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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Bonnie Gerald is the nurse in charge of the Caretaker's Clinic. Clark Jane is the only surgeon in the building. They do not get a lot of business. (These characters are NPC!!)

Dr. Jane is a shifter, while Bonnie is a "Healer" Witch.

There's a small front desk where Bonnie sits to greet patients and sign them in. Hospital beds are spaced out evenly along the side walls. Curtains surround each bed for privacy, but are kept open the majority of the time. The back wall holds medical supplies. To the left is a long, wide hallway that leads to the surgical room; There is also a Private Room branching off of the hallway. To the right is a small lobby with a thirty-two inch television, a coffee machine, vending machine, and an uncomfortable set of chairs and a couch.

12/17/2009 . Edited 1/4/2010 #1

[[Unity from main street]]

Unity walked into the building and walked to the receptionists desks. Bonnie smiled friendily up at her, ''hello, I assume you don't have an appointment?" she asked, nobody had an appointment. Unity nodded, ''uh yeah, it'll be quick I swear,'' she said nervously. Bonnie let out a friendly laugh, ''okay then just go back to that room over ther,'' she pointed to a nearby room, ''and tell Dr. Clark Jane that you need a check up.'' Unity bit her lip and nodded, going back there. The Doctor looked up, suprised to see a apatient, ''uh hello, I assume you need a check up?" she asked. Unity looked at her, ''I need to know if I'm pregnant,'' she said. Dr. CJ smiled, ''alright then sit down,'' she said. Unity did so. The doctor put the stethescope to the stomach and grinned, ''well congratulations, you're going to be a mommy,'' she said. Unity paled.

12/17/2009 #2
Katelyn Renee

Bonnie signed, organizingthe paperwork given to her by Dr. Jane. She ran a hand through her hair, pushing the work aside as she scooted out of her rolly chair and to the snack machine. It wasn't a busy day, like usual. She glanced over to Clark's office door, wondering how his work was going.

1/4/2010 #3

[Tombo knows Bonnie pretty well so they should act like old friends or something. Also, she recognizes Duncan in his wolf form.]

*Tombo, Duncan, Shep, and Asher from Main Street*

Tombo entered the small building, the bloodied wolf in his arms. Duncan whimpered as his body rocked against Tombo's chest. "Bonnie! We need your help," Tombo called out as he placed Duncan's wolf form on a gurney.

Shep grunted as she dragged Asher through the door, gritting her teeth against his weight. She hadn't realized it, but her bite mark had reopened, coating the collar of Justin's white button down shirt with blood. Shep glared down at Asher, sadness hidden behind her act. "I am never shooting you again," she muttered. Shep turned to the nurse. "I think he needs the private room. He's not going to be a happy camper when he wakes up."

1/5/2010 #4

Unity heard voices enter the main room and sniffed the air, Duncan's blood along with someone else's filled her nostrils and she walked out, staring at the scene.

1/5/2010 #5
Katelyn Renee

[[how old is bonnie?]]

Bonnie gasped when Tombo entered in through the doors with...Duncan through over his shoulder. "Clark!" She called over her shoulder, making her way to Tombo. "What happened?!" Bonnie shrieked, helping her friend maneuver Duncan into the clinic.


Abigail looked up at Asher, her eyes catching the light from the moon above, reflecting it back and fangs peeked out from under her top lip. "...Abby?" Asher whispered, taking a step back.

"I warned you Asher. It's too late now." Abigail said, her voice sounding strangled and stressed. She moved foreword in a flash, pulling Asher close again and stabbing her teeth into his neck.

Asher hadn't had time to reacted to the attack, only being able to let out a small cry.

1/5/2010 #6


Dr. Jane followed Unity, his face paling at the sight. He assisted the young woman first, taking the vampire to the private room. Shep didn't argue, but she didn't stay with Asher either. Moments later Shep and the doctor returned. "I don't know how much I can do for Duncan in this state," Dr.Jane admitted, looking him over. Tombo frowned, glancing between Duncan and the new wolf, Unity.

Shep took this as the oppurtunity to explain. "They got in a fight. I think it was over blood. I'm not sure." Clark's eyebrows rose in question."Well," Clark said, scratching his chin, "why don't we fix them up. Bonnie, is there anything you can do for Duncan?"

Shep bit her lip, looking around the room with a worried expression before disappearing down the surgical hall.

*Asher and Shep to Private Room*

1/5/2010 #7
Katelyn Renee

Bonnie shrugged. "I'm not sure," She looked the creature over, examining his wounds. "God, these boys must really hate each other." She mumbled.

1/5/2010 #8

Unity walked over to Duncan, looking over the wounds, ''I'm a vet...'' she said to the doctor.

1/5/2010 #9
Katelyn Renee

Bonnie looked up at Unity. "I'm sorry to break it too you honey, but werewolves and puppies aren't the same thing." She said to her dryly. "We need him to turn back. So I can get a better look."

1/5/2010 #10

Unity sighed, ''Duncan?" she asked, touching his fur, ''you need to phase.''

1/5/2010 #11

Duncan's eyes met Unity's. He was angry, dreading the pain he was about to experience. If he hadn't attacked the vampire...he couldn't even remember why he had attacked. Looking into Unity's eyes he began to phase. As he changed into his human form Duncan let out a scream through gritted teeth, writhing on the bed. His eyes were closed, his face turned away from Unity.

