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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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R. Lauden

"Thanks, Jord." Ellie beamed, turning to look at Jesse. She could see his reluctance as he handed her over. Through it all, his eyes remained locked on Raewyn. There was no doubt in her mind that Jesse would make a good father. But, a good husband? she found herself flinching away from thoughts about marriage. She was only seventeen, turning eighteen in a month.

She knew with Raewyn, she would need to grow up. Marriage, however, was a big step.

2/9/2010 #91
Katelyn Renee

Jordan rocked their baby in her arms, mumbling in baby-talk. "You're just so cute, yes you are. Yes you are." She looked up at Ellie, "Did you go with that name you had picked out? Uh, Raewyn?"

[[Bonnie Entering]]

There was a knock on the door, and Bonnie came in, puppy scrubs slug over her arm. "Ellie, here. I brought you something to wear home." She said, smiling at the four of them as she gave Ellie the outfit. "Do you two have a car seat or a carrier of some type? Or a crib even?" She asked, noticing how young and inexperienced the couple looked.

Jesse looked up at her, and bit back a frown. They didn't, and he wasn't sure where'd he'd get the money to buy all that. Especally when they needed it now when all he had was a few dollars and a packet of gum in his pocket. "We're actually stopping by at that Baby Boomers down the street when we get out of here." He said, smiling at Bonnie.

Bonnie gave them a concerned look, but didn't say anything. She nodded before heading out the door.

[[Bonnie to Clinic]]

Jesse turned to Ellie, panic paling his face. "Ellie...we are we going to do. I have no money. Damn it." He rubbed his hand over his face, sliding his fingers through his hair.

2/9/2010 #92
R. Lauden

"Raewyn Hope Williams." Ellie announced. She kind of liked saying the name. It seemed to flow off the tip of her tounge.

When Bonnie delivered the puppy scrubs, she accepted them without hesitation. Anything was better than an open gown.

She waited until Bonnie left. Then her eyes shifted to Jordan. She wondered if they should tell Jesse about the money. He would probably figure it out eventually. Keeping a secret as big as $783,927.52 was not an easy task. "We have money, Jesse." Ellie assured him, sparing him the details of their little heist.

2/9/2010 #93
Katelyn Renee

Jordan squealed with excitement when she heard her full name, and grinned down at the baby. "I'm so happy for you guys." She said again, before talking baby talk to Raewyn.

Jesse rolled his eyes at Jordan's childish voice, but couldn't help but grin. "You have money? From what...nevermind, I don't care." He shrugged, and grinned at the outfit Ellie held. "Did you want to sleep first before we go, or just sleep at the hotel when we're done shopping?" Jesse asked quickly, smirking at the odd scrubs.

2/9/2010 #94
R. Lauden

"I will sleep when we get back to the inn. Raewyn needs warmer clothes, a cradle, and diapers." She swung her legs over the side of the bed. The space between her legs still ached. She expected it after pushing out an eight pound baby. Moving towards the small bathroom, she took cautious steps. Her entire body ached.

Shutting the door to the bathroom, she shanged out of the gown and pulled on the scrubs. She stared at herself in the mirror for a long moment. She looked like a wreck. A part of her felt self-concious, wishing for some lip-gloss or a dab of concealer to disguise the bags under her eyes. Why she felt the need to impress Jesse, she did not know. Instead, she splashed cool water on ther face.

Stepping back into the room, she glanced from Jesse to Jordan. "I am losing steam fast, so we head better get going. Jordan, maybe you could stay here with Raewyn? Jesse and I could pick up everything from the store, then he could come back and pick her up. I could go back to the inn and catch up on rest." She suggested, though the thought of seperating with her daughter--if only for a couple hours--was difficult to accept.

She had the rest of her life to spend with Raewyn. She could probably stand a few hours without her. Besides, she trusted Jordan. Jordan was her god-mother after all.

2/9/2010 #95
Katelyn Renee

Jesse gave Ellie a concern look as she made her way to the bathroom, unsure if she should even be walking. She did just have a baby. His baby. Jesse grinned again, he enjoyed the sound of that. It got him every time. He leaned against the wall by the bathroom, watching Jordan and Raewyn from across the room. He wanted to hold her again, but he would get another chance. He smiled again, after all she was his daughter.

Jesse waited patiently for Ellie to come out, and smirked at her puppy covered scrubs when the door opened again. "That's very nice El." He chuckled, moving across the room to pick up her jacket. "Here." He said, holding it out for her to slip her arms through. He looked up at Jordan, hesitant to leave Raewyn with a stranger. Well, she was a stranger to him. Jesse barely knew the girl. But if Ellie trusted her, he would give Jordan a chance. "Alright, let's go Ellie." Jesse muttered quickly, want to get the shopping over with and get back to Raewyn.

