in. I need you to sniff him out for me."

3/27/2010 #634
Katelyn Renee

Asher shook his head and folded his arms over his chest. "What makes you think I can and will help you?" He questioned with a raise of his brow, steeling an occasional glance to the dagger. This girl was psychotic and was in need for some serious help. Asher stared into her eyes, his pupils dilating hypnotically. "You will forget about this. Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, anything supernatural that you were led to believe was real, isn't. Go home and take a long nap. When you wake up, you'll think you just had a long night of drinking and blacked out. Got it?" He said in a cool voice, willing her to believe his words.

3/28/2010 #635

Poet rested her hand lightly on Sable's stomach, her eyes showing wonder as she felt a small nudge on her hand. Echo grumbled at her sister, ''yes Poet it is very nice but you need to feed." Poet pouted and stepped back, ''alright..." Sable chuckled, watching the vampires in amusement. She stepped back and started walking, stopping when she saw Asher then continued walking, the street is littered with leaches... She thought to herself.

3/29/2010 #636
Katelyn Renee

Veronica stared into Asher's eyes, watching as they pulsed with his words. She nodded her head slowly, as if she were in some type of a trance. "I..." Ronnie started to say but was suddenly lost for words. She blinked, coming back into reality and rubbed her eyes. "That shit doesnt' work on me." Veronica growled, glaring up at Asher. She was thankful for once in a long time to be a medium, her abilities blocking out Asher's mind control. Her grip on the knife tightened with anger.

Asher frowned and took a cautious step back. He was aware of the wolf and vampires a little ways down the street, he could smell them but he tried not to pay attention. Ash kept his slights on Veronica, watching her every move carefully, readying himself for anything. He still felt weak from his encounter with Paxton and the young-bloods. It took every ounce of strength to keep upright, let alone fight off Veronica.

3/29/2010 #637

Poet went into hunting mode, sniffing the air. Echo did the same and they both zoned in on Veronica, circling her and smirking, their fangs showing. They barely even noticed Asher. Sable backed away from the hunter, to he other direction.

3/29/2010 #638
Katelyn Renee

"Now," Veronica started, challenging Asher with another step towards him. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way." She lifted the blade for effect. Ronnie was aware of the vampires rounding her, she had noticed them from the start. She knew they were young, which is why she picked Asher. He was older, more in control and more experienced. "Your choice." She smirked, looking at the other vampires for a long moment.

Asher snarled, the sound vibrating in his throat. He didn't bother answering her, figuring his fangs were enough to show his decision. He noticed the young bloods circling the hunter and he smirked. He knew she didn't stand a chance against so many vampires.

3/29/2010 #639

Poet got closer, her eyes trained on Veronica's neck, seeing the pulse. Echo watched the knife, baring her fangs. They started to close in, snarls sounding from their throats.

3/29/2010 #640
Katelyn Renee

"Fine." Veronica said in a cool voice, glaring at Asher. "I'll find someone else." She stole a glance to the snarling vampires behind her and smirked, catching sight of the pregnant wolf across the street, an idea sparking in her head. Ronnie turned her sights back to Asher, a disturbed grin across her face. "Hope we run into each other again." She giggled, her voice sounding slightly too cheery.

Asher narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously, his body going stiff. He stared at her as if he were trying to get a glimpse into her crazy head and know what she had planned. His eyes when wide when she jerked foreword, aiming the blade in his direction. He grabbed her wrist in a quick motion, yanking her violently, the blade just missing his shoulder. Asher snaked an arm around her neck, pulling her to his chest, her back pressed against him. He still held her wrist out at arms length, keeping the silver daggers as far away as possible. The last thing he needed was silver poisoning.

He sniffed her hair, gagging at the stench of a wolf. She was covered in the scent. Probably the Logan guy she had been talking about. "That wasn't very smart." He whispered into her ear. He could feel his old self returning slightly with the adrenaline rush. His gaze zeroed in on her vien, pulsing violently underneith her skin. He could feel her struggling in his hold, but he knew she wasn't going anywhere.

3/29/2010 . Edited 3/29/2010 #641

Poet watched with open fascination, eyes trained on Veronica's pulse. Echo stayed in defense, only stepping in if needed.

3/29/2010 #642
Katelyn Renee

[[My other post made sense, right? :/ Haha]]

Asher could hear her blood gushing though her veins, see the pulsing artery of her neck. It was driving him wild, taunting his inner monster. He hadn't felt a rush like this in a while, holding another life in the palm of his hand, easily crushed with the slightest of movements. He could snap her neck without even blinking. "You'll regret this." He heard Ronnie threaten, but he paid little attention. Asher ran his tongue over his teeth, his fangs pulsing with anticipation.

