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I like writing song, but are they safe? Because if I put my hard work in them i don't want no one to take them for free. i know the moment they're down it is copyrighted, but it doesn't change the fact someone can steal them.

7/26/2010 #1

Agreed^^ I don't want my songs jacked for free - I at least want credit.

11/20/2010 #2

You are right.

It would suck if that happened, especially since "some" of us can be quite young. Its hard to put something together, but its easy to take something.

1/20/2011 #3

And I must say that the songs I write are quite personal - each one is a specific emotion that I don't really want to be exploited. My songs have meaning, they aren't just meant for people to download on their iPods and stuff.

Also, @JHKangel14: That is the coolest avatar I have ever sseen.

1/20/2011 #4
Ajvanho Rgx

I don't know, wheal I know. But if you put songs on FanFiction, FictionPress... Some song writer is going to use them and make milion's of dollar. Spicialy if I start putting my songs I make and play on my saxophone. I want wen I'm 20 years old Maximum start making jingle's for people who want (from TV and other). Before that I want to bay a Classic piano.

8/4/2011 #5
Nicholas Welker
In my opinion, most of the songs on here are so poorly written that I would never want to use any. But I'm sure that if any artist were to come on here and see a song they liked, they would ask for permission and give credit. I'm a musician, and when I can get to recording some stuff for my solo project Zombie Birthday Party, I might see if I can find any lyrics I like and ask to use them.
12/12/2011 #6
Most people On this site aren't going to steal lyrics or ideas. On fanfiction I actually had someone PM me to ask for permission to use an idea I ha in my fanfiction story. I really didn't care if they did or not but the point behind it is the were careful to assure they weren't plague rising my work. I ascertain you that it should be mildly safe and you COULD charge them with breaking copyright law if they stole your ideas from this site.
12/22/2012 #7
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