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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Unity clenched her jaw, more frustrated tears started to gather but she didn't care. She picked up her shoe and threw it at the door, it hit with a thump and landed on floor.

1/22/2010 #151

After a while Unity got up. She needed a walk. She stepped out of the house and started walking, catching a whiff of Duncan.

1/24/2010 #152

[[unity to main street]]

1/24/2010 #153

[[Unity entering]]

Unity walked in and sighed, smiling slightly.

1/24/2010 #154

*Duncan entering*

Duncan walked in the door. He came up behind Unity, wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling her neck. He tailed kisses up her neck. "Wanna go to bed?" he whispered, tired from the fight and built up anger.

1/24/2010 #155

Unity leaned back into him and stiffled a yawn, ''mhmm,'' she said, looking up at him.

1/24/2010 #156

"Good. I'm exausted." Duncan picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He set her on the bed and kneeled down in front of her. He pulled her jacket and shirt over her head and slipped off her pants. He stood up, stripping off his clothes quickly. He gently pushed Unit down on the bed, climbing over her. "God, you're so beautiful." His lips kissed the rise of her breast. He rolled over and climbed under the covers, pulling them over Unity's body and snuggling against her. His nose skimmed across her bare shoulder. He pulled her back against his chest.

1/24/2010 #157

Unity blinked a little, suprised by the sudden compliment. She felt a tingling sensation tug at her heart. She realized something. She was falling for Duncan, and falling fast. She snuggled into his broad chest, taking in his prescence. She had a small smile on her lips as she let out a content sigh.

[[how far along is she?]]

1/24/2010 #158

[She will be one month tomorrow morning RPG time, which we'll probably switch to tomorrow evening.]

Duncan kissed the back of her neck. "Good night," he whispered in the dark. He settled into the pillow, slowly drifting off to sleep.

1/24/2010 #159

''Night,'' she whispered back to him, her eyelids falling. When they were shut, she was asleep, sleeping dreamlessly into the night.

1/24/2010 #160

Unity woke up shaking, sweat covering her body. Her eyes were wide and full of fear. She sat up, looking around franticly, making sure nothing was in there. She felt Duncan and nearly screamed. She jumped away, forgetting she was on a bed and fell over the edge.

There was a thud when she hit the ground. She was gasping, realization that she had woken up had not hit yet.

1/25/2010 #161

Duncan jolted awake, looking around the room with sleepy eyes. When he noticed that Unity wasn't in bed his heart began to race. He quickly pulled on a pair of boxers and rushed through the room, tripping over Unity's legs. "Aw, shit," he mumbled as he hit the hardwood floor. His eyes widened when he realized Unity was by his side. He sat up and grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her into his lap. "Unity!" he shouted, shaking her shoulders lightly.

1/25/2010 #162

Unity jumped and stared. Her eyes adjusted to the light and she blinked several times, looking at him. Her breaths were shaky, still afraid fron the dream she had. She buried her head in his chest, ''I'm sorry,'' she murmered.

1/25/2010 #163

Duncan cradled Unity to his chest, rocking her back in forth. "You're fine. Just tell me what happened," he whispered. He kissed her hair as he held her. It was a troubling realization for him, but Duncan had the tingling in his chest; one he'd only had once before. He wouldn't dare admit it to himself, but something was happening between him and Unity. He wasn't quite sure how to deal with the feelings surfacing in his chest, but right now he just felt the urge to hold and comfort the woman that was carrying his child.

1/25/2010 #164

Unity caught her breath and closed her eyes, ''my pack came, killing the you,'' she said quietly. Her nerves were starting to calm down a little, being in his arms helped alot. She burrowed her head into his chest, feeling a little like a child.

1/25/2010 #165

Duncan closed his eyes for a brief moment, his jaw tensing. He held her as close as he could, rubbing his hand up and down her back. "I will never let that happen," he said in an almost possessive voice. He buried his face in her hair. "I promise," he whispered in a softer tone. He knew he was being weak showing her his feelings, but she needed to feel safe. He would protect her and their child. He now knew that letting go of Unity was not an option.

