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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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R. Lauden

Jacobi shrugged, pouring the various liquors into a shotglass. "I'm kind of a pyro." He admitted, though it was a bit more complicated than that. He set the drink in front of her and scanned the bar, making sure everyone was taken care of. He needed to step away from the bar to make announcement, but was reluctant to leave it unattended.

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Duncan blinked, realizing he'd been caught. Chuckling, he sat down beside Unity. He pulled his chair close to hers and nuzzled her neck. "You look beautiful," he whispered and placed a kiss below her ear. Duncan glanced around the bar, then his eyes froze. "Well I'll be damned." He grabbed Unity's hand. "Come on." Cupping his hands around his mouth, he shouted over the noise. "Yo, Sparky!"

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R. Lauden

Jacobi glanced up at the old nickname, noting the familiar face. "You have got to be shitting me." He laughed, abandoning the bar anyway and moving towards the familiar face. "What the hell are you still doing here?" He demanded, his gaze shifting to the woman by his side. "With a beautiful girlfriend, nonetheless." He gave Duncan a playful punch on the shoulder. He was a bit surprised to see the baby bump, knowing how opposed Duncan had always been to having kids.

6/25/2010 #183
Farah took the shot and blinked, it was good, and it was strong...Very nice. She licked her lips and looked around, her red eyes scanning the crowd for any decent action. She let out a bored sigh, considering leaving this joint.

Unity smiled and laughed lightly, standing when he did. She looked at the man, the bartender she assumed, then back at Duncan, "old friend of yours?"

Echo walked over to Poet and yanked her away from the crowd of men and glared, "I leave you for five minutes and you're already wondering off," she hissed. Poet pouted, "I was just having some fun, take a chill pill."

6/25/2010 #184
Violet took her glass and walked up to Simarah. "Hey! Are you performing, too?"
6/25/2010 #185

Duncan frowned when Jacobi made a comment about Unity. It took him a moment to realize he was complementing her, not hitting on her. Duncan laughed at himself for getting jealous. "Fiance," Duncan corrected him. "We're getting married in a few weeks." Duncan smiled at Unity. "Unity, this is my old friend Jacobi," he said, introduction the two.

Sadie had already downed half the bottle of her vodka as she stumbled to the bar, almost falling on Farah. She giggled. "Oh, hi sweet cheeks," Sadie said to the woman. Her eyes flashed over the red head's body. "Mm-mm-mmm! I'd like a taste of that."

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Gabe noticed a woman lecturing a girl who looked to be her sister, surrounded by a crowd of men. He tilted his head curiously, and strained to listen.

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Unity smiled politly at the man, secretly getting warm and fuzzy at the word 'fiancé.' "Pleased to meet you," she said with a smile, actually pleased to meet one of Duncan's friends.

Farah smirked at the attractive girl, "I bet you would," she said, her eyes trailing over the girls body as well, "and what shall I call you?"

Echo shook her head and sat back down, pulling her sister into the chair next to her, "why do I always end up babysitting you?" she asked. Poet grumbled, "well you don't have to, I am 23," She said, crossing her arms.

Simarah smiled a little at Vioet, "only if you go up there first," she said with a grin. She tuned her guitar and smiled lightly.

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R. Lauden

Xaden perked up at the sight of the vampire approaching him, but perked up even more when she stalled to hit on Farah. He stirred from his tool and moved towards them. "Mmm, yes they are." He agreed, an image of Farah bent over a bed flashing through his mind. They did have amazing sex. And her blood. Her blood was sweeter than any he ever tasted.


Jacobi noticed his initial reaction and shook his head. Duncan really was the same. "Congratulations, man." He hooked an arm around his neck and turned to Unity. "You must be doing something right to hook this guy." He gave him a squeeze, then shoved him away. "We should plan on getting caught up, but I really need to get back to work. Sal has me running this place now."

