Welcome to the Haven for Special Children HSC
Children--Teens and younger, are becoming more and more 'special' these days. Mutations, to speak kindly. The X-Men people got it right when they showed that most people hated 'special' children. A place where children can be children...right?
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A class for those who have some to no control over their abilities. There are two teachers. One is Lucy Owens, a human. She wears usually white cut-offs and a light blue shirt. The other is her brother, Michael Owens, who unlike his sister, has gifts. He wears usually a red sweater and green corduroys. They wear the bracelets that indicate that they're teachers (Black leather with white letters HSC on them)

12/12/2009 #1

Lock walked into the classroom. In one corner of the large room were several desks and a white board. There were mats and straw dummies in the middle of the room, and various equipment strewn around. A young woman was sharpening what looked like a sword, and a man the same age was loading guns. "Uh...hello?" He asked nervously.

12/17/2009 #2

The woman looked up from her sword, not stopping her work. The man ignored him for a moment, putting a finger in one ear, closing his eyes, and pointed the gun at a target in a corner. He shot the gun, and Lock could see a bullet hole in the center of the target. "Yes?" The woman asked. The man blew smoke away from the gun, muttering, "Damn straight."

"Ummm...I came here to learn how to defend...myself." Lock stated.

"With powers or without?" The man asked, taking out a blowtorch, and melting the gun. Noticing Lock's stare, the man replied to his unanswered question. "It wasn't good enough. I'm Professor Owens."

"Um...both, I guess. I want to see if my powers can help me fight."

12/20/2009 #3

Avilin somehow defies the laws of physics by being here and frozen in the library at the same time. Classroom has been frozen in time for 5 months. Avilin: Wow! How long has this class been frozen for? Me: Almost 7 months. Avilin: So what should we do. Me: I don't know. Avilin: Let's break stuff! Me: You've already broken the laws of physics already, isn't that enough? Avilin: No! *knocks random vase over and shatters it* Me: Sigh.

6/10/2010 #4


6/10/2010 #5

Suddenly time starts moving.

Avilin: Oh no people are moving! *runs out of classroom*

me: I told you not to do this! Sigh, why do I make such crazy characters.

(I would have forgotten this place too if I didn't get E-mails to my phone whenever someone posts. And if I couldn't post from my Wii).

6/10/2010 #6

(We've got a new person, whom I've accepted. Yeeessshhh)

6/10/2010 #7
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