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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Justin jumped from the bed, his face red with anger. His eyes were groggy as he stomped out of the room to find the person who had woken him.

*Justin to Main Floor*

12/11/2009 . Edited 12/11/2009 #31

*Justin Entering*

He slammed the door behind him, grumbling to himself. In the mornings, he was reminded of everything that he had tried to run from. Duncan, the pack, the pain of losing Anna. Listening to Arianna cry only reminded him of Anna even more. Memories of the day he was forced to leave her ran through his mind, waking a rage inside of him. His body tembled with anger. He took deep breaths, trying to control the fire burning in his veins. Suddenly his spine rippled, his muscles twisting. Justin phased into his wolf form, growling deep in his chest. He somehow managed to open the door.

*Justin to Main Floor*

12/14/2009 #32

*Shep Entering*

Shep looked around the room, taking note of the discarded clothing. Apparently someone had already come along to make the bed and clean the room. She turned around to face the vampire. "So how do we do this?"

1/1/2010 #33
Katelyn Renee

[[Asher Entering]]

Asher stepped into room, relieved that he could enter whenever he pleased. "Well," He grinned. "there are several different main arteries that I..." Asher looked her over quickly. "...very much enjoy." He stepped closer, and touched her neck gently. "There's the carotid artery along the neck." His eyes remained on hers, but they already began turning colors and his fangs pricked his bottom lip. Asher moved his hand slowly across her shoulder, and down her arm to her wrist. "The radial artery." Asher grinned. "And my favorite, the femoral artery..." He released her hand, touching her leg gently with his fingertips, and slowly moved them to her inner thigh.

1/1/2010 . Edited 1/1/2010 #34

Shep unconsciously licked her lips. Her eyes melted into his and she swore she could feel heat wherever he touched her. Gathering some self control she smirked. "Oh, you're good." She could already feel her toes curling in her shoes. She pushed herself away from the vampire and undressed, watching him the entire time. Her clothes were in a discarded pile next to the foot of the bed. She stood in her white cotton panties and bra, suddenly shy.

A rosy blush covered her cheeks, but she kept eye contact with the vampire as she closed the distance. Her small hands slipped under his shirt and teased the waist line of his pants. "You know, it's only fair that I know your name. I mean, you are drinking my blood after all," she whispered.

1/1/2010 #35
Katelyn Renee

Asher raised an eyebrow as she undressed, revealing a very attractive pair of undergarments. "Asher." He smirked, feeling his urges growing stronger, both male and vampiric ones. Ash rested his hands on Shep's hips, pulling her closer against him. He moved his hands and placed them firmly on her ass. He grinned, his face inches from hers.

1/1/2010 #36

Shep resisted the urge to moan at the feel of his hands. He felt so good. Deciding that she couldn't take it any longer Shep closed the small distance between them. Her lips pressed against his as her hands roamed up his chest and neck until her fingers wound into his hair. She tugged on the roots of his hair and deepened the kiss as she felt herself becoming ready for him.

[I feel the sudden urge to right a dirty one-shot. Lol]

1/1/2010 #37
Katelyn Renee

[[Teehee. ^.^]]

Asher pried her lips apart with his tongue, as he lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. He carried her to the bed, resting her against it, before pulling away to fumble with his belt buckle.

1/1/2010 #38

[Hopefully I'll finish it tonight. It's got a sad twist, but I'm going to try and make it as steamy as possible. Hehehe!! Yay for steamy sex scenes!!!]

Shep became irritated and groaned with the building anticipation. She took over and loosened his pants, pulling them down. Her hands darted to his shirt, but she was too frustrated and hot to do anything right. Instead she ripped the fabric open with a mischievous spark in her eyes. "Sorry," she mumbled, not meaning it at all. Her tongue darted over her lips at the sight of his bare chest. Shep's hands traveled over the contours of his abs and pectorals, admiring the cooling sensation that prickled her skin. She scraped her fingernail over his nipple, biting her lips softly as she gazed up at him.

