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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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R. Lauden

Ellie had forgotten about the form, which she still clutched. She glanced down at the spot of blood between her legs, which stained the puppy scrubs. She frowned and blushed at the same time, though her face was already red from balling. "Maybe you should go to the baby store." She looked back up at him, wiping the tears away with the back of her hand. She stabbed her fingers in her jacket pocket, turning up a sleeve of ten thousand dollars. The bills were crisp, a stack of one-hundreds.

She did her best to hide the money from Bonnie. "My parents sent this. For Raewyn." She lied, holding it out to him. Her parents were wealthy, but not the sort of wealthy that threw money at their grand-daughter for sport. Besides, they didn't even know about Raewyn. They probably thought Ellie was still at Newborn. "I can make a list of everything we'll need." Even though her heart still ached, she knew to put Raewyn first.

She sniffled, attempting to stand up. Her knees were still like rubber. Her body ached with every movement.

2/10/2010 #241
Katelyn Renee

Jesse looked down at the money, quirking a curious brow. He took the stack, slipping it into the inside pocket of his jacket. He remembered Ellie mentioning they had money, and that her parents owned a truffel factory. Jesse decided now wasn't the best time to question her on it. "All right." He nodded, leaving it at that. For now.

"Careful Ellie." Jesse debated when Ellie tried to stand, and moved to assist her up. He noticed how weak she was, and looked up at Bonnie, an arm wrapped around Ellie to keep her up right. "You guys have, like a wheel chair or something?"

Bonnie smiled at him, and nodded her head. "Yes. And there's a bathroom back this way, so she can fix herself up." She gestured towards the pack of pads he held. "Take her there, and I'll be back the the chair." Bonnie ordered, pointing towards the restroom sign handing off the ceiling. Engraved in the sign was an arrow, pointing towards the bathrooms. Bonnie went in the opposite direction, going for the wheel chair.

Jesse pressed his lips in a grim line, glancing down at Ellie. "Can you walk?" He asked, his eyes filled with concern.

2/10/2010 #242
R. Lauden

"No." Ellie answered truthfully, leaning into him. She realized that moving around had been a bad idea. Her best option would have been to stay in bed and rest. Raewyn had come early, maybe because of healing Jordan. Whichever the case, Ellie was left unprepared. She had planned on buying baby clothes and baby toys and everything her daughter would ever need. "Carry me?" She asked, though after the earlier outburst, she would understand if he refused.

2/10/2010 #243
Katelyn Renee

Jesse smiled at her request, "Of course." He whispered, already moving to lift her up. Jesse hooked his arm under her legs, the other wrapped around her back and he picked her up easily. Jesse was careful not to move to quickly with the movement, so not to cause her more pain. "Maybe we should just go shopping tomorrow?" He suggested, carrying her towards the bathroom. The hospital had everything they needed for little Raewyn, and the store would still be there tomorrow. "And, we could always stay here for the night." Jesse shrugged, reaching the bathroom door.

2/10/2010 #244
R. Lauden

"Fine, but I need my bag." She told him, her arms wrapped around his neck to keep from falling. "It should be on the bed, in our--" She blinked hard, scolding herself internally. Raewyn was theirs. That did not make every aspect of their lives a joint endeavor. The room was hers, regardless that they shared it. "In my hotel room." She corrected herself, though the room already felt like theirs.

2/10/2010 #245
Katelyn Renee

Jesse nodded, turning his eyes away from her. "Alright." He said said, setting her on her feet just as Bonnie rounded the corner. Jesse turned to look at her, keeping his gaze off Ellie. She hurt him with the way she emphasized her words, making it obvious to him that they weren't together, just a couple of stupid kids who had a baby together.

Bonnie wheeled the chair up to Ellie, and smiled at her. "Bonnie, you think you can take Ellie care of Ellie, I have to run back to her hotel room and grab her things. I'll be back in a bit." He said, making his hurt known to Ellie as he turned his back on them and moved towards the door. Bonnie gave him a curious glance at the way he said it, and shrugged it off. She turned her eyes by to Ellie, and waited for her to take a seat.

