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R. Lauden

[[You should edit the previous post slighty, her panties are still on. Haha. That might make things awkward for pushing out a baby.]]

Ellie panted heavy breaths, the pain reverberating through every bone in her body. Pushing was the last thing on her mind. She wanted painkillers, she wanted to be somewhere far away, she wanted to be anywhere but lying on a plastic mattress with her legs parted and a baby on the way. Doubts circled her mind as she stared up at the ceiling. Doubts about being a good mother, about being able to raise a baby at seventeen.

Bonnie grabbed a blanket, draping it over her legs.

"Alright, Ellie. I need you to give me a push." Jane instructed, his voice even and calm. The complications had him worried, but once the baby was born everything should be alright. Ellie would need to recover, but she would be alive. That was the most important part. The sooner she pushed out the baby, the better.

Ellie gritted her teeth, trying to focus on pushing. With her legs propped in the metal stirrups, she strained to give a good push. The pain consumed her. Unbidden tears welled in her eyes. She gripped her fists so tight, her knuckles turned white from the strain.

"Give me another push." Jane ordered after a moment.

Ellie did, with much reluctance. The blood rushed to her face, reddening her complexion. Her hair was wild and tangled from rubbing against the uncomfortable pillow.

"Alright, she's crowning. I can see the head." Jane assured her with enthusiasm. "Just a few more good pushes."

"I can't." Ellie cried, feeling weak.

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Katelyn Renee

Jesse was sitting on the edge of the bed by her head, his excitement to finally see his daughter growing with every second. He looked down at Ellie when she refused to push. "Come on, yes you can." Jesse lifted her up a little, sliding in behind her. He rested her back against his chest, wrapping his arms to her front and gripped her hands. "We can do this. I know you can. Just a few more, El, then our baby girl will be here. Okay? Now come on!" He said into her ear, willing Ellie to try again. He kissed hertemple, her dark hair plastered to her forehead with sweat.

2/9/2010 #62
R. Lauden

"Good." Bonnie smiled, setting a comforting hand on his shoulder. Ellie needed support. Bonnie saw a lot of new mothers without someone to coach them through. She could tell the young couple would make it. There was some quality about them, some chemistry that tied them together.

Ellie shut her eyes hard, trying to focus on breathing. She heard him speaking. Felt his warm chest pressed against her back. "Jesse." She whimpered, feeling his hands embrace hers. She wanted to see Raewyn, hold the little neborn in her arms. Ellie pushed again, crying as she did.

Jane glanced up at her, wearing a smile. "I can see her, just a few more. Come on." He encouraged.

Ellie could barely hear everyone else in the room. Her heartbeat raced in her ears. Her breaths came difficult. She gave another push, images of Raewyn swirling in her mind--the first time she would ride a bike, her first day of school, her first boyfriend. In every glimpse, Jesse was there. He would be a part of their life.

Ellie gave one final push, the other noises seemed to fade. Then she heard a loud and healthy cry from Raewyn. "Congratulations!" Jane beamed, clamping the umbilical cord and holding up their baby girl. "Daddy, you want to do the honors?" He asked, holding out a pair of scissors. "Cut right here." Jane told him, pointing to section beyond the clamp.

Bonnie stood ready with a warm blanket.

2/9/2010 #63
Katelyn Renee

When Jesse heard Raewyn's cry for the first time, his heart nearly stopped, and he looked at the wailing newborn, his eyes wide with both joy and shock. She was here. Their baby girl made it there safely and he was a father. He grinned at the thought, planting another kiss on Ellie's head. "We did it, Ellie. We did it." He laughed out, slipping out from behind her and gently helped her lay back down against the bed.

Jesse looked at Jane who was holding his daughter, shifting his gaze to the scissors, and took them eagerly. He took a breath, readying himself, trying to calm his shaky hands. God, he was so nervous. Would he be a good father? A husband, if Ellie would take him that is? Taking another breath, he snipped where Jane had pointed.

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R. Lauden

"Good." Jane handed the baby off to Bonnie. She wiped Raewyn off quickly, stuck a pink cap over her soft brown hair, and wrapped her in a blanket. Ellie watched through blurred vision, emotional and awe-struck. She wanted to hold their baby, talk to her.