1/1/2010 #39
Katelyn Renee

[[rofl. very nice. btw, i'm not good a these smexy scenes. teehee. ;D]]

Asher smirked, tearing off the rest of his shirt. "I have another." He muttered, moving on top of her. His lips pressed against her firmly, her scent no longer giving him a headache, but making him want more. His hands explored her body, and moved around her back for the clasp of her bra.

1/1/2010 #40

[Lol. That's fine. It took me awhile to be decent at it. I read a lot more smut than I should. Haha.]

She moaned softly against his lips before pulling away and discarding her bra. Her palms rested on either side of his face as she forced him to look in her eyes. "I only ask you two things," she said desperately, panting for breath, "Don't call me Shep. Krystalie, Kris, Krystal; anything but Shep. And don't kill me." With that she breathed out a soft sigh and tangled her fingers in his hair. She tugged on his roots once again, adding a heated passion to the kiss as his scent surrounded her. It was odd how it had suddenly changed, but she didn't care. She wanted him, and that was all she could think of: how good he felt.

Her lips teased his in a seductive maneuver, her tongue slipping into his mouth to explore. She was hungry and desperate, wanting to feel a heat that didn't exist. In the back of her mind she knew this was wrong, but she was craving his cold skin, his scent, the erotic feel of his fangs piercing her flesh. The urgency was driving her wild as she moaned loudly, her fingers pulling at his hair. Her tongue collided against his causing her thighs to shake with need. Exploring further, her tongue swept over his fangs. She pulled away with a sudden, pleasured, gasp and moaned at the sight of him when her eyes flashed open. She panted for breath, running her fingers through his hair. She couldn't take it anymore. "Bite me," she begged, her voice filled with a young vulnerability and endless desperation.

1/1/2010 #41
Katelyn Renee

[[Haha. That was very...interesting. Teehee. You are such a rebel. lol. ;D]]

Asher shuddered when her tongue grazed his fangs, sending a strange sensation through his body. A vampire's fangs were very sensitiveto touch, and if someone wanted to be cruel, could torcher a vampire that way. Asher moved his lips to her neck, kissing along her collar bone as he searched for the right spot. Ash suddenly bit down, sinking his teeth into skin. Krissy's blood flowed out and into his mouth.

The taste was so different from other beings, he guessed it was due to her being a shifter. He never had, in the many centuries of his un-dead life, tasted shifter blood. He had always settle with an easy target, but he did enjoy the occasional challenge. Asher secretly hoped her blood wasn't toxic to him. Asher tightened his grip on the covers of the bed at the taste of her blood.

1/1/2010 #42

[Haha, thanks. Damn, this stuff is pretty erotic. Oh and her blood isn't toxic. We'll say it's better than human blood. More nutrients and much more delicious. It would be funny if he got addicted. Hahaha, I can just see him following her around.]

Shep had gasped when Asher's fangs penetrated her skin. Pain fled through her nerves, but soon settled into an erotic wave of pleasure washing over her over and over again. Her eyes rolled into the back of her had, she scraped her nails down his back. A loud moan vibrated in her throat as her back arched to press her breasts against his chest. "Asher," she panted. Her trembling thighs squeazed his waist, her toes curling against the back of his calves.

In that moment nothing else existed. She could feel his fangs, his lips, almost every part of his body. The heat between her thighs was gathering. Shep didn't know how much longer she could hold on. She wanted him inside of her, now. Their underwear was the only barrier between them, but she knew she couldn't pull away now. Pleasure threatened to spill over. "Asher," she pleaded, her nails digging into his shoulder blades. "Oh, God, Asher!" she screamed.

1/1/2010 #43
Katelyn Renee

[[I think I'm a little out of my league here. Haha. bleh. why is rylee always MIA? xDD rofl! i just realized when she gets on, she'll have a bunch of erotic messages. she'd probably laugh. Haha. I thought that was funny. xDD And yesh that would be freakin' hilarious if Ashy followed Shep around. Teehee.]]

