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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Located near the Dun Forest is the old graveyard. A rusted wrought iron fence surrounds the perimeter of the graveyard. There are many blank headstones spaced throughout the place. Only a few graves are occupied. There are narrow paths weaving though each row of graves. White stone benches sit under trees and on small patches of dead grass.

Occupied Graves:

Abigail Lockland, 1741-1762, Beloved Daughter and Fiance

2/9/2010 . Edited 6/20/2010 #1
Katelyn Renee

[[Asher Entering]]

Asher passed by the rows of new headstones, making his way towards the older section. The dates on the graves were getting deeper and deeper into the past, the stones looking more and more worn. When he reached the section he wanted, he turned off the cobblestone pathway, running his hand over some of the familiar graves. He stopped in front of one specific one, keeping his gaze to the ground. Asher hesitated slightly before he looked up at the name, memories of the night she died filling his head. Abigail Lockland, 1741-1762, Beloved Daughter and Fiance, the tombstone read, the words caved in cursive lettering.

2/15/2010 . Edited 2/15/2010 #2

*Shep from Main Street*

Shep watched Asher with confused eyes, walking by his side. When he stopped at a certain grave Shep frowned. Abigail. Who the hell was she? Shep looked at the gravestone, her eyebrows raising in surprise. The word fiance was written across it. "You should have told me about her. I wouldn't have hated you so much," she said to him, knowing he wouldn't be able to hear her. She was a ghost now. Soon her body would be in the cemetery, too.

2/15/2010 #3
Katelyn Renee

Asher brushed the snow off her grave gently, clearing his throat. "It's been a long time, Abby." He whispered, resting his hand on top of the stone once the snow was gone. "I know I should visit more and I'm sorry, though I'm sure you don't really want to see me. Considering what I did." He swallowed, bowing his head down. There was a long pause before he spoke again. "You have know idea how sorry I am. I just...I just hope you forgive me." He mumbled, his throat filling up with emotion.

He took another deep breath before he continued. "But that's not why I came here. I met someone, Abby. And I care about her so much and I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I'll loose her." He whispered, trying to find the right words. "If you're listening Abigail, I need you to do me a favor. Can you...can you watch over her Abigail. I know you don't owe me anything, but I'm begging you. Just lead her in the right direction. Bring her back to me."

2/15/2010 #4

Shep's lips parted in surprise. She wanted more than anything to wrap her arms around him. Finally, someone wanted her for...her. Shep put her hand to his chest, praying he could feel it. "I love you," she whispered. "I love you so much and I can't...I miss you. Asher, I'm sorry." Her lips trembled as she watched him. Shep had never seen this side of him before. She would never be able to experience it.

2/15/2010 #5
Katelyn Renee

There was a cooling sensation on Asher chest and he frowned, stepping away from the gravestone. He rubbed his chest, hoping to rid the strange sensation. He figured it was the all to familiar pain returning, the pain of losing a loved one.

Yes, he loved Shep. Like he had loved Abigail once, he would always love her in a way. She was his first true love, but Shep was a whole new kind of love. True love. Soul mates. He wanted to believe a murderer like him could have a soul mate, that it was even possible for him to love again. And that someone could love him in turn. He wanted desperately to believe that. And now, he may lose Shep forever and she would never know how he truly felt.

A small shimmer appeared next to the tombstone, forming in the shape of a human. A girl, her hair long and blonde, her green eyes glaring at Asher. "Blah, blah, blah. You're so full of shit, Asher." She growled though Asher was oblivious to her presence. She shifted her jade gaze to Shep and smirked. "You're not actually buying this shit, are you?"

2/16/2010 . Edited 2/16/2010 #6

Shep started at the sight of the ghost. She narrowed her eyes, taking a step forward. "You must be Abigail," she snapped. Shep didn't like the woman already, and she was dead.

2/16/2010 #7
Katelyn Renee

Abigail trailed her eyes over the other ghost, smirking. "Well, at least know I see why he finds you so interesting because it's definitely not you're looks, Honey." She commented, walking around the girl and stopped next to Asher.

