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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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A small pull out sofa bed sits on the opposite wall of the plain hospital bed. The walls are an ugly shade of mint green. There's an old phone on the nightstand and a television that doesn't work is attached to the wall. There are no windows in the room. A small bathroom is off to one side.

1/4/2010 . Edited 1/4/2010 #1

*Shep entering*

Shep pulled up a chair by the bed, watching Asher's motionless form. The doctor had given him some sort of antidote to help with the pain, or so he hoped. Feeling out of place Shep slipped her hand into his lifeless grip, caressing his palm. Scars now covered his face and abdomen, but maybe the doctor could make those go away as well. If Asher ever woke up.

1/5/2010 #2
Katelyn Renee

[[D; this post bummed me out.]]

Abigail had drained Asher almost to his death, after moving him inside her home and up to her room so they could be more...private. "Don't worry Asher. You're not dead, just...paralyzed temporarily."

Asher looked up at her through foggy eyes, unable to see anything but her silhouette. "...Wh-" He croaked out, unable to finish due to a strangled cough.

"It's alright Asher. I have a plan." Abigail chirped in his ear. "We can be together forever this way. Trust me." She lifted her wrists, ripping out a chunk of flesh to draw out her blood. Abby held it over his mouth. "Drink Asher, It'll make you feel better. Promise."

Asher didn't move, or react to Shep's grip.

1/5/2010 #3

[Poor Asher. Fighting was fun! Lol. They should do it again sometime. Haha. Rematch.]

Shep left the chair and undressed Asher, although there wasn't much to take off. She threw away the bloody material and covered him with a blanket. She got a wash cloth and a basin of water from the bathroom, setting it on the nightstand. She dipped the white cloth in the water and brought it to his face, slowly wiping away the dried blood. As she washed his face she spoke to him. "I know you can't hear me and that you're a vampire, but I don't care. I don't know what's happening to me or what you did. I just have this...need to care for you. Your wounds will heal. We can make the scars go away, " she whispered, tears brimming her eyes. "Damn it," she muttered.

Shep dropped the wash cloth in the basin and swiped the tears from her face. "I'm crying over a vampire." She threw her head back in hysteric laughter as the tears strolled down her cheeks. "Never thought I'd see the day." She rung out the cloth, collecting herself, and began washing his face again, careful not to touch the wounds.

1/5/2010 #4
Katelyn Renee

[[Haha. Most definitely.]]

Asher felt the liquid hit his face, and he tried to turn away. "No..." Abby said, forcing it into his mouth. "you have to drink it Asher. You have no choice. I've drained you to much, if you want to live you have to drink the blood." She whispered to him, kissing his cheek gently.

He gaged, coughing up the blood, but it kept flowing. He had to swallow eventually and Abigail knew that. The blood filled his mouth, and Asher swallowed.

Asher gasped awake, his eyes wide and confused. He tried to breath evenly, but his body wouldn't allow it. Asher grabbed at the wound centered in his chest, the silver burning like acid.

1/5/2010 #5

Shep jumped at the sudden movement, the cloth falling to the floor. He looked alarmed, pained. "Asher, look at me." Shep grabbed his hands with her own, begging him to look at her

1/5/2010 #6
Katelyn Renee

Asher blinked at the silhouette in front of him, his first thought was Abigail. "...No..." His voice was pained, and almost inaudible. "...Abby, no please." Asher groaned in pain again as he coughing.

1/5/2010 #7

Abby? Who the hell was Abby? A wave of anger spread in her chest, but she pushed it aside for a later time. Shep squeazed his hands in her own, placing a kiss on his palm. "I'm not Abby. Snap out of it, Asher! Look at me!"

1/5/2010 #8
Katelyn Renee

Asher squeezed her hand as another wave of pain surged through him, the bullet had entered his heart and with every pump spread the silver poisoning. The wounds on his face and abdomen had already began to heal as did the hole in his chest. Asher looked at the blob in front of him that faintly resembled a person. "Abby...what'd you me?"

1/5/2010 #9

Dr. Jane walked in just as Asher spoke. "I-I...Asher, I'm so sorry," Shep cried, pulling away from him and sinking into the chair. Dr. Jane cleared his throat as he neared the vampire's side. Shep turned away, putting her back to the two men.

The doctor put his warm hand on Asher's forearm. "Hello, Asher. I'm Dr. Jane. You can call me Clark. I'm going to help you, but I need you to cooperate. This is going to be extremely painful," Clark warned.

