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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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A comfortable civil war home located on Main Street. A large balcony sits over the font of the house. Forest green shutters are on either side of the windows at the front and sides of the house. There are four bedrooms and two point five bathrooms. A large living area with a comfortable dining and kitchen area. All the bedrooms are on the second floor. A screened in porch sits at the back.



12/8/2009 . Edited 6/19/2010 #1
Katelyn Renee

[[Veronica and Reese from Main Street]]

Veronica pulled over to the curb, stepping out onto the sidewalk. ''Wow. It's smaller the I would have that.'' She said, moving up the walkway.

''God Ronnie. Why do you need a house so big. It's just you.'' Reese smirked, letting a small laugh escape his lips. ''Right, I almost forgot. You need if for your ego.''

Ronnie rolled her eyes, stepping up the stairs.

12/9/2009 #2
Katelyn Renee

Veronica unlocked the door, stepping inside and closing the door on Reese. She was greeted by an amazing living room, that was nicely furnished. She walked into it, setting her purse down on then end table. She smiled, relaxing into the sofa.

Reese rolled his eyes, walking down the pathway and onto the sidewalk. He needed to get away from Veronica and her stubbornness. She was probably thinking the same thing.

[[Reese to Main Road]]

12/9/2009 #3
Katelyn Renee

Veronica awoke from a light sleep, unaware that she had fallen asleep. She looked around with sleepy eyes. ''Reese?'' Ronnie asked, realizing she was alone. She rolled her eyes, walking towards the kitchen.

12/11/2009 #4
Katelyn Renee

[[Am i suppose to furnish the house? because i didn't do that. haha]]

Veronica rummaged threw every shelf looking from something to snack on. She huffed in frustration, seeing that she would have to buy some groceries. Veronica slipped into her jacket and stepped outside into Mauderville.

[[Veronica to Main Street]]

12/16/2009 #5

[No you don't have to. It's up to you. It can come furnished or not.]

12/16/2009 #6
Katelyn Renee

[[haha alrighty. it's already pre-furnished then. lol]]

12/16/2009 #7
Katelyn Renee

[[Veronica from Main Street]]

Ronnie stumbled threw the door, having a bit of a head ache. It must be from the moon...she thought, moving towards the sofa. Veronica slumped into the cushions, letting her mind relax.

12/21/2009 #8
Katelyn Renee

Veronica fell asleep quickly.

[[Reese Entering]]

Reese passed threw (am i using that right? would it be threw, or though?) the door, and rolled his eyes at the sleeping Veronica. He moved to the chair next to her, and slumped into it, staring up at the ceiling.

12/23/2009 . Edited 12/24/2009 #9
Katelyn Renee

Ronnie stirred in her sleep, tossing and turning, and sat up quickly. She narrowed her eyes at Reese, not appreciating the looks she was getting from him. He seemed surprised. "What the hell are you looking at?" She snarled.

"Uh..." Reese muttered, not sure what to say. How could he explain that there were two Veronica's sitting in front of him, not to mention the one speaking he could see right through.

"What Matthew?!" She urged, scooting off the sofa, to glare at him. Veronica crossed her arms under her breast, unaware of her body lying on the couch.

Reese lifted a hand, and poked her. "Freaky..." He murmured, poking her again. It made sense that he could now touch her, considering they were made of the same material.

Veronica stumbled back quickly, both shock and confusion overpowering her. "What the hell?" She tumbled to the ground next to the couch, coming face to face with her body. A scream escaped her lips, but no one other then Reese would hear.

12/29/2009 #10
Katelyn Renee

Reese covered his ears, in an attempt of cover up Ronnie's screams. "God! Stop it!" He tried yelling over her. "Would you shut the hell up!" Reese snarled, grabbing her by the shoulders. Ronnie looked up at him, on the verge of tears.

"What--Why?!" Ronnie screeched, not understanding what was happening to her.

"You're giving me a head ache, that's why." Reese snapped, releasing his hold on her. He rubbed his ears slightly trying to stop the ringing, as he turned his back to Veronica.

Ronnie bolted to her feet, narrowing her eyes at Reese. "You think this is funny!" She growled, taking his comment the wrong way.

"What?" Reese groaned, his voice sounding slightly bored as he spun on the soles of his dress shoes. He smirked at her expression, and body language. Reese found her anger humorous.

