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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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A narrow dirt road four miles long. Only one car can fit on the road. Ditches filled with rusted cars, bikes, children’s toys, and trash are on either side the road. Tall trees of the small Dun Forest overlap each other to form a canopy, blocking out any sunlight or moonlight. Very few people make it out of Dun Road alive. Eerie cries of a banshee and mysterious howls are often heard from deep within the forest surrounding Dun Road. Dark shadowy figures are often seen running through the trees. Dun Road is a fairies worst fear. There are no signs of life surrounding Dun Road. Some say that evil spirits lurk in the forest’s depths awaiting their prey to enter their trap.

11/13/2009 . Edited 1/4/2010 #1

*Jesamine from Delightful Duplex to Dun Road*

Jesamine walked cautiously towards the place she had seen, which was now visible to be a dark road surrounded by trees. The place was very eerie. She wanted to explore further but something inside of her was holding her back. Jesamine shrugged away her doubts and stepped onto the dirt road. She could see rusted cars and other creepy objects littering the area around her.She could hear soft whispering noises floating through the air and could feel presences other than her own. Deciding against an unwanted adventure, she stepped off of the road and walked back towards town, making a note in her mind to come back later.

*Jesamine to Carl's Catfish*

11/15/2009 . Edited 11/15/2009 #2

*Kallum and Aria from Main Street*

After thirty seconds of speeding down the road the car came to a stop. He pumped the gas, but nothing happened. The lights were still on, but the engine was dead. He got out of the car, leaving the door open. Kallum cursed, looking around him.

1/6/2010 #3
R. Lauden

Aria glanced around nervously. The darkness was almost suffocating. Her body shook when the car stopped. The headlights doused the naked trees in an eerie light. She inhaled a deep breath, glancing out the open door. Now was her chance to escape. The thought stung her conscience. Goddamit. She cursed, climbing over the middle console and spilling out of the car.

Her bare knees scraped across the asphalt.

1/7/2010 #4

Kallum whipped around the face Arianna, running around the car to catch up to her. He yanked her up, slamming her against the side of the car, hard enough to dent it. "I told you not to try and escape. You should have listened," he growled before lifting the shirt and exposing her naked lower region. He grinned with satisfaction.

Behind Kallum large, yellow eyes glowind in the darkness.

1/7/2010 #5
R. Lauden

Aria yelped as he threw her against the car, feeling a shock of pain in her back. "Get away from me." She screamed, shoving against his strong chest. When he lifted the bottom of the shirt, the realization crushed her with enormous weight. "Get away." Tears threatened her eyes. She had managed to keep it together up until that moment.

1/7/2010 #6

Kallum boomed with malicious laughter. He spread her thighs, forcing himself between them. He stroked her face with his thumb. "Poor Arianna, you should have listened to daddy." He leaned close to her, his hand gripping her chin with a bruising force. "Where's Paden to save you now?" he whispered darkly.

The yellow eyes blinked, as they watched the scene. This man was evil, and this creature was enjoying his little escapade.

1/7/2010 #7
R. Lauden

Aria screamed in horror, feeling him penetrate. Her body shook with fear. Hearing the monster say his name opened the floodgates. Tears steamed down her face. "Stop." She pleaded, feeling him thrust inside her. "Please, stop." The more she faught against him, the weaker she became. It was no use. The monster was too strong.

1/7/2010 #8

He chuckled with dark humor. "You like that don't you?" Grinning he clashed his fist against her jaw and pulled out of her.

Justin ran down the road. He could hear something following him in the distance as footfalls crunched the leaves in the surrounding forest. From the corner of his eyes he spotted a pair of yellow glowing eyes, but ignored them. Something seized his chest from the inside when he spotted a dark figure down the road and a light illuminating the darkness. Goddammit, that was his car! As he neared, fury seared his veins. The sight before him made him run even faster. He charged.

Kallum whipped around just as Justin rammed into him, sending both Justin and Kallum to the ground.

1/7/2010 #9
R. Lauden

"Oh, God." Aria cried, watching the figure tackle the tracker. Her hands shook as she tried to wipe away the tears. Her vision blurred, but she saw the dark shapes wrestling on the asphalt. Sinking slowly against the car, she collapsed to the ground. Her body ached, her insides crawled. Her heart thumped in her chest, screaming for Paden.

He would have never let this happen.