"Raewyn." Ellie spoke her name. For the first time, it felt real. "I want to hold her." She reached for the newborn. Bonnie smiled warmly, bringing the baby to her mother. Ellie took the bundle eagerly, looking down into her beautiful little face. Raewyn was so tiny, so perfect. She brushed her knuckle along her cheek, glancing up at Jesse. "Look at her." Her voice swelled with emotion.

Jane finished the procedure, sliding out the extention on the bed to give Ellie a chance to stretch out. "I will give you two a few moments, then we need to prepare the birth certificate and get her weighed." He pulled off his gloves and dropped them into a waste bin.

[[Jane and Bonnie Exiting]]

2/9/2010 #65
Katelyn Renee

Jesse sat down slowly next to Ellie, reached a hand towards the small baby. His baby. Jesse smiled again, stroking Raewyn's arm gently, her skin soft and smooth. "She's so small..." He whispered, his voice full of emotion. "Look at that, Ellie. We made that." He said in a hushed voice, looking over at Ellie, giving her a warm smile.

2/9/2010 #66
R. Lauden

"She needs a middle name." Ellie laughed, wiping the tears from her eyes. They were no longer painful tears. They were tears of joy. She had wanted to hold Raewyn for so long. She watched her baby girl, watched her little eyelids flutter slightly. Full lashes fanned her soft cheeks. Ellie smiled, watching as she opened her eyes for the first time. They were deep violet, with traces of gold. "She has my eyes." She whispered, glancing up at Jesse.

2/9/2010 #67
Katelyn Renee

Jesse snorted, "Yes. Yes she does. You have anything in mind?" He asked Ellie in a quiet voice, still rubbing his daughters arm. "How about Hope?" He suggested, raising a brow. It kind of fit their situations really, how they had to keep telling each other to have hope. He looked at his baby girl, and grinned more when she looked up at them with her mother's violet eyes. Her tiny hand wrapped around his finger, and grinned more. "God Ellie..." Jesse kissed Ellie on the cheek, "I love you so much. Both of you. My girls." He whispered, completely serious.

2/9/2010 #68
R. Lauden

Ellie swallowed the knots in her throat, which refused to unravel and form the three simple words in return. She turned to look at Jesse. She wanted to say them. She wanted him to know that she cared. She did care about him, a lot. But did she love him? Maybe she did. At Newborn, he had left her with so much hurt. It was hard to trust him again. "Jesse--I" She inhaled a deep breath. "I understand that you love Raewyn, but I know you don't love me and you don't need to say it. I'll let you be in her life, just don't say that anymore."

2/9/2010 #69
Katelyn Renee

Jesse pulled away from her slightly, looking at her with a confused expression. The bewilderment quickly faded away into a smile. "You know that for a fact, huh? Okay, if that's what you believe." He chuckled. "I'll make you see just how much I love you, Ellestial Ward. You'll see." Jesse said with a smirk, his eyes boring into hers. He lifted his hand, brushing his fingers through her hair, resting it on the back of her neck. His eyes shifted from her violet eyes to her lips as he pulled her close. He kissed her gently, pressing his lips to hers as he made the kiss more deep and passionate, willing her to believe those three little words. "I. Love. You." He said each word slowly, full of his true emotion.

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/9/2010 #70
R. Lauden

Ellie blinked, still struggling with his claim. It had been a very long time since they kissed, exactly six months. He tasted exactly as she remembered. Her lips parted on instinct, though the words still failed to settle in her conscience. When he repeated himself, he sounded more sure.

[[Bonnie Entering]]

Bonnie walked in, noticing the intimate exchange between the new parents. She waited until the kiss simmered down. "I have some paperwork that needs filled out and I need to borrow your daughter for just a couple minutes." She crossed the room, holding a clipboard out to Jesse. " I need you to fill this out. Both of you will need to sign." She had already exed the dotted lines at the end of the form.

"Let me see that baby girl." Bonnie smiled, reaching for the newborn.

"Raewyn." Ellie corrected her with a pleasant smile. "Raewyn Hope Williams." She glanced at Jesse, passing Raewyn off to the nurse.

