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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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R. Lauden

Nicolette beamed, leaning against the granite countertop. Her eyes traced over his muscular frame, skimming over the V of his torso. She used her imagination, following it to the rim of his sweatpants. "Actually, there is one little thing." Nicolette took a step towards him shamelessly, but her gaze shifted over his shoulder at the last moment.

Ellie pulled open the door, out of breath from racing home. A thin film of sweat glistened across her forhead. She gripped her side, fighting a cramp. Her gaze drifted over her parents, her sister, and settled on Jesse. He looked out of place and uncomfortable.

"Sweetheart, how was your run?" Charisma gushed, moving towards her. "You have your work cut out for you, huh?" She commented, noticing the extra weight from the pregnancy.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" She demanded.

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Katelyn Renee

Jesse grew tense and uncomfortable as Nicolette looked him over with lust filled eyes, swallowing nervously when she took a step closer. He heard the door open and glanced over, thankful to see Ellie. Jesse squeezed himself away from Nicolette, not enjoying the way she seemed to have cornered him. Jesse gave Ellie a nervous look, pleading with her to made them leave.

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R. Lauden

"Zephryx told us about your daughter. How could you keep this from us?" Charisma smoothed back her over-treated hair, glaring at her daughter. "Is this the father?" She asked, turning to look at Jesse.

"Chrisma, slow down." Franklin chimed in from the sofa. "Maybe we should let Ellie speak?"

"Fine. What do you have to say for yourself Ellie?" Charisma snapped.

"This is my house. That is my boyfriend." She glared at her sister. "And Raewyn is my daughter. I am fine on my own and I don't need you controlling my life." Ellie moved into the living room.

3/19/2010 #63
Katelyn Renee

Jesse frowned at the familiar name, recalling the semi-god from the academy. Of course Zephryx would say something to The Wards. He never did like Jesse, not even from start. He snorted, rolling his eyes at the way Charisma accused him and how she looked him over with hateful eyes. A smirk spread across Jesse's face, admiring the way Ellie stood up for herself and told her parents off.

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R. Lauden

"Oh, really?" Charisma boomed with laughter. "We sent you to the academy to help with your gift. We have done everything for you. This is your decision, but know that we will be here for you when everything falls apart." She looked at Jesse specifically. "Now, may I please hold my baby granddaughter. We didn't drive hundreds of miles to argue."

Nicolette rolled her eyes, standing behind Jesse and glimpsing his tight backside.

3/19/2010 #65
Katelyn Renee

Jesse growled low under his breath, tired of everyones rudeness towards him. He crossed his arms over his chest to help hide his shaking hands, his jaw tight with aggravation. "No." Jesse snapped at the woman, giving her a nasty glare. He made his way into the living room, avoiding Charisma and Franklin's judgemental eyes. Jesse took a breath, trying to calm down. He looked up, facing them.

"Look, I know you guys don't like me. Honestly, I'm not sure why, I've done nothing wrong." Jesse said, his voice steady for once. He wrapped his arm around Ellie, pulling her close and kissed the top of her head, her scent calming him more. "But, I love your daughter. I love my daughter. And I'm here to stay whether you like it or not." A smile played on Jesse's lips, twitching at the corner of his mouth.

"I'm honored you want to be in Raewyn's life and I don't blame you. She's amazing. The best thing that's ever happened to me. Her and Ellie both. They've changed my life in so many ways." He glanced over The Ward Family, lingering over each in turn. "You don't have to accept me or like me but you better get use to me because..." Jesse glanced at Ellie in a loving way, a smile spread across his face. "I'm not going anywhere." He said again, trying to make his point.

3/19/2010 #66
Katelyn Renee

The faintest of smirks formed over Franklin's lips, impressed--although he would never admit to that--with the way Jesse tried to stand up for himself. Franklin tugged on his suit jacket, pulling out the creases and wrinkles as he moved to stand in front of Jesse. "Listen here, Boy." He said in a stern voice, looking up at Jesse.

The boy towered over him but Franklin paid no mind and continued to speak with a bitter tone. "We've come to take Ellie and our granddaughter home. To their real home whether you like or not." He looked over Jesse with judgemental eyes. "You can barely afford decent cloths..." He tugged on his suit jacket again, enthusing his point. "How do you expect to raise a family when you can't even take care of yourself?"

Jesse narrowed his eyes at the man, losing grip on his anger. His hold on Ellie tightened a little, warning her he couldn't handle much more of their criticism. "With all do respect, Sir, but fuck you." He growled out though clenched teeth. "Now get out of my house."