3/29/2010 . Edited 3/29/2010 #643


Poet watched, her eyes hungry. Echo watched her sister, ''Poet, let's go,'' she said in a strained voice, tugging on her sister's arm. Poet didn't move, eyes still on Veronica's neck. Sable watched from a distance, slightly fearful for her baby.

3/29/2010 #644
Katelyn Renee

Veronica gritted her teeth, feeling the vampires cool and hungry breath on her skin. She quickly lifted her foot, slamming her heel down on Asher's foot, putting all of her strength behind the attack. "Son of a--" She heard him yelp out, his grip on her wavering. She took the advantage to slip away from him, yanking her wrist out of his hand. Ronnie spun around and rushed forward, stabbing the blade into Asher and right though his shoulder blade. She grinned when he cried out in pain, slamming the vampire into the brick wall and yanking the knife out with a violent tug.

"You bitch." He grumbled out, Veronica's grin growing wider. She didn't say anything as he slide down the wall, cradling his wounded shoulder. Veronica knelt down in front of him, a somewhat evil smirk on her face. She lifted his chin with the tip of the blade, enjoying the discomfort it caused him. "I told you, you would regret it." Veronica whispered, inches away from him. Her breath fanned over his cool skin, sending an ugly shiver though his spine. "Fuck you." He spat and Veronica smirked more. "With pleasure." She laughed out, pressing her lips to his. Asher jerked his face away with disgust and Ronnie burst into laughter, standing. "We'll meet again. You can count on it."

3/29/2010 . Edited 3/29/2010 #645

Poet lunged, fast moving and swift, hitting Veronica hard in side, fangs at her neck. Echo snarled and also leapt, fangs indentinh her bottom lip.

3/29/2010 #646
Katelyn Renee

Veronica gasped when the other vampires lunged towards her, but before she could fully spin around, she was slammed into the ground. Her head cracked against the sidewalk, causing her to see spots. She blinked them away quickly, focusing on Poet as she slammed her fist into her fanged mouth with a forceful blow. She maneuvered her legs into a better position, kicking off the ground and rolling on top of the vampire in a swift motion, now straddling Poet. Veronica still had the knife in hand and held it at Poet's throat, threatening to cut off her head.

3/29/2010 #647

Echo snarled and froze, seeing her, ''get the fuck off of her or it's the last time you'll ever get to feel life,'' she hissed. Poet gave a feral snarl, fury blazing in her blue eyes, grabbing Veronica's hands and flipping her.

3/29/2010 #648
Katelyn Renee

Veronica smirked when the vampire threatened her, enjoying every minute of the fight. She was about to press the blade into Poet's throat when the vampire threw her off. When she hit the ground, the air shot out of her lungs. She would have laughed, but the only thing that came out was a cough for air. She rolled over onto her side, standing up slowly.

Asher groaned from his spot on the sidewalk, the silver burning though his system. Today was definately not his day. He had been attacked three times in the past hour or two. Though, one of them he did diserve. The other two, however, he wasn't so sure about. He groaned again, his skina and viens turning dark in a web like pattern.

Veronica glanced around quickly, looking for a way out. She knew when to back out of a fight and now was that time. "Pleasure meeting you all." She laughed out, knife still in hand. "But I have more important things to take care of then a couple of vampires. I'm sure we'll run into each other again." She laughed again, before bolting in the other direction towards Sable.

She reached the pregnant wolf quickly, grabbing her by the arm. "Try to run and your baby is dead." Veronica threatened, pressing the blade to her belly to make her point clear. "Come on." She growled, using the girl as protection from the many glaring vampires.

[[ Teehee. :) ]]

3/29/2010 #649

Sable froze, swallowing in fear for her babies life. She nodded at Veronica, ready to bolt. Poet froze, staring, ''holy shitfuck...'' Echo snarled, watching her then went to Asher, looking at his wound.

3/29/2010 . Edited 3/29/2010 #650
Katelyn Renee

[[Sorry, my computer froze. Haha. I will, just not yet. Haha. I have something planned. Dood, sign in to Yahoo so we can discuss further plans. I don't want the others to eavesdrop. :) Haha. :P]]

Veronica dragged her along behind her, no longer holding the blade to the girls stomach. "Good girl." She muttered, noting that she seemed to get the message. She didn't know where she was going or what she would do with Ms. Baby-bump once the got there, but as long as it was away from the three stooges it was okay with her.

