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Katelyn Renee

The small store is owned by Staci Gilbert who is fascinated by babies. Every wall of "Baby Boomers" is painted a different pastel colour, the trimmings an off-white. The wooden floors are the same off-white, painted to match the trimmings. All through out the small store you will find anything and everything that has to do with babies. Everything from clothes to diapers to books, you can find it here.

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/9/2010 #1

*Unity Entering*

Unity walked into the store after parking her truck. Her eyes held a great light of excitment. She walked through until she found maternity cloths. She found some shirts that she liked, grinning. She also found maternity pants.

She was grinning from ear to ear as she walked to the checkout counter, paying for her stuff. Walking out, she grinned as she stepped into the truck.

*Unity to Main Road*

2/16/2010 #2
R. Lauden

R. Lauden: [[Ellie Entering]]

Ellie walked in, awed by all the baby toys and clothes. It was, without a doubt, a baby paradise and perhaps something resembling heaven for a new mother. She beamed, heading for one of the shelves with an assortment of colorful blankets. A pink one with frills caught her eye. She reached out to touch it instinctively, feeling the soft fabric against her fingertips. She needed to have it. She needed to have all of it. Raewyn was going to be spoiled rotten.

AmericanIdiot: [[Jesse Entering]]

Jesse stepped into the baby store, grimacing at all the color. He spotted Ellie towards the back, browsing through the different baby items. For a brief moment, he forgot about what he saw in the Gold room, the sight of Ellie and Raewyn making his heart flutter slightly. He moved towards them, wrapping his arms around Ellie, pressing his chest to her back. "What are my girls up too?" He whispered, nuzzling the back of her neck with his nose.

R. Lauden: "That was fast." Ellie purred, feeling him nuzzle the back of her neck. She inhaled a shaky breath, her fingers retreating from the fabric. She tried to ignore the need to kiss him. "We should pick out a stroller, then we'll have somewhere to put everything." She started towards the row of strollers instead of acting on her impulses, a pink one catching her eye.

AmericanIdiot: Jesse smiled slightly, watching her as she moved towards one specific stroller. "That the one you want?" He walked over to the stroller, pulling the stroller out. Jesse rolled it back in forth slightly, making sure it was sturdy enough for his daughter. He gripped the price tag between his fingers, his breath hitching in his throat. "Holy hell." He grumbled, looking up at her. "Hope you have enough money for all of this and a house." Jesse said with a small smile. Truthfully, Jesse would buy anything for his daughter and his future bride to be, no matter the price.

R. Lauden: "Do you think she'll like it?" Ellie asked, pulling back the blanket to look at Raewyn. She was still sleeping soundly, despite all the motion and noises. Ellie smiled and cradled the nerborn against her shoulder. "We need diapers and bottles and a crib." She pointed to the diapers and bottles, which were sectioned together. She moved towards the cribs, pausing at one with balerina padding and a sturdy frame. "This one." She beamed, turning back to look at him.

AmericanIdiot: "I think she'll love it." Jesse stated, watching Ellie closely. He pulled the stroller out, wheeling it down the other aisle, glancing over the different brands of diapers and bottles. He was overwhelmed, unsure of which brand was best for his little Raewyn. He picked up one package, scrunching his brow before setting it down and moved to the next. Jesse shifted his gaze to Ellie, smirking at her wide grin. He looked over the crib, snorting slightly at the ballerina padding. "That one it is." He chuckled, readjusting the strap of the duffel bag.

3/1/2010 #3
R. Lauden

Ellie smiled at the woman behind the counter, glancing over her shoulder at Jesse. The stroller was piled with toys and diapers and clothes. "We need all of this." She announced to the woman, turning back around to look at her. She shifted Raewyn to her other arm. The newborn began to wake. Her violet eyes fluttered open, staring at Jesse.

3/1/2010 #4
Katelyn Renee

Jesse rolled his eyes at Ellie, giving the girl behind the counter an appologetic look. She just smiled, squealing slightly at the sight of the baby. "How old is she?" Staci asked, noticing the little pink outfit. She beamed down at the baby, punching in the keys on the cash register. Jesse noticed the little violet eyes staring at him, and he grinned, making little faces at Raewyn to make smile.

3/1/2010 #5
R. Lauden

"She just turned a week." Ellie beamed at the woman, turning around to face Jesse. She caught him making faces at Raewyn and laughed. "Would you mind taking her?" She asked, reaching for the bag of money in his grip. Ellie figured the situation with the cash would look rather suspicious, but she bore the last name of the famous truffles. Should the woman start asking questions, she could always fall back on that.