[[Hope I got Franklin's character down. Haha. :) ]]

3/20/2010 . Edited 3/20/2010 #67
R. Lauden

"Dad!" Ellie shouted, afraid that she may have woken up Raewyn. She lowered her voice before continuing. "Jesse is a great father and an incredible boyfriend. How can you just barge in here and start drama? All of you? What the hell are you doing here?" She shouted, balling her fingers into fists at her side. She wanted everything to be perfect for their small little family, then hers had to come crashing in and mess everything up. Jesse was on edge, probably about to go full wolf.

Nicolette smirked, listening to Jesse rip into her father. Franklin usually respected anyone who dared to stand up to him. Jesse would be alright. He just needed to get over the initial test. Ellie on the other hand. Nicolette's calculating eyes shifted to her sister. For always being so trim and perfect, she looked like shit. She was sweaty and still suffering from the baby weight. Her complexion was blotchy and red from stress. She looked horrible, embarrassing. Stealing Jesse was not even going to be difficult.

Charisma listed to the boy disrespect her husband and gasped in shock. "We will not get out of your house.If Ellie refuses to come with us, we will just need to stay and help as much as possible. Nicolette, go get our bags." Charisma ordered her.

3/21/2010 #68
Katelyn Renee

Franklin kept his expression calm and steady, listening to his daughter stick up for the mutt. It looked as if the boy came right off the streets, full of god knows how many diseases and viruses. Well, feed a stray once, they'll keep coming back for more. When his wife spoke up, Franklin glanced over to her. He agreed with her completely. The boy had no right disrespecting him like that. Had no right to be with his daughter. "You heard your mother. Got get the bags." Franklin said to Nicolette, nodding towards the front door.

Jesse's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, his breath catching in his throat. "Like hell you are!" He shouted, taking an angry step towards Charisma. Jesse could feel himself losing hold, his other half clawing and thrashing to get free. Jesse's hands were shaking violently, his face red with anger. He took sucked in a breath, closing his eyes trying to get himself under control. "Damn it..." He cursed with a tight jaw, taking another deep breath.

3/21/2010 #69
R. Lauden

"Jesse." Ellie gasped, noticing his struggle for control. "Do what you want, but quit causing trouble!" She shouted at them, coming up behind him and hooking her arm through his. "Let's go upstairs." She whispered in his ear, tugging him towards the staircase. If he lost control in front of her parents, that would be the end of it. Her parents would never let them be together.

"Whatever." Nicolette rolled her eyes, heading out the front door to retrieve the bags.

Charisma huffed, running a hand through her hair. "We have to convince her to come home with us, Franklin." She spoke to her husband in a hushed town. Concern laced her voice. She worried about Ellie. Their poor daughter seemed to have dug herself into a hole.

3/21/2010 #70
Katelyn Renee

Jesse faintly heard Ellie's voice over his pounding heart, his pulse rising and threatening the change with each pump of blood. He let her lead him towards the stairs, his entire frame shaking. He needed to calm down, relax before it was too late to prevent the change. Jesse forced his legs to move faster up the stairs and into the bedroom, away from Ellie's family. Jesse let out a groan, stumbling into the room.


Franklin watched them with curious eyes, finding the situation suspicious. He looked back to his wife and nodded. "I know, Charisma. We will." He said, glancing up at their bedroom door. "We will." Franklin repeated in a quiet voice.

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R. Lauden

"Jesse, come on." Ellie found his fingers and led him into the bathroom. She flicked the switch on the wall, moving towards the tub, and bending over it to start the hot water. "You need to relax." She told him, reaching down to plug the drain.

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Katelyn Renee

"You need to..." Jesse panted out, his breathing uneven and quick, just like his pulse. " need to get away." He squeezed his eyes closed, leaning against the wall, the tile cool against his back. "Get away from me..."

3/21/2010 #73
R. Lauden

"Hey." Ellie heard the strain in his voice. Rather than move away, she moved towards him. "I'm not going anywhere, Jesse. Not now, not ever." She reached up her hand to sweep back his hair. "You need a hot bath. I can deal with my parents." Her fingers trailed over his bare chest, curling in the rim of his sweatpants. "Let's just get these off."