1/25/2010 #166

Unity breathed in his scent, it was comforting. She sat there, her eyes closed as he cradled her. "Thank you,'' she said quietly. Her feelings for him were growing stronger, she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. She knew he would be there, and she was glad. The last of her nerves went away and she looked up at him, ''sorry I woke you,'' she said.

1/25/2010 #167

Duncan shook his head. "I don't mind. Do you think you can go back to sleep?" He kept his arms tight around her waist, reluctant to let her go. He knew they had a lot to discuss, but for now he just wanted to be. Tomorrow he would return to work, and maybe back to the Inn. He had no idea what she wanted to do. After all, they weren't in love, mated, or even a couple. He had no right to be here. If Unity wanted him out he would go. Duncan would understand, but he knew that deep down he didn't want to leave her side.

1/25/2010 #168

''I don't think so,'' she said quietly. She sighed and yawned, stiffling it with her hand. She didn't want Duncan to leave but she knew that it would happen sometime, maybe sometime soon.

1/25/2010 #169

Duncan thought about what he could do to help her, but every suggestion sounded stupid. He had three sisters. He should have known what to do by now. "Wanna watch a movie?" he asked, looking down at her.

1/26/2010 #170

Unity sighed and nodded, though she didn't feel like a movie, it would probaly help. She scooted off his lap and smiled a little.

1/26/2010 #171

Duncan smirked and grabbed her hand, leading her to the living room. "Romance, action, horror? You do have movies here, don't you?" He asked, looking around the room.

1/26/2010 #172

Unity got out a dvd holder, ''I have about two hundred dvd's'' She said, ''uh...action? That or romance but you would like action.''

1/26/2010 #173

Duncan shrugged. He probably wouldn't watch the movie anyway. "Whatever you want is fine," he said, eyeing her body. He could tell the slightest difference, but it was more appealing than anything. To anyone else Unity would seem as normal as ever. Her hips were thicker, her body more filled out. Even her scent was different. And he liked it. The changes were...seductive. Duncan cleared his throat, meeting Unity's eyes. "You do know you're half naked, right?"

1/26/2010 #174

Unity picked out an action, "Bobby Z.'' She put it in the dvd player then sat on the couch, ''Yes I am aware of that,'' she said, curling her feet under her.

1/26/2010 #175

Duncan smirked, enjoying the view. He sat next to her on the couch, putting an arm around around her shoulders. Watching the screen he asked, "What the hell is Bobby Z?"

1/26/2010 #176

"It's this criminal who looks exactly like a pot deeler so the cops have him go undercover to live Bobbie's life,'' she said, leening into him.

1/26/2010 #177

Duncan snorted, but watched the movie anyway. He thought he would be able to go back to sleep, but for some reason he couldn't. He ran his fingers through his loose hair. He had yet to pull it back and it was starting to get on his nerves. He wondered if Unity would make him cut it all off when the baby was born. Some women were like that. Then again he wondered if Unity would even want him around during the pregnancy. He would pack his bags tomorrow and go back to the hotel if that was what she wanted, but he would stick around for the pregnancy. Oddly enough he wanted to be there for the first ultrasound. Duncan shifted uncomfortably on the couch, staring at the television screen.

1/27/2010 #178

Unity curled up at the end of the couch, her eyes started to droop shut. Without knowing it, she laced her fingers through his before falling asleep, murmering his name.

1/27/2010 #179

Duncan's smile was sad as he stared at Unity. She had whispered his name in her sleep and he felt...ashamed. He couldn't explain it and he didn't care to. Duncan left the TV on, putting the sound on mute. He got up from the couch and scooped her up in his arms. He carried her to the bedroom with ease and tucked her into bed. Duncan kissed Unity's forehead, brushing her hair out of her face as he pulled away. He swallowed the tightness in his throat. Leave her . He should have, before it even started. Now he had to stay, beause it wasn't all about him anymore. It was about his child. Duncan left the room, his lips forming a grim line. The door shut quietly behind him. With nothing else to do Duncan sat on the couch, staring at the television screen but not paying any attention to the movie.

1/27/2010 #180
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