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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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R. Lauden

Jacobi glanced at the clock on the wall. "Well, it looks about that time." He tapped his fingers on the bar and sighed. It had been almost five years since he bartended at Old Bones. He knew it would all come back to him, but he was a bit nervous. "I guess I should probably get to my post behind the bar." He thumbed over his shoulder.

6/25/2010 #151

"Alright, I'm gonna play the piano until people start coming in." Violet sat on the piano bench and began playing a slow jazzy tune. She smiled a smile that lit up her face. If Violet had the chance to do whatever she wanted for the rest of her life, she would definately be a musician.

6/25/2010 #152
*Poet, Echo, and Farah entering*

Poet walked in and smiled widely, looking around and inhaling. Echo followed in after her sister and looked around, smiling politly atthe bartender. She sat down and pulled her over active sister down beside her.

Farah walked into the bar and looked around, her red eyes bright and held a glint of mischief to them.<\p>

6/25/2010 #153
R. Lauden

Jacobi glanced up from behind the bar, eyeing the women as they wandered in. He already had more people than expected. Perhaps the evening was going to be a success. "Welcome to Old Bones, ladies." He smiled, throwing a rag over his shoulder and planting his hands on the counter. "Get out your IDs and name your poison."

6/25/2010 #154
Poet patted her pockets then frowned, looking at Echo. Echo let out a sigh and took out both of their ID's, showing them to Jacobi, "we won't be drinking," she said. Poet snorted, "speak for yourself." she said, "how about Bud Light?" She asked. Farah pulled her ID out and slid it to the bar tender, "apple martini for me."
6/25/2010 #155
R. Lauden

[Xaden Entering]

Xaden strolled into the bar and stopped to scope the room. He rolled his eyes at the two young vampires from earlier, refusing to bother with the girl scouts. Another woman stood at the bar. His eyes fixed on her backside and he felt a strange sense of familiarity. He knew that ass, but had a hard time placing it.

6/25/2010 #156
Farah turned and leaned against the bar, looking at the girl playing piano. She pursed her red lips and sighed, this place seemed boring and she lost her apitite to party and cause mayhem.
6/25/2010 #157
R. Lauden

"One diet pepsi on the rocks." He set a napkin in front of Echo, placing the glass on top. He poured a Bud Light, sliding it down the bar to Poet. He dropped off a coaster as he rushed by to grab the martini glass. One he got back in the swing of things, it would all be alright. It was just getting in the right frame of mind. Jacobi poured the liquor into the metal tumbler and shook it well, emptying it into the glass and adding a slice of apple to the rim. "Enjoy." He told the woman with red hair.

6/25/2010 #158
Echo glared lightly at Poet and took a drink, sighing. Poet took a drink of her beer and sighed happily, "stick in the mud Echo." She said. Farah winked, "thanks hot shot," taking a drink. The burning liqour slid down her throat and she let out a satisfied sigh.
6/25/2010 #159
Katelyn Renee

*Asher Entering*

As soon as Asher entered the bar, he smiled and looked around. The air was filled with alcohol and beating hearts, the sound only making his hunger more intense. He took a seat at the bar, though keep his distance from the others there. He placed his elbows on the bar top and watched as they set up for the Open Mic Night. Asher ran his tongue across his teeth, trying to keep his fangs at bay.

6/25/2010 #160
Violet turned on the piano bench and walked confidently towards the bar. She felt good, and it was shown through an extra bounce in her step and an extra swing in her hips. She sat on the nearest barstool and leaned forward. "Hey Jacobi, hit me with a glass of o.j." Violet laughed at the ridiculousness of her order, but couldn't care less.
6/25/2010 #161

*Sadie entering*

Sadie walked into the place, her eyes lighting up when she saw the crowd. She was wearing a partially see through mini dress with matching hot pink stilettos. Her black thong could be seen clearly through the dress, which barely covered her cheeks. Glitter designs coveredall the essentials. Walking to the bar, Sadie wasn't too disappointed not to see Erin. Her replacement was a hunk. Perhaps her next snack. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and leaned over the bar, flashing a cheeky smile. "Hello, darling," she said to Jacobi. "Vodka," she ordered.

[[ Sadie's outfit... ]]

6/25/2010 #162
R. Lauden

Jacobi smirked, grabbing the carton out of the fridge and filling a pint glass. He grabbed one of the sliced oranges for the Blue Moon, and hung it off the rim of the glass. "That ones on the house." He told her, taking a few backwards steps and retreating to take orders at the other end of the bar.

