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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Deceased characters or others who have left town or have been absent. Their submission forms will be placed here.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #1


USER: Sick.or.Sane.

Full Name: Annabella Marjorie Kimbell

Age: 12

Species: Fairy

Clothing Style: casual and comfortable

Occupation: none

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): 3 inches, 3 grams, mahogany hair with royal blue eyes, country girl, and oddly has pointy ears

Personality: Sweet and bubbly. She's not a fighter. She's a pushover and never gets mad at anyone and if she does it's rare and bad.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): She has her cartilage pierced and has a sun on the back of her neck that matches her mom's sun and moon tattoo and her sister has the moon

Powers/Abilities: She can control water and earth and can talk to flowers

Weaknesses: Being guilty, she hates becoming guilty

Possessions: her raggy bear her mom gave her

Biography: She just lost her mother to a elf, and her father left her mom when she was born. She has a younger sister Annamarie. And she gets along with everyone but elves

(If under age eighteen please fill out a school form for your child.)

SCHOOL FORM - Name: Annabella Kimbell

Age: 12

Species: Fairy

Grade Level: 5


"Um, I have a little sister too...I need to register her" Annabella said grabbing another form from desk.

Full Name: Annamarie Chesly Kimbell

Age: 4

Species: Fairy

Clothing Style: baby, her sister can't afford anything else

Occupation: none

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): 2 inches, 2 grams, long black spiral curled hair, royal blue eyes, olive skinned

Personality: she's has tons of friends but is really quiet. she's very shy and it takes longer for her to make more friends

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): She has a moon tattoo on the back of her neck.

Powers/Abilities: She can control the weather and she's psychic. She knows many things about astrology

Weaknesses: kittens and being scared

Possessions: her kitten Bisa, who never ages, given to her by her sister. And her favorite bow that she wears in her hair

Biography: Annamarie has a similar name to Annabella except that Annamarie goes by Mars or Chesly(prounced: Chess-lee).

(If under age eighteen please fill out a school form for your child.)

SCHOOL FORM - Name: Annamarie Kimbell

Age: 4

Species: Fairy

Grade Level: Pre-K


Full Name: Yaris Fran Naver

Age: 32

Species: Fairy

Clothing Style: Up with the latest fashions

Occupation: Is looking for anything open

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): 4 inches 3 grams green almond shaped eyes, long black hair, asian

Personality: bubbly but sad. She's been searching for her nieces for a very longtime. She's decided that she would come to Mauderville and relax for a few days

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): She has a cloud on the back of her neck

Powers/Abilities: She controls elements and can control emotions

Weaknesses: Love

Possessions: A picture of her nieces and her sister

Biography: Her husband is back at their old home getting ready to catch up with her in Mauderville, but she hasn't heard from him in awhile which is unusual for him.

1/22/2010 . Edited 1/22/2010 #2


USER: kawaii159

Full Name: Jesamine Elyse (friends call her Jessie)

Age: 24

Species: Demon

Clothing Style: She wears tight black jeans, and a pair thick black combat boots. She has several plain silver bangles around both of her wrists at all times, and her torso is always clad in a dark tank-top of some sort, usually black. She also wears a black leather overcoat.

Occupation: None

Description: Her fiery red hair falls down past her shoulders to the small of her back in small waves that accentuate her deep scarlet eyes. Her skin is pale and resembles that of a porcelain doll, and her lips are distinctive and curved in an attractive way. She has a toned athletic figure and stands at a height of around 5'6".

Personality: She tends to keep to herself, and generally has a quiet, somber demeanor. She is serious most of the time, and lacks the tolerance for jokes and most humor, unless attempted by a friend of hers. She is rude to strangers, and its hard to get to know her, but if you do she can be a valuable friend to have.

Defining Features: The right side of her upper torso, including her arm, is adorned with a black, spiraling design, and ther is a small scar on her left cheek near her eye.

Powers/Abilities: Has an affinity for the dark arts, and can create illusions with her mind.

Weaknesses: Tears of the Innocent, weak against acts done in selflessness or love.

Possessions: Silver twin daggers, a amethyst necklace she never removes, and a small book that's contents are known only to her(jept on her person at all times)

Biography:She cannot remember her most of her past, and hates discussing what she does know. Occasionally she will go into a nearly uninterruptable daze in which a flashback of her previous life occurs. They cause her a lot of pain, but she can't control when they come or go.

1/22/2010 #3


USER: dreams are for kids

Full name: Kayla Elisabeth Jhonson

Age: 19 (103)

Species: Vampire

Clothing Syle: T-shirt, jeans, and converse (mostly)

Occupation: none

Description: 5'3, grey-ish blue eyes,long dark brown and blonde hair skinny but curvy. pink full lips.

Personality: Really sweet, very outgoing, very well self controlled, sometimes random but serious when needed to, loves to dance, supportive and protective of friends, likes to laugh and have fun.