2/16/2010 #8

"Have you always had a stick up your rear?" Shep snarled, staring down the ghost. She hated her with a passion. She assumed Abigail was just jealous. At the moment Shep wanted to slap Asher over the back of his head. What the hell was he thinking asking Abigail for a favor?

2/16/2010 #9
Katelyn Renee

Asher took a deep breath, trying to rid the feeling of being watched. He glanced around, hoping to find the source of the feeling but saw nothing. He pursed his lips turning back to Abigail's grave, fishing something from his pocket. He pulled out Abigail's locket, the chain dangling between his fingers.

He rubbed his thumb across the face of the necklace, the memories sending a chill up his spine. Asher moved back towards the gravestone, looking at the name with sadness in his eyes. "I want you to know that I love you Abby, I always will. But..." He squeezed the necklace in his hand before setting it down on top of the tombstone.

Abigail frowned at the girls comment but quickly recovered her composure, flashing a cheesy smile. "At least he admits his love for me. At least it was real between us, unlike you. You know he's just using you right." She stepped towards Shep, challenging her. "You're just his little fuck bubby." She tanted, an evil grin on her face.

"...I really think Shep's the one for me." Asher continued, his voice just above a whisper. He still couldn't believe he was actually saying these things aloud. Hearing the words seemed to help make it more true. He was in love with Shep. Asher grinned at the thought.

Abby turned around quickly when she heard what Asher said, her face scrunching up in a scowl. "Asher, you stupid selfish son of a bitch! I was actually considering forgiving you for what you did to me!" She shouted, staking towards him, though she knew all too well that he couldn't see her.

Abigail stood behind him, her hands in clenched in tight fists. "Let's see how much you can love without a heart!" She shouted, her hand going right through his back. Abigail matterialized her fingertips as she squeezed his heart, her finger nails digging into the muscle. "Fuck you, Asher!" She growled into his ear.

Asher grabbed his chest, an uncomfortable pressure building up but that quickly shifted to something else. He gasped for breath, the pain in his chest too much to bare. When he heard her voice, his eyes went wide with shoke. "...Abby?" He whispered, his voice cracking with pain. "Abigail, plea--" He plead was cut off as the pressure increased, his mind beginining to fog slightly.

2/17/2010 . Edited 2/17/2010 #10

Shep was frantic, she didn't know what to do. If she attacked Abigail she could hurt Asher, maybe even kill him. "Abigail! Please, stop! I can't even be with Asher. I'm dying. It doesn't matter if he loves me or not. Besides, I don't hold a candle to you. Don't do this to him," Shep begged, stepping closer to Abigail.

2/17/2010 #11
Katelyn Renee

Ignore! Teehee

2/19/2010 . Edited 2/20/2010 #12
Katelyn Renee

Abigail barely noticed Shep's pleading, enjoying Asher's pain a little too much. An evil, sadistic grin crept over her features as she tightened her grip around Asher's heart, digging her nails in deeper. "Beg for your life, Asher." She announced so he could hear, her lips inches away from his ear. "I want to hear you beg for your life, so you can see that bitch again."

Asher's legs folded beneath him, his knees cracking against the ground. He gabbed at his chest, hoping to claw out the pain. It was becoming almost unbearable, bringing him to the brink of passing out. His eyes were coming heavy, but he resisted the urge to close them. Asher opened his mouth to scream, but nothing can out, the pressure on his chest leaving his voice chocked off in his throat. He heard Abigail's voice, though it seemed faint, as if it were far away. "...Please." He forced out, his jaw clenched tight.

2/20/2010 #13
Shep gasped, gripping Abigail's shoulders. "Please, let Asher go. I'm dying, he will never see me again. Stop hurting him," Shep begged.
3/5/2010 #14
Katelyn Renee

Abigail stumbled back slightly when Shep grabbed her shoulders, loosing her grip on Asher's heart, though not without leaving a few good scratches from her nails. "You bitch!" She shouted, turning to face Shep with an evil glare.

