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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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An underground club. There is a stage with a pole for strippers, a bar with a glass/mirror display case for alcoholic beverages, twelve, small tall tables. They serve blood and raw meat. In the back there is a seperate room that is for rent. In the west side of the building there is a pool table.

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Farah went into the back room and changed into her chosen outfit ( She walked out and sighed, waiting for people, her red hair flowed down to her rear in gentle waves of flame.
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Farah looked at the time and got dressed in a black, revealing mini dress and black strappy stilettos. *farah to main street*
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Sadie waved at the bartender and went back stage to her dressing room. She changed out of her wet dress and dried off. Her makeup was smeared and her hair tangled. She looked like sex. Laughing at her reflection, she was still a little dizzy from the vodka.

She put on her new stripper outfit for the night, working her way into the turquoise sequin bando and sling. She adjusted her breasts, making sure it covered her nipples. After making her hair bigger and curlier she fixed her makeup. Once pleased with herself, she stood behind the curtain, waiting for her name to be called.

Sadie passed through the curtain, struting on the stage. Her eyes scanned the audience. There was only the bartender and three men. One man was tall and lanky, with a greasy face and greasy hair. The other had grease stains on his shirt and a large beer belly. He scratched his crotch and grunted. Another man watched Sadie, sipping his whiskey. He was wearing a suit, a wedding band on his left hand. Sadie winked at him, circling the pole on stage. He smirked. This one wasn't bad looking. She wondered how opposed he was to her biting fetish.

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*Farah and Karael entering*

Farah walked in with him and smiled, "you are a handsome little boy," shebsaid and looked at him, "does your mom know where you are?" she asked, leading him to the back room and away from the greasy men and strippers.

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R. Lauden

Karael fell quiet and shook his head, dragging his stick along the ground. Carl had calmed down some, but was still curious about his new surroundings. "She told me to go to my room without supper. Just like Max, but I wasn't bad." He mumbled with a pout, not even noticing the strippers or the greasy men.

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Farah looked at him, she knew what it was like to be caged but the kid was still young, "I'm sure she was just trying to protect you." She said, biting her lip. She knew she had to work the pole with the other girl tonight but she didn't think it possible while she had the kid.
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R. Lauden

Karael shrugged and held the squirming animal. "Sometimes Orius comes to my house and he wants to gobble me up. But not because he loves me like the Wild Things." He admitted, swinging his stick through the air.

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Fatah blinked at him, "gobble?" she asked, sitting on the bed. She frowned lightly, looking for any clothes he could wear and found a shirt.
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R. Lauden

Karael set the raccoon down on the ground and stretched his arms over his head. He glanced around the back room with curiosity. It was a lot different than his room. "Is this your kingdom?"

6/27/2010 #10
Farah removed his shirt and paused before putting on the other shirt, how did you get that burn on your arm?" she asked, slipping on the shirt and getting a wash rag.
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R. Lauden

[She should notice his burn. It is all across his right arm.]

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R. Lauden

"I was bad." He lowered his gaze to the ground, watching Carl climb under the bed. The new shirt was still big on him, but it smelt like soap and wildflowers.

6/27/2010 #14
Farah looked at him, "what do you mean you were bad?" She asked, wondering if mother was abusive. It would explain alot from the kid.
6/27/2010 #15
R. Lauden

Karael knelt down to peer under the bed, looking for Carl. He pulled out a piece of candy corn and tried to get his attention, but Carl had discovered something more interesting. Karael looked up at the lady. "Orius wanted to stomp on Carl. So I yelled at him. And he said I was starting to act like daddy." He ate the candy instead, fidgeting nervously with his hands on his lap. "So he made me put my hand in the fire."

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"He made you..." Farah said in disbelief. She shook her head, "did your mommy do anything about it?" She asked frowning lightly. She felt bad for the kid and bit her lip, right now, he was more important than work.
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Sadie climbed the pole to the top. Slowly, she let herself down twirling around the pole as she went. She started to grind the pole, feeling the cool surface graze her sex.

6/27/2010 #18
R. Lauden

"I don't want to talk about it anymore." Karael mumbled. Carl finally emerged from underneath the bed. He scooped up the raccoon and held it on his lap, though it continued to protest. Karael noticed some sparkly barettes on the small table beside the bed. "Carl likes things that sparkle." He stood to his feet and eyed the pretty treasures, running his fingers over them.


Xaden was the first one in the door. The place was surprisingly empty, except for about three middle-aged men. He rolled his eyes. Technically, he was older than all of them. Fortunately, he had aged well. His eyes lifted to the stage and a smirk stole across his features. "Well, hello again." He started across the floor.

Paxton wandered in behind Xaden, not at all impressed with the clientelle. He was hardly in the mood to visit a strip bar, but what else was he going to do. He could be sitting at the bar drinking himself into a coma. He followed Xaden to the stage.

6/27/2010 #19
Farah looked at him and grinned, "well you and Carl can keep those if you like." she said, watching the curious boy. She wondered if Dimitri would be mad if she kept the kid in the room over night.
6/27/2010 #20
R. Lauden

"I'll keep them in my pocket." He decided, snatching them off the table and stabbing them into one of his empty pockets. "Otherwise Carl might take them all for herself." He announced, circling the room and stopping in front of the TV. He eyed his reflection in the glass, squinting at the boy staring back at him.

6/27/2010 #21
Farah watched him and chuckled, smiling. She looked at the time, "hey kid are you tired?" she asked.
6/27/2010 #22
R. Lauden

Karael gave her a blank stare. "I just woke up."

6/27/2010 #23
Farah blinked, "oh," she said and looked at him, not quite sure what he was. Whatever he was he must've been nocturnal. "uh... Are you hungry?" she asked, not knowing if they served food here.
6/27/2010 #24
R. Lauden

"Can we have ice-cream?" His expression lit up. "With hot fudge like at Carl's Catfish? And a candle. Mom always puts a candle in it." He beamed, throwing his hand in the air with excitement.

6/27/2010 #25
Farah looked at him and sighed, "kid I dunno where to find ice cream this late," she said and looked at him, waiting for the sure dissapointment to show.
6/27/2010 #26
R. Lauden

Karael huffed with disapointment and messed up his hair. "Okay." He grumbled, strolling to the beg and taking a seat beside her. He set Carl down between them.

6/27/2010 #27
Farah looked at him, "we'll get ice cream tommorow then go see if we could find your mommy, how's that sound?" she asked.
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Sadie waved at Xaden before using her thighs to climb the pole. She twisted around the pole, arching her back. She landed on the stage doing the splits. "Hi, Sugar."

6/27/2010 #29
R. Lauden

Xaden strolled straight up to the bar that encircled the stage and took a seat. He watched the woman from the bar. Her name was still a mystery, but he hoped to learn it very soon. The way she abused that pole; It made him instantly hard. The smell of her sex was still lingering on him and seeing her grinding against the pole made him aware of it once again.

"I need a drink." Paxton mumbled, glancing around for a server.

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