Jordan rocked Raewyn in her arms, smiling at Jesse and Ellie. She could handle Raewyn. Jordan had always been good with kids, especally babies. "We'll be fine. Go ahead." She reassured them, letting Raewyn suck on her knuckle.

2/10/2010 #96
R. Lauden

Ellie wavered slghtly, nearly crashing into Jesse. She tried to pass it off with a smile, but her body was worn out after giving birth. The list of baby merchandise continued to grow, becoming almost difficult to keep track of. They needed a crib, toys, clothes, diapers, a diaper bag, bottles, formula, stroller, blankets, binkies... God, she had to push herself to move towards the door. Her muscles screamed in protest, but she hid it well. "We'll be back, Jordan."

2/10/2010 . Edited 2/10/2010 #97
Katelyn Renee

Jesse gripped his hands around Ellie's shoulders, noticing how she seemed to wobble on her feet. "You okay?" He asked quickly, trying to help steady her. Jesse returned the smile, though he could see how tired she was but he would let her play it off as nothing. For now. If it became a problem, he would make her go and lay down.

"Okay." Jordan said with a smile, sliding more onto the bed to get more comfortable. Raewyn was drifting to sleep again, her tiny hands holding onto Jordan's hand.

Jesse nodded, and pulled open the door, escorting Ellie out. If they were leaving, they should do it before he changed his mind about leaving Raewyn.

[[Jellie to Clinic]]

Once the door shut, Jordan started to sing lightly to Raewyn, which she rarely did. Except in the shower or when she was alone. "Now it's all said and done, I can't believe you were the one, To build me up and tear me down, Like an old abandoned house." She recited the words, the same words Chris Daughtry sang in his amazing song, Over You.

2/10/2010 #98
R. Lauden

[[Bonnie and Ellie Entering]]

Bonnie wheeled Ellie back into the private room.

Ellie fidgeted with her hands, feeling a bit guilty about how she treated Jesse. But for all the pain he caused her, he deserved to be punished. She tried justifying it, though she knew none of it was true. Not in the least. Her eyes lifted to Jordan seated on the bed, Raewyn rocking in her arms. "We decided to go shopping tomorrow." Ellie announced, before she had the oportunity to ask.

Bonnie pushed her towards the bed. "Do you think you can stand?" She asked, using the foot brakes to lock the wheel chair in place.

Ellie nodded, bracing herself against the bed for support. "Do you think you have a towel?" She asked, feeling kind of sheepish about the subject. "Until Jesse gets back."

Bonnie smiled, nodding. She went to brace Ellie, making sure she didn't fall.

Ellie sat on the mattress, wincing slightly at the pain in her lower region. She lifted her legs onto the bed with some effort, sliding onto the bed fully. Her body relaxed into the mattress. She felt better already. Her violet eyes moved to Raewyn. The only way she could feel even better would be holding her daughter.

"She might be ready for her first feeding." Bonnie suggested, going to a cabinent and fetching a towel. She brought it back, setting it beside Ellie.

2/10/2010 #99
Katelyn Renee

Jordan stopped singing when the door opened, and smiled at Ellie when Bonnie wheeled her in. She gave her friend a concerned look, watching as she struggled to get up onto the mattress. Jordan would have gotten up to help her, but Raewyn had her hands occupied, so the only Jordan could do to help was scoot over a few inches, giving Ellie more room.

"Here." Jordan said, the look in Ellie's eye hinting she wanted to hold her daughter. She maneuvered to hand over the pink bundle, and Raewyn opened her violet eyes. They filled with tears and the baby started to cry, not understanding why she had been woken up, not to mention her tiny stomach was empty and begging for food.

2/10/2010 #100
R. Lauden

[[Bonnie Leaving]]

Ellie took the crying newborn carefully, cradling her in a gentle embrace. "Shh, shh, shh. You must be hungry." She touched her on the nose, brushing her knuckles along her soft cheek. She glanced up at Jordan, apologetic look in her eye. Grabbing a spare blanket, she draped it over her chest and lifted the shirt for Raewyn. A moment later, Raewyn quieted and suckled at her breast.

She felt a little awkward with Jordan still in the room, but the baby book said breastfeeding was a natural thing. Ellie knew it would take getting used to, but that would come with time. The pressure caused her nipple to ache slightly, but she ignored it. Every other part of her ached even more.