1/5/2010 #10
Katelyn Renee

Another blur appeared in front of Asher, he could faintly hear him, but understood the most part. He grabbed the Doctor's forearm and nodded. Asher yelled again, clawing at his chest. "...Stop!..."

1/5/2010 #11

Dr. Jane held back Asher's hands, trying to reign in his own patience. "Abby, could you...?"

"Shep, not Abby. Shep," she snapped, turning around and popping her head up. Clark gave her an apologetic look. "I didn't mean to offend you, but I guess that explains why he;s so frantic. The silver is getting to him. I need to open up his chest; part of the wound has already healed. The only problem is that my anesthetics and pain medication won't work on him. He's going to suffer." Clark tried not to let his emotions show, but it was very clear that he was torn. He didn't want anyone to suffer, not even a natural enemy.

Shep's shoulders slumped as she walked forward and put her lips near Asher's ear. "I'm right here, Asher. He's going to make you better, but you have to be still." She pressed a soft kiss to his cheek.

1/6/2010 #12
Katelyn Renee

Asher felt the soft kiss, and reached for Shep instinctively, releasing his hold on Dr. Jane. With the other, he clung to the sheeting of the bed with a tight fist against the pain that surged through his body. Asher nodded to Dr. Jane and Shep, saying he understood, but only slightly. Ash let out a pained cry. "...Okay..."

1/6/2010 #13

Shep fought the urge to cry once again. She'd never cried so much in her life, and she blamed Asher for her current tears. It didn't matter though. He needed her, nyone to help him make the pain go away. She began to regret shooting him. In all honesty she didn't know if she had made the situation better or worse.

Dr. Jane prepared the surgical utensils, wishing there was a medication he could give Asher to numb the pain. He knew it was impossible, but it didn't stop him from hoping. "Asher, I am sorry. Please know that," the doctor murmured before whispering a prayer to himself. Dr. Jane held the scalpel steady as he cut along the wound, opening up the chest further so that he could access the bullet.

Shep gasped, turning her face away from the horrific scene.

1/6/2010 #14
Katelyn Renee

Asher screamed as loud as his body would allowed, the pain too excruciating not to. "...STOP!" He pleated, wanting to grab at Dr. Jane's hands, but he held back the urge remembering he had to stay still. "Shep!" He cried out, not knowing he called out her named. The name had been floating around in the back of his mind, and in the midst of all the sheering pain it began to bob at the surface.

1/6/2010 #15

[I'm not sure if he's using the right medical utensils, but oh well. Haha.]

Shep clenched his hand. "I'm right here," she whispered in his ear. She ran her fingers through his hair in an attempt to comfort him.

Dr. Jane grabbed the small tongs after he adjusted the light on the medical tray hovering over the bed. Beads of sweat appeared at Clark's temples as he worked. He found the bullet and removed it as quickly as possible without causing the vampire too much pain. He dropped the silver bullet in a tin basin. When he turned back to Asher he frowned. "Damn it," he said as he took off his gloves. "He's healing too fast." Clark thought for a moment before disappearing into the hall.

1/6/2010 #16
Katelyn Renee

Asher squeezed his eyes shut, trying to imagine the pain away as he clung to Shep's hand, refusing to let go. He knew she was there to help, and he would let her even though he still couldn't place who exactly she was.

1/6/2010 #17

Shep stroked his hand with her thumb, continuing to pet his hair. She was afraid he wouldn't remember, but maybe it would be better that way. She cold just lie and say she witnessed the fight and brought him here, that they were strangers. It wasn't a complete lie. In fact, most of it was true. Even though she had shared her blood and the bite mark was still visible, they had just met.

Clark returned with a small vile of orange liquid in hand. He frowned at the healing wounds as he removed the cork from the vile. "Asher, you have to drink this," Clark instructed. He put the vile to Asher's lips.

"What is it?" Shep questioned, staring at the vile.

Clark looked at her with concern in his eyes. "I have no idea," he admitted. "I just know that it slows down the healing process."

1/6/2010 #18
Katelyn Renee

Asher coughed when the orange liquid poured into his mouth, the taste worse the anything. He hesitated before swallowing, tightening his grip on Shep as it burned down his throat.

1/6/2010 #19

Shep bit her top lip, watching Asher's face and ignoring the pressure on her hand. She'd never been so worried about anyone so much in her short life.

