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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Sable screamed in pain again, sobbing until she couldn't breath, She held her stomach, blood leaking through her fingers. Blood started to build between her legs, the sign that her baby, the one the was due to be born soon, is dead. The grief welled inside of her was unbarable. She didn't notice the other wolves surrounding them.

3/31/2010 . Edited 3/31/2010 #31
Katelyn Renee

Sable's scream pushed him over the edge, his entire body trembling, threatening to transform. He could feel his other half clawing inside his chest, begging to be set free. Jesse hadn't shifted in months--willingly that is--knowing that if he did nothing good would come of it. Jesse had never been good at controlling his other side, always letting his instincts take over. "Get away from her!" He shouted, a deep and threatening snarl escaping from his throat. The sound vibrated in his throat, cutting though the air.

Veronica looked up suddenly, surprised to see another person. She smirked, realizing he was another wolf and she straightened her posture. "You must be the mate." She laughed out, quiet literally throwing her head back. Regaining her composure, she trailed her eyes over him, admiring his nicely muscles abs and broad shoulders. She noted that he was on edge, his entire body vibrating.

Jesse frowned at her, his jaw set. He didn't bother correcting her, deciding it wasn't important. "I won't say it again." He threatened, his eyes blazing with anger.

A wide and amused grin spread over Veronica's face. "Or what?" She laughed again, grabbing a handful of Sable's hair and yanked her up, forcing her to stand whether she wanted too or not.

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Sable growled/whimpered and panted, trying to keep on her feet. Her hand was on her stomach, as if cradling th dead baby. She looked at Jesse, some relief showing in her eyes. Blood dripped from her body, though if she died, she wouldn't care anymore, her baby was gone forevor, there was no point in loving, not anymore.

3/31/2010 #33
Katelyn Renee

[[BTW, wouldn't Sable have silver poisioning now?]]

Jesse shifted his eyes to Sable when she whimpered and sucked in a sharp breath at her appearance. His heart sunk as he looked her over, noticing her bloodied baby bump. Jesse prayed he would never have to experience the lose of a child, honestly, he didn't even want to think about it. Jesse growled again, taking a dangerous step foreword.

Veronica rose the blade, holding it to Sable's throat. "Stop." She ordered with a smirk, pressing the sharp edge against Sable's skin. "I'll slit her throat."

Jesse froze in his tracks, though his body continued to shake. His eyes were trained on the blade. He needed to do something and fast, before it was too late. If the silver didn't kill her, then the blood loss would. Jesse rushed foreword suddenly, snatching the girls arm in a vise like grip. He pried the knife away from Sable, loosening Veronica's hold on her.

[[Sorry. Not really sure of what to do here. Haha. XD]]

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Sable felt the cold steel against her neck. She coughed more, her veins started to turn black and went in a web pattern. She looked at Jesse, then Veronica, unsure what to do next. All she knew that her baby was gone.

3/31/2010 #35
Katelyn Renee

Veronica frowned at Jesse, the amusement draining from her eyes. "Hey!" She growled, struggling against Jesse's tight hold. He shoved her back and away from Sable, forcing Ronnie to let go. "Not fair! Hey, let go!" Veronica shouted, narrowing her eyes at the werewolf. Her eyes had a certain spark, perhaps it was anger or annoyance, but whatever it was it wasn't a happy look, sending a chill down Jesse's spine. Veronica suddenly shot her knee up, slamming it between Jesse's legs, right into his sack.

Jesse cried out and doubled over with the shocks of pain, wavering in his stance. His legs wanted to collapsed from under him and give in to the pain. He could feel Veronica struggling to get free and he knew she would succeed. Jesse gritted his teeth, forcing himself to tighten his hold, although his mind was clouding over with the throbs of pain.

Veronica raised her knee up again, smashing it into Jesse's face when he doubled over and she yanked one of her hands free. She snatched the knife from her other hand and quickly slammed it down into Jesse's back.

Jesse's head snapped up when she kneed him in the face, his nose cracking from the forceful blow. But that pain was nothing compared to the pain of the blade slicing though his flesh, the silver instantly affecting him and preventing his transformation. Jesse gritted his teeth, holding in a scream as he threw Veronica down to the ground.