Asher found his voice, letting out a scream of pain as his body fell to the ground and into the snow. Slowly, he rolled over onto his back, a hand over his chest. He could feel that the pressure was now gone, but something else replaced it. Something like death. Icy death. Through his blurred vision he spotted two figures, though couldn't make them out.

3/5/2010 #15
"Abigail, what the hell is wrong with you?!" Shep shouted, her eyes becoming frantic with worry. "If you loved him at all, why would you hurt him?" Shep stared at Asher, her throat growing tight. He couldn't die. Asher was supposed to live forever.
3/9/2010 #16
Katelyn Renee


Abigail snorted, her laughter sounding slightly deranged. "Right, like how he loved me?" She took a threatening step closer with each word. "Like how he said he'd love me always, and be by my side for the rest of eternity. Or maybe how he broke that promise and he staked me without even a hint of hesitation?" She snarled, her voice growing more and more bitter as she accused Asher.

Asher's mind drifted in and out, his head filling with the familiar voices. He sucked in a sharp breath, one particular voice standing out. Shep. He opened his mouth to say something, to speak to her and hear her voice one more time, but no words came out. Through is blurry vision he could faintly see two figures, he assumed one of the two was Shep, the other Abigail.

"If I were you, Honey, I'd run while you still have a chance. Trust me, you don't want to mess with that piece of shit." Abby jammed a finger in his direction, her movement full of hate. "He'll say he loves you, but in the end, you'll just end up heartbroken and dead, like me." She advised, letting out a small sign.

3/9/2010 #17
"And that makes what you're doing right? So what if I'm heartbroken or dead. I would never hurt Asher. You're sick," Shep spat, glaring daggers at the woman.
3/9/2010 #18
Katelyn Renee

"It makes EVERYTHING I'm doing right!" Abigail shouted, raising her voice a few octaves. "Don't you see I'm trying to help you." She muttered after a moment of silence, her voice calmer then before. "Asher is no good. He'll just keep doing this to people. Hurting them. Killing them." She said, gaining back her composure. "Didn't you see what he did to that girl...Jordan, I believe her name was? He drained her dry and left her for dead. He doesn't care about anyone except himself." Abigail argued, trying to get it through Shep's head that Asher didn't love her. It was impossible for a creature like him to love.

Asher groaned slightly, trying to push himself up to a sit, but found it difficult. Instead, he leaned on his side, propping himself up with his elbow, his other hand resting over his chest. He could feel himself already healing from the attack, though it was slower then normal. The two figures started to fade away, but before fully disappearing he caught a glimpse of their faces. "...Krissy?" He gasped out, staring at her in dumb disbelief before she vanished completely from his sights.

3/10/2010 #19

Shep glared at Abigail, her hands curling into fists at her side. "I'm not perfect. Yeah, so Asher's made a shit load of mistakes. He's an ass ninety percent of the time. That doesn't mean he should die. He hurt you, didn't he? Left you for dead. I don't know the whole story and I don't really care, but I do care about Asher. So leave him alone. Let him live." Shep growled. The dead woman was really starting to push the wrong buttons.

Shep heard Asher call her name and she froze. He had seen her, heard her. She could only hope that he would live.

3/15/2010 #20
Katelyn Renee

Asher could hear them arguing, though their voices where just a quiet murmur. It was difficult to separate the two voices, though he could guess which one was Shep. Normally, he would have smirked at what she said, if he believed she were really there. Asher knew it couldn't have been her. Just a trick of light, he tried telling himself. He had to be losing his mind if he really believed she was standing there, arguing with his dead fiance.

He groaned as he tried to move and push himself up, still listening to the voices. It was a slow process but eventually he was standing, though using the gravestone for support. He stared at the spot where he had saw Shep and Abby, once again telling himself it was just a trick of light. A hallucination. He was just stressed about what had happened with Shep, and coming here to visit Abigail and ask her for help probably wasn't helping anything.

