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Children--Teens and younger, are becoming more and more 'special' these days. Mutations, to speak kindly. The X-Men people got it right when they showed that most people hated 'special' children. A place where children can be children...right?
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Eric Bolt: HSC's resident inventor. Never seen without his white lab coat, he's designed several of the technological tools around the Academy.


Eric Bolt stepped out of the lab, heading for the cafeteria.

12/14/2009 #1

Eric Bolt reentered his office, after leading the two students to the Elementals class. Spreading the now revised blueprints on a workbench, he studied them and started to make a mental list of what would be needed to build the rec room.

12/28/2009 #2

"Here! Here!" Casper shouted, phasing through Cidney's arms. "This is the---come back!" He called, as Cidney continued down the hall."

1/3/2010 #3
Jade Lin Zheng

"Huh? Wo-oah!" Turning to look at Casper, she was unaware of the approaching wall until she crashed into it. Rubbing her forehead, Cidney grumbled, "I really need to learn the layout of this place."

3/18/2010 #4

"The principal probably has one in his office." Casper replied, knocking on the door.

A large explosion was heard from the other side, and the door rattled under Casper's hand. A minute or so later, the door opened, and a smoking man in a lab coat opened the door.

"Good day to both of you." He smiled, holding out a soot-covered hand. "I'm Eric Bolt, Resident Inventor. I'm afraid it's a bit of a mess inside--I was startled by the knocking, you see--but do come in!"

3/22/2010 #5
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney could feel the presence of a lot of metal beyond the door. Her excitement got the best of her and she seemed to vibrate towards Casper, with a wide grin on her face. "Nice to meet ya. The name's Cidney, short for Cindersquere, long for Cid."

3/22/2010 #6

"Casper is what I call myself." Casper nodded briefly as they stepped into Professor Bolt's laboratory.

Metal was strewn across the floor, most of it covered in soot from what Casper assumed was the explosion. There were several desks in odd places to be found--one by a generator, one floating in a huge tank with a strange liquid in it, and another bolted to the ceiling. Blueprints were strewn across these desks, (including the upside-down one), and pencils and pens were sticking out of the oddest places. In fact, the only neat part of the massive room was a huge bulletin board that completeley covered the opposite wall. Attached to the board were a great quantity of tools. There was also a door, with a space cleared around it, that had several locks, and a sign that clearly read: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN, UNLOCK, DESTROY, OR FEED TO YOUR PET THIS DOOR. ANY OTHER MUTILATIONS OR DEVICES INFLICTED UPON THE DOOR SHALL RESULT IN A SERIOUS CONSEQUENCE!. There was an arrow under the word 'consequence' leading to the door to the left of the padlocked door. There was a sign on this door that read: SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GET THEM YOURSELF, THE RESIDENT INVENTOR SHALL GET IT FOR YOU. This door was also locked.

There were two men and one woman fiddling with half-finished machines. They wore matching lab coats, identical to Eric Bolt's. One of them accidentaly scraped their hand against something sharp, and when they pulled their hand away, the open skin revealed metal inside.

3/22/2010 #7
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney was literally buzzing by now, visually vibrating up and down as she reached out to lay her hands on any available metallic surface. "This place must be Heaven." Turning to Casper with a dazed expression, she grinned lopsidedly, "Don't you think so?"

3/22/2010 #8

"Hm? Oh, yeah." Casper said distractedly, picking up a bolt, looking at it and setting it down again.

Professor Bolt grinned, delighted that a student was taking such interest in the laboratory. "Well--a slice of heaven, really. The rest of heaven is behind those doors."

He gestured to faint, shimmering doors that without careful examination, were almost unnoticable with a normal eye. These doors were positioned everywhere--built into the floor, the ceiling, and the windows too. In some of these doors, there were smaller ones, and within those smaller doors, and within those even smaller ones. The only solid looking doors were the ones with the signs dangling from their handles--the ones that were padlocked.

3/22/2010 #9
Jade Lin Zheng

"Well this little slice is heaven enough for me." Picking up a bolt on the floor, still vibrating, she watched as it melted into her skin, giving her fingers a bit of a metallic shine. "Hehe, oops, I guess I got a little too excited."

3/22/2010 #10

"Nonsense. Absorb all the metal you want." Bolt said, as he walked up the wall to the ceiling. He then sat down on the bolted chair, (his hair sticking straight up, or in this case, down), and examined some blueprints that were stapled to the desk.