[[Teehee. Jesse's getting his ass whooped by a crazy bitch. XD Haha. I find this funny. Lol Should he kill her? :D]]

3/31/2010 #36

Sable watched weakly, barely any breaths entering her lungs. She didn't care, she didn't want to live anymore, there was no point in it.

*Dimitri enterin*

Dimitri entered, a furious snarl ripping through his chest as he stared at the scene. He looked at Veronica and snarled, his entire form shaking as his body changed into his wolf form, silver fur sprouting through his skin. He landed on his large paws, stalking towards the woman who hurt his wife.

3/31/2010 #37
Katelyn Renee

[[Wife huh? Didn't know they were married already. Lol]]

Jesse looked over his shoulder when a feral snarl ripped though the air, spotting the silver wolf rushing in their direction. Dimitri. Jesse recognized the scent and stepped away from Veronica, leaving the bitch for him to handle. He stumbled over to Sable, the blade still deep in his back. The silver was making him dizzy and disoriented. Weak. But he pushed though it, forcing his legs to move. Jesse collapsed next to her, his eyes full of sorrow. "Sable? It's okay. I'll get you out of here. Everything will be okay." Jesse panted out, willing her to believe him though he barely even believed his own words. She lost her child, Jesse imagined nothing could be worse then that.

3/31/2010 . Edited 3/31/2010 #38

[[yeah packs work fast with mates]]

Dimitri lunged on Veronica, knocking her backwards. He bared his sharp canines in her face, growls ripping through him. He opened his jaws wide, ready to rip the bitch's face off. He heard Jesse talking to Sable, wishing it could be him but he knew that he had to get rid of the hunter first. Sable looked at Jesse, her eyes filled with so much agony, ''n-no i-i-it wo-on't.'' She managed to get passed her lips.

3/31/2010 #39
Katelyn Renee

Veronica stared up at the dangerous canines, scared for the first time in a long time. She closed her eyes, readying herself for death.

"Yes. It will." Jesse argued, remembering just how stubbornshe was. He looked over his shoulder again towards Dimitri, "Do it!" He shouted, wanting to see the bitch dead. He turned back to Sable, his eyes sad. "I'm sorry." He whispered, both for her lose and what he was about to do. Jesse scooped her up into his arms in gentle movements not wanting to cause her more pain, gritting his teeth when his muscles shifted around the dagger. "Dimitri. Hospital." He called over his shoulder as he ran towards the entrance, letting the man know where he was headed.

3/31/2010 #40

Dimitri gave Jesse a sharp nod, for once grateful that he was there to help. He looked back down at Veronica and snarled, digging his teeth deep into her face and neck.

Sable whimpered, looking at Jesse then back at Dimitri before her head fell back, gripping at Jesse's arm in pain. she couldn't bear it anymore, ''no,'' she whispered, ''let me die,'' she pleaded weakly.

3/31/2010 #41
Katelyn Renee

Veronica screamed, though it turned into more of a gurgling as the blood filled her throat and mouth. A single tear leaked from the corner of her eyes, streaming down her cheek. She felt her mind fogging over, her life ending.

"Shut up." Jesse growled, tightening his hold on her. He continued to carry her, refusing to just let her die. Jesse pushed the gate open with his foot, Veronica's scream filling his head. He grinned slightly, happy that the bitch was dead.

[[Jesse to Main Street]]

3/31/2010 #42

Dimitri made sure she was dead before getting off of the deaad girl, wiping his bloodied muzzle on the grass.

Sable closed her eyes, ''you shut up,'' she growled stubbornly, fading some, her mind incoherent. She didn't care what she said. She didn't care anymore.

3/31/2010 #43

Duncan jogged out of the park through the gate entrance. He had to get back to Unity. The hunter was dead, but his heart still raced in fear.

*Duncan to Main Street*

4/2/2010 #44

Dimitri shifted back to human, his heart racing in fear for his love. He grabbed his pair of shorts and ran.

*Dimitri to Main Street*

4/3/2010 #45
Katelyn Renee

*Sheriff Entering*

Danial made his way through the park with his flashlight, searching for anything that might be considered a disturbance. The light shinned over Ronnie's foot, catching the Sheriff's attention and when he moved closer, he scrunched his nose up against the stench of the rotting body. He reached for his walky talky. "We've got a dead body in the park. Female. She looks young." He said, reporting it back to base. "Smells like she's been here for a while."