"What happened with Paxton?" She decided to clear the air.

2/10/2010 #101
Katelyn Renee

Jordan averted her gaze from Ellie when she began to breast feed, not wanting to make her friend more uncomfortable then she clearly already was. She frowned with Ellie's sudden question, though she should have expected it. Emotion built up in her throat, tears burning her eyes. "He uh..." She swallowed, clearing her throat. "He left me." Jordan said slowly, whipping away her tears, laughing nervously. "I was actually stupid enough to believe he'd turn me." She whispered, whipping her nose with her sleeve.

2/10/2010 #102
R. Lauden

Ellie felt horrible for asking. Jordan was obviously still emotional about the whole ordeal. "Jordy, Paxton loves you. And to be honest, he needs you. You're like his only connection to humanity." Ellie tried comforting her best friend. She knew the words were true, every one of them. Paxton loved Jordan. It was the way he looked at her, the way he kissed her. Ellie had been jealous of them for the longest time. She was still jealous. "Pax will come back, whether next week or next year, but he will. He cares about you Jordan." Ellie smiled warmly, hoping her words would settle.

"I've been thinking about settling down." She took a deep breath. "Here, in Mauderville. Maybe buying a house with our money." She spoke in a quieter town, just in case anyone was nosy enough to listen. "We would have to put together our shares, maybe five hundred thousand."

2/10/2010 #103
Katelyn Renee

Jordan nodded her head, Ellie's words soaking in. "Yeah. I know he does." She smiled at Ellie, trying to make her smile just as warm. "But it still hurts." Jordan whispered, sinking deep into the pillows next to Ellie. Jordan knew Paxton loved her. She never doubted that for a second. She just hated the fact he left her without even a second glace, without even giving her a chance to explain her reasons for wanted what she wanted.

When Ellie spoke again, Jordan looked up into her violet eyes. "Yeah, sure. You can have it. I'm happy for you and Jesse. I really am. You guys are lucky to have each other." Jordan said, happy for the change in subject. It was the true, she was happy for them. Sure Jesse was an asshole in the past, but he truly had seemed to change. He wasn't that same guy he was back them. And Jordan was thrilled that Ellie finally decided to settle down with the father of her baby, and buying a house was a giant step foreword. Ellie had been so sad the past six months, but now that Jesse was here. Jordan could see that old glint in her eyes.

2/10/2010 #104
R. Lauden

"Jordan, I'm not asking for your money." Ellie laughed, realizing she needed to spell it out. "I'm asking you to buy a house with me. Meaning we would own it together." She hesitated, hoping the words would sink in. "You and me." She emphasized for Jordan. She wanted Jesse to be a part of her life, but her friends always came first. Jordan came first. Jordan had been there for her, from the very beginning. Since they bonded over a bag of gummy bears at Newborn Academy.

2/10/2010 #105
Katelyn Renee

Jordan laughed sheepishly, running a hand though her short, multi coloured hair. "Oh." She was slightly embarrassed by her mistake, her checks flushing different shades of red. Jordan looked up at Ellie, her grin wide. "I'd love you, Ellie." She said in her normal cheerful tone, her mood lightening up a little, for once not actually thinking about Paxton. She wanted to hug Ellie, but restrained herself. She wouldn't want to disturb Raewyn's nursing.

[[Jesse Entering]]

Jesse opened the door, not bother to knock and stepped inside. "Eh," He caught sight what Ellie's was doing, and dropped the bag to the ground. "Here. Sorry." He muttered, turning his gaze away, though another side of him--the side that every man had in common--told him not to, that it was fine to look. Jesse backed out of the room, closing the door behind him.

[[Jesse Leaving]]

2/10/2010 #106
R. Lauden

When Jesse left the room, Ellie shifted her gaze to Jordan. She bubbled over with laughter, noticing how sheepishly he left. He might as well have tucked his tail between his legs. "Jesse!" She called, hoping he would hear her. If he planned on being in their life, he would need to get used to the natural act of nursing.

Raewyn had lost energy in her suckling, turning away and letting out a dull cry. Ellie adjusted the shirt and pulled off the blanket. She needed Jesse to burp Raewyn. Now that her bag had been delivered, there were a few things she needed to take care of.

2/10/2010 #107
Katelyn Renee

[[Jesse Entering]]

Jesse pocked his head back into the room this time a little more wryly, before stepping completely into the room, closing the door behind him. He lifted the bag up again, and carried it to her, his smile growing more at the sight of Raewyn, and he headache had dissolved away for the time being. "How's my babygirl?" Jesse cooed, grinning down at Raewyn.