Asher retracted his fangs from her neck to let out a groan when she dug her nails into his skin. Blood trickled out slightly, but it quickly healed. Asher licked the blood from her neck, before he returned to biting into her again. His mind was only on one thing now. Her blood. He never tasted something so...powerful, or delicious. He faintly hear Shep screaming his name, his mind flooding with her taste.

1/1/2010 . Edited 1/1/2010 #44
R. Lauden

[[Ooolala. Get some, Shep. :P Sorry I wasn't on last night. I spent New Years with Nate's family. We went to see avatar. W00t! There were a few tree-hugging underlying themes. The kids in back of me kept kicking my seat, talking, and getting up to switch seats with one another or use the bathroom. BUT, all in all it was enjoyed.]]

1/2/2010 #45

Shep felt her muscles tighten. Her back arched completely off the bed and she screamed. Her climax shook her body to her very core. She fell back against the bed and felt another wave of pleasurable heat coiling in her stomach. Her body felt tired. Slowly, Shep opened her eyes, but found that her eyelids were heavy and the edge of her vision was beginning to blur. Something tugged at her thoughts and the realization suddenly hit her. She pushed weakly against Asher's chest, but her hands barely applied any pressure at all.

"Asher," she mumbled, struggling to blink. "Please, stop...."

1/2/2010 #46
Katelyn Renee

[[Haha. Yeah, I went to see Avatar the other day. Teehee, Jakie was gorgeous! And a Marine, so that's a plus! lol.]]

Asher continued to swallowed Shep's blood, unable to stop. He barely felt her tiny hands pressing against him, trying to shove him away. "Your so....delicious." He murmured against her skin, retracting his fangs for a second to speak. "...can't stop." Asher snarled, stabbing his teeth into a fresh spot along her shoulder.

1/2/2010 #47

[I'm about to leave to go see Avatar! Yay!]

This time Shep cried out in pain as he bit into her again. "Asher, please, don' this, stop," Shep pleaded, her eyes closing. She could no longer keep them open. She felt cold, weak. She just wanted to sleep. Sleep sounded like heaven at the moment. Unwanted tears trickled down her face when her eyelids flickered open, taking most of her strength. She wiggled beneath him and her hand reached up to rest in the crook of his neck. "Asher," she whispered, "you don't...want to kill me." The tips of her fingers stroked his neck, begging and comforting him at the same time. It took all her strength, but she could only pray that it would work as she fought to keep her eyes open. She didn't realize the tears had drenched her face and had yet to cease.

1/2/2010 #48
Katelyn Renee

A growl erupted from Asher's chest as he listened to her words. He didn't want to kill her, but he didn't want to stop either. But he knew if he didn't stop, he would kill her. "I...can't." Asher grumbled again, licking up the blood along her shoulder and neck. " something." He snarled, seconds away from biting her again. Asher wouldn't be able to stop on his own free will, she would have to make him stop if she wanted to live.

1/2/2010 #49

[Okay, this is gonna be kind of cheesy, but stick with me. Lolz. Hope this works, because I really don't want her to die. :( I could make her a ghost....but let's not do that. Unless this really doesn't work. Dang, it would be a good plot if she died, but no! We shall not go there......]

Her heart lurched in her chest as he spoke. If she would have known this would happen she wouldn't have volunteered. Drawing in all her strength she placed her hand over his dead heart. Shep turned her head on the pillow and looked straight into his eyes. Their lips were almost touching. "Asher...I'm sorry," she breathed as her eyes closed. She pressed her warm lips to his cold ones, her body trembling.

1/2/2010 #50
Katelyn Renee

[[Haha. welcome back. teehee. how'd you like the movie. ^.^ btw, i wouldn't have let him kill her. Haha. it would have been funny if she did something...a little more painful to him. MWhaha.]]]