6/19/2010 #46
Katelyn Renee

Danial heard the howls fill the night and he looked around, cheeking to make sure the coast was clear. He knelt down next to the body careful not to disturb the evidence. He shinned the light over her body, scrunching his nose up with disgust. Blood covered almost every inch of the corpse and it seemed to puddle around her. "If the dead could talk." He whispered, searching for the cause of death.

Veronica gasped awake and sat up in a rush, going right through Danial. She gasped and shrieked slightly, crawling away from the man. "What the fuck?!" She shouted, glaring at the man before realizing he hadn't even noticed her. Her eyes fell to what he was looking at and she gasped, her hands flying to her mouth. "Oh, my God." She whispered with wide eyes, staring at her dead body.

6/19/2010 #47
R. Lauden

[Logan from Main]

Logan strolled into the park, following his nose and the stench of flesh. Under the mask of rot, he could smell something familiar. Rather, he could smell someone familiar. He saw the man in uniform standing over the body and stopped a few paces away. He recognized the red hair draped over the ground, but her face was concealed. It didn't matter. He knew who it was. Ronnie. The dumb bitch that kidnapped him and cut his hair.

He was happy to see her dead, though he would have preferred to commit the deed himself. A low growl escaped his throat.

6/19/2010 #48
Katelyn Renee

Danial heard the growl and he spun around quickly, his hand going to his gun automatically though he didn't draw it. He shinned the light on the wolfs face. "Back off." He warned in a stern voice, not wanting to shoot the werewolf. But he would, if he had to. The moonlight reflected off of his badge.

Veronica stood up slowly, her eyes trained on the werewolf. She stared into the beasts eyes, feeling as if she'd seem them before. A wicked grin spread across her face. "Logan." She whispered with recognition, walking towards him. She wondered how Reese had possessed him and she wondered if she could do the same. Being in Logan's head would

6/19/2010 #49
R. Lauden

Logan squinted against the bright light and took a few steps backwards. When his vision finally re-focused, he glimped Veronica. She stood in front of him with a devlish smile. A shiver tore through his spine. He had vowed to rip her throat out, but it was a little too late. Even after death, she still looked crazy.

He took another step backwards and darted for the woods. He had outrun her before. He had lost her in Nightingale Forest. He could do it again. For the sake of Eliza.

[Logan to Nightingale Forest]

6/19/2010 #50

On Sheriff Moore's Walky Talky: "Sheriff, this is Kathy, I can't find the kids. They must have gone out. Please find them".

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/19/2010 #51
Katelyn Renee

Danial watched as the wolf bolted for the forest and he relaxed, lowering the flashlight back to the body. His walky came to life, Kathy's voice filling the silence in the air. Sighing, he gripped the walky talky and replied. "Sure thing, Kathy." He reassured her before adding. "There's a body in the park. We need to get someone out here to collect the it before the animals get to it."

6/19/2010 #52
Katelyn Renee

On Sheriff Moore's Walky Talky: "I'll page Dr. Jane."

Danial nodded with relief and turned towards his truck, going to get something to cover up the body for now,so the animals wouldn't get to it. "Thanks." He said, reaching into the back and pulled out a tarp. "I'll let you know when I find the kids." He reassured her, going back into the Park and draped the tarp over the body. It would do for now, he decided and headed for his truck again.

*Sheriff to Main Street*

6/19/2010 #53
Dimitri looked up at the sky. He looked at the moon, his body began to shift and change. His paws landed on te ground with a soft thud, his head threw back and he howled. *Dimitri to main street*
6/20/2010 #54
Katelyn Renee

Veronica had no clue what was going on in the crazy town, but she could hear screams all across town. It freaked her out a little. She racked a set of fingers through her hair before hugging her arms around herself, glancing around. She had thought about following after Logan, but he could wait. For now. Ronnie grinned at the thought of seeing him again. She wanted to get inside of his head and drive him crazy, fuck with his mind.

Ronnie giggled and beamed, images of Logan naked and in her bed again playing through her unstable head. She passed right through the park gates and onto main street.

*Veronica to Main Street*

[[Stranger danger!! LOL]]

6/21/2010 #55
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