3/22/2010 #11
Jade Lin Zheng

"Really?" Cidney nearly buzzed in awe, before jumping in excitement and running over to a large pile of what appeared to be scrap metal. One great thing about her ability was that when she absorbed it, she changed it's composition, so when she took it out of her body, she could make it whatever shape and density she wanted. Perfect for building. After nearly devouring the whole pile, she looked rather reminiscent of a tin man. "What do you think?"

3/22/2010 #12

Casper allowed himself a small grin. "It's you." Bolt looked down at Cidney, and smiled broadly. "I think you like metal very much."

3/23/2010 #13
Jade Lin Zheng

Cidney scoffed at the eccentric inventor and smirked playfully, "Me? I think it's the metal that likes me! See how it snuggles?" She faintly thought that Casper looked rather cute with that small smile, but immediately pushed that thought from her mind.

3/23/2010 #14

"If the metal is that fond of you, maybe you could work here." Bolt suggested. "Students are allowed to work part-time with teachers, if it means improving their academic knowledge."

3/24/2010 #15
Jade Lin Zheng

With no hesitation, she answered the moment he offered, "I accept! I'll work here!" Turning to Casper she asked, "Does this mean you'll work with one of the teachers, too?"

3/24/2010 #16

"Depends on whether there's anything interesting that I have in common with a teacher."

"Well, what do you like to do?" Bolt asked curiously.

"I...um...I like to...write." Casper said reluctantly. Bolt grinned, which looked more like a frown as he was, well, upside-down on the ceiling.

"Try the library! And we're forming an English class soon...so, then, colleague," Bolt chuckled slightly as he looked at Cidney. "What do you want to do first?"

3/24/2010 #17
Jade Lin Zheng

"I want to build so many things, Professor!" Cidney was giddy at the mere thought of it. "An engine for my hoverbike, that way I can focus more on the steering instead of the speed. And my own computer. If I can create a mini satellite computer and connect it to myself, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Isn't this exciting, Casper?"

3/24/2010 #18

"Yeah--it's cool." And it was---the very atmosphere of the room gave Casper a shiver of excitement. It was like writing a story--the possibilites were endless. Different outcomes, different plots...

"It sounds like you have a lot of ideas. But since the part-time job program is fairly new, I'm afraid you have to do a bit of grunt work first." Bolt stood up, on the ceiling, walked down the wall, and when he was back on the floor, he rummaged through a pile of scrap metal, and pulled out an old piece of machinery. "This was the motor of one of my old versions of a holographic vehicle. See if you can get it running again." As Casper watched Bolt hand it to Cidney, he suddenly noticed that he could see the professor's hand through the motor.

3/24/2010 #19
Jade Lin Zheng

"A holographic motor? How curious!" Grasping the motor, but containing herself so that she didn't absorb it right away, she shivered, "So interesting, but how to be done with metal that's not metal?"

3/24/2010 #20

"Ah. That's what you're supposed to find out, as a student. I'd tell you, but the students are expected to figure things out by themselves."

3/24/2010 #21
Jade Lin Zheng

Carrying the motor over to the table, she her back against one of the table legs and sat on the floor. Hunching over the engine, she began to probe around it for the real piece of metal among all of this mass. "So strange. It feels like metal, but my body and power rejects it." Probing a little deeper, she found it. A metal chip within the core of the engine, and when she pressed against it, the holographic quality of the metal fell away like a barrier from the motor. "That's it! Now I can properly work on this." She began tinkering with it, using her finger which she had transfigured into a small wrench using the metal already mixed in her body.

3/24/2010 #22

Bolt grinned widely. "She's got it!"

Casper had struck up a conversation with one of the androids, who had called himself Timm (rhymed with Tin), and they both turned to watch Cidney work.

3/25/2010 #23
Jade Lin Zheng

It was really just a matter of a couple of loose bolts that caused the mechanism to malfunction. Tightening the screws around the core generator, she let it hum to life so she could make sure everything was running smoothly. Hopping to her feet, she grinned triumphantly, "Professor, I present to you, your new and improved holographic motor."

3/25/2010 #24

"Excellent!" the Professor hummed to himself, examining the motor from all sides. Then he threw it against a wall.

Casper started, looking at the man in alarm.

(Sorry I've been off, like, forever)

6/10/2010 #25
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