"Jesse, you look like shit? What happened?" Jordan laughed out, obvering the gash on his head, the edges of the wound pink where it already began to heal.

2/10/2010 #108
R. Lauden

"What happened?" Ellie worried, suddenly forgetting to be bitter. She recognized his effort, over and over again. He was trying. She would give him that much. "Raewyn needs to be burped." She told him, grabbed the towel from the edge of the bed. "You think you can handle that? I need to use the bathroom." She held out Raewyn. Her little eyelids were heavy with milk drunkeness.

2/10/2010 #109
Katelyn Renee

Jesse snorted a little, and winced with the sudden pain in his skull. "I fell, several times." He admitted, draping the towel over his shoulder and took Raewyn eagerly. "And yes, I can handle that. I'm a fast learner" He said slightly defensive, before turning his attention to little Raewyn. "Ah, what's that matter baby girl," He chuckled, resting her against his shoulder, holding her up with his arm. He patted the small baby on the back, swaying instinctively on his feet when he held her.

Jordan rolled her eyes, hopping off the bed, and moved to the other side to give Ellie a hand. "Come on Ellie," She laughed at Jesse slightly.

2/10/2010 . Edited 2/10/2010 #110
R. Lauden

Ellie smiled at the sight. There was not a doubt in here mind. Jesse would make an amazing father. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, noticing the splotch of blood on the mattress. "Jordan, will you grab my bag?" She asked, pressing her feet against the floor. She was weary about shifting her weight, taking one uneasy step towards the bathroom. Her entire body protested. She hoped that after some rest, everything might feel a little better.

2/10/2010 #111
Katelyn Renee

Jordan nodded, her hair bounding slightly with the movement. She stepped away from Ellie, picking up the bag that Jesse had set down on the the bed. Jordan made a little kissy face at Raewyn as she passed behind Jesse, the little girls head resting against his shoulder.

Jesse had stepped back to give Ellie more room, but kept a cautious eye on her as he continued to pat Raewyn's back. "Ellie, be careful. Jordan help her." Jesse said to Jordan, who was still making lovy dovy faces at Raewyn. The little girl smiled slightly at Jordan, before letting out a good burp, and a glop of white spit up. Jesse scrunched his nose at the smell, really regretting his heighten scenes.

Jordan giggled at Jesse's expression, moving to assist Ellie across the room.

[[Bonnie Entering]]

Bonnie came into the room suddenly, smiling at the four of them, wheeling in a small hospital crib for little Raewyn. "I assumed you were planning on staying here for the night, so I took the liberty of bringing this in." She smiled, and pointed to the little label on the front reading, "Little baby girl Raewyn Hope Williams." In pink cursive lettering.

2/10/2010 #112
R. Lauden

Ellie made it to the bathroom, taking her bag from Jordan. She closed the door gently, glancing down at the scrubs. The crotch was soaked with blood. She frowned, stepping out of them and rummaging through her bag. She turned up an old sweatshirt, allowing herself to be wrapped in the warm memory. She remembered him wearing the sweatshirt, just moments before she conceived Raewyn. Ellie had begged Zephryx to send her something that belonged to Jesse. The sweatshirt showed up a few days later.

Setting the sweatshirt on the sink, she found a clean pair of panties. She grabbed the box of pads and frowned. Six weeks, six weeks of postpardum bleeding. She thought one week a month was too much. Now, she would have her period for an entire six weeks.

She got dressed quickly, pulling on a pair of sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt. She tucked the sweatshirt into the bottom of the bag, hoping to hide it from Jesse. Splashing some more cool water on her face, she pulled her hair back into a pony tail. The exhaustion was beginning to show across her face. She ducked down to zip up her bag and opened the bathroom door. "I should probably call it a night." She announced, taking a step towards the bed.

2/10/2010 #113
Katelyn Renee

Jordan had stopped outside the door, and waited for her friend to come out again. She leaned against the wall, staring at Jesse and Raewyn. Jordan found herself feeling slightly jealous of them. The three had each other to lean on and come home to at the end of the day. But Jordan, she was left with no one other then Ellie, but Jordan knew her friend couldn't always be there for her. Ellie had other responsibilities now.

Jesse felt Jordan staring at him, and he turned to face her. "What?" He smirked, raising a curious brow before moving to lay Raewyn down in her new bed. Jesse scrapped the towel off his shoulder, folding it in half over the spit up before using a clean corner and whipped off Raewyn's face.