6/25/2010 #163
R. Lauden

Jacobi noticed the woman walk in the door. He approached her and threw the rag back over his shoulder. He leaned his elbows on the bar. "Not until I see some ID, Princess." He responded with smirk, straightening and crossing his arms over his chest.

6/25/2010 . Edited 6/25/2010 #164
Farah turned around and blinked, narrowed her eyes, then widened them, a slow smirk spread on her lips, "well Xaden, small world isn't it," she said, taking a drink.

Poet watched the lights. The heart beats around her made her thirsty. She ran her tongue over her teeth and inhaled. Echo looked at Poet, shaking her head lightly. She ran a hand through her black hair and grumbled.

6/25/2010 #165

Sadie chuckled, her eyes drifting to his crotch. What she would give to get her hands under that belt... Her eyes returned to his face. "Sure." Sadie reached into her small purse and rummaged through the junk. As she was about to hand her license over to the bartender it slipped from her fingers. She bent at the waist, reaching for the card and flashing some skin on her way down.

6/25/2010 #166
R. Lauden

Xaden stared at the woman for a moment, then the pieces began to click. He smirked, "Fuck, I knew I recognized that ass from somewhere." He stepped up to the bar, his eyes wandering. when the girl beside him dropped something out of her purse, he cocked his head to watch her bend down to pick it up. "That one, I have never seen before." He ducked down to see farther under the hood.

6/25/2010 #167
Farah rolled her eyes at him, "hasn't changed a bit I see," she said with a smirk, her eyes sweeping over the woman who had bent down. Not bad but she has seen better. She sat down, crossing her legs. She ran a hand through her hair, her eyes sweeping over the crowd. So far no body except maybe Xaden or the bartender here seemed worth fucking but the night was still young.

Poet took another swag of her beer and hummed delightfully, "Echo get yourself a beer or something stronger, you deserve it." She said, leaning back in the chair.

"No," Echo said quickly with a small shake of her head, "one of us has to be responsible and you're definantly not qualifiedto step up to the plate." She said, taking a drink.

6/25/2010 #168

Gabriel appeared in the bathroom and gripped the sink for support. He always got a head rush when he used his power. He checked himself in the mirror then left the bathroom. With his suitcase in hand, his brow crumpled as his eyes analyzed the crowd. This couldn't be right....


Sadie picked up her card and handed it to Jacobi. She smirked, seeing the male vampire staring at her. "Sweetheart, if a side show is what you're wanting, then you better pay up first." Her eyes scanned his frame. Oh yes, he would definitely do.

6/25/2010 #169
Violet sipped her juice and looked to her left. She noticed the vampire sitting two stools down. He was sitting away from everyone else. It was odd. He seemed to have multiple emotions doing through his head, and try as she might, she couldn't get a read on him at all. Nonetheless, it intrigued her.
6/25/2010 . Edited 6/25/2010 #170
R. Lauden

Xaden smiled, leaning close to her and pinching a strand of her hair between her fingers. "How could you put a price on beauty?" He tucked it behind her ear and glanced her over, stalling over her breasts. He could already feel the discomfort swelling in his jeans. It was going to be a long night. Then again, he could always fuck Farah.

"What can I get you?" Jacobi asked after glancing over her ID. He slid it back to her and waited for a response.

Paxton walked in and noticed Xaden. The night had just began and Xade was already playing the field. It was typical, definately not a surprise. Xade had a habit of racking up points before the game even started. Rolling his eyes, Paxton strolled past him. He refused to get hooked into playing wingman. He had one focus in mind. He needed to reconnect with his music.

6/25/2010 #171

Sadie laughed, taking her card and dropping it in her purse. "Vodka. Full bottle," she ordered, slipping him a hundred dollar bill. "Keep the change," she told him. Turning her attention back to Xaden, she smirked. "You don't have to feed me lines to get under my dress, sugar. You wanna fuck me?" She leaned against the bar, her eyes latching on the large bulge. Her eyes flickered to his lips. "Do something about it."

6/25/2010 #172
Farah got uncomfortable when the angel entered the room and nearly hissed in displeasure. she ran a hand through her red hair and sat back, biting her lip indecisivly. She cursed when her sharp teeth drew blood and grumbled.

*Simarah entering*

Simarah walked in with her guitar hung on her side and bit her lip. She wasn't sure if she could do it but shook her head and sat down in a stool.

Echo grimaced at the two whore vampires and prayed Poet wouldn't go over there and strike conversation, though it was doubtful with Xaden being over there. Poet fiddled with her shirt hen and smelled a very delicious scent, her eyes falling on the red head. Echo noticed the expression and growled in warning.