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Katelyn Renee

Jordan climbed into the booth and looked over the crowded bar before turning to Phoebe with a smile. "Fine by me, except I'm not the one with the money." She smirked and shifted her gaze to Danny. "Your brother has it." Turning away from them, she scanned the crowd, freezing when she spotted Asher seated at the bar. Knots formed in her stomach out of fear, knowing Paxton wouldn't be there if Asher were to try something and she suddenly felt sick to her stomach.

*Reese and Shep Entering*

Reese grinned as he passed through the door, his eyes wide with excitement. He looked at the group of people seated at the bar and he wondered what their drinks tasted like. He'd never had the chance to drink when he was alive and he hadn't really thought about it until now. Turning back to Shep, he smiled. "I'm guessing Open Mic Night is a big deal in little Mauderville." He joked, surprised at how crowded the place was.

6/26/2010 #190

Sadie laughed loudly and swayed on her feet. "I'm Sadie," she said, leaning her body against Farah's. Sadie's arms circled around Farah's neck and she turned her face to Xaden. "I don't know who the guy is, but I'm gonna fuck him tonight." Sadie pressed her nose against Farah's neck and inhaled. "God, I want to take you home with me," she mumbled. Then Sadie pushed herself away, stumbling backwards and almost falling. She leaned forward and pressed her hand to her stomach, laughing silently.


Duncan grinned. "Oh really?" he said to Jacobi, glancing around. The guy looked swamped. "Hey, I'd be glad to help. I know my way around the place. Take care of whatever you need to."

6/26/2010 #191

Shep saw two female vampires looking pretty friendly. She elbowed Reese in the ribs, pointing to Farah and Sadie. "Hey, guys dream come true, right?" she teased.


Phoebe glanced at Danny. "Whatever. Cokes and hot wings, got it." He left the booth and went over to the bar, waiting for some service. "Hey, Jordan, are you okay?" Phoebe asked her. "You look kind of pale. Well, paler than usual."

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R. Lauden

Xaden sat back in the barstool and grinned, taking in the sight of the two women. He wanted to take Sadie. He wanted to bend her over the bar and fuck the hell out of her. He shook the image from his mind. He needed to keep it in his pants for a little longer. Though, that was hard to do when his member was bulging. He adjusted himself and leaned into the bar. He needed a drink, but the bartender was nowhere to be found.


"Really?" Jacobi was surprised by the offer, but he appreciated it. "Would you mind tending bar? For just a few minutes? I'm supposed to be getting this oepn mic thing started." He nodded towards the small stage.

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Unity smiled and watched two converse, then her eyes roamed the room, blinking at the two women, "well then," she laughed lightly and shook her head. She appraised Duncan again and sighed, tempted to go back home.

Farah laughed, watching the young vampire amused. She rose and eyebrow at Xaden, "oh really?" She gestured to the stumbling vampire, "mmm doesn't she look fun?" She said with a hint of amuent and almost lust.

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"I'm bored," Sadie pouted, now standing erect. "Where is the goddamn music?" she shouted, walking over to Xaden. "Someone looks thirsssty," she hummed. Sadie shook the liquid around in the bottle, holding it out to him. "Drown yourself in it, baby." Sadie giggled and held onto the bar for support, swaying her hips to the music in her head.


Duncan nodded. "Yeah, sure. No problem." He glanced at Unity, wishing his brother would have answered the damn phone.

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R. Lauden

Xaden accepted the bottle and took four large sips, nearly finishing it off. He was mesmorized by the movement of her hips, falling victim to his own imagination once again. "I'm going to fuck you tonight." He reminded her, taking the final sip and setting the bar on the counter.


"Just for a few minutes. I owe you, Duncan." Jacobi moved through the crowd to the stage, stepping up and moving to the microphone. "Testing, testing." He teased, pulling it off the stand. "I guess we should probably start the music, huh?" He ran his fingers through his hair, searching the crowd. For a moment, he thought he might see her face among the patrons. That was ridiculous. She was dead. "I am going to pass the microphone to Violet. Let's all give her a round of applause." He turned, holding out the microphone to Violet.

[Alright, the agenda is going to be Violet, Simarah, Paxton, Xaden and Sadie, Aria, and Justin.]

