Plague: A Roleplay
In the tiny city of Moor Falls, a single evil force works it's way through the streets, killing all in it's path. A disease? No. It is a person. A person by the name of... this is where you come in. Come in, create your slasher, and join the plague.
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Just some rules, to keep things running smoothly;

1. Not TOO much profanity. The filter's off, and I don't really mind it that much, but when it gets overwhelming, it kinda detracts from the plot.

2. No making fun of other members. That should be obvious.

3. Get a room. In other words, no in-depth sex scenes, it's just awkward for everyone else.

4. Not really a rule, just so everyone knows, I'm not expecting you to keep the killing scenes calm and less-then-graphic. This is the horror thread, after all, and ruled against graphic murder never stopped Jason, Freddy, or Michael.

That's everything. Remember, if I see any of the first three rules broken at least three times, I'm kicking you off the forum. But that really shouldn't be a problem, as these are pretty basic.

Also, a little extra, just keep all OOC chat in parenthesis (Like this). Anything else is great, we're excepting any other kind of format.

Whether it be story;

He pulled his cloak tighter around himself, his weapon held tightly his his hand

Or Script;

(Tightens his cloak)

Doc: God, where is everyone...

It's all up to you! Anyway, that's everything, so I bid you goodbye, good luck, and happy hunting!

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