But why could he still hear their voices? Where had that pressure...that pain come from? Was he going crazy? That was it. He was just slowly losing his mind, Asher decided, though he really didn't believe that. Asher looked back up to the empty air, searching for another glimspe of Shep. He sucked in a breath of air, trying to steady his nerves. "....Krissy?" Asher said aloud, hoping to hear her voice again. "Abigail? You there?"

Abigail narrowed her eyes at Shep, listening to what she had to say and letting her words soak in. She opened her mouth to respond but snapped her jaw shut again when Asher spoke. Slowly, she turned around to face him, her eye brows raised up in surprise. She glanced back at Shep, her confusion shown in her expression. "Can...can he see us? How...why?!"

3/15/2010 #21

Shep turned her icy glare to Abigail. "Probably because you're killing him you crazy bitch!" Shep snapped, her frame shaking.

3/15/2010 #22
Katelyn Renee

The corner of Asher's mouth twitched up with relief, hearing Shep's voice. He might not have liked the way Abigail did it, but she had done what he asked. She had brought Shep back to him and he appreciated it dearly. "Thank you, Abby." He whispered, kissing the tips of his fingers. Asher pressed his hand to her tombstone, letting out a breath of air. "Thank you." He said again. Asher had never liked the way she had done things, but some how, she always got the job done in the end. "Love always. Rest well, Abigail."

Abigail didn't appreciate Shep's tone nor the icy glare. "Listen here, you little bitch..." She growled before freezing mid-step. She turned around quickly, facing Asher. "No! This isn't over Asher!" She shouted, but was already starting to disappear. Abigail had done what he asked, fulfilled her duty and was no longer needed. "NO!" Abby shouted once again before full dissolving away, until nothing was left. She was gone...for now.

3/15/2010 #23

Shep blinked, staring at the space where Abigail had stood. What the hell had just happened, and how could Asher hear her? "Asher...?"

3/15/2010 #24
Katelyn Renee

Asher looked up as he heard his name, recognizing Shep's voice. He looked for her, but saw nothing but empty space. "Krissy? What's going on? Why are're not..." He let his voice trail off, trying to settle his thoughts. She was alive the last time he saw her, but barely. And Dr. Dick had said she'd wake up soon.... Asher straighted his posture, his hand still pressed against Abigail's gravestone for support. He felt weak and he didn't like it.

3/15/2010 #25

Shep walked up to Asher, placing her hand just above his shoulder. "I don't know. I'm not sure yet. Asher, you need to go to Bonnie. Abigail did something to you and you need help. Please, go to the clinic." Shep begged, her chest aching.

3/15/2010 #26
Katelyn Renee

Asher glanced down at his shoulder, a strange tingling warmth seeped through his cold skin. A small smile tugged at his lips. "The only thing Abigail did was bring you back to me." He whispered, placing his hand over his shoulder. "Besides, even if I wanted to go to the clinic, I can't. Doctor whats-his-face kicked me out." He smirked at the reminder, letting out a small chuckle. His laughter was cut short, a sudden pang shooting through his chest causing Asher to wince. "I'll be fine in a few hours, Krissy. No need to worry." He said with a half smile.

3/15/2010 #27

"Go to the clinic, Asher." Shep pulled away from Asher, taking steps backwards. She could tell he was lying. Something was wrong.

3/15/2010 #28
Katelyn Renee

The warmth faded away and Asher huffed a breath, dropping his gaze. He didn't want to argue and just nodded. "Fine." He grumbled, pushing away from the gravestone. Asher wavered in his stance slightly, but caught his balance quickly. "But there's really no need." He stated under his breath, taking cautious steps down the path of tombstones. Asher paused, looking over his shoulder expecting to see Shep standing behind him. She wasn't. "Stay with me." He announced, hoping she was still there with him.

3/15/2010 #29

"Just go," Shep whispered, backing away. She sat on a stone bench and stared at Asher. She wanted to feel his arms around her, his lips on hers, but she would never feel him again.

3/15/2010 #30
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