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Sadie giggled, staring at him as her hands moved up her body, sliding over her breasts. She reached her hands high above her and traced the infinity sign with her hips. "And I'm going to suck your cock," she whispered leaning forward.


Duncan grabbed Unity's hand and pulled her with him. At the bar he served a few drink, then took a guy's order for sodas and hot wings. He handed the guy a tray. Danny paid and took the tray over to his group. "Good, I'm starving," Phoebe said, picking up a wing.

6/26/2010 #197
Unity looked up at the stage and smiled a little. If she could sing, she would go up there but she couldnt. She tossed her curly hair behind her shoulder and touched her neck, the wound almost completly healed but still visible. She followed Duncan to behind the counter and smiled at the people.

Farah looked up at the stage then decided she wasn't interested. What she really wanted to do was let loose, go wild. She might have even considered going to the other bar just to get a good fuck, seeing that she didn't strike anything here.

Echo looked up at the stage and sighed, she didn't really want to be here anymore. She looked at Poet, she was right, she was old enough to take care of herself. Echo bit her lip and stood, looking at Poet, "I'll be back...Just please...behave yourself." she said, recieving a nod from Poet who really wasn't paying attention to her. Echo shook her head and made her way through the crowd and out the door.

*Echo to Main street*

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Gabriel grabbed his suitcase and headed out the door, trailing after Echo. For some reason, he felt compelled to speak with her. It wasn't the recognition he was used to, but maybe she was special.

*Gabriel to Main Street*

6/26/2010 #199

Violet walked onto the stage, still feeling confident in herself. "Thanks, Jacobi. Hey guys, I'm Violet Titania-Sinclair." She took the microphone off the stand and put it in the small stand on the piano and adjusted it. The faerie began to play a slow jazz number and after about thirty seconds began singing:

"Your eyes may be whole

But the story I'm told

Is your heart is as black as night.


And your lips may be sweet

Such that I can't compete

But your heart is as black as night.


I don't know why you came along

At such a perfect time

But if I let you hang around

I'm bound to loose my mind


'Cause your hands may be strong

But the feeling's all wrong

Your heart is as black as night."

Violet's voice sounded husky and sultry. She felt so powerful behind the microphone, and it didn't hurt that she genuinely loved doing it. Violet's eyes scanned the crowd stopping to meet the eyes of different people.

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Katelyn Renee

"What?" Reese laughed out and followed her gaze, rubbing his side slightly. "Whoa." He breathed out and blinked at the girls, his eyebrows rising. Surprisingly, he couldn't take his eyes off of them, cocking his head slightly. A smile pulled on the corner of his mouth and he looked at Shep for a second, but turned his gaze back to the girls. "That's nice." Reese joked, laughing lightly and shaking his head.


"Yeah, I'm fine." Jordan said quickly and forced a smile, shifting in the seat. "It's just hot in here." She admitted, though it wasn't the whole truth. She stole another glance at Asher just as Danny returned with the wings and drinks. "Thanks." She mumbled, though didn't move to get any.

6/26/2010 #201
Katelyn Renee

Asher sat at the bar patiently, though it was starting to become a chore. His jaw ached for blood and being in a crowded room surrounded by beating hearts wasn't helping anything. He clenched his mouth shut and stared up at the stage, trying to keep his mind off the pain. "Can I get a fucking drink?!" He snapped, unable to handle the throbbing any longer and he sat up to look over at the bartender.

6/26/2010 #202

Duncan slowly turned to Asher, and took a deep breath. "What would you like?" he growled out.

6/26/2010 #203
Unity rested a soothing hand on Duncan's back and smiled at him then at the vampire, her smile faded quickly. It was the vampire from the clinic that couldn't keep his yap shut. She took in a breath and sighed.

Simarah watched Violet and bit her lip lightly, she sighed, waiting for her to finish so she could get it over with.

Poet watched her sister leave with a sigh and watched a man follow her out and shook her head again.

