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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Flower pots are placed throughout the room. Vines are painted on the walls. Black and green bed sheets with vine-like designs cover the fabric. The carpet is a nice shade of sea green. A small colored television sits on the wooden desk. The room smells of dirt, flowers, and grass.

11/12/2009 #1

*Justin and Arianna from Main Floor*

[Because I'm lazy, let's pretend he had a duffel bag with him.]

Instead of taking her to the bed he took her to the bathroom, setting her down on the toilet lid. He dropped his duffel bag on the tile. puling out a large black t-shirt. "Here," he said, throwing it at her. "Get cleaned up." He walked out of the bathroom with his own set of dry clothes and shut the door behind him.

12/9/2009 #2
R. Lauden

[[Did you want to be the first to post?]]

12/9/2009 #3

[Oops. My bad. I'm gonna head out in about thirty minutes or more. Arianna is amusing right now, haha.]

12/9/2009 #4
R. Lauden

[[I am basing her off of me whenever I've had too much to drink. Haha.]]

12/9/2009 #5

[Hahaha, interesting.... :) ]

12/9/2009 #6
R. Lauden

Aria frowned, looking down at the oversized shirt. She stirred to her feet, peeling off soaked clothes. She cast her bra aside, leaving on her panties. She stared herself down in the mirror for a moment, scolding herself with a patronizing look. The tattoo of an orchid stretched across her abdomen. She ran a hand across it, grabbing the shirt and pulling it over her head. She splashed some water over her face and pulled open the bathroom door, crossing her arms under her breasts. "You had better not try anything." She warned him with a sly look.

12/9/2009 #7

Justin stood at the opposite side of the room, only in his boxers. When the door opened her turned to Arianna. After staring at her chest for so long he knew she wasn't wearing a bra. He smirked, his eyes traveling down her frame. She was thin. And perfect. Shaking the thought from his head he nodded. "Don't worry. Your skinny legs are a turn off anyway." Justin shrugged and pulled back the bedclothes before slipping between them and getting comfortable. His body sagged into the mattress with exhaustion. "Aren't you going to come to bed, sweetheart?" he said mockingly, turning to face her.

12/9/2009 #8
R. Lauden

Aria glared at him for a moment, crossing the room and taking a seat on the edge of the mattress. She frowned, realizing what she was getting herself into. Exhaustion and drunkeness plauged her mind. She surrendered to them both, slipping her "skinny" legs under the blankets and settling her head onto the pillow. She stared up at the ceiling, feeling slightly nervous all of the sudden.

12/9/2009 #9

Justin turned in the bed, tossing around. He couldn't get comfortable. He faced Arianna again and thumped her on the shoulder. "Why are you so stiff? Relax a little. I'm not going to bite you...unless you're into that kinda thing." He smirked, adjusting his pillow under his head.

12/9/2009 #10
R. Lauden

The bed creaked with his every movement. Aria frowned, turning to look at him. "I'm not stiff." She defended herself, though she knew it was a lie. "Goodnight." She ignored his second comment, rolling over with her back to him. She was being crazy and irresponsible. Feelings of guilt swirled through her, numbed slightly by the alcohol. The werewolf inside her wanted him for some reason. The human inside her was screaming at her to tap the brakes. She was out of control. She was married.

12/9/2009 #11

"Night princess," he muttered, shifting to lay on his back. The headboard banged against the wall this time. Thoughts of making that headboard hit the wall over and over again went through his mind. His body tensed slightly as he felt himself perk up in his lower region. His bare thigh brushed her leg as he turned over, causing a spark to fly over his skin. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and do things he'd never done before. The urge was almost too much, but he refrained himself. He groaned loudly as another fantasy skipped through his thoughts. He felt himself twitching.

12/9/2009 #12
R. Lauden

When his thigh brushed her leg, she bit back a breath of anticipation. Her body was reacting, though she tried to fight it. "What is your problem?" She turned around upon hearing him groan, causing the headboard to strike the wall a second time.

12/9/2009 #13

"I have a...complication," he mumbled. Usually he would have spit out a joke, but his protruding eagerness was becoming painful. When he looked at her his eyes were dark with lust. He blinked, his eyes molding into hers. He snapped his eyes shut and turned away from her. He really didn't want to do this, and his wolf wanted nothing more than to ravish her. He bit his bottom lip as he curled on his side. "Just go to sleep," he growled.

12/9/2009 #14
R. Lauden

[[Haha. Oh my gosh. I love Justin.]]

"Goodnight." She mumbled, feeling a bit guilty. She never intended to be a tease, but she had a pretty good idea what his 'complication' was. She moved towards the farthest edge of the mattress, far from him as possible and shut her eyes. She admired him for being so gentlemanly. She had never expected it from him of all people. "What is your name?" She asked before drifting off the sleep.

