Plague: A Roleplay
In the tiny city of Moor Falls, a single evil force works it's way through the streets, killing all in it's path. A disease? No. It is a person. A person by the name of... this is where you come in. Come in, create your slasher, and join the plague.
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(Just post whatever you do in your safe house here, whichever safe house you are in. Just write which one you are in, like this.)

Doc's Shack:

Making his way through the woods, doc sighed in relief, as his small home came into view. It was small, but good enough for doc, as it fit all of his equipment and himself quite comfortably. Walking up the small path to his front door, he swung it open with a little pain, and stumbled inside. Emptying his pockets, he laid all five of his knifes onto his table, grimacing when he realized that he had lost his hook in the fight.

He tugged off his hat, then his mask, hanging them both up on their indivudual hangers. Finally, he removed his cloak, leaving him standing there in a white T-shirt and boxers.

Staring at his arms, he knew that he was already losing a lot of blood. Pulling his first aid kit out of his closet, he began the painstaking task of operation..


Two hours later, Doc collapsed onto his bed, dead tired from both lack of sleep and blood loss. This had been a hard night, he figured, but a little new competition wasn't an entirely bad thing...

Shrugging it off, Doc fell asleep, the sun just peaking over the horizon, and about fifteen stitches in both of his arms. He was ready to sleep the day away.

(Well, that was pretty long...)

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(Here I is!)

Nikolai sat in his small cottage, cleaning his rifle.

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(Uh... What now?)

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(Hellooo? Anyone still here?)

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(Hey. Yeah sorry I was working.)

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(S'Okay. Now, what to do...)

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(No clue)

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(I dunno. Let's just go with a time skip to the next morning.)

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(Sounds like a plan.)

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(*Sigh* wtf? The forum, like, died randomly. Like, spontaneous combustion random. Let's revive it, okay? Some one write some sort of post to start off the next day!!!)

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(OOH! I do that randomly too!)

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(Yay! People are still here! Hi, Wendi-San!!)

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(Anything to say, roleplay-wise?)

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Not really.

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