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A small town with a lot of history, and dangerous secrets. Some say parts of it are haunted, even possessed. A variety of creatures roam the small town, from fairies to shapeshifters to vampires. What lies behind closed doors and roads that dead end?
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Please Read!!!

6/20/2010 #1

Please read all of the rules and leave a post in Questions and Chat saying you have read the rules. I will not approve your for Mauderville unless you have done so first. Most of the time I can tell by your character's profile.

The Basics:

1. Try to keep foul language to a minimum. Some cursing is okay.

2. Grammar! I'm totally OCD and I apologize for that. Please, please, please do your best to use correct grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation. This is my biggest pet peeve. I ask you to please utilize the spell-check that Fiction Press offers.

3. Be Respectful. No offensive comments to anyone, please. Let's play nice, okay? If it's in your character's nature to be mean, that's fine. As long as no one is directing personal insults.

4. DO NOT kill anyone's characters without permission. The same goes for NPCs.

5. When you post you must stat where your character came from and where your character is going. Example: *From the Streets* *To Carl's Catfish*

6. There is not a limit on characters as long as you can keep up with them. If you need help keeping track of you character's locations, please use the Where's My Character? topic.

7. Follow the rules of your species. Meaning, if they're a fairy you cannot make them five feet tall. Or if they are a vampire you cannot make them invincible when a stake is put through their heart.


These are really just some basic rules. I made these so no one gets confused. If you have any requests, let me know. You may add species that are not on the list, but please consult me first.


-- Werewolves and Shapeshifters: within the hour once it has entered the blood stream. "Healers" and "Angels" can sometimes heal them.

-- Vampires: Temporarily paralyzes them. May cause full or partial memory loss which may be permanent or temporary. Will make them sleep for 24 hours.


1. They can survive on any type of blood. If you want they can eat human food as well.

2. Werewolves and shifters are their enemies.

3. If you want them to sleep, they can.

4. Sunlight may or may night burn them, that is up to you. If sunlight does not effect them they must have a special jewelry item which can be purchased at The Shopper's Boutique.

5. A stake to the heart can kill them. Silver weakens them temporarily, but too much will kill them within a week if not treated.

6. If you want them to be able to transport themselves or become a mist they can do so. The catch is you can only choose one.

7. They can levitate and have mind control if you want them to.

8. Garlic, holy water, and other myths not addressed do not apply to Mauderville vampires.


1. Can take on any form through possession. They can possess humans and shape shifter.

2. They do not have to eat or sleep.

3. They feed on fear from any species.


1. They are half beast and half human. Engkantos are considered lower level demons.

2. Engkantos never leave the DunForest or the ground under it. That is their home. Exceptions are full moons and hunger.

3. They speak to others like themselves through their minds.

4. On a full moon Engkantos sometimes wander the town of Mauderville, looking for children as a meal.

5. Their skin is white with a gray hue. They are seven feet tall with glowing silver or yellow eyes. The average weight of an Engkanto is 250 pounds.

6. Engkantos are afraid of fire. During the day they disappear back into the DunForest because of the sun.

( I tweaked them a bit.)


1. Their height can be up to four feet tall and no higher.

2. Males tend to be grumpy. Females tend to be cheerful and nurturing.

3. They have pointy ears.

4. Most of them create mischief, but some do not. Mischief includes trampling gardens, knocking over trashcans, tricking humans, and abusing fairies.

5. Elves are not allowed in NightingalePark because fairies are their enemies.

Shape Shifters:

1. They can change into any thing or animal they want except for other humans.

2. Shape Shifters eat enough food for two to four people to keep up their strength. Most prefer meat over anything else.

3. Silver applies to them as it does to Werewolves.


1. Mating is a mental, emotional, and physical bond. Most mates complete the bond through sex. "Forced bonds" can only happen in the joining of two packs or within a pack. Forced bonds are only physical.

To break a bond between mates, only one mate has to sever the ties. This can happen by simply moving on, finding one's true mate, or sleeping with someone else.

2. Overwhelming emotions tend to make them transform if they cannot control it, which takes a few years to perfect.

3. A werewolf cannot resist transformation during a full moon. It is inevitable. Pregnant werewolves cannot phase during their pregnancy (from moment of conception). If a male's mate is in danger during pregnancy he can phase back to his human form if necessary.

