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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Duncan laughed aloud. "Oh really?" He whipped around to face Asher. "Where's your desperate little skank, huh? They're all the same, craving an erotic pleasure from the bite. Finally kill her? Where'd you hide the body?" Duncan said in a cold voice, trying his best to get a rise out of the vampire.

1/24/2010 #241
Katelyn Renee

Asher's grin faded quickly when Duncan spoke, his words hitting home. His jaw was tight, and his fists where shaking as this anger got the better of him. "What the fuck did you just say, Fido?!" He said with a growl, spinning around slowly to face the mutt. "You better watch your fucking tongue or you might loose it!" He stalked towards Duncan, grabbing his shirt tightly, and slammed him into the brick wall of Carl's Catfish.

1/24/2010 #242

"Aw, did I push your buttons?" Duncan chuckled. "You know the type. The kind of girl that will open her legs to any fanged creep that walks by. How'd you fuck her? Did you tie her down and gag her so no one would here her screams? Was she already lifeless when you forced yourself inside of her?" Duncan's grin turned into a scowl as he stared into the vampire's eyes, daring him to try something. Asher had been wrong to Unity, and so had Duncan. She didn't deserve it at all.

At that moment Eliza walked out the door of Carl's Catfish, her eyes growing wide at the sight before her. She set the sack on the ground, watching nervously and praying that things wouldn't progress from there.

1/24/2010 #243
Katelyn Renee

Asher growled out, the sound vibrating in his chest. "Fuck. You." He said through clenched teeth, releasing his hold on Duncan, and just as quickly drew back his arm. Asher smashed his knuckles into the the side of the mutt's face, using all the strength he had in the attack.

1/24/2010 #244

The side of Duncan's face clashed against the brick wall. He groaned, but didn't say a word. This is what I needed, he told himself. The pain in his jaw had somehow replaced his anger toward Asher, Justin, and Unity. Duncan melted against the wall. He just wanted to go home. To Unity.

Eliza gasped, rushing over to the two men. She pulled on the vampire's arms, somehow pressing herself between the two. "What are you doing?" She said, frantically looking between the two men.

1/24/2010 #245
Katelyn Renee

Asher glared at Eliza, his eyes full of hurt. Sadness. Rage. He wanted to pound on the mongrel for what he said. He wanted to rip is fucking throat out. "Move. Or I will hurt you." Asher growled out, his fangs protruding from his gums. "Get up!" He shouted to the fallen wolf.

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #246

Unity walked down the street and froze when she saw the scene. She strode over to Asher, a growl building deep in her chest, ''get the fuck away from him. Now.'' She snarled, her fist clenched and angry. All the anger and stress that she was holding up was about to explode from her.

1/24/2010 #247

Eliza felt the tension building. She placed her hands on Asher's shoulders. "You will not hurt me. Leave the wolves alone. Come with me." She focused some of her positive energy on Asher, feeling his pain and sadness in her own heart.

Duncan shook his head. "Unity. Calm down. It's my fault," he mumbled.

1/24/2010 #248

Unity stood tense and in a defensive stance, she didn't make any achknowledge that she heard Duncan, still a little mad.

1/24/2010 #249
Katelyn Renee

Asher tensed when Eliza touched him, his breath hitching in his throat. He looked at her with curiosity, his anger suddenly disappearing. "Alright." Ash said whispered, wanting this...giddy feeling to go on. He hadn't felt like this since...well, a long time. He had retracted his fangs, looking down at Duncan then to Unity. "Let's go." He said softly to Eliza, turning his gaze back to her.

1/24/2010 #250

"Unity. Come here," he pleaded. He didn't want to fight anymore, feeling tired. "Let's just go home." Duncan didn't bother to stand.

Eliza smiled. "Good." She picked up the bag of food, taking Asher by the hand and leading him to the Caretaker's Clinic. She knew Duncan and Unity would be alright. She could feel it.

1/24/2010 #251

Unity looked at Duncan, her eyes cold. When she saw the look on his face she softened and knelt beside him, her face showing concern.

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #252

Duncan forced a smile, wincing at the pain. "Sorry," he whispered, reaching for her hand.

1/24/2010 #253

Unity looked at him, ignoring his hand, she tilted his jaw to the side, looking at whee Ashton hit him. She frowned and sighed, taking his hand.

1/24/2010 #254
Katelyn Renee

ASHER allowed Eliza to tow him along, not really caring where they were going or why they were going there. A nasty bruise had started to form over his jaw, but it would soon be gone as will the cut on his lip. He was healing slower, due to his lack of feeding for the day. They passed by an alley, where ASHER heard a door slam shut and glanced over. He snorted, realizing it was the couple from before, and resisted the urge to knee the male where the sun don't shine.