Asher froze, surprised by the sudden warmness on his lips. He blinked, returning to himself, or at least enough to realized what was happening. Asher kissed her back for a second, touching her face gently with his hand, before he tore the connection, sliding off her. He had his back to her, his body shaking slightly with the urge to drink her blood again. "I...I have to go....I'm sorry." He said with trembling voice. Asher flashed towards the door, coiling his fingers around the handle.

1/2/2010 #51

[Oh my gosh, your last post made me tear up. The movie was awesome! The special effects were so freaking cool. Oh, like bite him?]

Her hand reached out into the empty air, searching for Asher. The tears were coming faster now as Shep became aware of her loneliness. The memories flooded back. Suddenly she wasn't in the room anymore. She was in her home where she grew up. Bags were packed, the front door open. Her parents looked at her with disgust, called her names.

"Asher," she cried out, her eyes searching for him. "No, no, please. Don't leave me. Asher, stay." Shep gathered herself up and left the bed. Her legs barely supported her as she walked. She stumbled into his body, wrapping her arms around his shoulders for support. "You can't leave me. You promised," she mumbled into his back, her nails clutching his flesh.

1/2/2010 . Edited 1/2/2010 #52
Katelyn Renee

[[rofl! are you serious. wowzers. i'm just that awesome aren't i. teehee ;D haha. idk what she should have done, but your post was good.]]

Asher closed his eyes. "I also promised not to kill you." He muttered, his voice trembling still. Asher swallowed back the lump that was building in his throat. "I have to go..." He said softly, his breathing heavy and uneven. It was getting more and more difficult to resist her blood the longer he stayed. "...Krissy..." He cried out, his voice pained with the thought of hurting her again. "...please, let me go." Asher pleated, still with his eyes closed.

1/2/2010 #53

[Lol. Yeah. You know, I find this whole situation between them kind of funny. I mean, he's 21 and she's only 16. Hahaha. :D]

Shep felt herself sinking. He had to go, but she couldn't understand why. She needed him after what happened. She needed someone, even Justin would have helped her now. "If you leave," she whispered, "...don't come back." Shep felt as if her heart was breaking all over again. Just like when her parents had left her three years ago.

1/2/2010 #54
Katelyn Renee

[[O_O I did not know this. Haha. xDD]]

Asher paled more the usual, feeling as if Shep was ripping out his dead heart with ever word. "It's not like that." He turned quickly, holding her up with outstretched arms. "I don't want to leave. I have to leave." Asher grumbled out, willing her to understand what he was saying. "If I say, I willkill you." His jaw was tight as he spoke, trying to keep is gaze on hers and off the blood dripping down her chest. Asher's expression was strained, his eyebrows scrunched together as he concentrated on his eyes. "Do you understand?" He asked her finally, hoping she did.

1/2/2010 . Edited 1/2/2010 #55

[Hahaha, oohhh yeah. Her bra isn't on by the way...lolz.]

She pushed away from him, staggering back to the bed and falling on top of it. "No," she answered in a quiet voice. She didn't look at him as she lay down on her side and put her back to him. "You're just like them," Shep whispered. "Get out."

1/2/2010 #56
Katelyn Renee

[[Would he have to leave since she told him too?]]

1/2/2010 #57

[Nope. That would be up to him. A vampire may go wherever they please, whenever they please. Unless there's a spell or something on the place, which there isn't.]

1/2/2010 #58
Katelyn Renee

[[haha. just checkin. i like to use the traditional vampire stuff haha.]]

Asher frowned, stepping froward. "Krystalie please. Don't be like that." He pleaded, touching her leg gently with his fingertips.

1/2/2010 #59

[Ahh, okay. You can if you want. Make it like a curse or something.]

She flinched away from him and curled into the sheets, closing her eyes. She didn't speak to him, she wouldn't dare. Shep decided she would just wait until he made up his mind.

1/2/2010 #60
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