Plague: A Roleplay
In the tiny city of Moor Falls, a single evil force works it's way through the streets, killing all in it's path. A disease? No. It is a person. A person by the name of... this is where you come in. Come in, create your slasher, and join the plague.
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(This is where the story starts. Have fun, keep to the rules, and good luck!)

11/14/2009 #1

It was another starless night in the outskirts of town. The moon was hidden behind the black clouds above, and Doc stood waiting for a single person to leave the city gates. This was Doc's "Collecting area", an area where his single hatred could be emphasized on any man passing through these city gated.

11/24/2009 #2

Nikolai watched Doc from a second story window, he lowered his 'Long-eyed' binoculars and sighed.

11/24/2009 #3

"Dammit." muttered Doc, looking down at his long, pointed hook "The town must've put another curfew up. Where the hell is everyone?!"

11/24/2009 #4

"He's confused." Nikolai said looking at a small potted plant.

11/24/2009 #5

Doc looked down at his hook once again. "I swear, I'm gonna use this thing tonight." He said, fuming "If only someone could show up!"

11/24/2009 #6

"He's getting impatient." Nikolai said, "Wait. Is that?" He looked up the street. "A person?"

11/24/2009 #7

"Yes!" Doc whispered as he heard the sweet sound of approaching footsteps "Get ready, my glorious hook. We will still see blood tonight!"

11/24/2009 #8

Nikolai watched as the young girl stumbled down the street, obviously not sober.

11/24/2009 #9

Is she yours? If not, can I have her open the gate?

11/24/2009 #10

(She ain't mine. You can kill her if you want.)

11/24/2009 #11

(I wasn't planning on killing her straight off. I was gonna do it doc style. Mind doing her dialog? I only do killers.)

11/24/2009 #12

(I don't mind.)

11/24/2009 #13


As the gate slid open, and the apparently drunken girl stumbled out through the entrance, doc wasted little time.

Quickly and efficiently, with the precision of a man who had done this a hundred times, Doc quickly grabbed the girl from behind, placing one hand over her mouth, and using the other to press his hook against her neck.

"What brings a lady like you out here at this hour?" Doc asked smoothly, his hands cold and steady.

11/24/2009 #14

Nikolai watched.

The girl almost screamed.

11/24/2009 #15

"C'mon," he said coldly "I don't bite. I only do what I do best."

And, for emphasis, he held his hook a little closer to her neck.

11/24/2009 #16

Nikolai stood and grabbed a 7.62mm sniper rifle from his closet.

"Please..... I'm sorry." The girl slurred in a panic.

11/24/2009 #17

"Sorry for what?" Doc said, a slight smile forming on his lips "For being alive? For being a nuisance? For always choosing every little opportunity to piss off every single person around you!? It's not just you, might I add. It's every single person in that hellhole you call a town. Hell, it's every single person on this whole damn planet! But you know what?! I've innovated the perfect technique to get rid of these little... annoyances in you kind. Do you know what it is?"

11/24/2009 #18

She shook her head, second later there was a hole in it.

11/24/2009 #19

"Wha-" Doc yelled, dropping the now dead body as he jumped back a foot "Hey! That was mine! Who killed her?! Get out here you son-of-a-bitch!"

11/24/2009 #20

Nikolai stood up, he put the rifle down and opened the window fully. "I say! Is there a problem!?"

11/24/2009 #21

"Yeah!" Screamed Doc, looking up at this new person "What was that?! You can't just MY prey like that!"

11/24/2009 #22

"Such a waste." Nikolai said. "Could have made something of herself."

11/24/2009 #23

"Not much more then she already was." Muttered Doc "Look, you're obviously new at this, so I'll let this one go. Just this once."

11/24/2009 #24

"Who says I'm new at this?" Nikolai asked.

11/24/2009 #25

"Ya coulda fooled me." Doc said contempuously "The way you just snuffed her out like that... it's like you have no idea how close I was to completely figuring out her true nature."

11/24/2009 #26

(Ok, i gotta disappear for about 40, 40 mins. See ya when I get back!)

11/24/2009 #27

"Someone like you need not know what goes on for the common people here." Nikolai replied. "I eliminated her, as to end it quickly and thus keeping my namesake." He retreated back in the window and closed it.

11/24/2009 #28

(I'm gone for the night.)

11/24/2009 #29

(See ya!)

11/24/2009 #30
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