"You fucking Prick!" Veronica snarled, stalking towards him. She raised a hand, colliding her palm with his cheek.

"Ow!" Reese snarled, before realizing he felt that. He started laughing, showing his white teeth in a wide grin. "I felt that. Holy crap. Do it again." He said happily.

12/29/2009 #11
Katelyn Renee

Veronica narrowed her eyes at him, and let out an angry growl. "See if you can feel this!" She lifted her knee sharply in the direction of his groin.

"Whoa, hey now." Reese said, turning to the side and quickly catching her small leg. "I'm just foolin'." He said, partially true.

Another growl erupted from Veronica. "Dammit Reese, this isn't funny." She pulled away from his grasp, still annoyed. "I don't know what the hell is going on!"

"And you think I do?" Reese cut in before she could continue. "You're the fucking psychic. You figure it out."

Veronica wanted to kill him all over again. "I can only see ghosts--"

"Spirits." He corrected her.

"Whatever." She said, not caring. "I can only see spirits, not become one."

Reese rolled his eyes. "Well apparently, you can."

12/30/2009 #12
Katelyn Renee

"Look, whatever, I need to go." Reese said to her, tired of her childish bullshit.

Veronica sneered. "Where the hell do you need to go?"

Reese kept walking. "Away from you." He snarled passing through the doorway.

[[Reese Leaving]]

"Matthew!" Veronica shouted after him, and huffed. Suddenly she felt dizzy, and stumbled, loosing her balance. "Whoa." Ronnie grumbled for a second, before blackness surrounded her.

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #13
Katelyn Renee

Veronica woke up with a start, sitting up quickly no in her own body. She groaned under her breath, bracing a hand firmly on her throbbing head. "Okay, that was a freaky dream." She grumbled to herself, sliding off the couch. He stomach growled loudly, begging for food. She hadn't eat in the past twenty-four hours. "Matthew? Are you still here?" Ronnie called out, scanning over the room. "Apparently not." She huffed, when there was no reply.

Veronica growled under her breath when she notice what time it was, realizing no restaurants were open at midnight. She would have to wait another till morning to eat. Ronnie make her way to the back of the house towards the room that was her new bedroom. She smiled at the sight of the master bed, and quickly relaxed into the mattress.

1/10/2010 #14
Katelyn Renee

Veronica felt the warmness of the sun on her face, waking her slowly. Her stomach growled eagerly, as if it knew it was morning and time to eat. Ronnie stretched out of bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Matt?" She called out, but nothing replied like last night. She frowned slightly, hoping she hadn't pissed him off. Sure he was an annoyance sometimes, but he was someone to talk to. Her stomach moaned again, breaking her from her thoughts.

[[Veronica to Main Street]]

1/11/2010 #15
Katelyn Renee

[[Veronica and Reegan Entering]]

Veronica dragged the body into her house, and smiled. "Nice isn't it, Logan." She giggled, pulling him into the living room. Ronnie propped him up next to the sofa, resting his back against the cushions. "Now, you wait here." She said, her smile wide and slightly disturbing. Veronica nearly galloped away, and went into a back room.

"Logan! Hey, damn it, snap out of it!" Reese growled out, trying to get the werewolf to start moving.

2/11/2010 #16
R. Lauden

Logan tried opening his eyes, though his lids were heavy. The pain hummed all thoughout his body, the silver chanelling through every vein and artery. It was slowly paralyzing him. His gaze shifted to the knife protruding from this shoulder. Blood oozed from the wound, trickling down his bare chest. His dark hair dangled in his vision, making it hard to focus.

"Can't." Was all he managed, his lids threatening to way closed. He could hear his kidnappering in the next room, the dumb bitch should have just killed him. Why she wanted him alive, he could only imagine. Reese had mentioned something about her father, maybe she planned on keep him as a trophy. He would have laughed at the thought, but the situation was void of any humor.

He just needed to get his system clean, get rid of the silver. Maybe then he could make it to the door. Maybe. He had already lost so much blood. His vision was tunnelling, the edges growing hazy. His head drooped, his chin resting against his collarbone.

2/11/2010 #17
Katelyn Renee

"Don't give me that crap. Yes you can. If you want to get to Arianna and win her heart back, then get moving!" Reese persisted, his voice sounding slightly desperate. He had watched some of the things Veronica had done to her victims, unable to prevent them. Reese let them flow through their mind, as if they were right there.