1/7/2010 #10

Kallum roared with anger, punching his opponent in the gut. Justin let out a whoosh of air, wheezing. It didn't take long for him to recover. Justin brought his hand back, clenching it. His fist clashed against the side of Kallums face repeatedly. Blood splattered the gravel. Kallum groaned. Justin angled his elbow perfectly, bringing it up and then slamming his elbow into Kallum's nose. Blood puddled on the ground and drenched Kallum's face, some sprinkled over Justin's abdomen.

Justin didn't look back at Arianna. He couldn't, not now. "Arianna! Get in the car!" he shouted. Kallum sputtered and reached up, his hands surrounding the column of Justin's throat.

1/7/2010 #11
R. Lauden

She recognized the voice of the speaker. Justin had rescued her. Trying to wrap her mind around it, she rose to her feet. He was the last person she expected. He had no reason to save her and he certainly did not strike her as the good-doer type. She pushed the spiraling thoughts to the back of her mind.

As she stood in the middle of the road, her knees quaked and threatened to buckle beneath her. The space between her thighs ached, throbbed with an ugly reminder. Somehow, she managed to muster enough strength to crawl into the passengers seat.

1/7/2010 #12

Justin's face turned red his hands scrambled to find the knife in his pocket. Kallum turned them over so that he hovered above Justin. Kallum tightened his grip. The metal met Justin's fingertips. He fought for air, kicking up at Kallum. Wrapping his fingers around the handle he removed the sharp weapon from his pocket. Kallum didn't notice as he grinned in satisfaction.

Despite the exhaustion growing over his body Justin stabbed the blade in Kallum's gut. The large man rolled over gasping. Blood spilled from his side. Justin lifted himself up. He staggered in front of the car, suddenly becoming tired. On the ground Kallum had removed the knife and was rising from the gravel. Justin didn't notice. Kallum growled, bashing Justin against the hood of the orange car.

Anger flickered through Justin's vision. As Justin lifted himself up, Kallum missed his aim, stabbing Justin in the leg. Eye glowing with a new depth of fury Justin yelped in pain.

1/7/2010 #13
R. Lauden

"Justin!" Aria cried out, watching the scene illuminated by the headlights. Reaching out for the gaping door, she pulled it shut. The sound resonated through her body. If Justin didn't make it, if the tracker killed him... she would be left to his mercy. Her head was spinning. She slammed her hand down on the locks, hearing them engage from faraway.

Pulling her knees into her chest, she could not peel her eyes away from the terrifying scuffle. The tracker looked to have the advantage. His blade glinted in the yellow lights.

1/7/2010 #14

Before Kallum could make another move Justin tore the blade from his thigh. He reached up, stabbing the blade in the front of Kallum's neck, just below his Adam's apple. Kallum's eye nearly popped out of their sockets as his lips parted. An evil grin settle over Justin's mouth. Justin turned them over, now standing above Kallum's dying body. "No one fucks with me," Justin snarled. He gripped the blades handle, yanked it up. The flesh ripped in a jagged line. Blood gushed out over the car, staining the hood. Justin twisted the blade ninety degrees, relishing in the moment. Once he was pleased he drug the body off the hood of the car, laying it in the middle of the road. He limped to the driver's seat and yanked on the door. It was locked.

He knew Arianna was frantic, and probably afraid of him, but they had to leave. Now. He knocked a knuckle against the window, leaning against the car.

1/7/2010 #15
R. Lauden

Aria heard the rapping at the window, but her gaze was locked on the dead body in the headlights. The tracker's eyes were wide and staring back at her. Her breathing grew more rigid. The blood glistened off the orange hood. She called upon every ounce of strength to turn her attention towards Justin. He stood on the other side of the glass, blood splattered across his bare torso.

Against every instinct, she reached to unlock the door.

1/7/2010 . Edited 1/7/2010 #16

He blew out a breath of relief as he plopped into the car. He shut the door, but faced straight ahead. He didn't look at Arianna. Right now he didn't think he could face her, but he damn well wasn't going to apologize for killing that man. He had enjoyed it a little too much, but he'd worry about that later. He turned the key, but the car didn't start. Justin groaned and tried again. He almost smiled as the engine roared to life. He put the car in reverse, looked over his shoulder, and drove down the road backwards. There was no way he could make a U-turn without getting the car stuck in a ditch. He couldn't have that.