3/21/2010 #74
Katelyn Renee

Jesse tensed against the wall, doing his best to keep under control, especially with Ellie so close. He felt her hand brush back his hair and he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He tried concentrating on Ellie, on her words and her wonderful scent which he loved so much. Jesse felt Ellie's fingertips trail over his chest lightly, making his heart rate shoot back up. "Ellie..." He tried to caution her but it just came out as a desperate whisper and he grabbed her wrists when her hands gripped the rim of his pants.

3/21/2010 . Edited 3/21/2010 #75
R. Lauden

When his hands gripped her wrists, her fingers slipped from the rim of his pants. "Jesse." She whispered his name, looking up into his eyes. "You should stay here until you calm down."

3/21/2010 #76
Katelyn Renee

Jesse nodded his head slowly in agreement, knowing if he were to go back down there, he would surly loose it. They didn't need that kind of problem. Jesse loosened his grip on Ellie's wrists, shifting his hands into hers. "Ellie..." He whispered, bringing her hands to his face and kissed her knuckles softly. His hands were still shaking, but not as bad as they had been. "Love you." He whispered against her skin, taking in her scent.

3/21/2010 #77
R. Lauden

Ellie lowered her gaze, staring at a point on his chest. She breathed in deep, releasing the warm breath across his bare skin "I--" She swallowed the knots tangling in her throat. They sunk low into her stomach. She did love Jesse, but the words were so hard to speak out loud. "I love you too." They rolled off the tip of her tounge. She leaned forward, pressing her forehead against his chest. "I love you."

3/21/2010 #78
Katelyn Renee

Jesse wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his chest. He was relieved to finally hear her say those words, to know she felt the same way he felt towards her. "Thank you." He whispered, feeling oddly calmer. He was no longer shaking. His heart was no longer pounding in his ears. Jesse pulled away, cupping her face in his hands. He smiled down at her, looking into her violet eyes. "I love you, Ellistial Ward." Jesse said again and pulled her into a kiss.

3/21/2010 #79
R. Lauden

Ellie stood on her tip-toes, pressing her lips to his. She wanted to forget that her parents were downstairs, but that was hard to do. Her parents brought a dark cloud with them, wherever they went. It just so happened, they planned on staying at their house. Ellie had hoped to spend more time with Jesse, alone. That was quickly proving to not be an option. "I should go entertain my parents." She whispered, kissing the corner of his mouth.

3/21/2010 #80
Katelyn Renee

"I know." Jesse breathed out, though was reluctant to let her go just yet. He wanted to hold her and kiss her and spend every moment with her. But he knew that wouldn't happen as long as her parents stayed under their roof. Jesse let her go, nodding his head. "Go on. I'll..." He glanced at the bathtub and huffed. "I'll be up here relaxing." Jesse took a step closer to Ellie. "Maybe once you get ride of them, you can join me..."

3/21/2010 #81
R. Lauden

"Nice try, wolf boy." Ellie teased, pressing a hand against his chest before turning to leave. She needed to get her parents and sister situated into the guestrooms, though she still hated the idea of them sticking around. She refused to return to the estate for a reason. She wanted to be rid of them. Zephryx must have told them everything, but certainly not about Jesse being a werewolf. Her parents would have a hard time accepting that. They had a hard enough time accepting that their adopted daughter was a harpy.

Ellie closed the bathroom door with a soft click, whishing she could enjoy a hot bath. It would still be a couple weeks until she could bear the idea of Jesse seeing her naked. She could hardly look at herself in the mirror. He would probably find her repulsive. She tired pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind. Her family stood in the living room, accompanied by their luggage. "How long did you plan on staying... exactly?" She asked, noticing her mother had an entire collection of designer bags.

"As long as necessary, dear." Charisma chimed in. "Now, where are your spare rooms?" She insisted.

Ellie bit her bottom lip and sighed. "Mom and Dad, you can have the guest room. Nikki can have Jordan's room." She led them down the short hallway and pointed to either door. "You'll have to share the bathroom."

"Share a bathroom?" Nicollette gasped in horror, prompting a glare from Ellie.

"Well, this isn't the estate. We only have two bathrooms, not seven. Get used to it." Her voice held an icy quality.

3/21/2010 #82
Katelyn Renee

Jesse boomed with laughter, feeling more calm and relax then before, though he was still tense. He had a momentary freak out but now he was okay, perfectly under control. Or at least he liked to think so. After Ellie left, Jesse moved towards the tub, steam rising from the water. He stripped out of his clothes, dropping his pants to the floor, his boxers following and he kicked them over to the side before stepping into the steaming water.