2/10/2010 . Edited 2/10/2010 #246
R. Lauden

Ellie could hear the hurt in his voice, but tried to ignore it. She refused to look at him. A part of her believed the hurt was warranted, but the other part ached for seeing him pained. She cared for Jesse, more than she let on. He was more than her daughter's father. She knew that in her heart, but she also knew not to admit it. Jesse could turn those feelings around. He could use them against her.

She thought back to his reaction, when she mentioned Sable. He still loved her, even if he claimed not to. Ellie understood that, but the simple fact caused her chest to ache. She could handle being left again, but not Raewyn. If Jesse left Raewyn after having the privlege to be part of her life, Ellie would hate him. She would hate him forever.

Sagging into wheel chair, she glanced up at Bonnie. "Can you take me back to my room? I need to wait for my bag."

2/10/2010 #247
Katelyn Renee

Jesse stuffed his hands deep in his jean pockets as he moved though the hospital, keeping his head down. He tried not to think about what just happened, but his thoughts, no matter what he did, seemed to always come back to hurt he felt. He told her he loved her over a dozen times that day, but she always seemed to brush it off as if he never said those three words, and not once has she said them back.

She just needed time, he kept telling himself, though parts of his heart told him otherwise. He had broken Ellie's heart six months ago, choosing Sable over her--which was a mistake. If only he realized that sooner. The doors swished open and Jesse moved out into the cold air and snow.

[[Jesse to Main Street]]

"Of course." Bonnie said with a warm smile, wheeling the chair towards Ellie's room, the witches eyes lingering over Jesse. She felt bad for the werewolf. He was trying so hard to make up whatever he had done. Bonnie signed, moving to prop open the door, before pushing Ellie inside.

[[Bonnie and Ellie to Private Room]]

2/10/2010 #248
Katelyn Renee

[[Jesse Entering]]

Jesse walked passed Bonnie not meeting her wide and confused eyes. "Jesse, what happened? You alright?" He heard her ask quickly as she rose from her seat. He probably looked like a train wreck, and he had only been gone for a few minutes. "I'm fine." He muttered, pushing open the door to Ellie's room.

[[Jesse to Private Room]]

2/10/2010 #249
Katelyn Renee

[[Jordan from Private Room]]

Jordan pulled the door closed, careful not to make it too loud and wake the baby. She smiled at Bonnie, who seemed to be on the brink of passing out at her desk and just continued her way towards the door. They opened automatically, letting in the cool breeze of the night.

[[Jordan to Main Street]]

2/10/2010 #250
Katelyn Renee

[[Ashep Entering]]

Asher stalked into the clinic, holding tightly onto Shep's limping body. "I need some goddamn help!" He shouted to anyone who was listening. His mind was racing, his anger brewing in his chest. If Shep died, so will Justin. Asher would make sure of it.

Bonnie looked up when the doors opened, and she gasped at the sight. "Clark!" She called out to the doctor, already moving towards the couple. "Put her over here." Bonnie pointed to an empty cot. "What happened?" She asked the vampire, remembering his face from before.

2/12/2010 #251

Shep groaned, wincing at every step he took. Every bone in her body ached. Clark rushed from his office, heading straight to the couple. He helped Asher lower her to the bed. She whimpered in protest, her eyes clenching shut. "Bonnie, I need morphine and and ultrasound machine," he ordered. His eyes lingered over Asher's fangs. "And get some blood, for both of them." Clark listened to her lungs and her heart, everything seemed to be fine. He examined her legs and arms. Her femur was broken, along with three ribs, her wrist, and her arm.

Suddenly Shep couldn't breathe. Her eyes popped open, but she couldn't see anything against the bright light. Everything was blurry. Shep choked for air, her face starting to turn purple. Clark listened to her chest once again. "Dammit. Her lung collapsed." Tears flowed over Shep's face, stinging the cuts. Clark grabbed a scalpel, inserting a cut in her side. Shep's scream was muffled, but Clark didn't have time for morphine. He felt guilty, but he had no choice. He ripped the tube from it's wrapping, inserting it between the folds of her skin. "I'm sorry, Shep. I know it hurt, but we're trying to help. Keep your eyes open. Stay with us." Shep's eyes fluttered, but she kept them open. Finally, breathing wasn't too much of a struggle. Clark found an oxygen mask and secured it on Shep.