"Nothing." Jordan said, as the door opened again. She smiled at Ellie, and laughed slightly. "Yeah, I should too probably." She signed slightly, realizing she had to go back to the Inn. Back to the room. By herself. In the dark. Jordan moved to give Ellie a hug goodbye, wrapping her arms around her friend, squeezing her tightly. "Goodnight, Ellie. I'll see you tomorrow. Okay?" She beamed, releasing her friend. "You too Jesse."

2/10/2010 #114
R. Lauden

"Be careful walking home, Jord." Ellie cautioned, watching Jordan make a move towards the door. Ellie wanted to ask Jesse to walk her back to the inn, but that seemed like too much. After his last walk to the inn, he might risk getting hit by a car or a falling meteor with his bad luck. Then, how would she explain his absence to Raewyn. Daddy doesn't love us. Seemed so much easier. She had rehearsed that one quite a few times, but things were different now.

She made her way towards the bed, bracing her hand against the mattress. Her lower back ached, sending throbs of pain through every bone.

2/10/2010 #115
Katelyn Renee

"What me to walk you, Jordan?" Jesse offered, noting how dark it was outside, and not to mention all the supernaturals that could be lurking around in the shadows.

Jordan gave him a warm smile, she wanted to say yes, but shook her head instead. "No. Thank-You, Jesse. I may be over emotional at times over the littlest things, but I can kick anyones ass." She chuckled a little, before getting serious again. "Besides, you two should probably talk and have some time together with Raewyn." Jordan turned towards the door, and walked out, shutting it softly behind her.

Jesse snorted slightly at what Jordan said, before turning to look at Ellie. "I'll uh," He huffed a little, unsure if she really wanted to sleep next to him in the small bed, considering their last argument. Jesse didn't finish speaking, looking down at Raewyn instead. Jesse smirked at the sleeping baby, rubbing his thumb over her tiny hand and fingers.

2/10/2010 #116
R. Lauden

"Stay." Ellie finished his sentence, noting the eagerness in her voice. She cursed herself for sounding so desperate. "I mean, only if you want to." She tried sounding more cool about it. "You don't have to." After their fight in the hallway, he had every right to laugh in her face and storm out.

Taking small steps, she circled the mattress and sat down. Exhaustioned weighed at her body, pulling her into the mattress. She would probably sleep for days. Her head crashed against the pillow. From across the room, she wached Jesse and Raewyn. They looked so perfect together. She wished she had a camera, something to document the start of their family. She grasped the thought, wondering where it came from. Their family. She did like the sound of it.

2/11/2010 #117
Katelyn Renee

Jesse chuckled, finding it quiet adorable how she quickly changed her tone, trying not to sound like she cared--he guessed. "Of course I do, Ellie." He smiled at her, his grin wide as he made his way towards the light. He kicked off his shoes by the door, and dimmed the light a little so that the room was dark enough to sleep but bright enough to see.

He made his way back to the bed, but hesitated slightly as he passed by Raewyn sleeping. Jesse still couldn't get over the fact that they created something so small, and fragile. Something that stopped him in his tracks every time he saw the little bundle of pink.

When Jesse reached the bed, he lifted the covers, and slid under them with Ellie. He stretched out completely, his ties just reaching the edge of the bed. Jesse wrapped his arm around Ellie, unable to resist the urge to pull her close. He nuzzled his nose in her hair, smirking at her scent, appleblossoms.

He was reminded of his sweatshirt she had taken, and was unable to resist. "Are you cold?" Jesse asked coolly, "'Cause I could get you an extra blanket or a sweatshirt?" He offered, a smirk playing on his handsome features.

2/11/2010 . Edited 2/11/2010 #118
R. Lauden

Ellie realized that Jesse had seen the sweatshirt tucked away in her bag. "I wanted a piece of you for Raewyn, but you can have it back." She whispered, her eyes scanning the opposite wall.

Her legs were cold under the thin blankets and she tangled them with his. The sweatshirt had always been a comfort, wrapping her up and keeping her warm. His scent still lingered on the fabric, which used to drive Paxton crazy. It was a piece of the man that fathered her child. He was with them now, so she wouldn't need it anymore. He could have it back, if he promised to never leave again.

2/11/2010 #119
Katelyn Renee

Jesse laughed quietly, so not to wake Raewyn, and tightened his arm around Ellie. "I don't want it back, El." He whispered, putting his hand under her chin and tilted her head up. "I don't want it back." He repeated, his eyes flicking to her lips. "All I want back is you're love." He leaned closer to her, pressing his lips to hers. "All I want it you, Ellestial Ward."

2/11/2010 #120
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