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This forum is for mature fiction writers of any sort who prefer to write things as if they were real. After all, the truth is indeed stranger than fiction. We can talk about whatever you like, exchange reviews, etc.
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I'll start off with introducing myself, since I made this forum especially for friendly viewers like you who enjoy reading and writing. I'm Kate.

Age and/or Location: 17, or since I was born on February 29th, 4, and I live in North Dakota, which is in the United States.

How I started writing: I actually wrote poetry starting in probably 6th grade until this spring when I realized that writing poetry made no sense, since I voraciously read fiction.

What I write: I tend to write general fiction that leans towards romance and strange humor.

Favorite author/influences: Dostoevsky, hands down. Although according to a blog post I read recently, this indicates that I am a sexy man, which I am not. I tend to be influenced by my music as well as other classic literature. I can talk about literature that predates Woodstock in spades.

What I like to see in stories: I myself tend to review stories by inexperienced authors, because they need the most help, although I do review everything I read as a common courtesy. However, I like to see character development more than just about anything else, because without it, you have no case. Be creative in this, too. I also like to see things that happen in reality. This is what makes an amazing story. I don't just like to see good spelling, grammar, and style, I expect it from someone who posts stories online.

I don't bite! Join in the fun!

12/25/2009 #1
Stylistic Nightmare

Hello, I'm Don.

Age and/or Location: 19, and I live in Ontario, Canada, about four hours north of Toronto

How I started writing: I was always in Fantasy, Supernatural, and Action/Thriller novels, and I just started writing in the same style when I was eleven. I had a lot of ideas, so I decided to put them to paper and see how they came out.

What I write: I write fantasy, modern fantasy, supernatural, and action/adventure (usually about war/terrorism).

Favorite author/influences: My favourite author has to be Tom Clancy, purely for the entertainment and technical knowledge in his books. I get influenced by music and tv commercials usually. I'll just hear or see something and I'll get an idea for a story and I just go to it.

What I like to see in stories: When I read original fiction, I tend to go for the stories that fall under the categories of Fantasy and Supernatural. I've always had a fascination with dragons, so any stories with dragons as significant characters I enjoy. Spelling, punctuation and things like that are secondary to me, as long as the idea behind the story is good, but there is a limit; if every second word is mis-spelled, I tend to stay away. I also enjoy modern fantasy, as long as the author is able to weave toegther all the elements involved in such a genre in a way that makes sense to me.

12/25/2009 #2

I'm glad to meet you, Don! Have you read American Gods by Neil Gaiman? It tends more towards mythology, but I thought it was quite an interesting read and I usually avoid books from the sci-fi/fantasy section.

12/26/2009 #3
Stylistic Nightmare

Nice to meet you as well. I haven't read American Gods but I have heard of it. Where I live, there isn't really a big selection of books or anything really, so I don't have much of an opportunity to get new books. I'll definitely look for it next time I get the opportunity.

12/27/2009 #4

Yeah, in America, we can get pretty much any book if we can get to a Barnes & Noble.

12/27/2009 #5
Stylistic Nightmare

We can get pretty much any book in Canada as well; but I live in a small town, and the closest book store is half an hour away and I can't get there unless somebody's going (I don't drive) so I don't get to go and check things out very often.

12/27/2009 #6

I know that, but I thought you were in the boonies for some reason. I live in a small town too, but my mom works in the nearest big town, so it's easy to get rides. (Most of my understanding of Canada is from being next door to Manitoba, so I've grown accustomed to the idea that most of it has few people and there are random large cities, lol.)

12/27/2009 #7
Stylistic Nightmare

Well, that's pretty accurate I suppose. Where I live is really just a bunch of small communities that make up a district; there's about 9000 people combined, and the nearest real city, or place with a book store, a mall and a movie theater anyways, has about 56 000 people. I don't get to go there as much as I'd like, and when I do, I usually spend my money on movies and other stuff I can't get at home. Books unfortunately seem to usually come last.