He hissed in pain, the water burning his skin as he slowly sat down, letting the heat take him over. Jesse laid his head back against the tub, closing his eyes. Ellie was right, this was relaxing. He could almost feel his tension floating away.

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Katelyn Renee

Franklin walked up to Ellie and cleared his throat, as he brushed off the front of his suit jacket. "Honestly Ellie, I thought we raised you better then this? What on earth could you see in...that boy?" He said it as if he were spating out a curse., glaring up at the second level door.

3/21/2010 #84
R. Lauden

"Jesse is sweet and charming and compasisonate." She tried naming off his good qualities, figuring that admitting the pregnancy was a mistake would be a bad idea. Though, no seventeen-year-old really got pregnant on purpose. Did they? She inhaled a deep breath, glaring at her parents. "Could you try treating him like a human being, instead of some low-life? Jesse loves me and he would do anything for me. That should be enough." She smoothed back her hair, her forehead still lined with sweat. She needed to take a shower, at least until Raewyn woke up and demanded attention.

"Did you have to pick such a small town to settle down in?" Nicolette complained. "I mean, honestly, is there anything to do here?" She huffed, distracted by her reflection in a picture frame.

Ellie rolled her eyes.

3/21/2010 . Edited 3/21/2010 #85
Katelyn Renee

"Sometimes, honey, those things just aren't enough." Franklin stated coolly, his expression even. He put a hand on Ellie's shoulder, giving her an affectionate squeeze. "We just want what's best for our little girl. And I'm afraid that boy isn't that. He has no money. How is he suppose to support a family. My little girl with no money. I won't stand for it." Franklin said sternly, trying to make his point.

3/21/2010 #86
R. Lauden

"I can handle myself." She shrugged away from him. Her parents under-estimated her resourcefulness. She had been surviving on her own for months, living the life of an adult. She had a house, a boyfriend, and a baby girl. Everything was fitting together. "You can stay here, just please stop lecturing me. Please, treat Jesse with respect. You are a guest in our house, which means it belongs to him as much as it belongs to me. If he wants you to leave, I will side with him." She warned them, tired of arguing.

Nicolette shook her head and turned on her heels, stalking into the bedroom and shutting the door. She kicked off her stilletos and settled onto the bed, pulling out her cellphone and texting her friends. They all needed to know the details of her sister's fall from the pedestal. Ellie was no longer the golden girl and her parents would soon see that Ellie was not perfect.

"You will see how unresonable this is Ellie. That boy cannot support you. Do you understand what your father is trying to say? You have a daughter to think about." Charisma spoke in a soft tone, just in case Jesse could hear her from upstairs. "Think about Raewyn."

"Mom, this conversation is over." Ellie warned with a tone of finality.

3/21/2010 #87
Katelyn Renee

"Very well." Franklin said, though he didn't agree to her terms. He only said it to make Ellie happy. "We should unpack Charisma." Franklin said, gesturing towards the guest room. He turned back to Ellie, completely serious. "Just so that we're clear Ellie, if he steps out of line, even once, I am taking you and your baby girl home with us." He warned before stepping into the guest room, holding the door open for Charisma.

3/21/2010 #88
Katelyn Renee

Jesse ran his hands over his face and through his hair, slicking it back. He heard Raewyn stir in the other room, her cries filling his ears. "Hold on baby girl! I'm coming!" He called to her, stepping out of the tub. Jesse pulled the plug and the water started to disappear as he grabbed the first thing he saw, his sweatpants. He threaded each leg, letting the elastic rest snug at his waist. Jesse didn't worry about drying off his body and came out of the bathroom.

"Hey, baby girl, I'm here. I'm here." Jesse said, rushing into the nursery, forgetting out the baby monitor linked to the one downstairs. "What is it? Huh?" He lifted her into his arms, rocking her. "Now, now, what's all those tears for? You hungry? You got a stinky?" Jesse sniffed her diaper and scrunched his nose with the smell of baby powder. "No. No sticky."

3/21/2010 #89
R. Lauden

"Is that Raewyn?" Charisma asked, taking a step towards the stairs.

"I've got it, Mom." Ellie stopped her with an outstretched arm. "She's probably just hungry." She started up the stairs, though the crying had quieted. All she wanted to do was take a long shower. Her entire body ached from the run. Stepping into the nursery, she saw Jesse standing over the crib. "You've got this one?" She asked, smoothing back her hair. "I need to take a shower."

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