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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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{Violet from MAIN STREET}

Violet flew into the graveyard, hovering a few inches off the ground. She looked at the crowd of bodies partying around her. Violet was eager for excitement.

6/19/2010 #61

Jason laughed. "Yeah, but can you?" he teased, sneaking a glance at her rear. "Nice." He saw another figure from the corner of his eye. "Whoa, that bitch has wings," he mumbled, shocked. Mauderville had a lot of weird people, but flying people? He'd been drinking way too much. "You see that?" he asked Casey, his eyes glued to the flying girl.

6/19/2010 #62

Casey smirked and then looked over at the girl. Casey sighed, some creatures were seriously stupid risking exposure like that she thought. She looked back at Jason and whispered in his ear "all i see is you" and then she stepped back, taking a sip of her beer.

6/19/2010 #63

Violet noticed a guy staring at her and winked at him. Slowly, Violet allowed her wings to vanish and she fell gracefully to the ground.

6/19/2010 #64
R. Lauden

Paxton smiled at the girl. "What did you expect?" He had smoked his first cigarette on his fourteenth birthday. The smoke didn't bother him much. Especially considering his lungs were out of service, he could smoke a carton a day and never worry about his health. He flicked his spent cig to the ground and plucked hers away, taking a long draw and letting it curl from his lips.

6/19/2010 #65

Jason grinned and looked between the two girls. He was practically glowing. "Wait...does this mean we're going to have a threesome?" he said, the excitement clear in his voice.


Phoebe scrunched her nose, looking at the cigarette between his lips. Very sexy lips, she noted. "I don't know, but not that. I'm Phoebe, by the way." She flashed the family smile, charming as ever.

6/19/2010 #66

Casey looked at him and rolled her eyes "what makes you think we're going to have a threesome?" she asked him, sitting on her car, the hem of her dress sliding up slightly to show off more of her legs.

6/19/2010 #67

Jason pouted and put himself between Casey's legs, a hand sliding up her thigh. "Hey, I'm game. What's your name, baby? I'm Jason."

6/19/2010 #68

Casey shivered as his hand moved up her thigh, she tilted her head and smirked "Casey" she replied.

6/19/2010 #69

Violet sat down, and rested her hand on the dead grass. She felt the grass beneath her palm grow and she noticed small flowers peaking between her fingers. The Lady decided that she wanted company and compelled the boy who noticed her earlier to come to her.

6/19/2010 #70
R. Lauden

Paxton smiled, leaning back against the tree. "Paxton." He offered, taking another drag.

6/19/2010 #71

[[Hahaha, this is funny.]]

Jason paused and took Casey's hand. "Follow me," he told her, walking over to the winged girl.


"You're handsome," Phoebe said, taking him in. She squinted her eyes at him. "You're not human are you?" There was a twinkle of curiosity in her eyes.

6/19/2010 #72

Casey let him lead her over to the girl, she rolled her eyes but didnt say anything. She took another sip of her beer and looked around the graveyard.

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/19/2010 #73
R. Lauden

Paxton stared at her for a moment, not really sure how to respond. He bit the inside of his lip, chewing over a clever response. Nothing came to mind. "Am I that obvious?" He finally asked and combed his hair from his eyes.

6/19/2010 #74

Violet froze a few seconds after she realized the boy was dragging a guest along with him. It wasn't the guest that made Violet immobile, but the fact that she sensed a vamp nearby. Violet prayed to her queen that her scent was masked enough by her ring. The scent of a pure faery was known to throw vampires into a frenzy, and though she was only half fae, Violet's scent was much more powerful than a human's. She quicky compelled the boy to forget seeing her wings. Violet didn't need any more worries.

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/19/2010 #75

(Caseys a witch not a vampire)

6/19/2010 #76

Phoebe laughed lightly. "No, actually. I was just curious. I love anything mysterious, but my brother is totally anti-supernatural so I can't talk to him about it. Does it hurt when you get thirsty?" she asked, genuinely curious about Paxton and his kind.


Jason shook his head, sitting by the other pretty girl. He pulled Casey down with him. "So how about that threesome?" he suggested, wiggling his eyebrows with a wide grin on his face.

6/19/2010 #77

((I realized that just a second ago. Let me go revise that post.))

6/19/2010 #78

Casey looked at him, wide eyed and laughed softly "now thats why you dragged me over" she shook her head but smirked up at Jason.

6/19/2010 #79

Jason pouted. "I need to get laid, and I have two beautiful girls with me. So why not?" Jason questioned, looking from Casey to Violet.

6/19/2010 #80

Casey wasnt to sure, she had never had a threesome, sure she had thought of it but that was all it was a thought. She looked at Violet curious as to what she thought of this.

6/19/2010 #81
R. Lauden

Paxton dropped the cigarette and smothered it with the heel of his shoe. "It used to." He shrugged. Even though it was hard to admit, Newborn did help him control his cravings. He hadn't killed anyone in almost a year. That was progress. He just the rest of eternity to worry about.

6/19/2010 #82

((I confused Casey with Sadie. But I fixed it. By the way, compulsion is italisized.))

Violet was shocked. She was used to those types of things being asked of her by the Faery knights,though she always refused, but a human? They were usually so intimidated by her. She replied, "No, thank you. Besides, you don't really want that. I'm Lad--err--just...Violet." She spoke with a soft lilt, her voice like bells.

6/19/2010 #83

"Have you killed anyone before?" Phoebe asked Paxton. Sometimes her curious antics caused her to be inappropriate, but she didn't apologize.


Jason frowned. "Yeah, nevermind. Wanna make out anyway?" His eyebrows wiggled.

6/19/2010 #84

Casey was glad, she wouldnt have done it anyway witches didnt get along with Faeries. She didnt even like being near a faery. She looked away from them not really wanting to be there knowing she would end up causing trouble if she stayed near Violet any longer. She could already feel her powers bubbling up, tempting her to attack. She stood up "well i'll leave you two to get friendly" she replied heading over to her car, a breeze picking up caused by her powers.

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/19/2010 #85

"Umm, bye, nice meeting you!" Violet said to the witches retreating form. Violet could feel the anger radiating from her and sent a brief wave of calm towards the woman. She knew historically that the fae did not get along with witches, but there were exceptions. She, herself, was very close friends with a witch serving as an ambassador to the Court.

6/19/2010 #86

Jason's eyes followed Casey, but he turned his attention back to the other girl he was sitting with. "What's your name, honey?"

6/19/2010 #87

The faery girl replied, "Violet. And yours?" By now there was a circle of live grass and small flowers surrounding her.

6/19/2010 #88

Casey felt the wave of calm but instead of calming her, it just made her angrier causing the wind to pick up making her dress lift slightly. She looked and felt very witche. She rolled her shoulders and moved over to her car knowing if she stayed there for much longer she would lose complete control of her powers.

6/19/2010 #89

"Jason," he replied. He looked down and saw the grass. "Did you do that?"

6/19/2010 #90
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