4. Most wolves survive on blood and raw meat, but they also enjoy human food just as much.

5. Going rogue. For a wolf to leave the pack they must isolate their mind from the pack and drink the blood of another rogue wolf, or a wolf from another pack to cut off the blood ties. It only takes about two teaspoons.


1. Height ranges anywhere from three to eight inches.

2. They can live anywhere, but tend to live around nature: in the forest, NightingalePark, and especially gardens.

3. Fairies are generally nice creatures. When they cause mischief they do it innocently.

4. When they fly they're just a blur of color.

5. PIXIE DUST: temporarily blinds a violent offender, lifts heavy objects, and has certain healing powers.

Humans/Witches and Warlocks:

1. Humans can be witches, but they are not too powerful.

2. Supernaturals tend to dislike and tease humans.

3. To be a witch one must have a Book of Shadows, which is a very large book starting from the beginning of their family line passed down to each generation. Evil creatures cannot touch this book, not even good creatures with evil intentions.

4. Some witches and warlocks may be "healers". They can mix special potions in which can heal the wounds of a supernatural. HEALERS are very gifted, but must live short lives. The average life span is 25 years old.


1. Ghosts cannot have conversations with a human unless that human has supernatural powers such as visions, or being a medium, or has established a connection with the ghost.

2. Ghosts are invisible. If they are strong enough they can materialize and become visible to anyone.

3. A ghost must have a history with Mauderville unless they are haunting someone and have followed them into the town.

4. Ghosts cannot harm anyone, unless they have been dead for many years and have gathered a lot of power.

5. All ghosts are a transparent mixture of gray and white color.


1. Cannot be archangels. Must be lower level. They are on earth to "earn their wings".

2. Should not fall in love with any being.

3. An angel must complete THREE tasks in which they will earn their wings.

4. They cannot die, but demons possess a certain poison that may weaken and/or slowly kill the angel depending on the demon's strength of power.

5. Angels may choose to stay on earth to be a guardian angel to their chosen human, but must leave once the human has died.

Faeries: (Thanks to TheLittlestNightmare)

1. Iron reacts with them the same way silver reacts with vampires.

2. Highly organized matroniachal society and government, consisting of the Seelie Court and the Un-Seelie Court.

3. Capable of flight (optional)

4. Half Faeries can show or hide their wings

5. Blood is more tempting to vampires

6. Ears pointed less than elves

7. Said to be a result of the child of a demon and an angel, or an elf and an angel, depending on source.

8. Capable of Glamour and can put ideas into others heads, that may or may not be acted upon.

9. Immortal

Living Arrangements:

1. Check the Town Center: Real Estate Agency for a listing of vacant homes.

2. If you move out of your home please post so in the home you were occupying and/or in Town Center: Real Estate Agency.

3. A character may live permanently at the Mauderville Inn.

4. If you wish to request a new community or residential lot you may go to the Town Center: Meeting Hall and fill out a request form to be approved by the Mayor.

5. EVICTION! If you have long absences without notification your character will be evicted from their room or home for "not paying the bills".

NPC (Non-Player-Characters)

Anyone can control these characters, but they must match up to their personality. Most NPCs never leave their place of assigned locations. Such as Carl the elf; he is always at Carl's Catfish. They can leave if they are invited somewhere or for parties/special events.


You do not have to have your characters interacting at school if you have children. As long as you send them to school. If you are a teacher you do not have to interact either. If you have any character with a job position at one of the Mauderville schools they do not have to interact. School is a place where you can put certain characters and not have to deal with them. Still, you must state when they are entering or exiting the school.


To find and/or apply for a job please refer to the Town Center: Meeting Hall. If you are living in a home you must have a job unless previous engagements provide funding.

Mauderville Forecast

I will not skip long periods time without anyone's permission, unless your character is currently inactive. Please visit the Important: Mauderville Forecast topic to see what the day/month/time/forecast is.

City Limits (Moving out/Temporarily leaving town)

If your character is temporarily "leaving town" or "moving out" of Mauderville please visit the topic Important: City Limits. In this topic you will post that your character is either leaving town, moving out, or is temporarily visiting Mauderville. A character may only be out of town for four months (real time) before they are no longer considered a citizen of Mauderville. If you know how long the character is going to be gone please state so in the post.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

6/20/2010 #2
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