Dr. Jane went back to work an applied a special cream to the wounds, something Bonnie had concocted. He knew that it worked well on vampires, but poisoned the other species. He had no idea why, as he did with most of Bonnie's potions and antidotes. The cream would burn for quite awhile. "The pain will eventually become an annoying ache. For now you'll just have to manage," he told Asher. "It will make the scars much less visible."

1/6/2010 #20
Katelyn Renee

Asher groaned, scrunching his nose against the sting of the cream. He looked up at Shep then to the Doctor, their profiles still a slight blur. Asher moved uncomfortably on the bed.

1/6/2010 #21

Clark finished up with the wounds and patted Asher on the arm. "Alright, sir, I'm done here. You can try to relax. I'll have to move you out of here soon. I may need to do surgery and we'll have to use this room for the patient's recovery. You two did a fine job on each other, that much is for sure. For now try to relax and press the call button if there's anything you need." Dr. Jane nodded at Shep and left the room. He closed the door behind him.

"How are you doing?" Shep asked softly, rubbing his arm as she watched the cream work it's magic.

*Clark Jane exiting*

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #22
Katelyn Renee

Asher coughed, and winced as he blinked up at Shep. A small smile grew across his face, finally being able to see her clearly, the cream already unclouding his mind. "...I can finally...see straight." He grumbled, his voice slightly horse. Asher swallowed, wincing as his chest fell and rose with his breathing. "I see you, Shep." Asher said gently, touching her cheek.

1/6/2010 #23

She smiled, but it wavered with uncertainty. "Good," she whispered. She basked in the moment, admiring the feel of his hand on her cheek. It felt nice. " remember me?" She tried not to show her disappointment.

[Ugh. Have to go do a science project now. Pooh. I may not be on for the rest of the night.]

1/6/2010 #24
Katelyn Renee

Asher smiled weakly, and nodded. "...Of course, how...could I forget." He let his hand fall from her cheek, he smiled again but drowsiness was setting in.

1/6/2010 #25

Shep forced a smile. She didn't know what he meant by that. Maybe she didn't want to. She squeezed his hand in reassurance and sat down in the uncomfortable chair next to the bed. "Just rest for now. You'll feel better in a little while." She patted his hair and watched him, wondering why he would take such an interest in her, even if for her blood. They were supposed to be enemies, not friends or lovers. It just wasn't right. She wasn't right. After all, that was why her parents had left in the first place.

1/6/2010 #26
Katelyn Renee

Asher nodded slowly, his grip on Shep's hand loosening as he started to fall asleep. He glanced up quickly at the door, when he heard footsteps.

1/6/2010 . Edited 1/6/2010 #27

*Justin Entering*

Shep glanced followed Asher's gaze to find Justin appearing in the doorway, a furious expression on his face. Justin narrowed his eyes at the vampire he had seen at the bar a night or two ago. Instead of taking his anger out on the wounded man he turned his scolding eyes to Shep. "So this is you, huh?"

"Justin..." she began. He held up a hand. "Don't even. After three goddamn years you can't show yourself to me. Not even once. And then you show yourself to him, of all people! A fucking vampire, Shep! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

She looked away, her eyes falling to Asher's face. She mulled over her thoughts, but still wasn't able to come up with an answer. She shrugged, her eyes chained to Asher. "I don't know," she whispered.

Justin snorted at her comment and leaned against the wall, shutting the door. "Figures," he mumbled. His eyes scanned her body. It was the first time he had ever seen her. She was pretty, thin. Very attractive in fact. She reminded him of Arianna with her thinness. Arianna. He wondered how she was doing. He hadn't left her in such great conditions. He had actually been quite the jerk. His thoughts drifted to Arianna and what she might be doing at the moment.

1/6/2010 #28
Katelyn Renee

Asher glared at the man who came into his room, not recognizing him or liking the way he spoke to Shep. He pushed himself up a little to sit in a more defensive and comfortable position. Asher groaned as he moved. His gaze went from Justin to Shep, then back. "Who the hell are you, and why are you in my room?" He narrowed his eyes at the werewolf, his doziness suddenly gone. [[werewolf, right?]]

1/6/2010 #29

Justin snapped his eyes to the vampire. "None of your fucking business."

Shep patted Asher's hand. "Just go to sleep. We'll talk about it later, okay?" She offered a small smile.

1/6/2010 #30
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