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #255

[[Lol, you know when they say, 'where the sun don't shine' means your ass right? He wants to knee him in the behind? O.O]]

1/24/2010 #256

"It's not bad. I was being an ass. Like always," Duncan told her. He squeezed Unity's hand and pushed himself off the ground. "Wanna go home?"

1/24/2010 #257

Unity nodded, she wanted nothing more than to go home. She was happy that she wasn't fighting with Duncan anymore, a weight on her chest was gone.

1/24/2010 #258

Eliza followed Asher's gaze and frowned. She immediately averted her eyes, feeling guilty for watching. "I'm Eliza, she told the vampire. She watched his eyes closely. "Are you always so sad?" she questioned, nearing the clinic.

1/24/2010 #259
Katelyn Renee

[[HAHAH! I so did not know that! But you know what I meant. Lol.]]

Asher frowned at Eliza, pulling his hand away. She had no right to root around in his feelings. Ash's breathing was shallow and quick, as he glared at her with his hazel eyes. "You don't know anything about me." He growled out, taking a defensive step towards her.

1/24/2010 #260

Unity smiled slightly at Duncan.

[[unity to nighingale forest]]

1/24/2010 #261

Eliza flinched away from him. "You're right. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. It's just that I'm a witch. I can sense emotions by the kind of aura that surrounds you. Maybe I was out of place, but I took away your pain if only for a moment." She stared up at him, her eyes wounded. Some people didn't like her budding in, but all she wanted to do was help people.

Duncan followed Unity.

*Duncan to Nightingale Forest Cottage*

1/24/2010 #262
Katelyn Renee

Asher looked away from her quickly, her expression making him uncomfortable. "Whatever." He said softly, excepting her apology. He tried to play it off as if he didn't care, but truly he appreciated what she had done. "Just don't do it again." Asher said firmly, stuffing his hands deeply into his jean pockets as she moved in the direction they had been going.

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #263

Eliza tried to hide her smile. "Of course," she said politely. She walked by his side until they reached the clinic. "Come with me if you like," she told him and entered the building.

*Eliza to Caretaker's Clinic*

1/24/2010 #264
Katelyn Renee

Asher nodded his understanding, taking a step foreword. He hesitated in front of the door, his hand on the handle. Flashes of the night before zoomed across his vision. Ash looked up through the glass door, and smirked when he noticed Bonnie and Eliza chitchatting. He rolled his eyes, witches.

His eyes followed the girls to a few beds, though he couldn't see behind the curtain that gave each patient their privacy. Signing, Asher pulled the door open, deciding to go inside. Though it was probably a mistake. No one in this town seemed to like him very much.

[[Asher to Clinic]]

1/25/2010 #265

Simarah drove down the long street that ran down the middle of the town. Her colored canvas bag laid in the passenger seat of her baby green bug. Her car was her baby, along with that bag. She saw an Inn and pulled up.

This is where she'd have to stay, until she decides to make this place home.

*Simarah to maudervill Inn: Lobby-main floor*

1/25/2010 #266

*Eliza from Caretaker's Clinic*

As she walked into the light breeze of the night Eliza shivered. She realized she had left her cloak. Gaia suddenly appeared and nudged Eliza in the side. Eliza's teeth chattered as she pet her horse. "We need to take you for a check-up don't we. Being out in this cold can't be good for you." Eliza kissed Gaia's cheek and she whinnied in appreciation. Eliza chuckled. "Let's go get some sleep." Gaia nodded, following Eliza. While Eliza went inside the Inn, Gaia returned to her small shelter.

*Eliza to Mauderville Inn*

1/25/2010 #267

*Simarah entering*

Simarah walked out of the Inn and wondered down the street. She pulled out her camera, taking pictures of anything that would look cool. She smiled to herself, imaging how they would turn out.

1/31/2010 #268

*Duncan from Nightingale Forest Cottage*

Duncan's teeth chattered as he picked up his pace. He didn't notice the girl taking pictues down the street as he was heading the opposite direction. He hurried into the Town Center, on his way to the Real Estate Agency.

*Duncan to Real Estate Agency*

1/31/2010 #269

*Eliza from Mauderville Inn*

Eliza waved at a girl taking pictures. She shivered under her cloak, her toes freezing from the snow. She walked across the street and headed to work.

*Eliza to Carl's Catfish*

1/31/2010 #270
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