2/12/2010 #252
Katelyn Renee

"On it." Bonnie nodded, rushing towards the back of the clinic and to the supply closet. She shuffled though the supplies, cursing under her breath slightly. "Damn it, where is it? Ah-ha." She found the small vial, and a clean unopened syring. She rushed back towards the main floor, grabbing the untrasound machine and wheeled it with her.

Asher paled more the usual when Shep gasped for breath, "What's wrong with her! Fix it!" He growled, glaring at Dr. Jane. When Clark cut into Shep, her blood oozed out of the wound and Asher turned his gaze away, holding his breath. The last thing he wanted to do was endanger Shep's life more then it already was.

"Clark. I need to know her blood type." Bonnie breathed out, before glancing up at Asher. "You need to come with me." She mumbled, noticing his fangs.

2/12/2010 #253

"We'll just use O negon Shep." He grabbed the ultrasound machine and hooked it up. He squirted the cold gel on Shep's stomach, placing the stick on her skin, maneuvering it around until he found what he was looking for. He took a breath, took some pictures and shut off the machine. He propped up the sides of the hospital bed. He looked down at Shep, placing his hand over hers. "For some reason your body isn't even beginning the healing process. I'm not sure why, but I'm going to try and find out. First, you are goign to need surgery. You have a lot of internal bleeding. Shep, do you understand me? Blink once for yes, twice for no."

Shep couldn't see anything but a dark figure hovering above her. She could only assume it was Dr. Jane. She blinked her eyes once. "Alright, good. We're taking you in right now. Just hold on. Keep your eyes open for me, okay?" Clark turned to Bonnie, already starting to wheel the bed toward one of the surgical rooms. "Bonnie, I'm going to prep her for surgery. Let Asher wait in the lounge and give him anything but O neg."

2/12/2010 #254
Katelyn Renee

Bonnie nodded and grabbed Asher's arm. "Come on." She tugged on him, but he was reluctant to leave Shep's side. "Dr. Jane will take care of her. Now, you need to come with me." Her eyes fell to his wounded leg, noticing how he seemed to favor it. "I need to fix you up. Now come on."

Asher looked at her, and frowned, yanking his arm away. "You must be fucking nuts if you think I'm leaving her." He growled, refusing to leave Shep's side. He felt guilty for being such an ass towards Shep earlier. He hadn't meant what he said and he need Shep to know that. To know how much he really cared. How much he truly loved her.

2/12/2010 #255

Clark growled, becoming impatient with the vampire. "Right now, you need to get better in order to help her. Besides, I'm not letting you come into my OR. After you get some blood in you I'll need Bonnie to help me. You can wait in the lounge." Clark took the bag of blood and wheeled Shep into the surgical room.

*Clark and Shep to OR*

2/12/2010 . Edited 2/12/2010 #256
Katelyn Renee

Bonnie kept her grip on the vampire, keeping him back, though she knew he could easily break free. "Come on." She said again, tugging him towards a bed. Relief settled over her when he followed, though she could tell he was hesitant. "Wait here. I'll be right back." She stated, once he was settled onto the mattress. Bonnie ran towards a back room, where they stored their blood supplies. She read over the labels, grabbing a few packets of O neg blood for Shep, and anything other then that for Asher.

When she was in the main room again, she tossed the packet to Asher before heading into the OR. "Jane, here. I got the O neg, but I can't stay. Once I help vamps in there, I'll come back." She said, before rushing back out of the OR.

Asher caught the packet, the blood sloshing around. He scrunched his nose, the though of drinking from a bag disgusted him. Asher set it on the bed next to him, refusing to drink from it. He just wanted to be with Shep, to make sure she would be okay.

Bonnie frowned at him when he tossed the blood aside, "You need that." She stated, handing the packet back to him. Asher glared at it for a second, before snatching it out of her hand.

"I prefer my meals...alive." He admitted, staring at the blood.

She ignored him and moved to his wounded thigh. "This'll hurt." Bonnie informed him, grabbing the stake in a firm grip. She yanked, and twisted it, trying to pull it out. The wood was embedded deep, and she pulled harder. Slowly but surely, the stake came out and Bonnie set it aside.

Asher yelled with the unexpected tug, gritting his teeth the whole time. He glared at her, images of stabbing the stake into her flowed though his head. "A warning would have been nice." He growled, his jaw tight.