6/26/2010 #204
R. Lauden

Jacobi left the stage and shouldered his way through the crowd. His eyes lifted to the clock, realizing it was only nine. It was going to be a long night. He dodged behind the bar in time to hear the first key ring from the piano. Crossing his arms over his chest, he listened to Violet perform and smiled. Unlike some of the other acts bound to perform, she actually showed some talent.

When he heard Duncan growl at the customer, he set a hand on his shoulder. "I got this one." He assured him. "Hand over your ID and name your poison." Jacobi braced his hands on the edge of the bar, turning his gaze back to Violet to hear the end of her performance.


Paxton took up residence at a nearby table and fidgeted with the guitar pick. He was not nervous about the crowd, he was more nervous about being out of practice. It had been years since he performed. Singing under a willow tree at Newborn, hardly counted for enything. He refused to play any of his old material, it was just too far from his heart. He pulled the guitar out of the case and snatched a napkin, beginning to scribble down his feelings and transform them into lyrics.

He practiced the chords silently, putting the words to one of his older songs.


"You're going to suck my cock?" Xaden smirked and rose an eyebrow, hooking her around the waist and pulling her between his open knees. "Maybe we should find somewhere more private?" He suggested, catching the eye of the bartender and waving him down. "Hey, can I get a pint of Yuengling?" He called out over the ruckus, his hand still on Sadie. His vision was starting to blur slightly from the alcohol, but that only widened his grin.


Jacobi heard the man shout from the other end of the bar. He fetched him a pint, waiting for the other man to decide.

6/26/2010 #205
Katelyn Renee

Asher scrunched his nose up when Duncan approached him, smirking as he recalled the last time they ran into each other. He opened his mouth to make a remark when the other one appeared, ushering the werewolf away and he snorted, rolling his eyes at Jacobi's request.

Asher dug around in his pocket and pulled out his wallet, slipping his ID towards the bartender. "Satisfied? Jameson on the rocks." He said and turned his gaze away from the bartender, scoping the crowd for his next meal.

6/26/2010 #206
R. Lauden

Jacobi glanced at the ID, slapping it back down on the counter and turning to grab the bottle of Jameson. He dropped three ice cubes into a tumbler and poured the amber liquid halfway. "Here you are." He the drink down on a napkin in front of Asher. He could tell the man was uptight about something. Had the bar not been almost full capacity, he would have struck up conversation. It was his job as a bartender anyway.


Paxton finished drafting the song on the napkin and stuffed it in his pocket. He palmed the pick and started towards the bar. He needed a drink. When he reached the counter, he noticed Xaden. He had a slutty looking chick pulled snug against his crotch. Paxton realised he would probably be sleeping in his car or buying earplugs, one or the other. "Hey, can I get a Guinness?" He waved a twenty and his ID, hoping to get some attention.

Xaden heard Paxton behind him and twisted around. "This bitch is going to suck my cock." He announced, a little louder than he intended to. The alcohol was beginning to seep into his senses. Everything was growing louder, more fineid tune. Normally, he could control his hightened senses, but not with a half a bottle of vodka in his system.

Paxton laughed, glancing at the drunk vampire with Xaden. She wass attractive as far as easy women go. He didn't really blame her, not like she had to worry about getting raped or contracting an STD. She was free to be the biggest skank in the building, though the redhead standing behind her was sure competition. "Does she know that?"

6/26/2010 #207
Unity gave Jacobi a look that said, 'thank you and smiled at Duncan, intwining their fingers.

Simarah looked up at Violet and bit her lip, absentmindedly strumming a few chords.

6/26/2010 #208
R. Lauden

[Sorry, I need to keep the night moving.]

When Violet finished, Jacobi snuck past Duncan and headed back to the stage. He jumped onto the platform without bother to take the stairs and snatched the spare microphone. "Thanks, Violet." He waved his hand at her and the crowd began to clap. While Violet was being aplauded, he turned to the girl with the guitar. "What's your name?" He asked, holding the microphone away from his mouth.

6/26/2010 #209

"Oh, your heart is as black as night.

Thank you."

Violet blushed from the applause. She nodded towards Jacobi then walked to the bar, stopping first by Simarah. She was strumming her guitar with a quite precision. "You look nervous."

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