12/27/2009 #8

Yeah, I live on a farmstead, but there are small towns dotting this county and I live between the largest and the third largest city in the state, so I'm not deprived of civilization. My parents are really weird, though, so they've always gotten me books when I wanted them. :)

12/27/2009 #9
Stylistic Nightmare

Here, I'm between a city with 56000 people and a city with 76000 people, and I'm only about a four hour drive from Toronto, so I'm not totally lost in the woods haha, and most of my friends drive, so I do get out once in a while, just not as often as I'd prefer. My mom has been pretty good about getting the books I've wanted in the past, but usually only on birthdays or christmas or things like that. I pretty much just have to wait until I can go myself, and make do with the terrible selection at the local library.

12/27/2009 #10

Yeah, for me it's 35,000 and about 200,000 for the metropolitan area, if you can call it that. I get out enough for my liking, I guess. My parents encourage reading and music more than anything, so I've always been permitted to get books whenever I wanted to and go to rock concerts. Most people tell me that's very strange of them, but then again, ND is conservative with most things.

12/27/2009 #11
Stylistic Nightmare

That's pretty cool. I've been to a couple of concerts around here, but the really good ones are few and far between. My mother is cool with me going, mostly because she hates the music I listen to, and in her mind, if I'm listening to it somewhere else, she doesn't have to put up with it haha. Plus I usually sing along, and I have a terrible singing voice, so when I'm out of the house, she's pretty happy that she doesn't have to hear me. Around here, the authority figures are pretty relaxed, so not much is considered strange haha. You'd have to do something really messed up for people to even notice here.

12/27/2009 #12

Yeah, I know. Canada in general is very relaxed when I'm there. Here, nothing is legal and everything is permitted unless the wrong person is present. Not too many amazing concerts come here either; the next one I'd go to is The Used and Atreyu and I'll be at state debate. I remember when I met Green Day though... great times. xD

12/27/2009 #13
Stylistic Nightmare

Yeah, it's pretty awesome here. It can get really boring, but you can pretty much do what you want and nobody cares. It makes for some pretty great parties haha. Of course, since I'm 19 now, everything that used to be so much fun is legal now, so it just doesn't have the appeal anymore haha. As for the last concert I went to, it was Three Days Grace a couple of weeks ago. It was pretty rocking. I'm not sure of any good concerts coming up around here, but I'm keeping my eye out for any good bands that may be coming. I've never met any of the artists whose concerts I've been to, but hopefully in the future.

12/27/2009 #14

Yeah, everything is legal at 18 here except alcohol. It's really weird, but ND has the highest underage drinking rates anyway. I saw Three Days Grace a little more than two years ago, and they were so awesome! Breaking Benjamin opened for them and I liked them just a tish more, though.

12/27/2009 #15
Stylistic Nightmare

Here, alcohol become legal at nineteen, but since it's legal in Quebec at 18, a lot of people just take weekend trips to Quebec and load up their cars with beer and bring it back here haha. I've never seen Breaking Benjamin concert but I'd imagine it would be pretty cool. I like them a bit more than Three Days Grace as well, but I don't think they've ever come near where I live, or if they did, it was a while ago. I know they're coming to Toronto in April with Nickelback and Shinedown; I'll probably get down to that one; it should be good.

12/27/2009 #16

Yeah, people here just get their older friends to get it for them. Breaking Benjamin puts on a great show; you'll have a lot of fun. Nickelback is here every two seconds, though.

12/27/2009 #17
Stylistic Nightmare

Yeah, we do that here as well. A kid I went to school with was a real slacker, so he was 19 in grade 11, and he bought beer for everybody. And I know what you mean about Nickelback. I like them, but they seem to have concerts around here all the time. I went to one last March; it was pretty good. But Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown are really cool bands, so it's all good. I think BB's new album has some pretty great songs that would sound awesome live and Shinedown is one of my favourite bands, so it should be a pretty kick-ass show.

12/27/2009 #18

I love Breaking Benjamin's new album. What other music do you like? Obviously A Perfect Circle, lol.

12/27/2009 #19
Stylistic Nightmare

Oh yeah, A Perfect Circle is up there of course. Tool, as well. My favourite band of all-time is Pantera. My avatar used to be the cover of one of their albums but I changed it a couple weeks ago. I like a lot of heavy metal and thrash metal, like Slayer, Megadeth, Five Finger Death Punch. Bands like Killswitch Engage, Disturbed, Dope, Slipknot, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold are in my playlist as well. Then there's the softer stuff like 3 Doors Down, Theory Of A Deadman, Daughtry and stuff like that. I'll actually pretty much listen to anything, though I tend to stay away from the real pop stuff and I'm not real big on rap/ hip-hop either. I've even got some Garth Brooks in my playlist haha.