Bonnie smirked, "Drink up, and you should be fine. I have to go help Jane. Wait here, and I'll update you when I can." And with that, Bonnie disappeared into the surgical room.

2/12/2010 #257
Katelyn Renee

Asher had finished off the bag of blood, like Bonnie instructed, and tossed it aside. He sat on the bed, tapping his foot impatiently. He couldn't just sit there and wait. There was no fucking way. Asher stood up from the mattress, wincing with the pang in his leg, though the wound was already beginning to heal.

He flicked his gaze to a door in the back, quirking an eyebrow with the sudden sound of a babies cry. Curiosity getting the best of him, he moved towards the door, and glanced though the window, cupping his hands around his eyes to get a better view. The room was dark inside, and the blinds prevented him from seeing much of the room.

Letting out a huff, he rested against the door lazily. He stared at the OR entrance, debating whether or not to check up on Shep. Though both the witch and Dr. Dick told him not to.

2/13/2010 #258
Katelyn Renee

Asher's patience was getting shorter and shorter by the second, and he growled under his breath, balling his hands. He slammed a fist into the door behind him, and shoved away from him, stalking towards the operating room. He needed to know something. Anything. Suddenly the doors opened and Bonnie appeared.

[[Bonnie from OR]]

Asher stopped in his tracks, noticing the strained look on her face. She forced a smile, and nodded slightly. "Dr. Jane finished her surgery, though there were a few complica--"

"Complications!" Asher shouted, stopping Bonnie short.

Bonnie scowled, "Let me finish." She said, interrupting the vampire. "There were a few complications, but Dr. Jane was able to repair them. There's no need to worry, Jane said Shep will be fine. She just needs a little rest." Bonnie finished, trying to flash Asher a warm smile. The vampire was a pest, always stirring up trouble. Three times now he's been in this hospital, either with him or someone else as the victim.

2/13/2010 #259

*Clark and Shep from OR*

Clark wheeled the bed toward the main room, glancing warily at the vampire. He didn't want any trouble. Clark managed to carefully lift Shep to a fresh bed. He hooked her up to a new set of monitors, and put in a new IV. He walked past Asher and Bonnie, wheeling the old bed away. "Bonnie, could you check her vitals?"

2/13/2010 #260
Katelyn Renee

Asher frowned when Shep was wheeled out and his heart would have stopped at the sight, if it were beating. He swallowed, moving to stand next to Shep in a blink of and eye, the air swirling around him when he did. His leg completely healed, the only thing remaining was the bloody hole in his jeans. "Kristalie?" Asher said gently, brushing his hand across her cheek. "Come on, baby, look at me."

"All right." Bonnie smiled at Clark, already moving towards the bed. "Oh," She looked over her shoulder. "She should probably check up on them, see how the mother's feeling after..." Bonnie let the sentence fade, nodding towards the door. She turned back towards Shep, picking up her clipboard, and began jotting down numbers.

2/13/2010 #261
Katelyn Renee

Asher looked up when the room door opened and he rolled his eyes, his nostrils filling with the stench of wet dog. "Great, another fucking mutt." He growled under his breath, glaring up at the wolf. A smirk grew over his face when he notice the girl behind him, clinging to a baby. That explained the crying. Asher was reluctant to tear his gaze away, but did so, looking down at Shep. She needed him. He didn't have time to fuck with the wolf, though just thinking about it made a grin spread across his face.

2/13/2010 #262

"She should be waking up any minute now," Clark told Asher, looking down at Shep.

Shep opened her eyes snd smiled up at Asher. "You're here," she whispered reaching out to touch him. Her hand passed through his cheek and she gasped, jerking her hand away from him. She couldn't be dead. It just wasn't possible. It wasn't fair. Shep jumped up from the bed, her eyes darting around the room in a frantic manner. "Oh no. No, no, no. This can't be happening," she said to herself as she tried to grab solid objects, but it was hopeless. Shep whirled around, her eyes latching onto her sleeping body. Sobs began to shake her body, but the tears didn't come.

2/13/2010 #263
Katelyn Renee

Asher looked up at Clark, his grip on Shep's hand tightening. "She better." He threatened, his jaw set. Asher faintly felt a tingling on his cheek, but ignored it, still glaring at Clark.