A young girl--witch--maybe fifteen years old, strapped down to a table with Veronica and her father smiling down at her. A boy--vampire--about Reese's age, screaming for someone to help. For someone to stop the pain. The list just went on and on. His own death was in the mix, a gun pointed at his head, pain the darkness. Reese had tried to convince Veronica to just let them all go. A few times he succeeded, but not enough times.

"When she's through with us, she'll go after everyone else. She'll go after Aria. Do you really want her in the hands of that bitch?" Reese said. It was a desperate move, but he hoped it would motivate the wolf enough to at least try and get out of here.

Reese heard Veronica rooting around in a back room, he heard chains rattling against each other.

2/11/2010 #18
R. Lauden

Logan winced, the images pouring into this skull with a brutal intensity. The thought of Aria, chained to that table. Reese was telling him to escape, though he needed to kill Ronnie. He needed to stop her. If she hurt Aria, Logan would die. He reached for the knife in his shoulder, fingers trembling with the movement. He could barely muster enough strength.

He gripped the blade, sliding it out of his flesh and gritting his teeth. He struggled to hold in his suffering. He wanted to scream, let it all out. The blood gushed from the wound, once he removed the silver blade. His fingers tightened around the hilt, though his grip was weak. His hand trembled. He tried scraping himself to his feet, but collapsed to the hideous carpet.

His eyes welled up with images of Aria. He needed to protect her, though she had chosen Justin. He had no reason to fight, no reason to escape. Ronnie would kill him. Aria and Justin could live happily every after. He sunk back against the cushions, the knife slipping from his grasp. Painful tears spilled from his sapphire eyes, both physical and emotional. His chest heaved with a sob, smeared with crimson.

2/11/2010 #19
Katelyn Renee

"Good. You can do it, Logan." Reese praised, as Logan readied himself to rip the blade out. He could hear Veronica coming back, "Hurry, Logan. We need to move." He urged, just as Logan yanked the blade out. Reese could feel Logan's strength fading fast. "Get up!" He ordered when Logan tumbled to the floor.

Veronica came back into the room, chains slung over her shoulder. "Now Logan, you wouldn't be trying to leave would you?" She chided, stepping into the room. "Come on now, I need to move you. Can't have you were everyone can see you, now can I? Here, why don't you be a doll and hold these." She said, tossing the chains onto his chest and abdoman. Veronica grabbed his ankles, and pulled him towards the back to her room.

2/11/2010 #20
R. Lauden

When the heavy chains landed on his chest, the air bolted from his lungs. He winced and began to cough, spraying blood across the floral couch cusions. "Good luck getting that out, bitch." He thought, though he couldn't will himself to speak. When she latched onto his ankles and started to drag him into the next room, he clawed at the carpet.

He should have never came to Mauderville. He should have filed for seperation, found another mate, and started a new life as alpha. In that moment, he hated Aria. He hated her for everything she put him through. He hated her for taking Paden, for leaving town, for never returning his love. The stupid wedding band gleamed on his left hand.

2/11/2010 #21
Katelyn Renee

Reese would have laughed at what Logan thought, but he didn't find their situation funny at all. Not even the slightest.

Veronica pulled him into her room, dragging him to the bed. She dropped his legs, and ran a set of fingers through her hair with frustration. How was she going to get him onto the bed? Ronnie looked down at him, and smirked. He looked so pathetic, and sad. "Oh, cheer up party pooper." Veronica pouted slightly, picking up the chairs, and tossed them onto the mattress.

She rubbed her hands together, and took a deep breath. "All rightly, upsy dassy." She mumbled, hooking her arms under his. Veronica did her best to left him up, straining against his weight. After a few desperate tries, she finally managed to get him onto the mattress. She smiled at him, patting him on the shoulder. "There." She breathed out.

Veronica grabbed the chains, and wrapped one around ever limp, chaining him to each bed post.