[[Bonnie Exiting with Raewyn]]

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Katelyn Renee

Jesse turned away from Ellie when Bonnie spoke and groaned a little when she handed the clipboard to him. He hated paperwork. He stiffened a little when she moved to take Raewyn away, not quite ready to let her leave. His eyes were trained on Bonnie as she left with their daughter, but didn't say anything. He huffed a little, propping his leg up he rested the clipboard against it and began filling out each blank. Jesse glanced over at Ellie curiously, "You feeling okay?" He asked suddenly, remembering how she had had a seizure earlier and not to mention she just had a baby.

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/9/2010 #72
R. Lauden

"Just tired." Ellie turned to look at him, smoothing back her hair. The edges were still damp with sweat. "And I could use a shower." She admitted with a gentle laugh. Her skull rested against the pillow, her eyes shifting to the form on the clipboard. "What do they want to know?"

2/9/2010 #73
Katelyn Renee

Jesse smirked at her, enjoying her laughter. It was the first time he heard it since he arrived. He glanced at the paper again, and snorted, "Everything. Our fiull names, birthdays, et cetra et cetra." He chuckled, glancing at her, pen in hand ready to write down her information first.

2/9/2010 #74
R. Lauden

"You better not laugh, my parents had a very bad sense of humor." She warned him before revealing her full name. "Ellestial Truffle Ward." She waited for his reaction, trying to make light of it. "My parents take the family business a little too seriously."

2/9/2010 #75
Katelyn Renee

Jesse glanced sideways at her, trying to hold back his amusement, raising his eyebrows. "Wow. That...that sucks." He laughed out, writing down her full name. "Least you have a middle name..." He muttered, writing in his name, skipping over the 'middle name' blank. "Birthday?"

2/9/2010 #76
R. Lauden

"February 14th, 1992." She admitted. The truth was, Ellie was born on Valentines Day. It was the same day that millions of people rushed to the candy aisle to by a heart shaped box of Ward Family Truffles, to which she earned her middle name. "What about you?"

2/9/2010 #77
Katelyn Renee

"Valentine's Day, huh? Man, you're one weird girl." Jesse chuckled, jotting down her birth date. "October 14th, 1992" He announced as he wrote it down. Jesse filled out the rest of the paperwork, with Ellie throwing in tips on what to jot down. "What about custody? Shared?" He asked, sounding slightly hopeful. He hoped Ellie would allowed shared custody. "And then God-parents?"

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/9/2010 #78
R. Lauden

Ellie saw the hope spark in his eyes. "Shared." She agreed. "And for her god-parents, I want Jordan and Paxton." There was not a hint of question in her voice. Even though the two were dysfunctional at times, they meant well. She had wanted them to be the god-parents from the very beginning.

2/9/2010 #79
Katelyn Renee

Jesse sucked in a rough breath when he heard the vampires name, and frowned. "Not him." He said firmly, his grip on the pen growing tight. Ellie and Raewyn almost died because of that bloodsucker. He would never allow the leech near his daughter, even if he died trying. "Not him." He repeated, memories of the hours before flowing through his mind. Jesse's hand started to shake, "Damn it." He grumbled, stepping off the bed. With his back to her, Jesse took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. For a while there he'd forgotten about the vampire and what the leech had done. But it was all he could think about.

2/9/2010 #80
R. Lauden

"Jesse, please relax." Ellie spoke to him from the bed, watching his form begin to shake. "I at least want Jordan to be the god-mother. Is that a good compromise?" She couldn't believe what she was saying. Jesse had been out of her life for six months. Paxton and Jordan had been with her the entire time. Whatever happened between them, there had to be an explination. There shouldn't have even been a compromise to begin with. She wanted Paxton and Jordan to be the god-parents, together.

2/9/2010 #81
Katelyn Renee

Taking a few more breaths, Jesse turned to look at her. "I'm sorry. I just...I know that their your friends...but," He frowned, looking down at the form. "I just, don't trust the vampire. Besides, he skipped town anyways after what he did to Jordan. And truthfully, I don't think he's coming back anytime soon." Jesse said, feeling slightly more calmer. He ran a hand through his hair before picking up the form again and wrote down Jordan's name. "It's Summers isn't it?" He asked, not sure of the girls last name.

2/9/2010 #82
R. Lauden

"Summers." Ellie nodded, her voice a slight bit indifferent. She wanted to talk with Jordan, find out what happened. They had not had a chance to talk yet, but hopefully they would soon. She wanted to see Jordan, let her hold Raewyn.