Bonnie signed, rolling her eyes slightly at Asher. She ran a set of fingers though her hair, making her way back towards her desk. "Long day..." She breathed out, plopping into her chair. Who knew that so much could happen in so little time. She looked up when she heard the private room door open and close.

[[Jesse from Private Room]]

Jesse pulled the door closed behind him, keeping his gaze away from the vampire. No telling what would happen if the vampire said the wrong thing, or even looked at him funny. "Hey, uh, Bonnie..." Jesse started, going up to his desk. "Is there any place I could get some food for Ellie?"

Bonnie shrugged slightly, pressing her lips together. "I don't think there's a place open now, but..." She looked towards the small kitchenette in the back. "...we may have something her in the back." Bonnie offered, standing from her chair again, leading Jesse to the back.

2/13/2010 #264

Shep walked over to Asher, wanting to touch him. "I'm so sorry," she whispered. She had to find Reese. Maybe he could help her. She was reluctant to leave, but she had to go. She had to find a way back into her body. Shep wasn't dead yet, but she didn't want to risk anything. She needed to go back to Asher. Shep glanced at Asher over her shoulder before she walked out of the clinic, leaving her body behind.

*Shep to Main Street*

2/13/2010 . Edited 2/13/2010 #265

*Justin and Jordan entering*

Justin carried the bleeding girl into the clinic, setting her down on the closest bed. He looked up at Clark who was already by Jordan's side, investigating the wound and trying to stop the bleeding. Justin looked at Bonnie, his eyes tired and aged. "I didn't do it. I just found her like this."

2/13/2010 #266
Katelyn Renee

Bonnie stopped in her tracks when the doors opened, and groaned under her breath. How could this day get any worst? she thought, getting annoyed with how may patients they had and how they seemed to keep coming. She rushed towards Justin, and gasped slightly when she saw Jordan. The girl had been fine earlier. Bonnie looked up at Justin, and nodded. "I believe you, Justin. Just, tell us what happened? Or at least what you know." She said, placing a sympathetic hand on his shoulder. She could feel how tense he was, how angry and sad he was.

When Bonnie suddenly stopped, Jesse turned to follow her gaze and his eyes went wide. "Jordan!" He followed behind Bonnie quickly, his hands shaking at his sides. He glared at him, noting that he was another wolf. Jesse pushed by Bonnie and confronted Justin. "What did you do?" Jesse growled out, his jaw set. He didn't know the wolf, nor did he care. Jordan was Ellie's best friend and his daughter's god-mother, which made her apart of his family. A low growl vibrated in Jesse's chest, demanding an answer from Justin.

Asher turned his gaze towards the scuffle, and frowned. Anger rushed though him at the sight of the werewolf, Justin. Asher rose from his seat quickly, still not having noticed Jordan. "You son-of-a-bitch! How dare you show your fucking face here!" He snarled at Justin, paying no attention to the others in the room, his eyes trained on the man who caused Shep's pain. Asher balled his hand into a fist, stricking Justin's already beaten face with a forcful punch.

2/13/2010 #267

"I didn't do anything," Justin said to Jesse. Before he had a chance to explain the situation Asher charged toward him, packing a punch. Justin flew to the ground from the impact, groaning as he rolled on his side. "I should have killed you when I had the chance," he growled to himself. "What the fuck are you talking about?" He shouted at Asher, a fresh draw of blood spreading down his face.

2/13/2010 #268
Katelyn Renee

Asher snarled at Justin, hammering a few more punches down on the werewolf for both Shep and himself. He was still pissed that the wolf got in as many punches as he did earlier, and was determined to get back at him. "What am I talking about?" He growled out, gripping Justin's shirt and yanking him up. "Shep, is what I'm talking about!"

Jesse backed away from the scuffle, turning to Jordan. As of right now, she was more important. "What's wrong with her?" He asked Clark, looking her over. Jesse spotted the puncture wounds on her neck, his anger bubbling up in his chest. "Fucking vampires." He growled out, the sound vibrating in his chest.

2/13/2010 #269

Blood trickled down from Justin's mouth. "I didn' Shep," he mumbled, blood slipping down his throat.

Clark applied pressure to the wound. "Bonnie, I need some O neg. Quick!" If he didn't get blood in the girl fast, they might lose her.

2/13/2010 #270
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