Asher glared up at Echo, shifting away from her. He didn't need her help, or so he liked to believe. Honestly, he could barely move and was in need of some serious help before the silver finished it's corse and killed him. "I got it." He growled, refusing her help as he tried to stand on his own, failing epically.

3/29/2010 #651

[[can't, mine is down, discuss it on here then edit your post after I reply]]

Sable followed obediently, swallowing. She wanted to get away. Echo looked at him, ''Poet, go get a human,'' she said. "like it or not, you're going to need some help,'' she said.

3/29/2010 #652
Katelyn Renee

[[No. That won't work. They'll still see when they get e-mail alerts. Haha. Do you have Windows Live or Skype? :) Lol]]

Asher groaned again as he pushed himself up, using the wall for support. He felt weak and disoriented, the silver making his surroundings turn and wobble out of place. "Just hurry." He grumbled, his arm already doing numb. "Today is not my day." He grumbled under his breath, a bitter quality lingering in his voice.

3/29/2010 #653


Echo sighed, waiting for Poet to return. Five minutes laters, Poet apperaed, a man in her grip, he had a dazed look to him. Poet walked to Asher, ''here yah go.''

3/29/2010 #654
Katelyn Renee

[[ Edited :) I didn't like what I had before. Haha.]]

Asher raised an eyebrow at the dazed man and smirked. He usually preferred woman, they were so much easier to lure in and their blood just had a certain quality that no man could compare. His fangs poked out from his gums, anticipating the much needed blood. He wanted to refuse blood from the man, his thoughts circling around Shep and her wonderful blood. He knew her blood would work and heal his wounds but the last thing he wanted was another encounter with Paxton. The young-blood would definitely be more on edge with Jordan around.

The silver was burning through his system and he could feel himself growing weaker by the minute. Asher knew he couldn't wait any longer. The silver would soon kill him if he didn't feed soon. He took the man without hesitation, sinking his teeth into his limp neck. The blood gushed into his mouth, it coppery taste soothing his pain. Asher drank until his wounds were fully closed but didn't stop until the man was on the brink of death. With reluctance, Asher released the man, his lips and mouth covered in a thick coat of blood.

He smirked down at him, watching the unconscious-nearly-dead man with amusement. Asher hadn't felt like this in a long time. Full of such power and rage. He would get revenge on the human girl. In time. They would run into each other again, and he would make her suffer. Asher shifted his gaze up to the two young-bloods, his eyes dancing with excitement. "Clean this up." He ordered with a nod towards the body, his voice fulled with the authority of an elder. Asher licked the corners of his mouth, savoring every last drop of left over blood.

"Come on. Keep up." Veronica snarled, glaring over her shoulder at the wolf. She wanted to get out of the street. Ronnie knew the vampires would soon feed and regain their strength and most likely come looking for her. Vampires were ruthless and blood thirsty monsters. If they wanted something, they took it without hesitation. They came up to a deserted park and she went though the old iron gait, tugging Sable along with her.

[[To Nightingale Park]]

3/29/2010 . Edited 3/30/2010 #655

Echo watched and gaped at him, ''he's almost dead!" She said, staring at the man in worry. She glared at the older vampire as she knelt down beside the man, biting into her wrist and pressing it to the man's mouth, urging him to drink. "Idiot,'' she hissed to Asher. Poet rolled her eyes at her sister and found herself a human, drinking from him.

3/29/2010 . Edited 3/30/2010 #656
Katelyn Renee

[[I edited my last post. I didn't like what I had put. Haha. :) Just thought I should let you know. Lol]]

3/30/2010 #657
Katelyn Renee

Asher snorted at the young-blood, admiring her weakness for the mortal. "He's just a human. There are plenty more." He argued, his smug grin across his face showcasing his perfect teeth. Asher crossed his arms over his broad chest, resting against the brick wall. He watched them with amusement.

3/30/2010 #658

Echo growled at him, ''and you're just a vampire, there plenty more of us.'' She said, glamouring the man and sent him on his way. "I should have left you to the hunter.'' Poet returned, licking the left over blood from her lips. Her blue eyes bright from the feed.

3/30/2010 #659
Katelyn Renee

Asher smirked, shrugging his shoulders as if he didn't care. "I had everything under control until you guys butted in. I'm two-hundred and sixty-nine years old. I think I could have handled one little hunter without your help." He said defensively, though tried to laugh it off.

3/30/2010 #660
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