[[Bonnie Entering with Raewyn]]

Bonnie returned, holding Raewyn. She was dressed in a little pink outfit and matching booties. "How are you feeling?" Bonnie asked Ellie, moving towards the bed.

"Tired." Ellie admitted.

"Well, let's get you dressed and ready to head home." She offered, stealing a glance at the father. He seemed rather tense, the muscles in his shoulder and back rippling. "Is everything okay, Jesse?" She asked, raising an eyebrow. "You can hold Raewyn now, if you'd like." Her inquisitive look turned to a smile. "Ellie, let me see if I can't find you some clothes to change into."

2/9/2010 #83
Katelyn Renee

Jesse ginned a little when Bonnie came back into the room, and he looked down at Raewyn, smirking at her little outfit. "Uh...I don't know." He said, taking a step back. He wanted to but the truth was, he's never held a baby before--never really had the chance, and right now he was a little worked up. Raewyn was so small and fragile, he could break her easily. "I shouldn't..." Jesse glanced down at Ellie, unsure of himself.

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/9/2010 #84
R. Lauden

"Jesse, hold your daughter." Ellie ordered him with a smile. She could hear Jordan shouting from the waiting area, a hint of concern in her voice. "Bonnie, would you--"

"I'll let her know where you are." Bonnie nodded, holding Raewyn out to Jesse.

2/9/2010 #85
Katelyn Renee

Jesse glanced down at Ellie, shifting his gaze back to Bonnie. "Alright." He said, moving towards Bonnie. He hesitated a little, and the witch placed that infant into Jesse's arms. He held her awkwardly, trying not to drop his baby girl. Jesse smiled down at Raewyn, her violet eyes staring up at him.

Bonnie made sure Jesse had a good hold on the baby before she left the room.

[[Bonnie to Clinic]]

Jesse looked over at Ellie, "Am I doing this right?" He laughed nervously, feeling slightly awkward holding his daughter for the first time.

2/9/2010 #86
R. Lauden

"You're doing fine." Ellie assured him. "Bring her over here, so I can look at her." She wanted to see her baby, even fifteen minutes without her seemed like too many. Even though he was nervous, she could see the look in his eyes. He loved Raewyn, despite everything that had happened over the past six months.

2/9/2010 #87
Katelyn Renee

Jesse smirked at Ellie as he shifted Raewyn in his arms, pulling up a chair, placing it close to the bed. He sat down slowly, so not to disturb Raewyn, who was already beginning to fall alseep. Jesse moved her closer to Ellie, giving her a better look. He looked up from the sleeping baby when the door opened, seeing the dark haired girl poke her head inside.

[[Jordan Entering]]

Jordan peeked her head inside, "Oh Ellie!" She shrieked, placing a hand over her mouth, tears streaming down her cheeks already. Jesse shot a glare at her for making so much noise. Raewyn stirred, opening her violet eyes. Jordan moved into the room, "She's aborable!" She cried out, sitting on the foot of the bed.

2/9/2010 #88
R. Lauden

Ellie beamed up at Jordan, happy to see her neck had healed. "Meet your new god-daughter."She wanted to ask her about Paxton, but decided there was a better time and place. Jordan was probably broken up about it. Besides, even mentioning Paxton might get Jesse riled up again and the last thing she wanted was him transforming near their baby.

2/9/2010 #89
Katelyn Renee

"What? Really?" Jordan said, her voice overflowing with emotion. "Oh god...I'm sorry." She said, whipping off her cheeks with her jacket sleeve. "It's been a long day." Jordan laughed nervously, before looking down at Jesse. "May I?" She asked them, wanting to hold the little pink bundle.

Jesse looked between the two, and huffed a little when Jordan asked to hold Raewyn. "But..." He started to debate, but cut himself short. Jesse didn't want to give her up just yet, but gave in to Jordan's pleading eyes. "Fine" He said, moving to hand the baby off.

Jordan took her eagerly, cradling the baby in her arms, tears welling in her eyes again. "Damn it...I'm crying again. I'm such a sucker for babies." She sniffled, smiling weakly up at the two new parents. "She's beautiful guys, Congrats."

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