6/25/2010 #173
R. Lauden

Jacobi snatched the bill from her fingers and set a chilled bottle on the bar with two shot glasses. He went to the register, depositing the hundred and taking out a fifty. He shoved it in his pocket. With all the bodies crammed into the Old Bones, it was starting to get hot. He unzipped his sweatshirt and shrugged out of it, hanging it on a hook behind the bar. Underneath, he wore a black t-shirt that exposed the dragon tattoo slithering up his right arm.

Clearing a couple emtpy glasses, he dunked them in the sink and set them aside to dry.


Xaden already liked the youngblood. There philosophies were one and the same; No bullshit. He grabbed her backside, pulling her tight against his bulging erection. With his free hand, he seized a fistful of her hair and exposed the meat of her neck. He smiled, inhaling a mixture of death and vanilla at her throat. He kissed her artery, then his mouth collided with hers.

6/25/2010 #174
Violet finished her juice and set the glass on the bartop. Vi watched Jacobi take off his sweatshirt and caught sight of his dragon tattoo. He looked good. Violet rolled her eyes at herself. She always did have a weakness for bad boys, and tattoos were a good part of that. "Nice ink," Violet said, feeling bolder than usual.
6/25/2010 #175
Farah finished off her drink and sighed, "she looked at the bartender, her eyes roamed over his body. She would definantly like to know him a bit more. "hmm, what drink would you suggest?" She asked.

Echo grimaced and finished her drink, going back up to the bar, waiting patiently, the man seemed busy. Poet slinkered from her spot in the chair to a group of men in the back, talking with them and using her charm.

Simarah bit her lip, absentmindedly playing a few strums of her guitar. She continued to try to gain the courage to go up there.

6/25/2010 #176

Gabriel sat down at a booth, away from the crowd. He didn't know why he was sent here, or who for. There was a reason for everything. Scanning the bar, he waited for the recognition. Nothing.


Sadie kissed him back, her tongue darting over his fangs. She pulled away and put her knee against his crotch. If he moved too quickly, he would end up racking himself. Sadie released a throaty chuckle. Her hand patted his chest. "Not so fast. I haven't even had the chance to play yet." She stepped away from Xaden and grabbed the bottle of vodka. "See you in a couple of hours." Sadie blew Xaden a kiss over her shoulder and sat at a table up front by the stage.

6/25/2010 #177

*Dunity entering*

Duncan's hand rested on Unity's lower back, leading her into the crowded bar. "Maybe we should go home. Won't the noise upset the baby or something?" he asked, really just looking for an excuse to get her in bed.


*Danny, Phoebe, Jason, and Jordan entering*

The group worked their way through the crowd and over to an empty booth. Phoebe smiled at Jordan as Danny and Jason talked about the new bartender. Erin had been a nice woman. Every once in awhile the bar would host a charity event which Danny and Phoebe were forced to attend. "How about some hot wings?" Phoebe suggested.

6/25/2010 #178
R. Lauden

Jacobi laughed, running a hand over his tattoo. He had had it for about five years. In fact, he had actually got it at the local tattoo parlor when he was nineteen. The dragon represented his essence, fire. "Thanks." He smiled at Violet, pouring another glass of juice before she had the opportunity to ask one.

He heard the redhead speak up and turned his attention from Violet. "What would I recommend?" He turned his eyes to the cieling, considering for only a moment. "How about sex on an alligator?" He raised an eyebrow.


Paxton made his way to the front of the bar and set his new guitar down on the stage. The case was plain, not garnished with stickers from various bands. In time, he would make it his. First, he needed to break it in.


Xaden cringed when her knee skimmed his crotch. The seductive tone to her voice inspired a smirk across his lips. So, she wanted to play hard to get? He liked that. Settling onto the barstool, he stole a gance at her across the sea of people. His gaze traced over her thigh, her calf, her stilletos. God, he would have her before the night was over.

He waited to get the bartender's attention, hoping to get some alcohol in his system soon. Otherwise, he may have to search for his other drink of choice.

6/25/2010 #179
Unity chuckled up at him with a teasing grin, "not anymore than me screaming your name would." she said, looking for a place to sit. She found a place and sat down in the chair, raising an eyebrow at Duncan.

While Echo waited, she looked back to where her sister was supposed to be, "gosh darn it," she muttered, running a hand through her hair.

Farah smirked lightly, "that sounds daring enough," she said and really looked at him, "you must be really good with fire," she said, noting the dragon tattoo.

Simarah watched Paxton walk up to the front and sighed, telling herself once he was done, she would go up there.

6/25/2010 #180
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