2/11/2010 #22
R. Lauden

Logan released a painful snarl. The movement caused his wounds to break open, spilling more blood onto her comforter. The situation felt almost dreamlike, likely because of the blood loss. The cieling was spinning, turning on its axis. He blinked, trying to focus. He heard the rattle of chains, felt the cool metal wrapped tight around his wrists. "What--" An unpleasant pang caused him to heave slightly, throbbing from his abdomen. "Stupid cunt." He yanked at his arm, trying to free it from the bed post

The effort was fruitless. She had him chained to her bed. He was helpless, trapped in a room with a crazy bitch. He suddenly wished for that knife. He imagined sliding it across her throat, but that was only wishful thinking.

2/11/2010 #23
Katelyn Renee

"Hey now, stop that." Veronica scolded, swatting himon the nose like a bad dog. She looked over his wounds, probing her fingers around and in each one. "These look like they hurt." She observed, turning her gaze to his face.

Reese remained silent, trying to figure a way out. The image of Logan slitting Veronica's throat filled his mind. "That's not helping anything, Logan." He grumbled, though he too wished to see the bitch dead. "I need to figure out how to leave you, so I can go find Shep or Eliza."

2/11/2010 #24
R. Lauden

Logan cried out in pain, feeling her fingers probing and dipping into his wounds. He yanked harder at the chains, expecting another swat on the nose. The harder he tugged, the deeper the metal links bit into his wrists. He needed to shift, but the silver was polluting his bloodstream. He could feel himself healing, but the process was slow. "Don't drag them into this, Reese. That will just mean another dead body."

He stopped struggling, his bare chest rising and falling at a rapid rate. The warm blood trickled from his wounds. He would bleed out, then the pain would be gone.

2/11/2010 #25
Katelyn Renee

"I know. Believe me I know. Look what happened to you. But...what choice do we really have." Reese argued. "They're the only ones who can see me." He huffed slightly, trying to think. "If I could just get to one of them, then they could go for help. I don't know what else to do, man." Reese felt bad for dragging Logan into his crap, into Veronica's crap. He had to make it right. He needed to make it right.

Veronica grinned when he cried out, and hoped onto the bed. She swung her legs over his waist, straddling him. "You're so cute when you're in pain." She giggled, scrapping her nails over his chest.

2/11/2010 . Edited 2/11/2010 #26
R. Lauden

Logan winced, gritting his teeth. Reese sounded far away. His mental voice was barely audible. All Logan could hear was the ringing in his ears, the deafening percussion of agony. Her nails bit into his flesh, leaving tracks across his chest. When the crossed over his wounds, the pain pushed him over the edge. "Fuck." He shouted, his body writhing beneath her.

2/11/2010 #27
Katelyn Renee

Veronica bowed her head down, and kissed his chest, her hand pulling at his hair. She sat up quickly, and smirked. "You..." She touched his nose with her pointer finger. "...need a haircut." Ronnie giggled, and quiet litterally jumped off the bed and galloped into the bathroom.

"Wow. She's most definately lost it." Reese grumbled. He never remember Veronica being this bonkers.

She came back out with some scissors in her hand. Ronnie opened and closed the blades dramatically, moving towards the bed.

2/11/2010 #28
R. Lauden

Logan swallowed the knots tightening in his throat. He refused to cut his hair, not since his brother died. The sight of the scissors made him squirm. "Do not touch me with those." He warned, straining away from her. Paden and him were identicle twins, so much identicle that his father bought them each a set of dogtags to keep them apart. To preserve his identity, Logan always kept his hair long. Even after the incident at the lake, where Paden's eyes were changed forever.

2/11/2010 #29
Katelyn Renee

Veronica smirked, noticing how he seemed to squirm away from the scissors. She giggled, crawling back onto the bed, straddling him. "Now hold still, unless you want me to snip your ear off." She said, grabbing a handful of his hair in a tight grip, and cut it. She brought the clump of hair to her nose, and sniffed it. "You smell SO good." She giggled, and tossed the hair over her shoulder. Veronica lopped off more of his hair, and continued to do so until it was the way she wanted it. Short and messy.

She beamed, proud of her work. "There. Now you are absolutely perfect." Ronnie giggled, setting the scissors aside. "Maybe next time I can give you a mohawk." She laughed out. Veronica bit her lip, her eyes trailing over his body. She pulled her shirt off suddenly, dropping it next to them on the bed. She was sporting a brown bra with little pink butterfly's covering each cup. Veronica dipped her head down, kissing him firmly on the lips, her hands on his chest.

2/11/2010 #30
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