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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Duncan pressed his lips against hers roughly. His lips were quick and hungry. He moaned against her mouth, letting his hands drift down her body. His fingertips brushed the side of her chest, coming to rest on her ribs.

12/7/2009 #31

Unity moaned and stripped off her shirt, her body tingling where his fingertips were. She pressed his lips to his hungrily, a moan escaping.

12/7/2009 #32

He picked her leg up, hitching it around his waist. He pressed himself to her. "Wrap your legs around me," he whispered in her ear before attacking her neck with his wet lips.

12/7/2009 #33

Unity wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and pressed her torso to his, leaning her head to the side.

12/7/2009 #34

[Do your parents know I write this stuff? *wiggles eyebrows*]

His hands slipped around to cup her bottom as he walked to the bedroom, Unity wrapped around him. He put her down on the bed, hovering over her. His hands wandered over her chest, and down her stomach. His fingers played with the top of her jeans.

12/7/2009 #35

[[haha they don't even know that i write this stuff]]

Unity trailed her fingertips down his broad chest to his jeans, unbuttoning them easily. She shifted her legs uncomfortably as wetness gathered between them.

12/7/2009 . Edited 12/7/2009 #36

[Hope they never find out. Haha!]

Duncan slipped out of his jeans and tossed them to the floor. His lips left a wet trail down her neck and across her collar bone, making their way down to her navel. He slipped off her jeans as well.

[Gonna go chill w/ friends. Peace, yo! Be back around nine-ish.]

12/7/2009 #37

[[haha that'd be bad]]

Unity's back arched to him and slipped out of her lingere, admiring his body.

[[see you then :)]]

12/7/2009 #38

[I'm baaaaaacckk!!!]

His eyes popped open as he felt skin on skin. His hands grazed over the contours of her body before preparing her body for himself.

12/7/2009 #39

Unity bit her lip, her breathing sped up as her body heated slightly, readying itself.

12/8/2009 #40

He kissed her collar bone, his hands roaming. In one swift moment he slid inside her with a moan. It was bliss.

12/8/2009 #41

Unity leaned her head back into the bed, a long moan coming from her. She rolled his hips to his, her hands running along his biceps.

12/8/2009 #42

"Unity," he moaned, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. He pushed into her, picking up his speed.

12/8/2009 #43

Unity moaned, moving her hips with his. She gripped his shoulders.

12/9/2009 #44

Unity moaned and arched her back to him, gripping his shoulders.

12/9/2009 #45

[I'm a wimp.]

....Fade Out....

....Fade In....

Duncan rolled over to the other side of the bed, bringing Unity down on his chest. He chuckled, his chest rising and sinking heavily with each breath. His warm fingertips stroked her spine.

12/9/2009 #46

Unity laid on his chest, panting lightly. She blinked a few times, Unity you're a hoe. She scolded herself.

12/9/2009 #47

"That was amazing," he mumbled. This moment was hitting too close to home. Memories of Cassy burned his mid. Duncan knew he had to end it now. He kissed her forehead and slipped out from underneath her. He pulled on his pants and underclothes, gazing down at her. "Don't beat yourself up about it. It's in our nature," he said with a wink.

12/9/2009 #48

Unity rolled her eyes and got up, getting her cloth's on, ''damn werewolf instincts.'' She muttered. She ran a hand through her hair, slipping it into a very sloppy bun.

12/9/2009 #49

Unity rolled her eyes and got up, getting her cloth's on, ''damn werewolf instincts.'' She muttered. She ran a hand through her hair, slipping it into a very sloppy bun.

12/9/2009 #50

Duncan chuckled. "I find them quite satisfying myself." He finished dressing and looked back at the bed, a smug smile creeping over his lips. He placed a lingering kiss on Unity's neck. "See you around," he mumbled before walking out of the bedroom.

12/9/2009 #51

Unity chuckled and stretched out her muscles. She had to admit, he was good. She let out a long sigh and started to unpack her boxes from earlier that morning, vacuuming, dusting, and whatnot.

12/9/2009 #52

Duncan shut the door behind him and ran through the rain to his motorcycle. He put on his helmet and started the bike. Soon he was speeding off down the gravel road.

*Duncan to Main Street*

12/9/2009 #53

Unity listened to the roar of his bike before continuing, humming to herself. She had the afterglow and was smiling.

12/9/2009 #54

Unity finished putting away her stuff. She let out a sigh and grabbed the keys to her truck and walked out, locking the door. She got in the truck and started it and drove off.

[[Unity to Main Street]]

12/11/2009 . Edited 12/11/2009 #55

[[unity and duncan from mainstreet]]

Unity pulled into the long driveway to the cozy looking home, rain pouding the windsheild. Unity got out of the truck and went to Duncan's door.

1/10/2010 #56

Duncan opened his door, slowly getting out of the truck. Rain pelted his skin, wetting his hair. His face was disgruntled as he tried to walk on his own, eventuallt giving up and leaning on Unity's shoulder. He was no longer in pain, just dizzy. His cheek had a nasty bruise, although it was healing fast. He hated the feeling of weakness. It wasn't often he felt like this, it was a rarity. The feeling made him uncomfortable and vulnerable, something he wasn't accustomed to.

1/10/2010 #57

Unity let him lean on her, rain soaking her entirely as she helped him lowly to the house, nearly slipping on the mud. She hung on to his arm to keep him from falling.

1/10/2010 #58

Duncan tried to keep her level, but he was failing quickly. As he tried to balance both himself and Unity he foot landed in the slick mud. His body wavered. The next thing he new Duncan was lying on on his back. "Oh, goddammit!" he shouted, staying where he was and staring up at the night sky, blinking against the water droplets.

1/10/2010 #59

Unity fell beside him and grumbled, water dripping off from her. She got to her hands and knees and got up, looking at him. Thunder cracked and she jumped and looked at him, ''you okay?" She asked him.

1/10/2010 #60
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