12/10/2009 #15

[Lol. Yay!]

"Justin," he mumbled, turning over to look at her. He frowned when he found her sleeping. Her face was peaceful in her slumber, void of any sorrows from the past. He scooted closer to her so that their bodies were less than an inch from each other. As he watched her breathing he realized it was the first time he had actually spent the night with a woman since Anna. Pain seared through his chest. Justin pressed his face into the pillow, moaning softly. This happened often, the pain left over by Anna.

He needed to numb the pain, send it away for awhile longer. He pulled Arianna'ssmall frame against his chest, his arm draping across her flat stomach. His lower region ached with desire, twitching with the skin on skin contact as his legs tanglesd with hers. The pain ceased, lying dull in his chest. He buried his face in her neck, inhaling her scent. He knew he'd never forget her. He watched her chest rise and fall with each breath. He wasn't awake for very long.

12/10/2009 #16
R. Lauden
Aria moaned in her sleep, snuggling into the warm body embracing her. She slid her legs along his, still in a state of unconsiousness.
12/10/2009 #17

Justin mumbled in his sleep as the sun seeped in through the window. He pulled the warmth of Arianna's body closer, his morning excitement pressing against her side. He cuddled furhter into her.

12/10/2009 . Edited 12/10/2009 #18
R. Lauden
Aria opened her jade eyes, panicking at the sight of the strange room. She glanced over at the man beside her, she vaguely recognized him. His name skirted the edge of her thoughts. The sun danced across her face. "I have to go." She whispered, more to herself than to him. She moved to slip out of the bed.
12/10/2009 #19

Justin heard a voice in the distance saying something about going somewhere. He groaned, pressing his face into something soft and warm. "Five more minutes," he mumbled. His arms tightened around her.

12/10/2009 . Edited 2/17/2010 #20
R. Lauden

His head nestled into her breasts. Aria squirmed, pushing him away. "What are you doing?" She snarled, feeling him press against her. His arms circled her thin waist. She refused to betray her memories of Paden. Guilt had already begun to settle upon her heart. Her eyes burned slightly, spilling unbidden tears when she blinked.

12/10/2009 #21

"Sleeping," he whined, pressing his face into the warm pillow. "I like this bed," he said in a low mumble. He was on the verge of waking and tried his best to ignore the light filling the room.

12/11/2009 #22
R. Lauden

"Get off of me." Aria shouted, her voice cracking with emotion. She strained against him, panic settling into her bones. She needed to get away. What had she gotten herself into? What about Paden? Her heart fluttered at the thought of him.It was fragile, stitched together with her fondest memories of him. She missed him terribly.

12/11/2009 #23

Justin jumped up at the loud sound, looking around the room with sleepy eyes. "Hey," he said, smirking as he stared at Arianna.

12/11/2009 #24
R. Lauden

"Get away from me." Aria snarled, falling off the edge of the bed and landing on her bottom. She wiped the tears away, shooting to her feet and stomping into the bathroom. She shoved the door shut and locked it, pulling off his shirt and struffling with her still dampened clothes.

12/11/2009 #25

Justin stared at the door, dumb-struck. What had just happened? He almost found her emotion amusing, and would have laughed if not for the ache tugging at her heart. He shrugged and snuggled into the bed, missing her warmth. It was nice having someone around rather than being alone all the time. Sure, he had Shep, but she was a dog. He cocooned himself in the sheets and drifted back to sleep. In his dreams, he chased after Arianna, but she was never within his his reach no matter how fast he ran. She was faster.

12/11/2009 #26
R. Lauden
Aria pulled on her clothes, not bothering with her jacket. Her cell phone fell out of the pocket at she wrestled with her jeans, reporting three missed calls from Logan. Rolling her eyes, she stabbed it back in her pocket. She laced up the converse sneakers and pulled open the door. "Where is my gun?" She demanded, he eyes drifting over the sleeping man. She had somehow found composure, locking her grief in the farthest recess of her mind. At least until she made it to her room.
12/11/2009 #27

He heard a voice calling him from his sleep. "Pants," he muttered, turning on his stomach in the bed. The sheets slid down to rest just below his boxers, revealing the muscles in his back.

12/11/2009 #28
R. Lauden
Aria noticed the muscles in his back, the inner animal giving her a jolt of excitement. She wanted to exploe his body with her hands. She frowned at the thought, trying to seperate the werewolf instincts from her own. Stomping across the room, she snatched up his pants and grabbed the gun. She shoved it in the back of her jeans and left without uttering another word. [[Aria to main floor]]
12/11/2009 #29

In a distant corner of his mind Justin realized that Arianna had left. He curled into the pillows, letting sleep take him to better places.

12/11/2009 #30
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