Defining Features: 4 centimeter long scar on upper right arm, and 3 black stars on back of right ear. (tattoo)

Powers: can run up to 100 miles/hour, eyes change color according to mood

Weaknesses: getting tickled in the ribs and silver stake

Possessions: old fashion jewlry box from grandmother

Biography: All through school made straight A's. Always paid attention. Only had one boyfriend (sophomore year). She has already graduated college with a major in English. Father died when she was two years old. Has a step father named Jhon (calls him step-retard) She has no siblings. Her best friend is named Rayne. In school she was on the dance team. Got first place in poetry at U.I.L meets. Graduated highschool as a junior. She reads up to 2 to 3 books a week at the most. She likes spending late nights at coffee shops studying or reading a book.

1/22/2010 #4

USER: R. Lauden/fictionalxbliss


Full Name: Kallum Whetstone

Age: 34

Species: Werewolf

Clothing Style: Kallum is a very sharo dresser. He wears suits all the time.

Occupation: Professional Tracker

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Kallum is six foot five. He is tall and commanding. His hair is silver, unkempt and scraggily, and his charcoal eyes are emotionless. He is very muscular, almost to an extreme. He has an aquiline nose and slightly sunken features.

Personality: Kallum always gets the job done, but his methods are oftentimes extreme. He is perverted, twisted, and driven only by his wants and needs. He wanted money, therefore he tracks down run-away dogs.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings):

Powers/Abilities: Heightened senses, more so than most werewolves.

Weaknesses: Silver. Full Moon.


Biography: Kallum is one of the last werewolves of his pack. He comes from the far North, where werewolves are more animal than human. He is driven by instincts. He wants something, he takes it.

He is perfect for the job of tracking, because he is unbothered by people's emotions.

1/22/2010 #5

USER: Forever my sweet

Full Name: Melody Greyson

Age: 23 (132)

Species: Vampire

Clothing Style: Very fashionable. Always wearing some kind of high heel.

Occupation: none at the moment

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Caucasian.piercing grey-ish colored eyes and soft pink lips. high cheek bones that frame her face. she has shoulder blade length medium brown hair that falls in locks instead of one length.

Personality: She's quiet at times and loud at others. Melody is fun and nice, flirty at times. She has an alluring look that matches her low soft tone.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): her ears are pierced once. melody has a tattoo behind of her ear of three music notes and a small tattoo of a piano on her ankle, both symbolizing her name.

Powers/Abilities: She can transport anywhere she wants, and has visions of the future on occasion and can control one mind at a time. [including making them do something and erasing a memory]

Weaknesses: Wooden stake, silver, werewolves, demons, and the sun. [the sun doesn't kill her, just makes her uncomfortably itchy.

Possessions: a jewelry box filled with jewelry, a red Porsche, cell phone, clothes, and her fluffy cat named Furbi.

Biography: 10 years after she was turned into a vampire she was kidnapped by a man who kept her as his slave and mistress for 20 years. She killed the man on his birthday and left quickly. she killed several of the mans men but never knew how many that the man had. after that she never stayed in one place for very long before now.



1/22/2010 #6

Full Name: Matilda

Age: 20

Species: Fairy

Clothing Style: She always wear pink right down to her little sandals

Occupation: Hair Stylist at The Shopper's Boutique

Description (Height, weight, eyes and hair, race, and other features): Four inches tall. Short black ringlets to her shoulders. Ruby colored eyes. Her wings are a transparent lilac color. Latino. Sharp facial features, a round face.

Personality: She loves flowers. She's sassy yet kind. She loves to make mischief with flowers. She never gets angry accept when she gets swatted at.

Defining Features (such as scars, tattoos, and piercings): Lilac Wings.

Powers/Abilities: She can blow pixie dust in one's eye temporarily blinding them so she may escape when in danger.

Weaknesses: Large, powerful creatures, cannot resist flowers.

Possessions: Fairy scissors (to cut hair), and her cardinal bird that she uses to get around when she does not feel like flying. Needle as a dagger.

Biography: Matilda grew up in Mauderville as the only fairy. Her parents decided to leave a year ago, but Matilda wanted to stay.

1/22/2010 #7

USER: Candy Bubbles

Name- Tresala Vasilimori

Age- 19

Species- Vampire

Clothing Style- Mostly old style dresses ( hoops and all). When she goes outside, she sports a parasol. Of course, this is accompanied by a skirt and a pretty flowing shirt. So in other words a lolita.

Occupation- because she doesn't sparkle in the sun (like SOME vampires) mostly she models or lives of others.

Description- 5"2, weighs 129, purple eyes, White skin but not disgustingly so, grayish white hair, loves animals.(especially bunnies)

Personality- Bubbly and unpredictable, but when left alone, she becomes dark and lonely. Loves any one friendly and even the rude.

Defining Feature- her aloof expression ( can be copied and probably has a TM) belies everything she things. Also she is always seen sporting a Bunny and a Bear which she calls mother and father.

Abilities- she is physics, and mists when she is upset or uncomfortable.

Weaknesses- is easily susceptible to emotional sickness because she becomes attached to those she feeds from.

Possessions- lots of stuff.

Biography- Tresa was born in a human home . Growing up she had a good friend, Poverina, who was murdered. Poverina always carried around a Bear plushy

Because it was the last thing that her mother gave her before going missing. Tresa carries her bunny around ( named bunny ) because she knows

nothing of her past, in fact she doesn't care for it.

1/22/2010 #8
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