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Children--Teens and younger, are becoming more and more 'special' these days. Mutations, to speak kindly. The X-Men people got it right when they showed that most people hated 'special' children. A place where children can be children...right?
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An injury, an illness, a cavity or toothache, our overqualified doctors can heal anything! Magical and non-magical means!

6/11/2010 #1
The Sin of Being

"Hello? Anyone here? My little brother chipped his tooth. Heck, he probably needs a root canal!" Olive yelled.

"What's a root canal?" Smith asked. Olive told him.

6/11/2010 #2

"Really?" A doctor looked up from a shelf full of glass vials. He was fairly young, kind of like a college surfer, with shaggy blond locks and light blue eyes. "How'd he chip it?"

6/11/2010 #3
The Sin of Being

"His teeth a rotten from so many sweets. So when he eats anything that's hard, they tend to break," Olive explained.

6/11/2010 #4

"Hm....open wide, little guy." He said, taking out a flashlight.

6/11/2010 #5
The Sin of Being

"Careful Doc. My brother bites." Olive warned. Smith smiled innocently.

6/11/2010 #6

"Did you seriously chip your tooth on a snickers bar?" The doctor asked, easily recognizing the brown that lightly spotted the boy's teeth. "No matter. I can fully restore the tooth with magical means. However, if you'd prefer the non-magical way, which means having plaster to replace the chipped part of the tooth instead of the thing, by all means, tell me."

6/11/2010 #7
The Sin of Being

"Magic please!" Smith chirped.

Olive rolled her eyes. "Yes, he did chip his tooth on a snickers bar. You'll see him a lot. Trust me."

6/11/2010 #8

"Magic it is." The doctor rubbed his hands with a silver liquid, which immediately was absorbed and left his hands with a metallic sheen. He then looked at the tooth, and gently touched a side of it.

His index finger, when he removed it, was the same color as the tooth. He then rubbed his finger and thumb together, as if rolling a marble around. Slowly, a small sphere grew between the fingers. He took the sphere, and slowly pressed it against the edge of the chipped part of the tooth. The sphere instantly fused itself with the remainder of the tooth, molding into the shape required. It hardened immediately after it was done.

"And voila. It's as if you never chipped your tooth in your life." The doctor, (who's upside-down name tag read Jack Cooper) stepped back in satisfaction.

6/11/2010 #9
The Sin of Being

"that was cool! Dr. Neon could never do that!" Smith grinned.

"Idiot," Olive said affectionately. "Thanks Doc. We will be back!"

(Off to...somewhere.)

6/11/2010 #10

Ren entered. "I need some help."

8/12/2010 . Edited 8/13/2010 #11

( [Raises hand]

I'm sorry, but I call b***. Ren is a freaking toddler, and honestly? I was god-modding, yeah, but the f*** you think you were doing? Honestly, I considered for a moment going and editing that post. No. He's THREE. I could have done the same with Callum but I held back, going so far as to cut off Ren's toe because you were upping the stakes.

B***. Please, please reconsider and edit that last post in the library before I do it for you.)

8/12/2010 #12
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