3/1/2010 #6
Katelyn Renee

Staci squealed again, happy to hear it was still a newborn. She absolutly loved babies. Especally newborns. They were just so cute. "Congradulations!" She beamed at the two new parents.

Jesse smiled sheepishly at Ellie, setting the bag down in the stroller and taking Raewyn. He smiled down at his baby, rocking her slightly in his strong arms. Jesse glanced up at Staci, smiling slightly. "Thank you." He said, giving her a small nod.

3/1/2010 #7
R. Lauden

"Thanks." Ellie handed off Raewyn, reaching for the bag in the stroller. "Is it alright if we pay in cash?" She glanced down into the bag, careful not to reveal the contents to Staci. She grabbed out a stack of hundred dollar bills. "Grandma and Grandpa are already spoiling her." Ellie let out a nervous laugh, setting the money down on the counter.

3/1/2010 #8
Katelyn Renee

Staci laughed slightly at Ellie's comment, nodding. "That's what grandparents are for, right?" She took the money, counting up the change and handing Ellie the reicet. "If you guys have any questions or need anything at all, I'm always here." She informed them. "Do you have anything that needs to be shipped someplace, or that needs to be carried out to your car? Such as a crib or changing table?" Staci asked, her curiosity getting the best of her.

Jesse make faces and noises at Raewyn, trying to get her to laugh. 3/1/2010 #9
R. Lauden
"Um, well." Ellie ran her fingers across the countertop. "We were just about to head over to the real estate office." She took the money from Staci, stuffing it back in the bag. The rest would need to go towards their house, perhaps even all of it. Then, they would need to think of another way to earn money. "Do you have a business card? We could maybe call you in a couple hours with a address?"
3/2/2010 #10
Katelyn Renee

Staci grinned, nodding her head. "Of course, Honey." She reached into her apron, pulling out a hand full of little cards. She set the down on the counter, picking up one of the many little business cards, her name printed onto the front just under the store logo. Her phone number, address and e-mail were written across the botton in slightly smaller print. "Here. Contact me anytime, and I'll have your stuff delivered when you're ready." Staci said with a smile, holding the card out to Ellie.

3/2/2010 #11
R. Lauden
Ellie stuffed the business card in her pocket. "Come on, Jesse. Raewyn will be hungry soon and I want to feed her in our new house." Ellie made a move towards the door, still walking with noticible discomfort. She hoped it would go away soon. She wanted to get back to her routine of early morning runs, but she also wanted to pick up where her and Jesse left off in his dorm room. She glanced over her shoulder, her eyes trailing over his muscular body.
3/2/2010 #12
Katelyn Renee

Staci had removed the many baby item out of the stroller, storing them behind the counter for when the couple returned to retrieve them. She left only a few blankets, so that the tiny infant would be warm in the nasty weather.

Jesse nodded at her slightly, maneuvering Raewyn down into the stroller seat, strapping her in. He picked up one of the blankets, wrapping the tiny baby up to keep her warm and draped the other over the top of the stroller to block out the nasty wind chill.

Once satisfied, Jesse wheeled the stroller forward, following behind Ellie. He caught the the way her eyes seemed to trail over him, and he smirked. "Sounds like a plan, Love." Jesse chuckled, looking her over with the same look in his own eyes. He quickly shifted his eyes away, not wanting to get ahead of himself. Ellie wasn't ready, he knew that. When they reached the door, he cleared his throat slightly, looking over Raewyn's stroller. "Think she'll be warm enough?" He questioned, not wanting the Raewyn to get cold in the biter weather.

He looked back up at Ellie, his eyes falling to the bag slung over her shoulder. "Here, let me take that." He offered, remember how heavy the bag had been. Jesse held out his arm, his fingers wrapping around the strap.

3/2/2010 #13
R. Lauden

Ellie let him take the bag. When his eyes skimmed her over, she blushed. She hated carrying around the extra baby weight. Granted, she probably looked somewhere close to normal weight. Her parents used to think up creative ways to make her gain weight. "She should be fine." Ellie tucked the corners of the blanket around the edges of the strollers, trying to weather proof it. She felt guilty form exposing Raewyn to the elements, but once they had a home everything would be okay.

3/2/2010 #14
Katelyn Renee

Jesse nodded, slinging the bag over his shoulder. He gripped the handle of the stroller again, spinning around and backed up into the door, using his back to push it open. Jesse shuddered slightly against the cold, hoping once again that Raewyn would be warm.

[[Jellie and Raewyn to Main Street]]

3/2/2010 #15
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