Dr. Jane rushed over with a blanket and gauze, throwing the blue blanket over Duncan's lower region. Bite marks covered his neck and shoulders, claw marks ran down his chest and abdomen, blood was smeared all over his body. Duncan's face was black and blue already, one eye swollen shut. He coughed up blood, splattering it on the curtain;. Dr. Jane tied Duncan down with restraints as he continued to writhe and groan in pain. Clark then began to inspect the wounds. "Bonnie, start an IV for Mr. Wilder. We'll need some morphine as well. Unity, do you think you could calm him down, comfort him maybe?" Clark grunted as Duncan's hand slipped up, knocking the doctor in the mouth. A small trickle of blood seeped from Clark's lip.

1/5/2010 #12
Katelyn Renee

"Right." Bonnie said, rushing to the supply room. She pulled out what she needed, and rushed back to Duncan. "Hold him still." She grumbled trying to insert the IV line. "Dammit, I can't get it...Clark, hold him." She urged, missing his vein and trying again.

1/5/2010 #13

Unity held down Duncan, knowing he was in pain. ''Duncan shh, it'll be okay,'' she said soothingly. She saw bite wounds and nearly growled herself.

1/5/2010 #14
Katelyn Renee

Bonnie finally inserted the IV, and signed with relief. "Thank you." She said to Unity before frowning at Clark. Bonnie pulled out a wash cloth she had brought over, and put it to his lip to whip off the blood. "Got it." She said, letting him continue. It was hazardous to tread a patient with an open wound. Bonnie grabbed the syringe and filled it with morphine, before stabbing it into the IV hose. The morphine excited the tube, and flowed into Duncan's system.

1/5/2010 #15

"Go away," Duncan murmured, his head falling to the the side as the medicine washed over his body. "Leave," he whispered before the morphine took him under.

Clark rubbed a hand over his face with a slight groan. "Sorry, Bonnie. I've got to fix up the other guy. For now let's clean the small wounds and stitch them up. He'll heal soon, but so will the vampire. I have to get the bullet out or he might live in an eternity of misery." Clark looked from Unity to Duncan, the realization finally coming to him. He check around the hospital room to make sure they were alone before he spoke.

"Unity, maybe you should tell the father the new after he's a bit healed. Just so he doesn't get riled up and open those stitches again. Everyone in town knows the temper he's got." Clark offered a sympathetic smile.

1/5/2010 #16
Katelyn Renee

Bonnie nodded. "Will do, go ahead." She turned to Unity. "I assume you know how to stitch?" Bonnie quirked an eyebrow at her. There were many small cuts on Duncan, and Bonnie wanted to get this done quickly.

1/5/2010 #17

Clark nodded at the women and made his way down the surgical hall until he reached the private room.

*Dr. Jane to Private Room*

1/5/2010 #18

Unity sighed and nodded, not going away. She looked at Duncan, wondering what his reaction would be to the news. Unity looked at Bonnie and nodded, ''of course.''

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #19

[Drama time! Lolz.]

*Justin from Main Street*

The doors to the clinic burst open to reveal a man with a naked torso. If he were to turn around the people would see a pink scar slashing his shoulder blade and down his back. His tattoo stood out against his tanned skin, the large question mark seeming perfect in the situation. No one in here would recognize him.

"Who the hell stole my car?!" He shouted, his fists clenched and shaking at his sides.

1/6/2010 #20

Unity looked at Justin, ''uh...don't think anybody in here...'' she said cleaning Duncan's scratches and stitching some gashes.

1/6/2010 #21

Justin glared at the girl, glancing down. His face fell completely blank. Suddenly Justin was conflicted. He stalked closer, looking over Duncan's body. Justin's lips parted. He tried to speak, but his voice seemed to be caught in his throat. He had come to Mauderville to kill Duncan, but now that he saw him wounded on the hospital bed Justin didn't think he could do it.

"Duncan?" Justin whispered, standing at the foot of the bed.

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #22

Unity got in defence mode as Justin got closer, her muscles tight and ready if needed.

1/6/2010 #23

Justin sensed the woman's tension, noticing she was a wolf by her scent. He raised a hand in defense. "No, no, I'm not going to hurt him. He's smell odd," Justin said, tilting his head to the side as he sniffed the air. He was alert now and the majority of the shock had washed away. In a mere second he was holding Unity by the shoulder's and sniffing the air around her. "What the--?" he said, his thoughts cutting him off. No, she couldn't be mated to Duncan. The scent wasn't a bond, and yet it was. "How do you know him?" Justin growled, jabbing a finger at Duncan. His brother could not be starting his own pack. He had a duty to fulfill. There was no way in hell Justin was going to let his brother go through with it.

1/6/2010 #24

"Get your hand off me or i will rip it off, he sold me my house,'' she growled, ready to attack if needed. She stared at the an through dangerous eyes.

1/6/2010 #25
Katelyn Renee

"Hey!" Bonnie snarled. "This isn't the place for hostilities...if you're going to fight, take it outside." She said firmly to each of them as she cleaned off Duncan's wounds. "Right now Duncan needs our help, so Unity, if you're going to help me stitch him up, do so. Otherwise, leave."

1/6/2010 #26

Justin grunted, releasing his hold on Unity. "I'll say he did more than sell you a house," he spat. Turning to the nurse he asked, "What happened to him?"

1/6/2010 #27
Katelyn Renee

Bonnie huffed. "Fight...the other ones in there." She nodded towards the private room, as she sowed up Duncan's wounds.

1/6/2010 #28

Unity narrowed her eyes, ''that's none of your concern.'' she growle, stitching up the last gash on Duncan.

1/6/2010 #29

"Well, the other guy didn't do too bad," Justin said as he looked over Duncan's body. "Probably better than I would have done," he mumbled to himself. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked around the bland room.

1/6/2010 #30
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