12/27/2009 #20

My favorites are Empires, At the Drive-In, The Mars Volta, old Chiodos and Cinematic Sunrise, Anberlin, and other stuff like that. I'll try anything, though. Anything with substance works.

12/27/2009 #21
Stylistic Nightmare

Yeah, those are pretty decent bands; I like Anberlin as well. I'm the same way with music; I'll give pretty much anything a listen, see if I like it. Usually, I tend to go for the harder bands, but some of my favourites are not really metal. Shinedown can get pretty hardcore in some of their songs, but I like them more for they're lyrical content. Same thing for bands like Rise Against. Every once in a while, I'll go through a phase where I'll only listen to one band for like a month, and I just get these great story ideas from the band and I'll just get on a roll. That happened with Billy Talent a couple of months ago haha.

12/27/2009 #22

I think my favorite metal-ish bands are August Burns Red and For Today. Ironically, they're both Christian, but I just like the music. I've tended to do the same thing. Do you like Thrice? Their lyrics are something to be proud of.

12/27/2009 #23
Stylistic Nightmare

Christian bands are okay; I like the bands Red and Skillet (their newer stuff), and they're Christian. I'm a fan of August Burns Red as well. Thrice is pretty good; they aren't my favourite, but I really liked their newest album, Beggars, and in particular, the song All the World Is Mad. Rise Against is a band whose lyrics I find to be very meaningful; their songs always seem to have some deeper message beyond what you get when you first hear them.

12/27/2009 #24

I like Red. I saw Skillet live, and they weren't terrible, although easily the least interesting band at the show. I guess I prefer "Vheissu" and "The Artist in the Ambulance" to "Beggars", albumwise, just because the stories are more interesting to me. "The Alchemy Index" is pretty good too. I tend to avoid Rise Against based on my perception of the song "Swing Life Away", lol.

12/27/2009 #25
Stylistic Nightmare

I didn't really get into Skillet until they came out with their album Collide, and then I lost interest again when Comatose came out, but I really liked their latest album Awake. It's about on par with Collide, and definitely ahead of the rest of their albums.

With Thrice, I don't listen to them that much, but I do enjoy pretty much all of their songs. All the World Is Mad is just the thing that pushs Beggars above their other albums for me.

I've loved Rise Against since I first heard them back in like 2004. I heard Give It All on the radio, and I've been listening ever since. Swing Life Away is a good song, but I think I can see where some people may have issues with it. I've never really been turned off of a band due to one song, but I can understand it.

Right now I'm really big on the bands Cavo and Cold. They are both pretty good; Cold kind of reminds me of Breaking Benjamin in their style, though the singers voices are obviously very different.

12/27/2009 #26

Ahahahaha, yeah. I like Iron and Wine and Eye Alaska right now.

12/27/2009 #27
Stylistic Nightmare

Ah cool. I've never heard of Eye Alaska, but Iron and Wine sings that song on the Twilight Soundtrack right? Not bad, although not really my kind of music.

(Sorry about the Twilight reference; I can never tell if a person likes it or not these days haha)

12/27/2009 #28

Eye Alaska is just over-the-top. XD They do sing that song, but I prefer the older stuff. I dislike Twilight, but they do have a good soundtrack to a point. (I dislike Paramore as well, lol.)

12/27/2009 #29
Stylistic Nightmare

Cool, I'll have to check Eye Alaska out some time.

Thats really the only song I've heard from Iron and Wine; I'll have to check them out as well haha.

I'm not really a fan of any of the bands on the Twilight soundtrack, but a six hour road trip with my fourteen year old cousin Sarah really left me with no choice but to listen to it over and over again. I became somewhat familiar with the songs, to put it mildly. I'm relatively certain that if I ever meet Rob Patterson or whatever his name is, I'm going to punch him right in the face. I really dislike his "singing".

12/27/2009 #30
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