1/7/2010 #17
R. Lauden

Justin did not speak, so neither did Aria. She did not want to talk about it. Despite every attempt to convince herself otherwise, guilt settled over her conscience. She had betrayed Paden. His memory was soiled. To hear the monster say his name brought fresh tears to her eyes. A part of her had been ripped away and replaced with shame. "I--" She tried to speak, but her voice broke.

She settled her eyes out the window, angling away from him. She did not want Justin to see her cry.

1/7/2010 #18

She sounded so broken, damaged. Her heart was wounded. Justin felt a heavy weight settle in his chest at the sound of her voice. He couldn't look at her in fear of seeing Anna in her. If he did, he would break down. Instead he focused on the road behind them and the thrill of killing the beast.

"Don't talk," he said coldly, a failed attempt at trying to comfort her. What could he say to a woman who had just been raped? He backed out of the road and back on to Main Street.

*Justin and Arianna to Main Street*

1/7/2010 #19

The yellow-eyed beast emerged from the forest, raking his feet along the gravel of Dun Road. He sniffed in the air, an appetizing scent meeting his nostrils. He lumbered down the road until he found the meal. The dead scent of werewolf lingered in the air, blood pooled around the body on the gravel. The beast emitted a banshee's cry from it's throat before grabbing the dead man by his ankles and dragging him into the forest. A gush of wind rattled the trees and the beasts followed their leader into the depths of the forest.

1/9/2010 #20
*Farah entering*

Farah walked down the lonliest looking road. This road seemed lonely enough, and creepy as he'll. She could sense the evil around her but didn't mind it. Something moved in the dead shrubbery and she let her wings spread, she beautiful red wings caught in the moonlight, shining slightly. Her eyes held no red, now pitch black and endless. She pulled her lip back over her teeth and hissed at whatever was lurking there, warning it. When she heard nothing, she relaxed.

6/27/2010 #21
R. Lauden

[Karael Entering]

"...I just don't get it Carl." Karael mumbled as he walked along Dun Road, swinging a stick through the air like some mighty sword. Carl trailed along behind him, his paws silent along the dirt road. "Why do we have to stay in the woods?" He asked, charging a tree and hacking at it with his stick. "We should be like Max, I could be King." He mounted a rock and posed with his hands on his hips, just like Max did in Where the Wild Things Are.

Carl walked up to the rock and stood on his hind legs, clapping his hands together. Karael frowned and dug through his pocket for a piece of candy corn. He handed it to Carl and slumped down on the rock, setting his sword aside and pulling a handful of candy from his pocket.

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #22
Farah heard a noise and walked a little ways, seeing a little boy and a racoon. She blinked, what the he'll was a little boy doing in this place. Glancing around, she couldn't see any parents of sort and chewed her lip, "hello."
6/27/2010 #23
R. Lauden

Karael glanced up at the woman with the wings and nearly fell backwards off the rock. He glared at her without saying a word, scooping up Carl and holding him on his lap. Carl was more than happy, pawing at his pocket for more candy. Karael said nothing to the creature. His mom had taught him never to speak to strangers.

6/27/2010 #24
Farah looked at the boy and chuckled, "where's your mom? Dad," she asked, taking a step towards him. Her wings folded against her back and she sighed, crossing her arms over her chest.
6/27/2010 #25
R. Lauden

Karael shrugged away from her, reaching into his pocket to give Carl another piece of candy corn. He kept his lips pressed tight and reached out for his sword, peeling the bark off the end. Mom was probably still with Ornias. She was when he left anyway. Told Karael to stay in his room. He hated staying in his room. He wanted to explore.

Carl sat on his back legs and gnawed at the candy.

6/27/2010 #26
Farah looked at the stick and smiled, "that's a very nice sword you got," she said, gesturig towards the stick, " like to fend of the monsters? Or maybe you make friends with them?" She asked with a smile.
6/27/2010 #27
R. Lauden

Karael held up the sword for her to inspect, flashing a proud smile. It was just like the septor given to Max in Where the Wild Things Are. It was his septor. His sword. He was king of the Wild Things.

6/27/2010 #28
Farah looked at the 'sword' and smiled at him, "you know what? It looks just like the sword from that book. Darn what was it called..." she chuckled and looked around again. She didn't want to leave him alone in this god awful place, "hmm, hey kid do you want to go on an adventure, I will bring you to my kingdom," she said.
6/27/2010 #29
R. Lauden

Karael hugged Carl and slid off the rock. "Okay." He agreed in a quiet voice, grabbing his stick and looking up at her. Carl squirmed in his arms, depserate to be let down.

6/27/2010 #30
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